Oh Great: Another Blog

Way back in early 2008 I told a high school friend about my new blog. I was excited and I thought that I could help make change. He visited and liked it. He told another mutual acquaintance about the blog and the dude wasn’t quite as impressed, saying, “Great: just what the world needs is another blog.”

And that is what I’ve come to in my estimation of this blog and virtually every other one that I know of, with a few exceptions.

I can think of very little that this blog has accomplished except to lead me to even more skepticism of almost every subject one can think of. Learning more about the criminal (if not evil) machinations of the jew run world leave me less happy, not more so. Doing this does not really help me like I thought it would, much less others.

Blogs can be used as information gathering spots, or a place to interact with commenters (which I do have some great folks that come around for some ungodly reason I can barely fathom… not that I don’t appreciate you, just I really don’t understand the attraction to me or this shitty blog). I have some folks that have stuck with me through thick and thin and I also have some very astute, knowledgeable folks that share and have helped me learn more. There are some long time commenters, but I can’t tell you how many have come and gone as the blog and my perspectives have changed. Many who once felt an alignment with me must have shit their pants as I changed. Some were verbal, others just silently stopped reading. Its all understandable. But I seriously doubt they understand the why’s of my change.

I have said it many times that the blog is mainly for me. All the others are welcome to read my bullshit and offer me criticism and correction, which helps me with my own understandings. But I draw the line when that courtesy is taken advantage of, just like DC Dave did. Just like when I pulled the plug on that jew Kelso before I awoke to his depravity.

I have also had my share of assholes who troll, like that fake priest in a jew suit, Salvatore. Literally over a hundred troll comments last time I checked. His obsession with me must be some weird sexual thing. The others give up after years in spam hell, but not this fag.

I have featured authors like DC Dave, adding to his writing and constructing videos through our collaboration. It worked well until I posted one article by his apparent nemesis and most hated enemy, Jared Taylor (the only thing I ever posted by him, as I remember it). My, how old feelings get so easily butthurt that they would rather discontinue a long standing relationship and cause strife among other commenters than hash things out. Others have written here, but gently pulled away without the strange rhetoric Dave spread here in the comment section before he stopped communications with me. And there are others with similar stories (Kaminski and Topham’s bullshit). At least Topham became consistent and removed my anonymous link from his page after I explained the inconsistency (for we all know that anonymity is verboten in the online world).

The links on the sidebar have also changed immensely (not just removing Tophams). Very few of the original links are here. It was a hodge podge of progressive  and conservative political blogs which began morphing as I learned the jew world order. Many of those links were jewish and those folks quickly wanted separation (as did I). But even as I found seemingly like-minded blogs, it became apparent that many of those are corrupted and misleading. Or worse, somebody like Snippits, who I linked to for years, made a choice to remove my links without any discussion or understanding on my part (leaving me to guess it is related to that asshole midget, Mark Glenn). What a piece of shit that guy is. Same with Brandon Martinez and a million others just like them.

But it gets worse, because most links I delete as I learn that these connections are at loggerheads with most of my stances. Even places that I see as informative are deleted when it becomes clear what raving assholes or shills they are (think Alex Jones). The raving assholes are lovely as long as one agrees 100%. But ask a difficult question and get your ass handed to you by what once seemed like an honest, thinking source. Think Renegade Broadcasting/Tribune. Decent talent, bogus management. I could create a list of these types of go nowhere sources that would fill a page.

It is why I think of this place now as my rant hole. I come here to rant like the Incredible Hulk when he is pissed. This place may have some decent info, at times, but mainly it is my bitch place.

But just how much good does that do me or you?

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this blog. I hate to delete it, even though there are those that want me to for whatever reason (I’m a racist, or a redneck, or an asshole, shill, whatever). I feel like when my little girl grows up, I will need to show her this, because she will ask me what I did, if anything to stop the “universal poisoner of all peoples”… jews. Or what did I do to point out the attacks against white peoples. Or what did I do to prepare for what seems inevitable.

