Jack the Ripper: bloody libel?

Jack the Rippah Wore a Kippah

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Trigger warning: graphic descriptions. Duh.

Like, I wanted to throw up researching this. Proceed at own risk.
I haven’t included gory pictures out of mercy. Somehow, this is more horrifying.

5k words again.

I’ve been noticing things again.
I’ve been induced by a friend to post content from a long discussion of ‘coincidences’. I’m nervous about the implications of connecting this information so let’s chalk it up as a thought experiment.

I tried to keep this somewhat lighter by retaining fragments of conversation that don’t lead to identification.


DNA, what more do they need?
100% match, FFS.

There’s the TLDR if you want it. Seriously, reconsider how much time you want to spend reading about disturbed human psyches before you pass the break. We’re talking 4-figures here and most of it not my writing.

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One thought on “Jack the Ripper: bloody libel?

  1. From Hell….

    and that is where {{{{THEY}}}} will return…


    curiously, the neocon “NewsMax”…Maximum “JEWPOO”…


    anything but truth….a {{{JEWISH}}} .. thingy


    is that the rocks and trees screaming…



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