The Big Welcome To UK Terrorism is a Wrist Icicle and a Dick Bicycle

Ariana Big welcomes the terrorists back to Manchester to give her a wrist icicle and to ride their dick bicycle… all to her adoring children fans. No wonder we are fucked.

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13 thoughts on “The Big Welcome To UK Terrorism is a Wrist Icicle and a Dick Bicycle

  1. It is all > Gladio < . All these world wide terror attacks within a nation are mostly minor 9/11´s.

    Britain is ruled like many other nations around the globe by a jog = jew occupied govt. The jog´s are actually > Gladio < style behind the whole string of the minor 9/11 terror attacks. To strike fear within a nation so the shoarma rolls on 4 legs cry desperately out for more police, which the jog´s give them.

    The jog´s of the ´1st´ ´free´ ´democratic´ world of the ZioNATO countries, the attack dogs of Zion, are at a certain stage mobilised in some sort of coalition of the killing, for more war against the enemies of Zion, aka as Rotschildstein, Talmudistan aka Askenazistan aka Anne Frankenstein.

    Ca. 3000 deaths at 9/11. But the minor 9/11 attacks are in many instants staged by the jog by means of 5 – 10 dollar crisis actors and victims. Pressing question do these poor actors have to pay for the tomato juice themselves or is that all-in?

    Many of the socalled Muslim sandniggers, socalled terrorists are on the payroll of the jog´s socalled intelligence services. We may assume that they are at a higher pay scale than the afore mentioned crisisactors…….

    We have to stop being jogged around by the s.o.s. synagogue of satan in all of its camouflages, they´ll get their payday if not here than certainly in the hereafter.

    Btw today I found out that it is Chocolate Ice Cream Day in the US of A.


  2. Very good.


    they´ll get their payday if not here than certainly in the hereafter.

    I’m not sure this satisfies me, nor do I actually think it is correct (but I don’t want to get into a theological discussion). I want their power stopped now, in my lifetime, before my daughter has to deal with its progressively worsening stranglehold.

    How, though, can I expect them to be of any help when they are 12 year olds swaying to songs about Big’s jackoffs and other skank efforts? I know my daughter has nothing to do with that swill, but she is likely one of the few.


  3. Agree with you completely. It is we who should generate enough common sense in sound & silence in the world so that the
    s.o.s. & co and their filthy and murderous (esp. with kids as victims) ways will be brought to justice here, Diesseits.

    Ariane Grande`s mother is a ceo of Hose Mc Cann communications directly linked to the military industrial complex.
    Ariane G. says in an interview that she is into kabbala etc. like so many others in the music / entertainment industry, u name it

    But the rabbi´s rabbit hole goes deep. Watch this 1 minute compilation vid of the Hillary Clinton campaign:

    She publicly talks about child protection over and over again over the years but the Clinton Foundation is directly linked to childtrafficking. Likewise Mc Cain. Very recent, 5t of june, search: Breaking: Pizza Gate Moneytrail Leads to Mc Cain.

    They will be talking about reducing immigration but since they are j-banker-puppits will turn the tap wide open in order to ruin the countries which they (want to) run.

    Buth then again, will they be brought to justice?¿


  4. I’m not buying the bomb-kills-22-injures…story. There’s no clear photographic evidence in support of the narrative (this in a country with extensive CCTV monitoring). Where are the gruesome pictures of corpses and body parts? No cell-phone footage of anything except people running, screaming. No directly visible bomb explosion, just a reflection in the night sky.

    Even the supposed remnants of the device look suspicious. My understanding is that shrapnel can travel up to 2,000 mph. And yet apparently the battery and detonator (?) as well as the Karrimor backpack label(!) survived the blast, which completely vaporized the bad guy. Boy, that was helpful!

    Ariana Grande’s a very sinister character as are her minders. Interesting that her benefit concert finished with “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. A Kubrickian touch, or just a nod to the LGBT audience?


    • Ditto for the alleged murder-mayhem in London. One of the most heavily monitored places on Earth and yet fuzzy, dark images of victims are all we get. Those witness statement that are distributed just happened to be from media players. Not all of whom were part of the charade, of course. This guy didn’t get an invite and candid camera wasn’t the order of the day, ha ha.


    • Hi bob (sorry, the first comment gets sent to moderation, after being ok’d once, you are good to go)

      Personally, I have stepped away from the false flags (or fake flags, whatever) evaluations. There are so many fakes around, that my initial reaction is that it is fake.

      But I don’t know. The Manchester thing seems bogus in many ways, admittedly. But I will allow others to go down the rabbit hole to prove it.

      My main focus is on the degeneracy that permeates young people and their idols. This Ariana person was a wholesome WHITE character on the show that got her start on TV. Sad to admit it, but my daughter was coming up and watched the show Victorious where Ariana played Kat (a most definite white girl).

      Even back then, the star of the show wasn’t as good a singer as Ariana and I never could understand that. But the star was Mexican (latino or something). Now look at Grande pretending to be a shitskin for the bucks. The agenda is clear.

      Just like Miley Cyris turned skank, (and so many others) they turned this girl into skank whore. They lure the young ones in with wholesomeness, then turn their idol into skank whores, which in turn, give the girls their reason to be skank whores.

      Seriously. 13 year old rocking to dick bicycles.


      • Yes, you’re quite right. And that’s a logical approach when, a government conspiracy can quite easily outlive a generation of taxpayers and the next is so apathetic or ignorant about history it hardly matters. (Not to mention those eternal fabrications that museums and media are constantly rejuvenating).

        I’m just totally over giving the System any credence after Muslim Stanley knives and kerosene turn into two wars, babies-tossed-from-incubators just one, OKC sees off any militia (except IDF-aligned ones), etc.. And that’s just the States. Every Western country has suffered similar drill-turns-real occurrences that end up with boots on the ground or bombs from the heavens. Same (((players))).

        What is incontrovertible and not beyond people’s limited patience or comprehension is the sexualization of the young and the normalization of the perverse. Ariana Grande deserves her space at


  5. Sad to say, even the hero story – a fixture of these contrived events – sounds phony, or more charitably, comic-bookish. Three men with knives or machetes against one unarmed is an obituary. I’m going to put Roy Larner in the Mark Bingham category until I see his catastrophic wounds.


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