How Wyatt Earp Posthumously Became a Jew-Boy

In response to the news that a jewish whore caused the OK Corral gunfight, Karl Radl shares that the whore also had Earp buried in a jewish cemetery, posthumously making him a “jew-boy”:

Wyatt Earp and his Jewish Burial

In my recent article ‘The Jewish Origins of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral’; I argued that the likelihood was that infamous gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona was caused by the slutty behaviour of Josephine Marcus. (1)

Marcus – who was jewish – (2) also plays a major part in the story of her husband Wyatt Earp; since he suffered accusations from Doc Holliday among others that he was a ‘jew boy’, because he was sleeping with Marcus and associating with a lot of jews. (3) This was a significant source of annoyance to Earp as he didn’t want to be perceived as a jew let alone be one. (4)

Thus during their lifetime together; Marcus was not a practicing jew and held to a vague pantheism (5) – in all probability in part to appease Wyatt’s sensitivity to subject of Judaism as he loved her because she was flamboyant and curvaceous in spite not because she was a jewess  –  (6) which then metamorphosed into a rediscovered Judaism upon Wyatt’s death. (7)

This in turn led to Marcus burying Wyatt according to jewish custom in the jewish cemetery at the Little Hills of Eternity Memorial Park in California. (8) Thus in death Marcus made Wyatt an ‘honorary jew’, which jews have long used as a pretext to claim him as one of their own rather than an American who was seduced by a sultry jewess but who personally disdained Judaism and refused to be identified as a ‘jew boy’. (9)


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2 thoughts on “How Wyatt Earp Posthumously Became a Jew-Boy

  1. This is the first time I’ve ever heard this story, but cannot comment on it as to accuracy, positivity or negativity, as I ‘ve never read Earp’s biography. I’m not Jewish, but am not an anti-Semite. The only thing I would say about him being buried in a Jewish Cemetery by his Jewish wife, which sounds counter to what he would have wished, then I think she nay have let her religious faith overrule her loyalty to her deceased husband.


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