Featured Link: Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar: There Are Reasons Why We Do This

I know I broke down and took an extended hiatus from blogging. It was needed because I was tired, simply put.

But there are reasons why I can’t stop completely. So, when another of my favorite blogs, which is written by what I think is a young, brilliant woman in the UK (but I don’t really know anything about this person) I knew you’d appreciate it, if not seeing it before. I featured her work before, but it is important and well done and worth another gander.

There is ideological value to a good post naturally, a shitpost and the lesser-known trash blogging. You become the gadfly. You point out what nobody else can, what doesn’t fit into a meme, you can link, reference and teach… without the occupational fallibility and lengthiness of a video that only 20% of your intended will watch because they can’t ctrl+F to the good bits.

I think it is obvious where this blog falls into line neatly nestled between a shitpost and a trash blog. And I am ok with that. Really don’t want it any other way.

The SJWs do not police blogs. They don’t bother, they don’t try, they can’t. They don’t understand it and lack the attention span. This tactical advantage alone has value. Meme pages and Youtube videos are taken down all the time. Blogs like mine? Here for years. Content control, peeps.

I’ve had three Youtube channels removed, but I have never had one issue with WordPress. The only dickheads that come around are ones that are not really sjw’s, but more on the right side, just with a specific meme to push (as in Crebolina’s Islam defense from a week or so ago).

Trash blogging itself does perform many useful functions.

Relief for the viewers that they are not alone is #1.

The smart ones will know when you’re kidding, how and why – it’s a good BS test. The idiots will divert themselves on nonsense and fail to see that posting bad examples is more imperative to learning than showing good ones.

There are not many idiots who show up around here. Stupid people wouldn’t get it. But there are dickheads like the fake priest in a joo suit named Salvatore who has made a total moron of himself with his Trump worship and drug war cheerleading. I’m hoping he died, but maybe he’s just embarrassed for being such a fool.

We can ban. We can chide. We can mock. We can say The Emperor wears no clothes.
If you don’t see the value in that, you must be stupid.

There are plenty of trash bloggers with power working under pseuds to protect their shekels.
There are good people among the elite. People with a conscience, with a soul, with genuine compassion… but not stupid.

Although I know she did not have me in mind when she wrote that, I feel like that in many ways, it fits.

But there is another reason why I like the Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar blog.

The humor.

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5 thoughts on “Featured Link: Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar: There Are Reasons Why We Do This

  1. I wonder whether the SJWs have started to try to police blogs. I just got a very vague comment saying that someone wanted me to remove some content … but it didn’t specify what content. Sounds like a shakedown.

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  2. That “Amazing Racist” guy is Joe Rogan’s Jew comedian friend Ari Shaffir. One of his “closest friends” according to Rogan. He even took that dipshit hunting with him in Alaska. Both this Jew and Brian Redban (Rogan’s ex-producer and side-kick on his podcast, an admitted Ashkenazi Jew) are probably Rogan’s secret handlers (meaning, even if Rogan has no idea, which I’m not so sure about after all those 360 reversals on the Moon Landing Hoax and his disrespect for one of his other “best friends,” Eddie Bravo,” they’re there to make sure to nudge him in the right direction and insure he always shills for their tribe, which he mostly does of his own useful-idiot accord anyway).

    Rogan supposedly “took him under his wing” when the Jew-boy was just a novice starting out his stand-up comedy bullshit on “open mike” nights. So, Rogan’s wife is either a full Jew or a half Jew (she’s the daughter of the well-known “raunchy,’ “x-rated” Jew comedian Robert Schimmel who died from a car crash, I’m not sure if her momma is Jew or not, but she’s pretty enough to snag Rogan, therefore her momma is more likely to be White European) , his kids are either half Jews or quarter-Jews, full Jews even at quarter-Jew genetics IF a Jew maternal line of descent can be proven, i.e., if Jessica Schimmel’s mother was also, at the very least, a religious Jew.


    P.S. Both of Zach Hubbard’s channels, including the mirror, were deleted completely off Jew-tube. All 50K of his subs gone overnight. ZH and JLB, instead of butting heads, should be doing roundtable shows together.


    • I used to get into Rogan’s podcast, but it grew old after a while.

      Of course I knew the Amazing Racist was a jew, but I didn’t know the Rogan connection (or that Rogan may be married to a jewess). I am not surprised and yes, he knows whether he says it or not.

      Just like Justin Garcia who is this MMA Philosopher type guy. He knows but won’t say it.

      Lots know but refuse to say it.

      I wondered what happened to Zach’s channel. But I don’t have much faith that the Gematria system. Too many calculators to make it work. But I haven’t really studied it.


      • It’s not that complex if you take his basic Gematria lesson first and always have the Gematrinator page open yourself so you can put the stuff in yourself and see. But, for the average conspiracy theorist, it’s a bit involved and time consuming. It gives me headaches sometimes, but there is DEFINITELY something very powerful being uncovered there. Gematria is a valid angle and might be the foundation of everything else as far as I can see, but JLB is right, Zach is taking it a bit too far by saying Jews constructed the English language in its modern form as a numbers-&-words-fused and based linguistic prison meant to define the boundaries of all dialectics in their favor. But, then again. the Jews DO believe that god created the world by fusing the number and the word. All these coded words with numbers and shit ARE HISTORICALLY a Jew practice and only later became associated with Judaism-for-Gentiles aka freemasonary.


        • I tried to follow along with a calculator, but there seems to be at least 4 or 5 different calculators working simultaneously, giving us a guaranteed result (or at least making it much easier to make the math work). It became too cumbersome for me to qualify every different calculation manually, so I gave up.

          This may well be as you indicate, which would be very strange.

          I actually addressed this here a while back with interesting interaction with Wallflower in comments



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