It’s All Whitey’s Fault. Solution: Move To Africa

“‘You go to Africa, I’ll stay with my white friends”

*assuming they’ll have him

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13 thoughts on “It’s All Whitey’s Fault. Solution: Move To Africa

  1. I suppose I rubbed you the wrong way, ´cause you skipped the comment of 2 days ago? Was not my intention.

    Your take on P. – the jew bankers puppit in the Kremlin – OK.

    But anyone (whatever his or her skin color) who says to Black Americans: No fun here, Go back to Africa talks like a chicken without a head.

    The overall majority of today´s socalled Black Americans don´t come from Africa.

    Update yourself B man (and your readers) with this vid of Chicago based Black American real researcher Dane Calloway.

    98% Of African Americans Are In Fact Native Indians And Are Owed Millions. He wrote an article and uploaded this vid 8 months ago and had till now 5-6 million hits.

    I wonder if the `funny´eating guy in the vid knows that black babies were used as alligator bait in Florida and elsewhere in the Southern US it ended beginning 1900. Not so long ago……

    CIA O


    • I’ll have to find the comment you reference. I guess I just missed it.

      The chicken eating guy is saying that blacks in America aren’t African. And that is my point, as well.

      Black people, if they were truly thinking, would appreciate what they have here, but they don’t. Why is that? Alligator bait?


      I can point to a group of niggers that RECENTLY fed a blonde girl to alligators.

      Don’t go pulling out ancient myths to bolster a bogus point.

      And there may be indian in some blacks. But there is European blood and every other kind of blood mixed in there too. I guess they all must pay reparations to blacks. Right?

      I had family here that were slaves. Where’s my dough?

      African Americans are owed nothing. They have been given too much as it is and look what it gets us. Fucking Memphis and Chicago, etc. Knock out games. Baby daddys who don’t know their kids and black moms more interested in whoring than parenting.

      But let’s give them MORE!

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  2. B man, I understand you are not exactly a negrophile.

    Ethnologist, botanist and military general (not a black man) Carlos Cuervo Marques wrote (1858 – 1930) : (…) The Negro type is seen in the most ancient Mexican sculpture (the Olmec heads,gj). It is to this race doubtlessly that the most ancient skeletons belong, which have been found in various places from Bolivia to Mexico. America is a negro continent (…)

    Bright White man on The Untold Hidden Story of the alligator babies. (Warning: Don´t try this at home):

    Black babies as alligator bait were real. Old news papers wrote about it:

    Blacks have been in the Americas far far before Columbus and every other European ´discoverer´ sailing to the Americas in his trail saw the Black (copper colored) American Natives and wrote about them.

    Giovanni da Verrazzano (1485 – 1528) left a detailed accunt of his voyages to North America. He described in1524 the Carolina Indians. Their complexions is black not much different from that of the Ethipians (in that time the whole of known Africa was called Ethiopia, gj). Their hair is black and thick and not very long. Tied back behind their back in a small tail. Their physique is well proportioned, a little taller than we are. Broad chests. Strong arms and legs. Broad in the face big black eyes.

    The oldest human skull found in Brazil: Luzia by archeologist Neves, reconstructing the face he was amazed Luzia as she was later named stared at him with clearly negro features.

    Professor Constantine Rafinesque (1783- 1840) . Blacks all over the place, in North Central & South America.

    The difference between the ´we/us´ you are talking about and the ´we/us´ I talk about is: you talk about us whites much like
    the ´us yids´ of the satanic fake jews of the s.o.s.

    The us/we I talk about is all the mortal shitbags we all as humans are. The jews I call the self-chosen shitbags.

    I will see to it that the ´we´ (that includes you and all of us as fellow mortals) I talk about will win.

    See my comment at Goon Squad (which was in the lost dead toiletroll, so to speak):

    CIA O


    • That’s the latest disinfo meme being pushed by

      And who’s gonna give you all your free “goodies” when you finally “prove” that totally bogus “historical” narrative to your own retarded satisfaction? Which power will be throwing you your bones of “social justice” to your sorry, “forever exploited” and sodomized ass?

      Elite Jews, that’s who.

      So go kiss their trillionaire and billionaire kike asses some more while they laugh in your face. They’ll give you all the money and “justice” you want as long as you shit on White European MALES: their ONLY real enemy. They won’t give you a red cent or even a used tampon in “welfare” if you promote any “narrative” that implicates the real criminals in power.

      Do you think “Feminism” would even exist if Jews weren’t using it as a battering ram of divide-&-conquer between White European males and females? lol Don’t make me laugh! Who would enforce it? A bunch of females?