I hold out very little hope for white people any more. Why? Because we cannot get on the same page over any issue. We allow these others to attack us, accuse us, take shit they don’t deserve, and then we silently bow to the power structure because we too pussified to do anything. Worse, many of these people jump on the jew bandwagon, even while decrying what a criminal, world-destroying outfit they are. Any of the Trump slags who write about jewish power, yet embrace the jews controlling Trump just show what idiotic thinkers they really are.

I am taking a break. Maybe forever. Maybe not.

Either way, I don’t think it makes much difference in the scheme of things.


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47 thoughts on “Oh Great: Another Blog

  1. Yes, it takes a lot of man-hours to produce a blog or a newsletter or anything else in the Media on a regular basis. And what is the reward? Maybe someone will say something nice about your work once in a while, like little shiny diamonds in the sand. That’s always a nice kick in the tired ass. As Daniel Boone said, “Be sure you’re right, and then go ahead.” If you are right, then what is to stop you from going ahead other than merely getting tired of work without reward? And yet, if the work is true and good and wholesome, then who needs a reward? The work, itself, is its own reward. What is that old American saying about losing a war for want of a nail? “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost, For want of a shoe, the horse was lost…. etc.”

    Although writing a blog might seem like throwing your work into the wind, there is a lot of work to do — a lot of work to do — for the sake of the white race and for the sake of the country. It might be like a little, tiny horseshoe nail, looking at it, but how can anyone predict the results far down the road of either having that nail or not having it? The main thing is to not give up. By giving up, all battles are lost and all work in the past is wasted.

    Personally, I think that on the internet, the most effective forum is a chat board, not a blog. It still takes a lot of work, but it includes far more people and is more interesting and entertaining and has many more options for making the world a better place. Perhaps rather than giving up, you might re-direct your talents into another venue. In a game of chess, even a pawn can kill the opposing king. It doesn’t matter how big or how small one is, ideas and the will to implement them, is all-important.

    It is not the tiny little, apparently insignificant and useless-looking blog that is victorious; it is the man behind the blog who determines victory, not the blog, itself. Be at peace and be victorious, change direction if one attack doesn’t work and try another direction to final victory. But you must not give up. Giving up, is the only real defeat. The Enemy wants you to give up because they can never defeat you unless you give up. Don’t give them what they want. Take the field and hold it; there are friends and comrades who will help you in this. Change is a constant in combat, always be ready to change strategy and tactics when necessary, but never be ready to give up. If you are tired from the work, take a rest and come back refreshed.

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    • Thanks, Billy.

      And that is exactly what I’m going to do. I will keep the blog, and use it minimally. I intend to do more graphics and videos (maybe a podcast). Everything I do will obviously be posted here.


      • I have watched you destroy shills in comments all over the net ! You are a true warrior bman, you were , still are my inspiration , you have saved me on many occasions due to my lack of knowledge , you do more for the cause than you can ever imagine , blogs like yours have empowered people like me , the information and how to use it is priceless, if we can turn the tide , your place in history is guaranteed, I will forever be indebted to righteous warriors like yourself , God bless you .


  2. Love your truthful rants, but I am also a “raving bigot, anti-semite, racist, homophobe, sexist, old white male tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist”. Brain Dead Zombies Abound! You are appreciated but, like you; I really doubt my fakebook rants (which include posts of your blog) are really making any difference. I just can’t just stand by and watch the lunacy.
    Tom in Mesa Arizona

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    • Hi Tom,

      The last sentence really nails the sentiment, doesn’t it?

      What else can we do except say something? Do something? Even if it is meager like this blog. At least I tried here (I try in real life, but take a much different tact).

      Thanks for your support!


  3. I am hoping you do not quit… Writing blogs has been an outlet for myself… And Iike you, Buelah, I too have my share of trolls, misfits, idiots, and of course the JIDF/Hasbara morons….

    I sometimes consider quitting as well…. I wonder if my efforts are doing a service to the planet considering how many braindead idiots are out there….. The way I see it is that if we quit, then the psychotic Jews win and they will simply just up their ante with even more bullshit lies for the brainwashed masses….

