Fuck You, I’m Millwall!

Fuck You, I’m Millwall!

 Roy Larner was probably drunk (maybe not), but he was certainly not going to take shit from the knife wielding camel jockeys. I say that we all lift a pint in his name.
But then I found another link where a retard made the following comment:

Frank Thoughtssays:

The football firms need to man up and stop fighting each other over stupid things like football matches and actually defend the country and its women and children. Their grandfathers did 73 years ago. A new Operation Overlord is required to kick this trash out of Europe, just as the Nazis were crushed 73 years ago.


I responded:

If you only truly understood that had the Nazis won, this stuff would not be happening in any way form or fashion.

As a matter of fact, because of that loss to the Bolshevik Communists (supported by a communist controlled American leadership), Europe (and Weimerica) are now experiencing the scourge that is attacking these people.

I assure you that Germans of that era would NEVER have allowed those monsters in in the first place. But the winners did.

So much for “winning”.

Who, in their right minds believes that such an incursion is beneficial to Europeans or Americans?

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23 thoughts on “Fuck You, I’m Millwall!

  1. B-Man you are the mostest. I have no tolerance for blight wing con-artist-servatives and their anti-nazi tripe. National Socialism was and is the only hope for western man. You put the retard in his place. Keep punching Brother and best regards.


  2. Sorry, the idea that the London Bridge/Borough Market actually took place is baloney.

    It was a staged hoax attack.

    The idea that the words cited were actually spoken is preposterous.

    Another symbol of British spirit often cited was the guy who was pictured clinging stubbornly to his pint of beer after he had been ordered to evacuate the bar by the police.

    Like the fictitious Millwall supporter, the beer-swilling hero narrative actually tells us pretty clearly that this was a staged event and the only thing the people had to be frightened of that night were the police who made them lie on the floor, put their hands on their heads at gunpoint.

    You are NOT witnessing Islamic terror at all. What you are seeing is the British government terrorising its own people.

    Wake up, dude!

    Lost faith in this blog….


    • I don’t know if it is real or not. You seem very confident it is not. But not a link or anything but your word.

      I lost faith in your comment…

      I hate to read too much in to your comment, but I think you disagree when I wrote:

      Who, in their right minds believes that such an incursion is beneficial to Europeans or Americans?

      Is that incursion beneficial for Europe (America, too)? Or is it fake, too?


      • OK. Let’s get this straight.

        You are muddling two different issues.

        Whether mass immigration is beneficial or not is utterly irrelevant.

        You have picked up on a story from a British tabloid newspaper which is patent fiction and used it to embark on anti-immigation rant.

        Listen, dude, it may have escaped your notice but I am here to tell you and your readers that The War on Terror is phoney.

        The recent “attacks” in Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge/Borough Market were all HOAXES. They bear no scrutiny whatever.

        Oh, by the way. Have you worked out yet that muslims didn’t do 911 either?

        You surely don’t need me to tell you – you can research these events in depth here on the net.

        Type in the word: HOAX after the event you seem to think actually happened and you will discover fairly quickly that there is no evidence whatever that it did.

        No blood, no dead bodies, no bomb damage.

        Ergo, it’s fake.

        I live here in UK and I know it’s fake.

        You live in the States. You’re surely not going to tell me the US government doesn’t stage shootings, massacres and terror?

        Heard of Sandy Hook?

        Think that was real?


        • My goodness, Crebolina. What would we have ever done without your vast knowledge? I’m sure you have a link to your blog which will enlighten all of us stupidos. Share it.

          Or just maybe, instead of being an all-knowing asshole, correcting this blog maybe try a simple search for the subject matter you mention in the search window top right.

          Also know that when you evade my direct questions, I get suspicious. Now, you have me suspicious of your motives AND you are a dickhead.

          What should I do?

          Give you one more chance to correct your atrocious behavior or just ban your rude fucking ass?


