“I’m The Biggest Redneck Progressive You’ve Ever Met”

Long Time- No See.

I am winding down my break from blogging. It’s been refreshing to take such a amount of time away.

I’ve been invited to share at Aryan Skynet, so I wanted to reblog my thoughts here.

I will be adding more content with a slight change in my focus.
More announcements to come.

Aryan Skynet

Chock that up to one of the most stupid comments I ever made.

I was standing in a large room with my Mississippi highschool classmates at our 30th class reunion as we took turns telling a little about ourselves. I had several conversations about how despicable the Republican party was (that what passed for conservatism was a joke) and that I wanted to see change from the constant war this country had been experiencing.

I “thought” that the other side must be correct. I say “other side” because virtually everyone down here is “conservative republicans” (just like they are brainwashed into believing). I thought that we had to participate within the system we had. That surely smarter people than I had worked out all the issues and we had naturally culminated in the best possible system,

We ARE Americans, for God’s sake. Surely we have it all figured out.


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One thought on ““I’m The Biggest Redneck Progressive You’ve Ever Met”

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