    Hopefully you will reconsider…. As I said before, just take a bit of extra rest and relaxation and then make your decision when you are re-energized…

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  4. Keep on writing and being like the rest of us Buddy!!!! Pissed off and never afraid to tell it like it is. My definition of a true racial type, is one who knows and understands the Khazar question. With Trump in, people I noticed are even more opinionated and are more likely to call out these pricks. Same shite they have been doing for ever is what gets them kicked out of every country they inhabit.

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  5. Dear BMan,
    I have regularly read your blog, and occasionally written a comment–usually to thank you, or give additional information.

    It is understandable that you might be discouraged by trolls, etc. Please do not give up.

    It is very disappointing to notice the immature-even-for-high-school attitude of some other bloggers who constantly disparage others with name calling, but with no support to what they are saying. You are different, in that if you have a grievance, you explain why. It is at least reasonable.

    I believe your blog has value because you display your opinions without excuse, and your views are often very refreshing. Why should there be a limit on how many voices are heard? Your particular biases–and we all have them–are not hidden behind pompous rhetoric, like some, who act as if they are the “ministry of truth”, while being ignorant..

    If people do not like it, then there is no point in antagonizing you or anyone else, especially in the absence of actual facts or reasoning. It is your blog, after all.

    Who cares what other bloggers are doing? Let them make fools of themselves. You are not like them.

    Occasionally, I check blogs of certain people who are astoundingly ignorant (and barely command English (using weary when they really mean wary, for example) and who are so deluded with hubris that they write about sports and Hollywood whores as if anyone with a triple digit IQ is interested in that . So even if they may have valid points on one or two subjects, it is obscured by their pontifical conceit. I check because sometimes I like to see if some important event is covered or not (usually not–which in itself is telling ). Your blog is not like that at all. You have done some very good original work.

    If one is honest and is telling the truth as they see it, of course they will get flack because there are many who want everyone to stay asleep. “The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on”.

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    • Thank you so much for that. It means alot to me that people realize I am being truthful and honest, even though I use a pseudonym. I would think that my longevity would counteract the opposition to my anonymity. But there are purists that believe the only truth available is the kind that you risk your entire life’s work over.

      I have too many people counting on me to be that casual.


  6. La Passione di Cristo – Hans Zimmer – Chevaliers de Sangreal

    @2:57 …

    Isa 59:14
    14 Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth has stumbled in the street, and uprightness cannot enter.

    Prov 20:28
    28 Loyalty and truth preserve the king, and he upholds his throne by righteousness.

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  7. I understand. I am pessimistic about the future myself, but if everyone quit the battle, all resistance would collapse. What would we do then — play golf, get drunk, become Shabbos goy? (((They))) want to exterminate us. What else can we do but fight while there is breath left in us to fight?

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  8. I can tell you that I’ve found useful and interesting material on this blog, like independent information on drug research; and it was here, too, that I first encountered the story of the strange circumstances of James Forrestal’s death. If what you’re doing is bringing you down, by all means, take a break; but maybe you could shift the format so that you’re not preoccupied with so much negativity. That’s difficult, though, when you’re dealing with current events, so many of which tend to be depressing. I don’t get as bummed writing my movie reviews, which highlight propaganda narratives but also allow for an element of fun. Maybe you could shift the format around little and give yourself a thematic reprieve so that the content isn’t all political if the politics and the seeming futility of that is the problem.

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  9. Hoping you’ll hang in…take breaks as needed, Bman. Always enjoyed your style and observations even though I don’t agree all the time. The videos were always great, too. Be well and hang in.

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  10. Oh come on BMan! Quit with the navel gazing, drama queen, meaning of life, trials and tribulations, teenage girl tearful musings on whether your “love” is unrequited or not, stuff!

    Your blog is about you speaking your mind with little concern about ruffling feathers or being called names because you call a spade a spade, a jew a yid, a black a nigger, Trump a traitor and so on.

    Very few people do that kind of honesty, whether you’re right or wrong or whatever on any particular issue. And it’s appreciated.

    Scale back your activity by all means and find a sustainable level.

    But never give up the fight against the filthy criminal scum that we are up against!


