Parasite-perfect: paradoxically altruistic terrorism

paradoxically altruistic terrorism

by Counter Bias

When Satan spawned the Jews,
he wondered what greatest gift he
could possibly bestow upon them –
and he invented Wahhabi Islam…
Those catastrophically primitive
morons would blow themselves up
at a drop of a hat, so that the Jews
can cash in.  To go on calling them
‘Islamic terrorists’, is nearly as
ludicrous as it is factual, as all their
actions only benefit the Jews and
their I$raHell.  No bloodsucking
parasite could possibly wish for
more perfect disposable hosts.
Perhaps Wahhabis ought to be more
appropriately designated as Islamic
Zionists –
 as, in the Islamic world,

they are a functional equivalent of
the Christian Zionists – a uniquely
American bunch of religious  morons,
who actually worship the false ‘Jews’ –
the Khazar pretenders (Turkic nomads)
that suck their and their compatriots’
blood to the tune of trillions of dollars.
However, the parasite-prey relationship
between the Jews and their willing
Wahhabi victims is so immediately
deadly and so infinitely profitable
in every way, as far as the Jews are
concerned, that it far supersedes
anything that was ever observed
either among the humans or animals.
Yeah, Allah’u Akhbar, suckers –
flick that switch – and check out
your virgin brides – 72 dead whores!

9/11, 7/7 and so on couldn’t happen to WW2 winners.
US, UK, France are WW2 losers as much as Germany.
The only true winners of WW2 are the Jew Rothschild
banksters, their I$raHell and the rest of .001 percent.
And as far as the Jews are concerned, terrorism is an
irreplaceable tool of the Jew mega-parasitism.  And
the Jew mega-parasitism – with terrorism thrown in
for the bargain – is the price the West continues to pay
for losing WW2 to the Jew Rothschild banksters and
their Judo-communist partners in crime.

One of the major reasons why the Jew Rothschild
banksters precipitated WW2  was to get enough –
or more than enough small-time Jews uprooted
and exiled, so that quite enough could be forced
into their Palestine project.  And in the early years
of the Third Reich, the Waffen-SS, with the earnest
encouragement of Dr Goebbels, cooperated with
the Zionist ring-leaders of the Jews in this regard.

Had Mr Hitler really gassed the Jews, the Jew
Rothschild banksters’ Palestine project  would
have failed – and we wouldn’t have heard either
of I$rael or of 9/11 or of 7/7 or of the junk bonds
or of GFC or of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or of the
countless millions of refugees – the list is endless.

And had the Jew Rothschild banksters’ 1917
Judo-communist project died in its cot, instead
of agonizing till 1991, there’d be no WW2, no
nuclear weapons and no 150-odd million dead,
to begin with.

Bonus Video

bloodsucker denied blood meal

This vile Jewpsy Yid was, once again, trying
to cash in on ‘racism’, so that a schwartzer
could be, once again, conscripted to do the
nigger’s work  on behalf of the Jew AIPAC…


B’Man’s Notes: Counter Bias (CB) has followed this blog for quite some time and has featured my stuff in his emails. The only reason I haven’t posted his stuff before is because of formatting problems with WordPress. However, I took a portion of his latest mailer that I could mimic somewhat and wanted to feature his work here.

I look forward to every publication. If interested, perhaps we can get you on the list.

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3 thoughts on “Parasite-perfect: paradoxically altruistic terrorism

  1. Good indeed to have you back among the living and breathing, B’Man! Some many putatively alive do not live or breathe. And, (((they))) live among us!


    • A more substantive comment: I have commenced reading Michael Hoffman’s latest major work, ” The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” — Judaism Discovered a worthy predecessor. Highly recommended for those with a bent toward History as an informant for the present day. For the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, this whole sad story began circa 1400 in earnest, the seeds of destruction planted well before! Think politics today as the coup de gras! The (((economics))) were well worked out before US, Inc.


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