          • BMan
            Crebolina knows what he is talking about and here are a few jewtube channels to learn what he knows for yourself:
            Top of the list with a 100 grand reward on offer is; Side thorn 123
            Closely followed by; Trust one news 2
            And then, in no particular order:
            How I see the world
            How I see the world3
            Peekay truth 22
            Smoke n mirrors
            UK criticle thinker
            MattyD for truth
            Wiliam Tyndale
            Kent freedom movement
            Sky watcher Tommo
            John Le Bon
            Serebra Sana
            Kearnsy 74
            108 Morris 108
            “They’re distorting the truth” was a good source of information but jewgle removed his channel just yesterday
            Just like they did to Paul Taylor a few weeks ago, so has moved to vidme under the name of hoaxashian

            The above are just a few sources of information which very easily prove that we are being lied to BIG STYLE!


            • Tom,

              Most of these I am aware of and/or subscribe and follow. I just did a post on leBon.

              What does Crebolina know? Apparently that asshole doesn’t know humor or a tongue-in-cheek post.

              Did you?

              Crebolina knows how to be a dickhead, tho. I don’t like dickheads.


          • Wow – you don’t need me to expose you.

            You just did it yourself.

            Empty-headed, abusive, paranoid rants are unworthy of you.

            I am now quite happy and proud to be banned from this website.


            • Your approach is atrocious. If you think that by your actions that you are helping anything, you are wrong. And you are a dickhead. I have only one rule here. Don’t be a dickhead.

              I really don’t like dickheads, especially those that cover up for the Islamists that are fucking crazy. At this point, I would be pretty sure you are Muslim, right? Must be why you are so butt hurt over a tongue-in-cheek post where you have to change subjects to bolster your point. This wasn’t about the War on Terror. It was basically a joke, but stupid Muslim sympathizers apparently have no sense of humor unless it is watching gays thrown from buildings or watching a woman’s clit get cut off.

              Well, get your own god damned blog, Crebolina dickhead, and worship Allah and get gang raped by your clan after being sold in slavery to some jew asshole in Israel.

              But don’t come back here.


  3. Yikes! It’s getting hot down South! Let’s all just calm down and look at the mixing and matching of issues. False Flags in general , are not to be assumed to be true as the official story goes. As for unregulated immigration, please consider your cell wells; they let somethings in that are helpful and resist other things that are not. The recent English terrorist attacks are unusual and should be suspect. The results of unregulated immigration are obvious take for example take your computer; JUST LET ANY OLD “ROBOT” IN AND YOUR COMPUTER IS TOAST! It’s a fact that has to be recognized and could be the reason B’Man is putting it out there. Unregulated immigration sucks! Regulation of immigration vs. terror due to immigration are potentially two different subjects. But truly it’s all in the Protocols number I under “make believe and terrorization.” Look it up and please let me know if you need a link to the Protocols. Oy Vey HOW THEY LOVE CHAOS AND IN FIGHTING!


    • Hi Yogi,

      It was the mixing and matching of issues that bothered me (not to mention the condescension and dickheadedness). I wasn’t writing about the War on Terror or 911 or blaming all muslims for everything.

      Hell, I don’t know if any of the attacks anywhere are real (I wasn’t there).

      But Crebolina comes off as if there is a personal butt hurt issue over this, telling me she/he/it is a Muslim.

      Let me be very clear. I have nothing against Muslims. It is Islam and the books that corrupt the followers that is the travesty.

      I do not respect a Muslim that hides or covers up the facts that are clearly in those books or minimizes the fact that there are raping monsters within that religion. Islam has a clear agenda of making converts. I am completely against such a thing.

      Crebolina doesn’t have to like that. She/he/it can just go away.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What happens to a country when you allow them in by the masses under the guise of migration or refugees? The Crebolinas of the internet don’t want you to know about this. But the truth is that we already have enough of these types of no-go zones (called majority black population centers). Why in the hell do we want to establish the same, but a thousand times worse?


  5. Sadly, I believe the Larner story to be entirely fictional. The psy-op directors often seem to inject a cute heroic episode to rally public spirits (think Mark “Let’s Roll” Bingham of Flight 93); a fake hero is manageable, a real one not so much. Machete attacks are really awful. This Larner guy hadn’t any military training nor was a young man. He’d be very dead or horribly wounded if attacked by 3 young Muslims. Most importantly, his wounds don’t look real. Compare to the Brazilian guy. Now that’s a wound that looks about right!

    Liked by 1 person

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