      Same with “racism” or “anti-racism.”

      No one would give one rat’s ass about “racial justice” if the results of all the energy wasted on total bullshit wasn’t completely damaging to White Europeans and every other “goy” alike in the longer run and if it wasn’t 100% to the benefit and advantage of Racist, Marist Israel and the Rothschild Kabal Jews who founded that ever-expanding criminal piece of terrorist dirt on Palestinian land in the first place.

      A great post by a commenter at Zero Hedge:


      Snípéir_Ag_Obair Sweet Chicken Jul 5, 2017 12:15 PM

      Honest question, how is it that pointing out ‘Whiteness’ with scorn and hate has been raised to the level of a fuckin’ sacrament on college campuses and by ‘diversity officers’ across not just the US but the West… even when they are scarcely over-represented…

      But it is CRIMETHINK to note the wild over-representation of Jews?

      I submit to you that ‘Jewish privilege’ exists and that a pillar of that privilege/power is to be able to obfuscate and preserve that power via censorship. Direct censorship and dissuasive… you will be accused of ‘hating Jews’ in the same way you will be lauded for decrying ‘Whiteness’… which distills to ethnic Europeans and by extension Christians.

      Take this Haaretz story:

      The reddit user didnt necessarily create that CNN jews meme – I believe thats been around for quite a while

      On the other hand consider (and I dont endorse the site but the image references a ny times story):

      Its okay for the Jewish owned and controlled NY Times to list with pics to show 19 of the top 20 hollywood execs are ‘White’… BUT THEY LEFT OUT THAT 15 OF THE 19 ARE JEWS… Jews are ‘White’ only where it serves to obfuscate their power and advance anti-European narratives. But if 4 out of 20 are non-Jewish Whites…for the most part meaning EUROPEAN AMERICANS- then its clear that they are very under-represented while Jews are incredibly, artificially over-repped.

      Yet the ‘story’ (which is designed to obfuscate and preserve Jewish power and privilege) is always about how X is ‘too White’ which requires ‘diversity’ which affects European-Americans but never Jews.

      There’s a real double standard here, and it is effectively about attacking ‘Whites’ (Europeans) while keeping much greater disproportionate Jewish power out of bounds… but that disproportionate power in media, govt/foreign policy has a great impact on all of us, and should be subject to honest and fair discussion.


      “Why are Jews statistically over-represented? There are essentially two possibilities:

      Jews could be acquiring positions of power and then using them to grant favors to other Jews—say, Jews could take over the senior administrative positions in Ivy League colleges (where they indeed compose about 75% of the total), and then they could favor admitting Jews as new students over others.
      Perhaps Jews are simply more intelligent, or industrious, or intellectual, or otherwise have temperaments more conducive to these arenas—and so they acquire their status in these positions through legitimate success.
      The first of these options is the white supremacist answer: Jews aren’t any more intelligent than the rest of us; they’re just more nepotistic, networking with other Jews to take over the world. In order to avoid sounding like bigots, then, we’re supposed to give the second answer: Jews are simply more intelligent or more industrious or more intellectual, or simply have temperaments more conducive to these arenas.

      But if we’re talking about whites instead of Jews, then suddenly the first option is exactly what social justice warriors demand that we say: ‘whites aren’t any more intelligent than anyone else; they’re just more nepotistic’! Meanwhile, the second option is suddenly the one that is now inexcusably, irredeemably racist: if you claim that whites are simply more intelligent or more industrious or more intellectual, you’re a bigot.

      What the ‘politically correct’ view requires us to say about Jews is exactly what it calls bigotry if we say it about whites. And what it requires us to say about whites is exactly what it calls bigotry if we say it about Jews. The disproportionate success of whites is purely the result of unjust ‘privilege’, and you’re a bigot if you think it has anything to do with greater merit. But the disproportionate success of Jews is the result of greater merit, and you’re a bigot if you try to diminish that by attributing it to ‘privilege’, much less want it to change!”
      Doom and Dust’s picture
      Doom and Dust Snípéir_Ag_Obair Jul 5, 2017 1:00 PM

      That is one excellent post.



  3. The Elephant (God Ganesha) In Every Body´s Head

    No matter the mental/emotional movie one is caught in.

    Cast creed etc. Let alone the pigmentation of the skin of one´s body.

    Go to page 10. Voila.

    X-files, Profiler etc. part of my ´weaponry´ as 21stcentury ´city-mystic´ in the real movie of life.

