Let’s Hammer The Putin Trump Nail

Remember that the entire thing in Syria (between Russia and the USA) is an orchestrated theater, as you defend Putin and Trump. Trump is a jewish Shabbos Goy (so is Putin). They are working this together with Netanyahu.

One of the most illustrative interviews on this subject that you can see (yes, from Red Ice, but they did so with many screaming sycophants in the background desperately trying to NOT believe their own ears). If you want to understand exactly what is transpiring as a means to expand Israel, listen to this:

see also:

Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time


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10 thoughts on “Let’s Hammer The Putin Trump Nail

  1. Back in the USS/A(=R) TrumPutin it takes two to tango and they do (if we let them).

    Strumpf as the the present jew-bankers-selected new WH resident could be called declared the following on 6th april 2017:

    “Education and Sharing Day recognizes the remarkable efforts of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, to use values-based education to drive our nation’s children toward the American Dream,” stated Trump. “As an educator, Rabbi Schneerson understood that education is incomplete if it is devoid of moral development.”

    What exactly is the moral development this great mystic S. has in mind?

    “This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world … The difference in the inner quality between Jews and non-Jews is “so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species…..An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

    In other words: moral bankrupcy of the US confirmed by the WH.

    The Kremlin jew bankers puppit tyrant crypto jew P. stole in 1992 (to start with) as mayor of St. Petersburg 100 million dollar
    of Russia:


    Henry Makow throws light on the source of the billions of Strumpf; how his dad Fred stole billions of the US and build a chabad power base in Brooklyn:



  2. TheRapeOfJustice channel pushes the “controlled by the Sabbatean-Frankist” line ad naseum. Christopher Jon Bjerknes is probably CIA. The dumber dumb-down level.


    • And Putin is an honest Russian Nationalist that loves humanity, including Americans, so much that he has shirked all ties to his KGB past and is now the hope for all the world?


      • With all due respect trying to wade through the fog…how do you reconcile this?

        One thing I look for in a person whether leader or common…is sincerity and consistency with/in/on or about truth, international law and sustaining US mass lying media interview(s). I don’t doubt questions until I look for “facts” consistent with Law especially International. Putin is just a man, and every man makes mistakes, and has enemies no matter what. But when it comes to propaganda he maintains the straight line to crash it…and that makes enemies and always will. Lies can not stand up against truth and unfortunately our US gov. hasn’t realized that yet. Everything Mr. Bjerknes accuses Putin of…is what the US has been doing for all too long. Satan is the accuser. And I doubt the Israeli loving Putin would dish out the mass amount of money for this project on foreign soil. One thing you don’t do…is let the enemy know what you are doing or planning to do…and that especially regards illegal Israel, its mafia and its stronghold on America that has Russia surrounded on every side.


        • One thing I look for in a person whether leader or common…is sincerity and consistency with/in/on or about truth, international law and sustaining US mass lying media interview(s).

          And your point is that Putin does these things or that Bjerknes doesn’t? If the prior, why in the world do you believe any such thing about this guy Putin? Are you telling us you know more about him personally than we do from our media generated views? I don’t know either guy (Putin or Bjerknes). Who is sincere? Both could be.

          As for accusers (satans), should I go post the videos of Putin accusing various leaders of this or that (making your point moot)? It is my intuition that Putin and Trump are working to fulfill Israeli (((jewish))) goals. It is what every American POTUS does (why would the Russian president be any different?).

          Please. You want me to believe Putin is a saint (or a ‘good guy” of some sort)? That an offer of a monument to a false, faked, attack is some indication of his magnanimity? From a BILLIONAIRE?

          Frankly, I trust no leader in the world today. With or without Bjerknes accusations, it is easy enough to see Putin’s Israel/jew connections.

          Perhaps you will be like all the others who insist Putin is ‘playing the jew’ (like Trump is ‘playing the jew’), but it is laughable.

