Real Music

Is there really a human being that could realistically say that there has ever been a hip hop or rap song that comes close musically to the following? Seriously. I’ve never heard any of that music that stylistically, musically, enjoyably close to this. Apparently Gregg wrote this for me (because he included the trumpet and horn section).

Southern Blood. It fills my veins. My family came to NC in the late 1700’s and moved to Alabama in the early 1800’s. We built this place. I remember that as it is turned over to others who cannot even maintain what we created, much less do it for themselves. Just look at Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson and Memphis to see what happens when we hand it over.

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5 thoughts on “Real Music

  1. The whole reason the sampling convention came into being in rap was to broaden the musical scope of what is essentially a very limited musical genre. Those hip-hop tracks that do convey a sense of grandiose scope or ambition are usually ones that piggyback on the accomplishment of some other artist – for instance, Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy delivering “Come with Me” over Jimmy Page’s guitar lifted from “Kashmir”. I wouldn’t attempt to belittle black contributions to music in general, since a lot of the older stuff, up to the middle of the twentieth century, is pretty sensational; but things really seem to have stagnated for decades now.


    • The first I remember was Walk This Way.

      But I am very specific about the genre. I actually love all the good Soul music from Detroit, etc back in the day. I even got in to a few of MJ’s songs. I am not against blacks in music for racists’ sake. I’m being serious about quality.

      There is no equivalency to Rap or Hip Hop when comparing to the great soul music..

      And many people won’t like this southern soul sound, either. To each his own. But can anyone argue my point about the difference in arrangement and style. Seriously. Other than some Jungle Music lovers, there isn’t a real comparison between the two genres musically.

      Maybe I’m just showing my redneck, but rap music is fucking awful.

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  2. If most rock music was supposed to keep kids dumbed-down to the mentality of a teenager forever, then most rap music raises the stakes on that and keeps people at the pre-verbal, infant level. My parents mainly listen to classical music. They will occasionally hear disco music like the Bee Gees or something and like it because it’s very melodic but they don’t like any “rock” music at all except for Elvis, Tom Jones and some of these types of really good singers. They really hate rap. lol They can’t even comprehend why anybody would want to listen to some idiot brag about himself in the foulest nursery rhymes. There is some hip-hop that is poetic (see below), but most of it, the sophistication of the lyrics if you want to even call it that is at a nursery rhyme level. lol

    Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag- Hilarious Skit


    Great job. Ridicule is what they deserve and ridicule is what they can’t stand, since it displays a bold lack of fear and anxiety. Any person relaxed, balanced, tempered and stress-free enough to take the world’s absurdities in his stride and give it the kick in the ass of mockery, all without getting the least bit angry or irritated, is the real revolutionary of the spirit.


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