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  11. http://www.apfn.net/messageboard/12-16-03/discussion.cgi.70.html

    Play Dixie on your Trumpet in Downtown Mempho…
    where Forrests Statue used to be..


    then shine the light of truth like a blow torch on the Economic Terrorists
    some more till they are all in the Ovens

    get my number from E.T. and call me
    got some ideas on Waco to discuss
    if you have time

    then there is prospecting on the Feather River…
    those nuggets are just waiting

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  12. “It is a great mistake to believe the evil get away with it for they are their own punnishment.” “The good performed by awakened individuals is never seen nor appreciated by a hypnotised humanity.” “Your basic objection to society’s darkness is correct. Go higher to where it cannot hurt you.” author Vernon Howard. I wish you peace Bman… Whatever you decide 🙂

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  13. Only that which is rare and hard-to-get has value. Knowledge can be transmitted but not the understanding of that knowledge.

    Therefore the people who have not just sterile information but a real understanding of the vast areas of knowledge being investigated by the “truth” movement will be very much in-demand in the next few years, even though that understanding itself cannot be transmitted and has to be arrived at by each “taught” individual’s own efforts.

    Human beings being human beings, more-&-more people will inevitably feel symptoms of psychological illness such as deep pain and misery as a result of living in an un-natural “matrix” or within the perverted narratives and false dialectics forced upon them through subconscious bombardment 24 hours a day. They, the “common people,” all of whom are unique individuals and not all that “common” at all, but whose sheer numbers make the term “common” applicable, may not in the least bit like the world they were given to struggle in, consume junk and poison and wrong ideas from and eventually lose-all-hope in, but they are stuck with it and unable to resist it anyway. They obey because their options have been narrowed down to only those that benefit their masters. They’ve been told all their lives that “this is all there is to life, learn to grin and bear it,” etc.

    When “grinning and bearing it” becomes too painful and impossible, people will seek to make the effort to free themselves from the false values programmed in their subconscious that constantly clash with the consciously formulated values they declare be-leaf in. In order to free themselves they will need “t-root” or valid root knowledge to counter-bombard and counter-propagandize themselves with. They have to re-program the still false values in their unconscious not-yet-fully-de-conditioned which produce these automatic, involuntary and depressing reactions and feelings. These painful symptoms are an alarm for them to go in there and consciously re-program their subconscious by blocking access to poisoned sources of psychic driving.

    Why is truth and honesty important? Because dignity is important. And when you are judging yourself by the false narratives based on false or perverted values you didn’t even know were being programmed in your unconscious mind, you always come up “short” or not of proper worth and therefore “undignified” in your own eyes.

    “Joy, rather than happiness, is the goal of life, for joy is the emotion which accompanies our fulfilling our natures as human beings. It is based on the experience of one’s identity as a being of worth and dignity.” — Rollo May

    And you can’t have dignity without honesty.

    “Where is there dignity unless there is Honesty?” ~ Cicero

    Or “honesty” without INDIVIDUAL thinking and judgement and awareness of the need for subconscious defense. Group-think is what really dumbs people down. But the healthy reaction to group-think isn’t extreme individualism but seeking the proper balance between individual thought and group synergy (the making of wholes greater than the sum of the individual parts, which is a scientifically proven reality). Neither the individuals nor the groups they most closely come from should be compromised but merely tempered to each other in the right degrees, adjusted to each other in a properly calibrated win-win interchange that makes both the group and the individual stronger.

    “Freedom, morality, and the human dignity of the individual consists precisely in this; that he does good not because he is forced to do so, but because he freely conceives it, wants it, and loves it.” — Mikhail Bakunin

    “Apart from the agglomeration of huge masses in which the individual disappears anyway, one of the chief factors responsible for psychological mass-mindedness is scientific rationalism, which robs the individual of his foundations and his dignity. As a social unit he has lost his individuality and become a mere abstract number in the bureau of statistics. He can only play the role of an interchangeable unit of infinitesimal importance. Looked at rationally and from outside, that is exactly what he is, and from this point of view it seems positively absurd to go on talking about the value or meaning of the individual.” ― C.G. Jung, The Undiscovered Self

    “That there is an active principle of power in the universe, is apparent; but in what substance that active principle resides, is past our investigation. The faculties of our understanding are not adequate to penetrate the universe. Let us do our duty, which is to do as we would be done by; and that, one would think, could not be difficult, if we honestly aim at it.

