Anxious Anticipation of Jeff Sessions Chronic Illness

The Drumpfter contingent, much like the Bushies of old, have embraced Jeff Sessions because they think he will stop illegal immigration and pretend he is some stalwart, fair, constitutionalist. Morons. But this ain’t about the Drumpfter idiots BELIEVING the lies of their savior, The Don. This is about The Don’s criminally insane AG, Jeff Session’s obvious rescue of Big Meds and Big Insurance.

Apparently, we have only one realistic opportunity to save the advances made against the drug war. That is for Jeff Sessions to get some devastating illness that cannabis would help heal.

I am always amused at the people that disparage cannabis, especially those who act as if they are morally superior because they have “never touched the stuff”. I can think back to countless people, especially back in the 70’s and 80’s that kept insisting, in authoritative tones, that smoking weed would give you cancer, make your hair fall out, and give you unsettling urges to rape white women. I will admit that my hair has fallen out, but I seriously doubt it was weed, but moreso the genes my Mother passed down to me from my bald-headed German ancestors.

Sessions, a man who has the advantage of the best health care in America, at virtually no cost to himself, still thinks that cannabis is a worthless substance that only dregs and deplorables would even consider using. An antiquated, drug warrior idiot such as himself may actually believe such bullshit, although I am quite confident he does know better and this entire scenario is something that is much more sinister in the making.

He has whatever agenda he has (instructed from on high) and it seems our only hope is that he gets very sick, very fast, and is made to use the miracle medicine to save his worthless life. Just like this judge, who ruined hundreds of lives over cannabis, but saw the light when a killer illness forced him into evaluating the substance.

Florida judge Doug Bench admitting his idiotic mistake

After a lifetime of study, I am now of the opinion (I am not a doctor) that heavy users of cannabis will likely get far fewer cancers than normies. Smoking cannabis will not give you lung cancer, although it can give you some breathing issues. Vaporizing totally eliminates that issue. Eating it, even less a problem.

Also, I have pointed out study after study that shows how the constituents of cannabis can actually KILL cancer cells. So, when you read that users could have potentially healed themselves from cancer by taking cannabis, but the dangerous chemo-therapy meds for cancer killed them first, maybe we should pay heed to the realities of cancer and Big Meds unending desire to make money and kill you simultaneously.

I mean, its not like Chemotherapy doesn’t help kill you even faster, right?

A quote taken from one of my favorite medical marijuana sites, Patients for Medical Cannabis :

  • stormcrow1

Some further reading- “Pot compound seen as tool against cancer” (SFGate- where CBD deactivates the ID-1 gene in triple negative breast cancer, making it easier to treat). “Cannabis extract treatment for terminal acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation” (PubMed- where a girl was successfully fighting off an aggressive form of leukemia with RSO (concentrated cannabis extract), but she dies of complications caused by her previous chemo and radiation therapy.) And “Cannabinoids Increase Lung Cancer Cell Lysis By Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cells Via Upregulation of ICAM-1” (PubMed where THC and CBD help your body’s Killer Cells by making the cancer cells “sticky” so the Killer cells can destroy the cancer cells more easily!) There is a LOT more to cannabis than just getting high!«

I had two friends that were regular partakers of the vile weed. Over one and half decades, both succumbed to pressures from wives that they should stop using it. Within a year, my first buddy contracted a lung cancer and his wife refused to allow him to self medicate. He lost a hundred pounds and died a shriveled up old man of 36 (chemo death). The second friend basically did the same way a decade later. Stopped using and was dead in a year or two from cancer after a long, sickening fight (she wouldn’t allow him to use and he suffered).

There is a reason why the Trump Admin selected the monster Drug Warrior, Jeff Sessions. They are going to protect the Medical Mafia’s money scam. And they are going to willfully kill as many people as possible while profiting.

It is what they do.

I cover all sorts of ailments that are healed and/or alleviated by cannabis. Remember the Parkinson old guy? There is an ever-growing list of ailments this miracle wonder helps. You can use this link to peruse many posts that outline the efficacy of this medicine.

Frankly, this will come down to the older people either getting sick and finding the healing miracle drug (and telling the world). Or they need to die the fuck off so people can heal themselves without the threat of jail and ruined lives.

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  1. the ovens of truth are the cure for… ((((JEWSTUPID)))) – “JEW” worshipping…!!

    plants are not the enemy of of people who can think :

    ‘THINKING” is against the “LAW” in all “JEW” worshipping “SOCIETIES” !!!

    It’s true.



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