    Am certainly not the only tool of the One.

    In 2300 BC there was a Tantra mystic in Ethiopia in what is now (still) AXUM who used the term Arc of The Convenat pointing to every human body.

    And with ´tecs´ he as a Tantric taught to people close to him, gave them direct experience of their Cosmic Body.

    The Cosmic Body that >every< human child born on Earth potentialy has.

    All of Creation (the here-now entire space-time manifestation and the hereafter) are potentialy every ones Cosmic Body.

    This is what JC I essentially referred to as Son of Man, the Human body(after the love action-sat-is-faction of one´s mother father) and Son of God, the Cosmic Body.

    Everyones must have heard about Kundalini and the raisin of it.

    That´s what this is all about.


    The Tantric warned for one thing: a time will come that a bunch of real psychos would come and would start the whole child fuck, kill, eat and drink scenario. On a massive scale.

    (Yes Senor Bman Life Is A Joke Told By An Idiot On Coke)

    CIA O

    @negentropic cool off, you are an idiot, but certainly not the idiot mentioned above. I don´t need to prove myself with
    any thing after having vanished in No- Thing- Ness aeons ago.

    The satanic rabbis have stolen all their kababala magic and their whole pathetic circus from India. The socalled Davidstar, the Nazi Swastika are all symbols ofrom that ancient culture. And they perverted it. Reversed it litt.
    The word Sat means Truth, the Truth of Being. An Sat means an=without. That´s how the very word Satan came about.

    Truth (Sat) ever and omnipresent is Bliss. All beings come,exist and return to It.

    I know all the in´s and out´s of this s.o.s. The It is not an abstract No-thing-ness, which could be contacted by every godammned fool. That´s what these childfuckers, (yes they are no mother f…. and or father suckers) think but know that it does not work that way.

    Sat is essentially I MO VA, I Mother Father a Loving but certainly in this heavy times a don´t fuck with Me Presenza.

    India will rise again and will take the rest of the nations with it.

    And about the sorry state of affairs white (colored) America is in, pig-mentality so to speak, we as possesors of human bodies are more or less all bleached niggers.

    Horizontally spoken: what is now called America got ´dioscovered´ by marrano Chris C. because he was finding new ways to get to the Orient. Marco Polo usw. War roadblocks in the Ottoman Empire on the Silk Road.

    Negentropic go and -uck yourself in your solarium. To put it less heavy go and re-orientate yourself, old chap in your Self.


  4. The TM scene I know quite well. But their story about the worlds situation is not mine. Rupert Murdoch the ceo of the Rot Schild liefactory is doing it. And they adore it, there is more to it…..2theloo…


  5. How gangsta rap was pushed by the ceo´s of the music industry to fill the private prisons of the US. A former major player in the music industry speaks out to release his guilt. At a initial secret meeting he and his fellow attendees were offered lucrative shares in this prison project, which is still going strong.


  6. Senegalese American Rapper – he was in jail for 3 years- Delivering Real Change.

    Senagalese American Rapper Akon with a 1 billion credit line from the Chinese is lighting Africa.with Solar Panels.
    Gave already 80 million Africans electricity.

    Is happy that there has not been much publicity about it, did not talk the talk, but walked the walk.

    Akon talking to Al Jazeera:

    9.55 :

    What do you think of this Western charity songs as a response to African emergencies?

    Appreciates the initiatives but sees the money disappearing not reaching Africa.

    The parental attitude in the West: Africa still must be saved ?

    Answers with a twist: I don´t think it is true, Africa to an extent has been the anchor to the rest of the world. Every natural resource that is keeping every country in the world operating is a resource that has been pulled from Africa. (ok the neo colonial model – mostly*- western mining companies and the African regimes).

    16.10 :

    You once told the Source Magazine. (…) Black people in the US can nag all they want, how the system is against black people, but if they saw how other people lived in Africa, they would see how blessed they really are.(….)

    Brings up the pay check to pay check circus, compares it to the situation he was raised in, in Africa. But the system was not meant for blacks. The litt. legal documents from the times of slavery when blacks did not legally exist have not been changed.

    Exactly what Chicago based Dane Calloway brings up. Yet the historical fact of America´s Black Native population so carefully hidden by the freemasonry founders of the USA but written about Christopher C. and many other discoverers still has to be accepted and digested by Real Change Akon. But he is doing a great job.

    Remember when making a cell phone call: every cell phone on the globe needs cobalt which is mined in the Congo. A Chinese mining company is in charge of the slave labor of even 4 year old kids who are doing the dirty work for ……


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