    Your university is a noble employment in your old age, and your ardor for its success does you honor; but I do not approve of your sending to Europe for tutors and professors. I do believe there are sufficient scholars in America, to fill your professorships and tutorships with more active ingenuity and independent minds than you can bring from Europe. The Europeans are all deeply tainted with prejudices, both ecclesiastical and temporal, which they can never get rid of. They are all infected with episcopal and presbyterian creeds, and confessions of faith. They all believe that great Principle which has produced this boundless universe, Newton’s universe and Herschel’s universe, came down to this little ball, to be spit upon by Jews. And until this awful blasphemy is got rid of, there never will be any liberal science in the world. I salute your fireside with best wishes and best affections for their health, wealth and prosperity. {Letter to Thomas Jefferson, 22 January, 1825}” ― John Adams, Adams-Jefferson Letters

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    • Never underestimate the worth of even ONE wise, virtuous and heroic person:

      “A return to first principles in a republic is sometimes caused by the simple virtues of one man. His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him, and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example.” — Niccolo Machiavelli

      “It is quite natural that we should adopt a defensive and negative attitude towards every new opinion concerning something on which we have already an opinion of our own. For it forces its way as an enemy into the previously closed system of our own convictions, shatters the calm of mind we have attained through this system, demands renewed efforts of us and declares our former efforts to have been in vain. A truth which retrieves us from error is consequently to be compared with a physic, as much for its bitter and repellent taste as for the fact that it takes effect not at the moment it is imbibed but only some time afterwards.

      Thus, if we see the individual obstinately clinging to his errors, with the mass of men it is even worse: once they have acquired an opinion, experience and instruction can labor for centuries against it and labor in vain. So that there exist certain universally popular and firmly accredited errors which countless numbers contentedly repeat every day. Most of these are repeated parrot fashion without much thought being given to them and merely because when people first heard them said they found them very wise-sounding.

      What the pathetic commonplace heads with which the world is crammed really lack are two closely related faculties: that of forming judgements and that of producing ideas of their own. But these are lacking to a degree which he who is not one of them cannot easily conceive, so that he cannot easily conceive the dolefulness of their existence. It is this deficiency, however, which explains on one hand the poverty of the scribbling which in all nations passes itself off to its contemporaries as their literature, and on the other the fate that overtakes true and genuine men who appear among such people. All genuine thought and art is to a certain extent an attempt to put big heads on small people: so it is no wonder the attempt does not always come off.

      Intellect is a magnitude of intensity, not a magnitude of extension: which is why in this respect one man can confidently take on ten thousand and a thousand fools do not make one wise man.”

      ~ Arthur Schopenhauer, “On Philosophy and the Intellect”

      This last quote sums it all up as far as the experience of “spreading the truth” to others goes. THEY have to grow into the larger heads themselves or your effort of putting a big head on their smallness will only make them afraid of losing the precarious balance they have struggled to build for themselves out of falsehoods, fables and myths. The pain of staying where they are has to EXCEED the pain of growth before that growth will happen and that has to come from within themselves. I read the above quote at the end of the recent audio I did with John Le Bon of Australian Roundtable:

      [audio src="https://johnlebon.podbean.com/mf/web/ahgua5/JLB_Perspectives__0_3-Feb-2017.mp3" /]

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  14. Hey, Buelahman.

    Don’t know if you recall me (I have been offline for awhile). I am just trying to catch up, looking up old links, and new sites (Miles Mathis, for instance), and my head is spinning, of course. That’s the gameplan, isn’t it? I can’t believe how many levels of “truth” I have sifted/shifted through over the years. (My problem is a real lack of available time to research, like most people’s, I’m sure.) I just wanted to tell you how grounding it is to be able to land here, and know I’m reading the writing of a real person. It’s like finding that elusive needle in a haystack. It makes the world just a little bit more sane, and that is something I really need.


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    • Howdy,

      I do remember you and figured I had written something that pissed you off. I have a tendency to do that for some reason.

      Thank you for these kind words. Truly.


  15. Sorry to note this post so late.

    I have often benefitted from your feedback, ideas, and words, B’Man.

