Another Nagger Bitch Bites The Dust

You give these simians an inch and they insist on the entire country even though they have participated in virtually nothing to make this country what it is. It is the same for this blog. Give this bitch a chance to redeem herself and she chimps out like naggersniggers do.

Hell, that ain’t near the worst of it, that’s just the bullshit she rambled on about last night with multiple posts talking about how she wants me to erase and ban her comments… over and over again.

Begging For Acceptance

Nigger women want to be accepted by white men so badly, but like most niggers (as opposed to black women) she shows her real ape-like proclivity by posting MULTIPLE times that she doesn’t want me to post her comments (crazy nigger shit).. This is precisely why I could never have any close relationship with a nigger woman. Unhinged Fruitcakes.

Over the past couple of weeks, I removed her IP from my spam folder because every now and then I hope that these miscreants will have lightened up and want to participate in a respectful way (you know, like black people), but as usual, tsiageya can’t help but niggering out. So, now I just put her IP in the ban folder and I never have to deal with her nigger shit again.


So, this nigger bitch has found herself locked out with the very few people (4, including the jewish fake catholic priest Salvatore) that I have ever outright banned from commenting. What do you bet she can’t help herself and must write a comment to this? A dollar to a donut (or in her case, real hair to a hair weave since you know her nigger hair is ugly and she wants to look pretty like white girls)?

I’ve got an idea, tsiageya. Why don’t you stop your attempts at integrating into this blog’s participators because I don’t want the property value to go down because you are around (like every other place niggers ruin white people’s investments).

I hope this is very clear.

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