Jeff Sessions Forces Worthless Senators To Action

The Drumpfters were all excited about Jeff Sessions cracking down on immigration. The one issue voters kept saying immigration was The Number One issue, while completely ignoring the awfulness of Sessions as AG simply due to his antiquated and totally ignorant Drug Warrionism. Seriously, how can so many people be so blind by the charade?

Yes, you dumb redneck, we erased hostility to cannabis because it is a miracle medicine, you brain dead clod.

But, really, Sessions isn’t dumb or brain dead. He is catering to those who want cannabis kept illegal. There is Big Money to be made and this Alabama clown, who Alabamians basically despise about like every other state citizen hating their own Senator because of lies and their duplicity.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, let this dumb ole redneck clue you in… every one of these bastards are worthless. But Sessions is especially corrupt and nasty because he knows damn well what he says is a bald faced lie.

“Good People Don’t Smoke Marijuana”

Tell that to the clergy and nuns who do it. Tell it to the service members with PTSD who do it. Tell it to the cancer doctors who prescribe it. Tell it to the old folks who alleviate pain of arthritis, stop their tremors from Parkinson’s, relieve Alzheimer symptoms. Tell it to the children who no longer suffer debilitating seizures.

They are all “bad people”, you piece of shit?

The only bad people are the ones, like you, who regurgitate such idiotic lies with such a straight face.

This fuck head wants to crack down hard on medical marijuana and has asked Congress to allow him to pursue the Drug War with renewed vigor (truth and science be damned). OMG, will the grocery stores start selling weed? Ooga Booga!

But worse is the fact that he is using the opiate issues we have to attack cannabis, when cannabis is an excellent way to get off of opiates. There is evil behind Sessions’ desires. Never forget that.

Enter two unusual bed mates to push for national medical marijuana laws.

Rand Paul and Al Franken Come Together For Weed

Republicans and Democrats in Congress are introducing medical marijuana legislation Thursday protecting states from federal interference in the wake of a request to roll back protections from Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Members of the House of Representatives and Senate are backing a comprehensive marijuana package in an effort to protect state medical legalization laws from a potential federal crackdown. The bill gives the Department of Veteran Affairs the freedom to recommend medical marijuana to patients and removes cannabidiol (CBD), used to treat chronic pain and severe epilepsy, from the Controlled Substances Act.

Republican Sens. Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Lisa Murkowski join Democratic Sens. Al Franken, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand as initial sponsors of the legislation, which they will announce in a press conference Thursday. A version of the legislation in the House is also attracting bipartisan support.

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3 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions Forces Worthless Senators To Action

  1. ty Buelahman Plus Marijuana Prohibition made Pablo Escobar and Meyer”Mister Retire in Israel”Lansky fortunes.
    Which also made the Bush Family(Skull and Bones founded by Opium Drug Lord William Huntington Russell).

    Speaking of Opium lets not forget out of it comes Heroin.


    Afghanistan has 92% of the Worlds Opium,and The Troops are guarding the Opium Fields FOR The Opium Drug Lords in turn turns into Herion.
    It’s flooding the Streets of America,Courtesy of The Military Industrial Complex.
    You know The Troops!!!


    Let’s not forget the Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms favorite butt buddy Mexican Drug Cartel The Sinaloa,in which Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder thru”Fast and Furious”supplied with 10,000 guns.


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  3. I’m glad to see that you are blogging again! I know it can be tiring but the web is a better place when you contribute your perspective. Sorry I haven’t been commenting more, but by all means, keep posting!


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