    I don’t often say, “Thank you,” so I’m saying it now: “Thank you, for adding your ideas to the blogosphere.”

    And while I’m at it: “Thank you, for being idiosyncratic.”

    You and I are surprisingly different. You see things I would never notice. You don’t see things I think are obvious.

    Trying to position my own words such that they will get through to you is a very humanizing exercise for me. It should make me humble, but it doesn’t, because I’m a sinner.

    Furthermore, just the fact that you stand up and wave your own opinions like a flag changes the world a little bit.

    Neither you nor I is a big wheel in the blogosphere. But the small wheels make the clock go around, just like the big wheels. If a small wheel stops, the clock makes a terrible grinding noise – and it either stops, or it tells the wrong time and winds down rapidly.

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  16. “to stop the “universal poisoner of all peoples”… jews.”

    We don’t quit because we are WHITES. We don’t quit because the enemy wants us to quit.

    Doing a website can be sickening at times, as we all who do pro-White anti-jew websites very well know. But, my gosh, doing a website is easy and lame compared to what our heroes are doing! Heroes are out in the physical real world and killing enemies. Semi-heroes are out in the physical real world and educating our fellow Whites person by person, in small groups, using cars as rolling billboards, etc. All of that is more difficult, takes more stamina, takes thicker skin.

    Anyway, do as you will. But I have admired your climb to the top. I know, it’s lonely up here. We need every voice with the intelligence and courage to say the truth against the Anti-Humans (the jews). And to say the truth in favor of our race.

    Just in case you do quit, I suggest that you end on an up-note rather than a downer. Finish with optimism and inspiration. It aint over till its over, and it aint over yet!

    James Laffrey

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    • Hi James,

      Thank you for the words of support and encouragement, but I really did spit out coffee laughing when I read the “climb to the top” line.

      Up until I took the sabbatical, I get maybe 500 hits per day. A few thousand on a decent post. This blog has had much larger numbers back when I flirted with lefties and the anti-war stance I had early on. There was a time I’d get 6,000 hits/day on average. Right now it is about 100 hits per day.

      Taking a white defensive/anti-jewish control stance has dwindled the numbers to almost nothing. I knew this would happen when I took the plunge, but I had to stay true to where the path was leading me.

      But what gets me is that even in my best work (videos, etc) seems lackadaisical, at best. That is why I recently upgraded my video/audio software and intend to do more audio/visual presentations. I don’t think I’m going to write as much as I used to, because frankly, there are more people in to the video segments. I am considering a podcast/radio program. Maybe.

      All I know is that my work keeps me busy 11 – 12 hours per day, leaving little time for family and even less for these pursuits. I’m not bitching. Because the work could be gone tomorrow with this economy.

      Your thoughts, James?


      • Hi, BMan.

        Sorry to be TWO MONTHS late in replying, but I didn’t know till now that you replied and with a question.

        What I think is that if you have a notion to do more video and/or podcasting, please do. I’m all for it.

        Recently, I’ve been immersing myself in the science and commentary by James McCanney, and he says that the vast majority of people who get info/videos/audio off the internet these days do so by their fancy phones. So, it seems wise that any new or resurgent efforts by us ought to include compatibility with them.

        It’s very interesting to me that you told, above, the effect on visitors per day as you moved to full pro-White anti-jew truthtelling. My site averages about 200 hits per day. It’s amazing that occasionally it spikes upward dramatically when I do an article on an electric topic (jew Jeter’s jew girlfriend now wife, for example), or when a jew site does a hit job on me, but it always settles right back to 200 per day. I know that the enemy has the capability of feeding me false numbers and diverting traffic, etc., but I don’t know if they’re actually doing that to little ‘ol me. But how else to explain the spikes to many thousands of hits and then ALWAYS settling right back to near 200. It’s as if no growth beyond 200 hits/day is allowed.

        Whether the stats are being manipulated or not, there certainly is a real factor at work in limiting our repeat visitors: ignorance and cowardice combined. Among our fellow Whites, any level of ignorance about jews translates into fear and cowardice. Once we get to the top, we lose the fear, we overcome the cowardice, and we know that the jews’ most successful tool against our race is the indoctrinated fear of real and imagined retaliation that jews will cause against us. So, we at the top go forward as leaders and heroes. And it’s lonely at the top, for sure.

