The Fall of Rome Podcast

I have been thoroughly enjoying a podcast by Patrick Wyman, who completed his PhD on the subject of the Fall of Rome.

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The Fall of Rome Podcast, Episode 1: Introduction

The story you probably learned in school – ravaging hordes of fur-wearing barbarians tore down the civilized Empire – is at best incomplete, and at worst just plain wrong. I’ll take you on a journey along the cutting edge of history, archaeology, genetics, forensic science, climate science, and paleoepidemiology to provide an up-to-date understanding of one of the most important processes in human history.

I am about halfway thru the series and I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it. This really is an informative, very well done podcast.

The Roman Empire’s fall is very similar to what we are seeing in Europe and America today.

One thing that is very interesting about this is that simultaneously, John le Bon has been discussing the History Hoax, where he suggests that most of what we know as history isn’t real. That basically we all know the stories, but that most of it cannot be corroborated via source material. I find all of this very interesting because I didn’t live back then, so I don’t know for certain, and I am skeptical of almost everything, so I would not be surprised.

Wyman seems very sure in his knowledge that these Fall of Rome events did take place. The challenge is for le Bon (or someone) to show me that Wyman’s sources are bogus.

h/t Shylock Holmes where I first saw the link to the series.

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One thought on “The Fall of Rome Podcast

  1. back when it was cool, like maybe February I read Pillar of Iron by Taylor Caldwell

    a GOOD READ about Marcus Tillius Cicero, ….

    look what fell down the memory HOLE at google/bing

    maybe it was the fat couch potatoes/ multicultural miasma thingy because it is

    an Historical fact that the ROMANS did not have TALMUDVISION…

    now for some bread and circus stuff….


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