Exodus Debunked: Slave trade was not common in Ancient Egypt (Video)

Ashraf Ezzat

“Slavery in Egypt is actually one of the biblical archeologists’ biggest disappointments. It is almost common knowledge now amongst Egyptologists that the Pyramids, long thought to have been built by the crack of the whip, were actually built by paid labor

Indeed, one of the most prominent themes we find in the Israelite stories is the theme of “slavery”. The stories of the Jewish Patriarchs of Abraham, Joseph, and Moses are all stories of slaves being bought and sold.

Throughout most of its three-thousand-year kingdom, slave-trade was not practiced in ancient Egypt. Slavery, as a public and widespread culture, was introduced in Egypt at the very late period of the Egyptian kingdom (during the 4th-3th century BC and after the Greek conquest).

But why didn’t Slave trade prosper in Ancient Egypt? In the video we put that question to Professor. Mustafa El-Abbadi, the renowned historian of Greco-Roman Egypt.

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4 thoughts on “Exodus Debunked: Slave trade was not common in Ancient Egypt (Video)

  1. Egypt was not Greco Roman:

    Greek historian Herodotus described the Egyptians as black with kinky hair.

    Greek philosopher Apollodorus described Egypt as ´the country of the blackfooted ones´

    Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus said ´the men of Egypt are mostly brown or black with a skinny desiccated look´

    The Egyptians called themselves the Kemtiu, the Coalcoated or the Blacks.

    American (Russian born jew, btw) Harvard prof. Leo Wiener was the first researcher to connect Olmec writing to the Mande people of West Africa in his book Africa and The Discovery of America.

    One of the first documented instances of Africans sailing and settling in the Americas were black Egyptians led by Ramses III during the 19th dynasty in 1292 BC.

    In 445 BC Herodotus wrote of the ancient black Pharaohs´ great seafaring skills.

    (Stephen Hawkins is a latex show doll who with his magical mind moves the computer and converses with the very often academic (?) audiences. He has been dead for aeons)

    These ´exodus or not´ Egyptian academics are Arabs with hats (the man who mistook his wife for his hat, haha) are not objective rational researchers but have an agenda.

    Western Egyptologist, born in Egypt, Robert Bauval (read his books / watch his j-tube vids. B man) had a lengthy over the years battle with media horny with Zahi Hawass with the hat (backed by America´s intele-kkk-tuals) theyrannical former head of antiquities. Hawass did not want to accept the obvious* fact that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans from black Africa (thick lips, broad smell organs etc.). The aforementioned Egyptian academics certainly will be in the camp of mr. Hawass.

    Hawass has now landed with his dick in the dessert sand.

    There is a ludicrous amount of whitewashing of black Egyptian artefacts in Museua worldwide going on:


    with a essay- dated october 2001- of a black Egyptologist prof. Manu Apim author of Modern Fraud. True, 9/11 is not the only lie that we all are still told.

    Back in 1974 at a groundbreaking Unesco conference in Cairo Senegalese scientist / scholar Cheikh Anta Diop and his black African sidekick Obenga versus 21 other Egyptologists representing the rest of the world, was the winner. But as usual it takes some time to sink in.


    • Thanks for the info, but I am struggling to see how this associates with the video asking about Jews being slaves. Did I miss something?

      I am not well versed enough to know if ancient Egyptians were light or dark skinned, although most you see today are lighter skin.

      I think I understand your point, that the ancient dark skins could do great things and ugly whitey is trying to take away those successes? Is that it?

      I don’t have time to do an exhaustive analysis of the claims, but I believe that much of the recent controversy surrounds the idea that mummies like Ramesses I were found to be light skinned, with red hair.

      Apparently Hawass claims that King Tut was not black (as do many others), so I suppose Ampim doesn’t (which might be the reason we are discussing the two of them).

      Frankly, my hunch is that the leadership of ancient Egypt was more light skinned people from Northern African or even Europe. And perhaps there were many darker skinned people.

      How does this relate to the post’s video? Is it to discount Ezzatt’s work?


    • I think you missed this:

      Thanks for the info, but I am struggling to see how this associates with the video asking about Jews being slaves. Did I miss something?

      It seems you have an agenda that I am trying to discern because you are not forthright.

      That being said, both of your sources are afrocentric in presentation and scope (it seems to me). So, I can understand their bias and desire for their presentation to be true. They (you) have an agenda. I get that. But please explain Ezzatt’s rationale for his claims? He is Egyptian (are you). He is specifically discussing Biblical references/characters (you are misdirecting from that subject towards yours). Why would his claims be less significant to me than yours presented?

      As for pharaohs. Do you know that pharaohs existed in Egypt? How so? Why would you carry more clout in this topic than Ashrat Ezzat (who wrote):

      What if the whole story of the Exodus from Egypt was a fake story, and what if we could prove that it is?
      Whenever we say ‘the Exodus’ everybody unconsciously and instantly recognizes the story as the fleeing of the Israelites headed by Moses from the grip of Egypt’s ruthless Pharaoh. Thanks to the Church, the Synagogue, the Mosque and of course Hollywood films this Exodus story has sunk deep in the collective subconscious of the masses, so deep that the story of Moses and Pharaoh has turned into an almost unshakable historical truth that once took place in Ancient Egypt.
      But actually nothing in the ‘milieu of that story’ indicates that it happened in Egypt, except maybe the mistaken association between ‘Pharaoh’ and ‘King’ of Egypt.
      Likewise, nothing in ancient Egyptian records or its oral tradition say or even allude to the fact that this tale of Moses really happened in Egypt. Even more shocking is the fact that the ancient Egyptian records do not refer to the Kings of Egypt as Pharaohs. Yes, Pharaoh was never a title for Egypt’s king. Linking Pharaoh to Ancient Egypt is merely a myth propagated by centuries of falsehood brought about by misleading interpretation of Biblical history.

      I haven’t read his book, but I doubt his focus is on skin color of Egyptians.

      Now, do you know anything about the Israelites being slaves (other than the standard biblical stories I know very well)? And if they were slaves, are you proud of your racial heritage as slave owners (if you are black)? Will you be paying the jews reparations for that “holocaust”?


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