Change for Morons

Aryan Skynet is my favorite blog away from home blog. Thanks for allowing me to post there!

Aryan Skynet

How many of you voted for ‘change’ in the last election? I estimate it is about the same number of people who voted for ‘change’ when they voted for Obama (and Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush, Sr, etc, etc, etc). You all keep voting for ‘change’, yet what do you get?

You truly thought that thru every one of these lying bastards’ words spoken, that ‘change’ would come. That wars for Israel would stop. That the neocons and war hawks would be taken down.

At my personal blog I explained that Obama was simply a black Bush, that there was no real discernible difference except on the SJW areas of divide. In this past election, myself (and the excellent writers here at Aryan Skynet) took great amounts of time and effort to point out what is really easily discernible: that Trump doesn’t have an honest, principled bone in his body…

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9 thoughts on “Change for Morons

  1. So tweet and retweet Mr. President!   Tweet all day and night to let me and others know what is taking place and what we can do to help drain the swamp!

    He’s my president! TWEET AWAY!

    Dianne [Dianne Marshall] (2%)


  2. This comment of mine is still on my “clip board”, so I thought I would copy it heare too:

    Drumpf is nothing but an actor (actors are very good at pretending to be someone else), a face for the image of the “Trump” corporations.
    The reason why you will never see his TAX statement is because the fraud never has been and never will be worth 7 billion Dollars (in today’s fake money values).
    The same goes with other jewish faces that appeared out of nowhere with the claim of being fantastic businessmen who performed miracles in business (Zuckerberg, Branson and probably the richest plant of all time, Mr Bill (Climate Change) Gates.


  3. Truth is a powerful weapon..

    hypocrisy is a ((((JEWISH)))) thingy…

    and G*D hates fags

    it’s the summer of LUV… Bman

    p.s. – (((REGISTERING))) to ((((VOTE))) is a public declaration
    of mental incompetency…

    as in how did a plant become “OUR” enemy and the cult members of the



    • @ B’Man:
      Thanks for that good video of (((Team Trump))) you posted in the comments appended to the AS page. For your information, it has been taken down by YouTube. Do you remember the caption, that I can share it with a friend? Thanks.


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