Featured Links: John leBon – True Skeptic

How many people are more cynical than I? I can think of few people who distrust narratives more than I, at this point. Its why I don’t cover the shootings false flags diversions that the jew-run media spews on us daily. This might be considered strange since my biggest post and one day viewing record was regarding the Boston Bombing (an obvious hoax). If I was in this for the views/clicks, I’d stick to that formula. I have now come to the conclusion that virtually everything we know about is false in some way or another.

I find myself looking for those who are likewise skeptical, especially when they know the jewish problem. Almost everyone I link to in my favorites links are understanding of this issue (with just a couple of exceptions I keep there due to a long term associations). Many are skeptical of various narratives (moon landing, etc), but none are as skeptical as John leBon. John distrusts almost every narrative we are taught in school and via media. But he also does an extreme amount of research into topics to get the best understanding he can. He does this with what I view as an open minded attempt at what is real. Sometimes it leads him down deep, dark rabbit holes. Sometimes it brings him to a totally different understanding than the official narrative and alternative theories presented (such as Flat Earth).

He has broken down his site into a free and members only section. Frankly, many people wouldn’t even understand most of what he presents due to knee jerk brainwashing. It takes an open mind to evaluate much of John’s theories. I am a member.

John will logically dissect various “facts” and find rather strange assumptions that are used to form entire theories. When presented with this evidence, I come to major epiphanies.

John has developed a system for these various levels of hoaxes. From his Hoax Hierarchy, the introduction to Baby Hoaxes:

Baby Hoaxes are media events which dominate the news cycle for a brief period and often resurface for ‘updates’ subsequent to their initial premiere. They can take the form of school shootings, marathon bombings, terrorist broadcasts, and even plane disappearances. Although each event has only a short-term and/or minor impact on the psyche of the masses, their cumulative effect is profound, keeping the sleeple in a constant state of anxiety and fear. Baby Hoaxes are where many people begin – and finish – their process of deprogramming, with countless YouTube personalities focusing solely on ‘exposing’ the latest Baby Hoax in the news cycle.

John distrusts the dinosaur narrative and is making a video about his research and visits to various excavation sites in Australia. He has destroyed those who taunt the Flat Earth theory, only to find that he also finds many faults with the spinning Earth model (culminating in his recent foray into his own theoretical model which he is now in the middle of explaining. Called the Bon Earth Model).

Is he correct? I don’t know for sure. But I can appreciate the fact that he takes a great deal of time exploring these generally accepted issues, to make sure what is real or not.

There are many more links that I frequent that I will focus on in the near future (almost all of them on the sidebar are active). My “go-to” places for info and insight.

But for now, check out John’s stuff. He is a thinker. Even one of our most enlightened commenters, Negentropic, was interviewed by John. Worth the listen.

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6 thoughts on “Featured Links: John leBon – True Skeptic

  1. Thanks for the kind words, B’Man. I have learned the hard way that if you want to critique both sides of a false dichotomy, you had better be prepared to deal with attacks from both sides. Nothing can make the heliocentrists and Flat Earthers come together like a collective hatred of JLB! Keep up the good work, brother.


    • You have an even keeled way of dealing with the meanies (as blackbird9 calls them). But when it comes right down to it, you have your shit in order and they don’t.

      Of course, your flat earth/helio stuff is just the start with your research. I didn’t even get in to the behind the scenes stuff (which I do appreciate), like the rocket/missile stuff. In that case, you were rightly skeptical, but found that there are possibilities that these things fly. Now, do they actually go to where they intend and blow up? I guess you’d have to be there and that is something I’d prefer to miss.

      You do great work John. But you must also take care of yourself. Balance!


  2. B’man, you’re the man! Welcome back to the War Against Humanity, battles raging on all fronts — just like in the 1860s — for the hearts and minds and, most especially the souls, of humankind.

    Thank you for bringing LEBON — no relation to LEBRON, I presume, missing that all important “R” — to light for those of us not previously aware of his work. GREAT STUFF! A monumental test of discernment for those of us who may pride ourselves as “thinkers”, “philosophers”, or otherwise intelligent, commonsensical straight shooters.

    The metaphor that came to my mind, as I delved, once again, into the MORE-ASS of 9-11: LAYERS OF THE ONION. For me, my reading of the books by Christopher Bollyn, supplemented by the data provided in the links, served as a key. I now think it possible for the Chef to provide to sous chefs onions so magnificent, so layered, that no one among the kitchen staff will discover the Truth in time to make any difference. Do you know that Bollyn is back in the USSA giving lectures on 9-11??. I surmise he still serves a valuable role (gatekeeping?) for TPTB.


    • Hi Alan,

      Bollyn’s work is important, but how far does it go?

      I haven’t read his book, but have heard interviews abound. But I can understand your point about the layers. Truth layers interspersed with dead ends and outright lies. So many. So thick. How do you get to the bottom of it?

