Easy Way To Prove Jews Did 911

You all know that I have looked for the Decent Jew and have possibly found a few instances (I differentiate between a ‘decent jew’ and a ‘good jew’ which does not exist). Being a decent jew is all relative to decency and the jews’ lack thereof in normal circumstances. A decent jew would be one that despises judaism and the taint that comes with it, but also the ones that call out the tribe.

Now, I have featured Bernard’s work here before, but he is a weird sort of jew. He was raised Catholic but converted to Orthodox Judaism (why, for God’s sake, I don’t know), did a stint in Israel and became disillusioned with the whole thing and now calls them out. He recently did a post on what he calls a decent jew, which is a good and informative interview with Josef Ginsburg (you should go read the entire thing). Josef supposedly lets the cat of of the bag by suggesting there is a way to actually get truth out of a jew (but it don’t look easy).

JOSEF GINSBURG on how to make a jew tell the truth:

Jew-wise Gentiles know about the “jews’ oath” or Kol Nidre prayer, which all devout jews say every year to absolve them from telling the truth in the year to come. But there is a way to make a religious jew tell the truth, according to Josef Ginsburg, who was himself the son of an orthodox rabbi.

“First, all Christian symbols must be cleared from the room. Then, a Hebrew bible and a rabbi must be present. The jew must don a skull cap and take a rabbinical oath which nullifies the Kol Nidre anti-oath oath.” After this procedure, Josef Ginsburg claimed that “99.5% of all the sick holocaust stories would become truthful silence!” Jews are not otherwise bound to tell the truth, because their courtroom oath (as well as their pledge of allegiance) is deemed by them to be of no account, whatsoever!

I can think of a long list of jews that we could put through their own little star chamber and get them to squeal like pigs about 911 (and many other subjects like the Holohoax, etc).

(In actuality, this is probably bullshit since I doubt any of them could tell the truth if their very lives depended upon it, but it was a fun thought experiment)

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12 thoughts on “Easy Way To Prove Jews Did 911

  1. Hi Buelahman

    You are puzzled why I converted to Judaism? The answer is simple and I also talk about it on my blog: I grew up in Zionist-occupied Germany and was subject, during the critical years of childhood and adolescence, to the Jew-rigged education system of post-WWW2 Germany. We had no access to information and facts on anything to do with Jews, Judaism and National Socialism: as simple as that. Let’s call it what it was then and still is now: brainwashing, zombification or whatever term you can come up with! Not so different from what is going on in your own country regarding 9/11 or the Israeli attack on the LIBERTY or ….. Right!

    In my home town of Trier I went to the Hindenburg High School which had the local synagogue right next door and I passed it twice every day. Given the fact that our history lessons were woefully inadequate (the NS period in our history book was a no more than a single page!), given the fact that the Jews were praised to the high heavens in the main stream media this daily reminder of the existence and fate of the “long-suffering and noble” Chosen people piqued my interest.

    Furthermore, I had a friend who frequented another High School in town (Friedrich-Wilhelm High School) which had on the mandatory curriculum classical Greek and classical Hebrew. He loaned me his Hebrew books and before I knew it I was neck-deep in Hebrew studies together with my friend.

    I also admit that I was – like almost all teenagers – cocksure that I was God’s gift to the world. And here was, as I believed then, God’s very own beloved people and they couldn’t possibly do without me, could they?

    It was only when I converted and moved to Israel when I came into contact with reality and slowly woke up! Better late than never I suppose.

    So, there. Now I have told you more of my background than I even give on my own blog.

    As for decent Jew: yes, they do exist! Like decent Americans or decent Australians or decent ……

    Unfortunately, most people are shackled by ignorance and fear- Jews are no exception. Most of them do not have a clue what the Talmud teaches, most of them outside Israel do not even understand the Hebrew and Aramaic they use when praying. Going to synagogue is the thing to do on a Sabbath!

    Reminds me of the Catholicism of my youth when people said prayers in Latin which they did not understand and went to church because that’s what you do on a Sunday as a Christian.

    And most Jews, just like non-Jews, find it impossible to believe the depth of the depravity and the extent of their leader’s psychopathy. Living in denial is unfortunately a human flaw we all share.

    Having that all said I want to conclude with this thought: I think of Jews as brainwashed tools in the hands of Luciferians. But that is no excuse; this does not exonerate them. If they allow themselves to be used by their criminally insane leadership they are complicit in the crimes and they will have to share in the punishment that is surely coming!

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    • Bernard,

      My Mother was born in Germany in 1942 and was raised during the aftermath of the war (she doesn’t remember the bombing but does remember the totaly wrecked country… the aftermath). She has told me many stories or starving and foraging for food (to this day she can identify virtually any mushroom to eat.)

      She came to America at 17 after an American GI married him a beautiful young, red headed German lass. She, too, was immersed in this re-education, but it may not have been quite as vigorous in the very beginning? What years are you talking about?