        We can count our best on the internet on one hand. We have to hope there are many more who don’t bother with websites. But whether there are or not, we know that we are White MEN and we, the few, must do what we can through this winter of White racial awareness and resolve. Spring will come. We will make it come! In the future, honest White history might even acknowledge us someday.

        Back to the topic of videos or podcasts. It surprises me how much I appreciate the recent months’ work by Jan Lamprecht of HistoryReviewed.com — with his educational vids on history and his pep talks!

        And I’ll mention James McCanney again. I wonder how big an audience he has for his weekly radio-podcasts. He’s not at our level in regard to race and jews, as he seems race-blind, yet he is aware of jews as the owners-controllers of banking, government, NASA, the Vatican, and much more.

        Meanwhile, the very highly admirable JB Campbell has been outspoken and right for decades. He has suffered jew-contrived setbacks against him financially and employment-wise, yet he is still ready to go if only he (and we) weren’t surrounded by ignorance and cowardice.

        But if it were easy, it wouldn’t take White MEN to do it.

        Well, this is too long, eh?

        If you want to communicate by email, I invite you to do so. See the bottom-right corner of my homepage for the current email address, which is with tutanota.com. I don’t like to put the exact email address in a lot of places as that just asks for more spam and the f’n jews signing me up for all kinds of automatic emails from jew websites and jew companies.

        Best to you,


  17. I’ll miss you, Beulah. I don’t comment much, but usually keep tabs.

    Can’t say I disagree with you, though, about how much good anyone is doing, and about our prospects.

    It’s always meant a lot to me to see a southerner who won’t give in or be conned by the jews. I come from the North.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. DCDave says he feels spoiled because of his association with you, won’t speak to you and you leave his crap up on your blog? Grow some balls. Man, that is fucked up.


    • His work is good (for a dickhead).

      But I find it hilarious that he feels tainted in some way. What? Was it after a hundred posts and videos I did or was 101 the magic number?

      DC Dave knows he fucked up, whether he says it or not.


      • Dude, it’s been almost a month. I can’t believe you let that old fart Kaminski get to you. Screw that guy. This is a good blog. Keep blogging.

        “If I were dropped out of a plane into the ocean and told the nearest land was a thousand miles away, I’d still swim. And I’d despise the one who gave up.” – Abraham Maslow

        That’s how a Jew psychologist thinks and that’s why they are on top.

        You know what I’d do? I’d swim and I’d swim farther than Maslow and flip him off before both of us drowned, him a few minutes before me. Just before I took my last breath, I’d flip off “death” too and tell it to go fuck itself and laugh as if I just heard the funniest joke ever. That’s the friggin’ attitude that’s needed, not “grumpy ole man Kaminski” attitude. lol


        • Bro,

          This ain’t about Kaminski. Not in any real depth.

          This is as much about me evaluating the necessity and usefulness of what I have done all these years.

          Apparently, there is some worth or people like you wouldn’t bother. But does it really help anything?

          Neg, you and a few others have been my motivation, even though I know it is really just a old dude’s rant blog. Not that this blog is stellar, but I think you guys know I shoot straight… right or wrong. But is it beneficial? Should I move into other areas like podcasting, more videos, etc.

          Counter Bias keeps suggesting I do graphics, etc. Short and to the point.

          Your thoughts?


  19. What causes a pressure switch to stay open with the inducer on? This question pertains to a gas furnace that wouldn’t start. My son was doing the DIY and I found quite a few vids for solving the problem short of buying new parts. Not to mention that the pressure switch needs to be closed for the furnace to start. Up here, in my part of the hinterland, we need heat in the house for almost 7 months of the year.

    What does this have to do with anything? Imagine an internal pressure switch being turned on or off by either outside influences or personal intuition. You just want to make sure where the inducement is coming from. Once the pressure switch is turned off opportunities for creative endeavours abound and the heat is on.