      I’ve been down the no planes stuff, the Vicsims stuff, and every other theory. But I always come back to the who and why (Israel and Eretz Israel’s wars). Sure, there are plenty of other off shoots, but to me these are the key reasons (the offense on liberties, etc are just a bonus for them).

      As for leBon (not his real name), I like the way he thinks. I am not saying he is spot on with everything (nor does he). But he offers logical, researched analysis and he is skeptical of everything.

      If we are skeptical of everything and prove for ourselves what is (or isn’t), we come to a btter understanding and are less likely to be duped in the future.

      Glad I’m back. The time off was regenerating.


  3. Thanks for the link. We finally got together on Skype long enough to do a second podcast a few days ago:


    Hope it enlightens, entertains and motivates all these endless agenda-pushers and pussies in the movement to take more risks and dig deeper. We have to nurture intelligent, articulate, youngsters like these who have the balls to go against the grain of all the official alt-media BS which, either through intentional design or useful default foster high levels of fear, anxiety and ultimately paralysis. An “alt-media” that is tied to more-or-less the same fear-triggers and psychological chains of the mainstream followers isn’t going anywhere because it’s in a state of despair and high-anxiety and unable to “feel good” except thru self-destructive and emasculating rushes of insecurity. Remember that it makes no difference to these Judaics and freemasons, whether they actually have all that “Wizard of Oz” power they claim they do or only a fraction of it as long as they can make most people PERCEIVE that they have it and shit their pants. I think the truth lies somewhere between the paranoia of someone like Brendon O’Connell

    [audio src="https://cldup.com/fFvSSBAotm.mp3" /]

    who actually lost 4 years of his life to this bullshit in an Aussie maximum security prison where he got his ass beat too and got no medical attention for a month and the skepticism of someone like JLB who says nobody’s messed with him at all and refuses to dance to the everyone else’s synco-jew-pated “Shit Your Pants” tune unless there is concrete and valid evidence for it and not just some goddamn faked Hollywood pre-manufactured video dogshit. (lol)

    “I am not, in the ordinary acceptation of the term, a good-natured man; that is, many things annoy me besides what interferes with my own ease and interest. I hate a lie; a piece of injustice wounds me to the quick, though nothing but the report of it reach me. Therefore I have made many enemies and few friends; for the public know nothing of well-wishers, and keep a wary eye on those who would reform them.” ~~ William Hazlitt

    “The world loves to be amused by hollow professions, to be deceived by flattering appearances, to live in a state of hallucination; and can forgive everything but the plain, downright, simple, honest truth.” – William Hazlitt

    “The best kind of conversation is that which may be called thinking aloud.” —- William Hazlitt, “Characteristics: In the Manner of Rochefoucault’s Maxims”

    “Life is the art of being well-deceived; and in order that the deception may succeed it must be habitual and uninterrupted.” ~ William Hazlitt, “The Round Table”

    “In private life do we not see hypocrisy, servility, selfishness, folly, and impudence succeed, while modesty shrinks from the encounter, and merit is trodden under foot? How often is ‘the rose plucked from the forehead of a virtuous love to plant a blister there!’ What chance is there of the success of real passion? What certainty of its continuance? Seeing all this as I do, and unraveling the web of human life into its various threads of meanness, spite, cowardice, want of feeling, and want of understanding, of indifference towards others, and ignorance of ourselves, – seeing custom prevail over all excellence, itself giving way to infamy – mistaken as I have been in my public and private hopes, calculating others from myself, and calculating wrong; always disappointed where I placed most reliance; the dupe of friendship, and the fool of love; – have I not reason to hate and to despise myself? Indeed I do; and chiefly for not having hated and despised the world enough.” ~ William Hazlitt, “On the Pleasure of Hating”

    “The character of a gentleman [I take it] may be explained nearly thus: A blackguard is a fellow who does not care whom he offends; a clown is a blockhead who does not know when he offends; A gentleman is one who understands and shows every mark of deference to the claims of self-love in others, and exacts it in return from them.” — William Hazlitt, “The Ideal of a Gentleman”

    “Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps; for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are, and what they ought to be.” — William Hazlitt


    • Hi Neg,

      I’ve listened to most of John’s work and your two interview/conversations are probably the best he has offered.

      Mainly, I think that he (and you) are sincere. Being sincere doesn’t mean one is always correct, but you mean the best and when shown a fault, easily (and quickly) modify your stance. It is people like this, who try (and are wrong occasionally), but mean well and correct issues in a timely fashion without clinging to bullshit theories (ie, Flat Earth) that are real to me.

      If someone could prove to me beyond a shadow of doubt that the Earth is flat, I’d change my stance. But thus far no one has been able to and I grow bored with the attempts.

      Today’s flower is: Fruity Pebbles.


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