      My Mother is a staunch Christian Zionist now and thinks I am accosting God with my claims against jews.

      Your story is a bizarre one for me to comprehend because I do not see much redeeming or attractive in judaism, but had I been constantly brainwashed by such propaganda that you experienced, I may have a different outlook.

      Frankly, your conclusion is what I usually end up with, as well. Even the decent jew takes advantage of the perks that come with the tribe (networking, etc) and generally keeps their mouths shut. It is why I wrote about tribe not long ago and how I respect it and wish white folk could do the same (as perhaps we once did). Was the jew able to break our tribal cohesion and this has us broken?

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  2. To continue with my comment:

    The method described by Ginsburg would work. But you are right. You wouldn’t get a Jew to cooperate with this. And even if you could get a Jew to cooperate he would still consider himself absolved claiming he acted under duress which invalidates it and, of course, because of the KOL NIDRE. Read my post on the KOL NIDRE.

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  3. Hi!

    A pleasure to talk to you.

    If your mother was born in ’42 and left as a 17-year-old that means her education in Germany took place quite some time before my own. I was born in ’48 and my High School years were from ’59 to ’65.

    I think you are right about the early years being less intense. I have no idea why but I could venture an educated guess. For what it is worth here it is: in the immediate years after the war Germans were too occupied with rebuilding their lives and their country and too broken in spirit by the horrific events of the war and its aftermath. There was probably no energy left for anything but immediate concerns, such as feeding yourself and your family, tracing missing friends and relatives with whom one had lost contact. etc.etc.etc. It takes time to recover from such trauma.

    (By the way: the village I grew up in until age 7 was completely intact but even as late as my early years in High School in Trier (a sizeable town wich was the target of air raids) I still had to walk past bombed-out buildings on my way to school!!! )

    But as Germany recovered and its economy gained traction on European and world markets people recovered, too and began reflecting on the past. And, most likely, as more and more people reflected on the past and asked questions, as more and more information came out it became more and more imperative for the victors and their minions amongst Germans to nip this in the bud to protect their lies and their war crimes. And that is – I think – why the dumbing-down became more intense.

    My own parents were rather reticent about the war years and so were most of my relatives. My father was a member of the Hitler Youth (it was compulsory), and later, at age 18, was drafted and wounded. He never talked about it. My uncles were all over the place: one was fighting in Stalingrad and just managed to get out before the Russians closed the encirclement of the city, another was in Finland and yet another one was with Rommel in Africa. But they never talked about it to us youngsters – which, of course, had the effect of making us frustrated. But there was no info to be had from them. They were too scared, I guess.

    And the education system was rigged by the victors, of course. It wasn’t until I left Germany that I could buy myself a copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.

    There was total lack of information in school, at home and in the mainstream media (newspapers, radio, TV, literature, etc. etc.). Furthermore, the main stream media were building up Israel as an underdog against a “vicious” Arab enemy, especially during the 6-day war in 1967. And, I ask you, what idealistic young person does not identify with an underdog?

    You can’t see anything redeeming and attractive in Judaism and nowadays I cannot see anything in it either. In hindsight I have to admit that my conversion had very little to do with faith but far more with indoctrination and infatuation (much like some men or women can’t see the serious flaws in a partner, flaws that are all too obvious to everybody else). Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? I wish I had had hindsight before converting!

    But one thing I totally agree with you: if non-Jews (whether as a nation or as a religion or whatever other configuration) were to display only just half the kind of cohesion that holds Jewry together we would not be in the mess we are in. There is nothing wrong with loyalty to one’s own tribe or nation or race.

    Just because somebody loves his family, his language and culture, his tribe and its history, his race does not mean that he hates others and their tribe and language and culture.
    OK Enough of this soliloquy


    • Thanks for the additional information.

      My Mother barely discusses her childhood education, much less anything about the war (and perish the thought of discussing Hitler or Nazis). She just doesn’t go there. Many years ago in frustration (and suspicion) I blatantly asked her if our family were Nazis and had some ghastly past.

      She gasped, “Of course not!” as if I had accused her of murdering babies and eating them. And I honestly believe her. Not only due to the expression on her face, but because when I was 16, my Oma and great aunt came to visit. Oma could speak some English, but my aunt was well versed. They were able to enlighten me in a variety of ways. No, the family was not politically active, much less with the NSDAP (there was a clear distinction between the NSDAP and a Nazi). Oma would shake her head and say, “no, no, no Nazis… Nationalsozialistische“.

      However, there were smiles and fond memories of the years the Nazis ran Germany. Memories of the years beforehand, that were very hard, and how the country became wonderful.

      I didn’t know the questions to ask them back then and I learned very little of my grandfather. There is very little said about him and it appears there may have been 2 different fathers for the sisters (4 in all).

      I barely know anyone from Germany and Oma and her sisters are all dead. One of my 3 aunts is already dead but I doubt any of them would ever discuss this with me anyway.