    Advice from me? No frigging way, I wouldn’t dare. 🙂


  20. Selective memory: https://buelahman.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/how-to-stroke-a-12-year-old-septuagenarians-ego/

    Here is the exchange of comments that provoked the personal blast: https://buelahman.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/nothing-you-love-will-survive-without-white-people/

    I have never said you could not reproduce any of my articles that you please. I don’t think that I have ever engaged in any uncivil public attacks, either.

    I do hope you continue your web site.


  21. “I am more and more impressed by the fact that it is largely futile to get up and make statements about current problems. At the same time, I know that silent acquiescence in evil is also out of the question.”

    Thomas Merton, Faith and Violence,1968


  22. “I have featured authors like DC Dave, adding to his writing and constructing videos through our collaboration. It worked well until I posted one article by his apparent nemesis and most hated enemy, Jared Taylor (the only thing I ever posted by him, as I remember it).”

    Doddering oldster that I am, I’m having some trouble remembering what it was you added to my writing, although I have nothing but fond memories of the video collaborations. As for my “apparent nemesis,” you may with my permission, nay, my encouragement, post “Dylann Roof and Jared Taylor” on your site. Perhaps it will educate your readers a bit and give the blog a much-needed shot in the arm: http://dcdave.com/article5/150831.htm


    • Dave,

      You think the added pictures, graphics, quotes, etc are shit from heaven?

      As for posting your article, I wouldn’t dare sully your work going further. Its home is where you have it.


      • “Adding to his writing”? All those other things were much appreciated. You need not embellish your contributions by claiming that you added to my actual writing. Others have, particularly Hugh Turley, but not you. And may the record now show that you have freely chosen to boycott my work, whatever its merit might be.


        • You have your blog with words. I added graphics to your writing. You and everyone here knows what I meant. But isn’t this just the regular old BS you spout just to stir shit? Why bother, Dave? Why bother even writing comments here?

          Do you actually believe I was taking credit for your work? Of course you don’t.

          I NEVER added a word to your essays (and when I commented I always identified myself and used RED FUCKING LETTERS). How is that? Of course it is obvious that I added a great amount to your work, whether or not you admit it or not. Others see it for what it is. But feel free to deny all the time and effort I put into IMPROVING your work, Dave. That is perfectly apt for our entire relationship/collaboration.

          Go find someone else to be a narcissist with Dave. It is worn cold on me.


          • I would have left it alone if I had not seen something similar before: “When someone like me works hundreds of hours, improving an old fart’s work…” That’s what I mean by embellishment.

            Take credit where it’s due, but not where it’s not, and really, the abusive language does you no credit.


            • It is obvious, Dave, that my work, put in to your posts, meant little to you. Yes, HUNDREDS of hours put into your (an old fart’s) work. Yes, True. Obviously. Demonstrable by simply searching your name on this blog. And every one of your essays was improved by my additional work. EVERY. ONE.

              So, let us leave it be, shall we? Because I won’t be doing more and you’ve squeezed just about as much shit out of this subject as I am willing to deal with.

              Goodbye, Dave.


  23. I have no illusions for this – White Race is going to inevitably die out. There is no if’s or maybe’s, I’ve been too long in this mess to think otherwise. IF there is no unity even on micro level, how we can EVER accomplish anything? I know even reason for this – . whites are simply too STUPID (yes, stupid!) and nature will always punish stupidity ruthlessly. Despite all inventiveness, despite all of achievements, which we can’t even manage, like for example – jews, who stole Edison’s invention and used it for sake of their power! Maybe it’s better this way, without western agriculture, medicine, hygiene and food aid programs, third world population level will drop to habitable levels and life on this planet will survive, which will not, if we carry on doing what we are doing.


    • Freddie, what’s the use of giving up? That’s exactly where the kikenvermin want you to be. Instead, understand that those fiends have poisoned the water supply with fluorides, which results in an apathetic mindset. It isn’t white people being stupid; it’s the Jews being sneaky and subversive which is the problem. Get rid of the Jews and we get rid of all our problems. Start here, read my books on how the Jews swindle money and lie about God. http://www.bamboo-delight.com/item_13.htm After that, you will have the tools for defeating the Demon Jews. Perk up. Refresh yourself with good exercise and good food, an jump back into the battle for Mankind and Planet Earth.


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