          I am not claiming that each and every point of Bjerknes claims are true and accurate. But I certainly AM saying that Trump, Putin and Netanyahu are playing the world right now in some form or fashion and that Putin is not the Hiterlesque savior against the American empire.

          I am saying that it is all Kabuki, even though I don’t have the written script to share with you.

          The bottom line to me is that if they are surrounded and controlled by jews, there is ZERO chance that they can be trusted.


          • [“And your point is that Putin does these things or that Bjerknes doesn’t?”]
            Mr. Bjerknes accuses Putin (in detail) of the very things our US/ISRAEL Gov. is guilty of…just as the msm has done. Putting aside Putin as a sovereign leader of Russia for the moment, how can WE point a finger toward a foreign President who has (to my knowledge) kept his nose and military out of our business (which has consumed the world)? OUR GUILT can not accuse anyone else re: Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Osama BinLaden, Bashar al-Assad, Hassan Rouhani…and the countless others who have been deposed by US coup’s from the world over to include Ukraine. So are you saying that Putin is guilty by association? That he is guilty by prior KGB affiliation? He stated in an interview with Oliver Stone that he was unhappy with the KGB and got out of it. How does that make one suspicious when Putin has been targeting US/ISRAEL bought and paid for ISIS terrorists? That would make him targeting his own terrorists according to Mr. Bjerknes. Doesn’t fly over common sense. Bottom line is…President Putin/Russia is surrounded by US Military bases with nukes parked at his backdoor…common sense tells me that he wants diplomacy over a nuclear holocaust. Lastly, we have been lied to for so long that it becomes difficult if not impossible to trust someone…I get that. And that there is only one Savior…which makes it easier to discern. Whether Putin is bad or good, how does that affect our Salvation that is at hand? How does that change the human and environmental destruction of distant lands perpetrated by “US”? We are casting our guilt onto Putin which is the same thing Jews do-all-the-time. If we had a clean and noble record, suspicion of others would cease to be our fear. Israel is our demise, downfall and constant money pit…not Putin, not North Korea, not Iran, not Syria, not Libya, not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Africa, not the world over.


            • I get it, Wallflower. You are enamored with the rhetoric of the Alt Right’s Putin God. You find it within yourself to believe that he disavows his KGB past (as if).. You find all the WWIII stories scary. You find it impossible that Putin would use false flag terrorism to make a jewish agenda happen.

              I get it, Wallflower. You fell for all of it. You need the meme.

              I didn’t. I don’t.

              Now what?


              • Nope…not enamored, not persuaded, not affected, not guilty, not afraid of the boogyman nor the jews that make them. I’m not able to be blackmailed, bribed, threatened, nor need the meme…that’s just it…you got me wrong. I don’t have enemies and I don’t have friends. Truth is peace and that is “what” I live for. Justice is “what” I wait for. It is those two that I have “fallen” for and now causes me to stand. Thanks for the exchange even if it only encouraged myself. Maybe I should resist letting my comment roll. Peace.


                • I appreciate comments (when they make sense).

                  I offered two variations of an opposing view (O’Connell and Bjerknes) in opposition to the two memes given us to select from by the MSM and the hijacked Alt Right. You are choosing one of those pre-selections. I think that is too bad and a mistake.

                  I am not falling for it.

                  Not everyone has a knack for picking out truths, even when they use wording like ‘peace is truth’.


  3. Still many people don´t even know that there was a third building that collaped at 9/11.

    It collapsed neatly in its own footprints hours after the twin towers. The BBC reported the complete collapse of this third tower the Salomons building even before it happened.


    Quite a similar thing of clear foreknowledge happened two years earlier in Moscow in the Russian parliament concerning bombings on appartments which solidified P.´s power. Duma speaker of the communist party said he received news of a blown up apparment building in the city of Volgodonsk. Only these buildings collapsed three days later.


    Journalist Anna Politkovskaya and former KGB / FSB asset Alexander Litvinenko who exposed Putin as behind the Moscow and Checnya terror attacks were neatly murdered.


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