      My Mother, at this point, would dare not go near it. I’ve witnessed her slavishly worship a jew ER Dr and apologize over and over and over for what was done to his people. He smiled and said, don’t worry. We have the same issue going on against Israel right now by the Palestinians. She ate it up, but I know for certain that the automatic snort of derision (followed up by looking at my expression) he knew I felt completely differently.

      I didn’t pursue it in front of my Mom who was in excruciating pain from a fall that broke her foot.

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  4. Further reflecting on exactly why I converted I have to admit that it had very little – if anything – to do with religious faith but I DID believe that Jews were somehow something unique (in fact that is even true although not in the way that they would have us believe).

    On the subject of parents and friends: neither my parents nor my friends understood my decision and, although I wasn’t locked out of family, they all pretended it didn’t happen. And now that I am done a 180 degree turn and have taken a positive stance on National Socialism they again don’t understand and do not want to go there! That’s family for you!

    Mind you: I am not a National Socialist. In fact, with my ideas on personal sovereignty and freedom, I would not have fitted in at all. I am, however, for historical truth, for the love of one’s family, tribe, for the love of one’s culture etc.etc. As for Hitler:
    he was not the saint that some make him out to have been as Miguel Serrano did who considered Hitler to have been an almost divine saviour and avatar. Neither was he a monster: compared to critters like Lenin and Stalin and Mao he was a harmless boyscout.

    Hitler and his National Socialist MOVEMENT (he rarely referred to it as a party) were good and wholesome to start with but as happens with everybody who gains power the power went to his head and changed him. Likewise the movement: once in power a movement has to be organized and run and then you get pedantic unimaginative bureaucrats that emerge and run things. On top of that you have no shortage of people that are in it not out of conviction, not with the intent to serve, but for their own reasons, their own agenda. In brief: things start to go south. You see it in any organization. The larger it becomes the more it deviates from the original foundations which may have been quite positive. Religions are perfect examples. The Church of Rome is a far cry from what Jesus would have wanted and what he taught.

    OK Enough ranting.
    Have a nice day


    • Good rant. Helps me understand your peculiar circumstance of going there then coming back.

      I agree about the NSDAP and Hitler. I don’t see any way such a construct could work here because we are not racially homogeneous. Hitler, imo, was the right guy for the right place at the right time. I doubt that we will ever see another one like him.

      He understood (and stated out right) that jewish power was the problem. But maybe he didn’t see just how deep the problem was in the world (believing the english to be kin and tries for peace over and over).

      Jews are an inconvenient and weird group, but as long as they do not wield the power they can be managed. We have allowed them to flourish and ruin this country.

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      • I agree: there will never be another Hitler. National Socialism was a movement for another time and another place. It is neither necessary nor desirable to attempt to resurrect it.

        I really do not hate Jews – as unbelievable as that might seem to some people when they read my posts almost all of which use rather “robust” politically incorrect language.

        If they want to believe that they are God’s Chosen people and He has gifted them the world and all its wealth, has made them stewards and shepherds of mankind I couldn’t care less. It’s a fantasy and as far as I am concerned they can believe any old bullshit.

        But they are definitely NOT free to act out their megalomaniacal ideas.

        I have no idea how the Jewish problem (and there really is such a problem!) can be solved. I tend to think of Judaism as psychopathology, a very serious mental affliction. Jewish parasitism threatens all life on Earth, and perhaps we should quarantine the carriers of this disease in the same way we would quarantine carriers of Ebola or the Plague?

        So what’s wrong with forcibly transferring ALL Jews to Israel? After all, they wanted a state of their own. Now that they have it what excuse do they have for not going there? In other words turn the whole State of Israel into a ghetto. They are happier with their own kind, anyway! And the shabbes goyim can accompany them. Good riddance!

        Come to think of it: they actually have a second independent territory of their own – Birobidshan, an autonomous region in the Russian Federation that was set aside exclusively for them. So what are they still doing in your country and mine, in Germany or England, in France or ……..

        The nations of the world could easily organize and FINANCE this transfer. It might be expensive, yes, but I believe that the costs of such an operation would ultimately be outweighed many times over by the benefits of a world free of Jews and their parasitism. Just think how productive and creative people will be when there is nobody who robs them of the fruit of their labour.

        After the initial help with the transfer neither Israel nor Birobidshan shall be given any assistance.
        Let them do what everybody else has to do: let them do some honest work for a living or let them perish! Basta!

        Sometimes dreams do come true, I am told by New Age gurus, and I fervently hope this dream of a “Judenrein” world is one of them.


  5. Thank you, Bernard, for your insightful comments. To understand the jew, one has to think like one. As for decent jews, the only decent ones are those that turn against and expose the tribe, like, Benjamin Friedman and David Cole. I think by the very fact of claiming one to be a jew implies total tribalism and implicit agreement with all they do.


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