What Does White Privilege Get The Average White Person?

Best Comment:
Black Privilege
1. I can refer to caucasians as “whiteboy/whitegirl”, “cracker”, and “honkey” and expect not to be accused of racism, but demand everyone to walk on eggshells around me. In fact, I can be openly racist and act genuinely surprised when someone takes issue with it. I can also demand that a particular word is never used in my direction by a member of another race, but will constantly say that same word.
2. If I get in trouble with an authority figure, I can simply accuse them of being racist, and likely get the issue dropped due to political correctness-inspired fear.
3. A member of my race can achieve the highest position in the federal government, and I still get to claim that my race is being held back.
4. I can claim that my race is not adequately represented in the media, even though my race’s cultural output is literally blasted across every form of media on a daily basis. I can then use this claim as a false justification for the concept that my race is being held back.
5. A prominent celebrity of my race can blatantly get away with the murder of two people of another race, and be celebrated for it by me and the fellow members of my race, while we also claim that murders committed against my race by members of another race are ALWAYS racially motivated.
6. If I fail, I don’t have to take responsibility for that failure, even if it’s completely my fault. Instead, I can just say I failed because of some form of racism.
7. If I achieve success in a field outside of entertainment or sports, people assume I got there by working hard and overcoming adversity…that it wasn’t handed to me as some form of privilege due to the color of my skin…and no matter how much success I do achieve, I can still claim that my race is being held back due to racism.
8. If I commit a crime and am arrested for it, it’s not because I committed the crime that I was arrested. It’s because police like to arrest members of my race.
9. I can ignore all instances of slavery with regard to races that are not my own, but want constant attention and sympathy for the slavery that my race endured. I can even ignore the fact that members of my own race owned slaves as well, and frame the history as though all members of my race were being kidnapped and forced into slavery.
10. If I go into a store and am treated with suspicion, I get to blame it on my race. It couldn’t possibly be anything else other than race. Not my clothing, demeanor, volume of voice, nothing but race. If other races get treated with suspicion in a store, it’s because they deserve it, but if it’s my race, it’s only due to race. Nope, can’t be anything but race. This is a huge privilege because it means I can act as much like a scumbag or thug as I want, because I’m not being judged by those factors, only by the color of my skin.
11. If I don’t get a job, I get to blame my race, even if I was not qualified to get the job.
12. Really, if anything at all negative happens to me, I get to blame it on being a member of my race, as opposed to taking personal responsibility for my actions, state of life, financial position, or anything else. I get to claim that it’s all about race, and that there are no other factors. This allows me to continue making poor decisions, and never change anything I do that might be negatively impacting these areas of my life.
13. I get to complain about stereotypes I don’t like, while propping up those I do. I can pretend to have a big penis, even if I don’t, but I will get angry if someone assumes I have a low IQ or did poorly in school, even if I do or did.
14. I can be as loud and boisterous as I like, and if someone complains, it’s because they’re racist. This allows me to basically do anything I want, regardless of how it affects those around me, because any opposition will just be met with a racism accusation. Others are expected to be considerate of those around them, but that’s not a requirement for me.
15. I can take public pride in being a member of my race, without it being confused as racism. I can use terms of pride with regard to my race, but when members of another race do the same, it’s considered racist.
16. I can qualify for a wide-variety of benefits from the government that are not available to others. In fact, the modern welfare system that is in use today, was re-framed specifically to keep my race in mind.
17. I feel perfectly justified in asking for financial reparations for something that did not directly affect me, and want that money to come from people who did not commit the acts for which the reparations are claimed to be for.
18. I can use fear and intimidation to get what I want, but when someone more powerful than me stands up to me and defeats me, I get to claim it’s due to them being racist…not due to my actions. Even if the person is racist, but their actions were justified, I get to capitalize on their mindset in order to distract from my negative actions that initiated the situation. It’s ONLY because of racism, my actions are not responsible for the outcomes I experience.
19. I can write a list of assertion-based stereotypes that I consider to be “white privilege” and expect not to be called racist, and can then call people racist for writing a list of things called “black privilege”.


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One thought on “What Does White Privilege Get The Average White Person?

  1. The healthy good looking Black American Man presenting this news lives in a good house in probably a ´mixed´ well- to- do hood. most probably has a White American Wife. They have chessboard American Kidz. Nothing wrong with the profile I get of him in this vid, nevertheless…:

    The black list in this comment by a Black, pales compared to the following priviliges many Black Americans enjoy (since quite some time) in black-only hoods:

    Radiated milk dumped in the stores of the black communities said Leuren Moret in 2014.

    Poisoning the water supply with lead especially in black hoods. Black (minister) Encki has a lot of info about all this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swRLO9BltG0

    Mercury in vaccinations ended up in black hoods causing large scale autism said Robert F. Kennedy jr. in 2015 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swRLO9BltG0

    Health Ranger Mike Adams in 2016 exposes the slow genocide on Black Americans in 2016:

    Another black privilege: abortion kills off black kids at roughly three times the rate of white kids. And when black kids make it out of the womb: no amber alerts for the many black kids missing.

    Since the start of 2017 ca 76.000 Black American women + 65.000 Black American men are missing if Chicago based Dane Caloway is right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbm0XWZIvYI

    Americas JOG (fake) Jew Occopied Govt. – since at least 1913 – will be FEMAtising most Americans according to the toilet rolls of the bs elders of vorher Kazarstan. But Blacks First.

    ? Why is that ¿ Not because Blacks are – as the surface story goes- Untermenschen. All the missing Blacks of all ages and both sexes are butchered and the trade in black body parts- some say also Melanine- is big business.

    It is because they were here in the Americas first, far far before Marrano 1492 Christopher C. who saw and wrote about them. Chris C. started the first part of the Transatlantic Slavetrade from the Americas to Europe , to Spain: Sevilla, Valencia.

    B man, read the thoroughly researched stuff of Jack D.Forbes a American Native Indian) Professor Emiritus of Native American Studies of the university of California..

    It is a kind of slow genocidal- Rudolph Hess – Spandau Ballet. In Nurnberg the Generals of Necrophiliac Adolph´s Army got the death sentence cause they knew of the Siamese Twinship of the Nazis and the Zios.

    Americas JOG (fake) Jew Occopied Govt. – since at least 1913 – will be FEMAtising most Americans according to the toilet rolls of the bs elders of vorher Kazarstan.

    And they will succeed if American people of all colors (incl. the White colored , who are still in the majority) don´t wake up and say: No way, Jose.


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