Another Nagger Bitch Bites The Dust

You give these simians an inch and they insist on the entire country even though they have participated in virtually nothing to make this country what it is. It is the same for this blog. Give this bitch a chance to redeem herself and she chimps out like naggersniggers do.

Hell, that ain’t near the worst of it, that’s just the bullshit she rambled on about last night with multiple posts talking about how she wants me to erase and ban her comments… over and over again.

Begging For Acceptance

Nigger women want to be accepted by white men so badly, but like most niggers (as opposed to black women) she shows her real ape-like proclivity by posting MULTIPLE times that she doesn’t want me to post her comments (crazy nigger shit).. This is precisely why I could never have any close relationship with a nigger woman. Unhinged Fruitcakes.

Over the past couple of weeks, I removed her IP from my spam folder because every now and then I hope that these miscreants will have lightened up and want to participate in a respectful way (you know, like black people), but as usual, tsiageya can’t help but niggering out. So, now I just put her IP in the ban folder and I never have to deal with her nigger shit again.


So, this nigger bitch has found herself locked out with the very few people (4, including the jewish fake catholic priest Salvatore) that I have ever outright banned from commenting. What do you bet she can’t help herself and must write a comment to this? A dollar to a donut (or in her case, real hair to a hair weave since you know her nigger hair is ugly and she wants to look pretty like white girls)?

I’ve got an idea, tsiageya. Why don’t you stop your attempts at integrating into this blog’s participators because I don’t want the property value to go down because you are around (like every other place niggers ruin white people’s investments).

I hope this is very clear.

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16 thoughts on “Another Nagger Bitch Bites The Dust

  1. You know, BMan, it’s almost funny to read the expletives of the tsi-person. Obviously, there is no connect to straight thinking or emotional control. Reminds me of the “People of Walmart”, won’t post a link, it’s too disgusting. Someone was recently talking about IQs. Makes me wonder if it’s true that many of the coloreds are missing out on some brain cells. They sure behave like they are deficient (slapsy maxie?) and have no problem with spewing hate (inspired by the usual suspects?).

    Since we (whiteys) are almost in the minority now and being blamed for all sorts of ills which are mostly self-inflicted by the “others”, here is a white guy, a priest at that, singing at a church wedding.

    White Norwegian Alexander Rybak – Europe Skies


      • Now I did. It’s amazing how some music can pull you up by your boot straps and some pulls you down into the sewer so to speak, like rap, hip-hop and heavy metal, imo. Goosebumps by the former, no doubt. Is it a white thing? I would almost say yes.

        One black guy, not a ‘nigger-nagger’, promoting peace and freedom among peoples, Robert Nesta Marley, has done a great job with his music. I have no problem with living together, breeding together is a different ballgame. There is no reason why cultures cannot meet peacefully and enjoy each other instead of trying to impose on each others views. Me, naïve and blue-eyed? Certainly, giving the current conditions prevailing in this world.

        There are better versions out there, I just picked this one.

        Too bad he died at age 36. Or was he offed, spreading the message of peace, leaving behind 12? children. Bummer.


        • I spoke with an old black acquaintance this week. I told him about the two dogs I had gotten through him 9 years ago had both recently died (mushroom poisoning and heart attack). He was cordial and said he was sorry then told me about a small Feist they had gotten that kept getting under his feet and pissing him off so he took it to the park and let it go.

          “Maybe someone will take care of it.”

          This is something I would never do, in a million years.

          There is a difference in those people and me (and most white people I know). There is this callousness to life, this care only about self and not the lesser attitude.

          When I see Hitler and the animal pictures I see a person that loved nature and animals. This nigger dude didn’t have the compassion of the hated Hitler.


          If I were to show him the video of the little girl singing, he might listen for 30 seconds before getting bored and having some cracker comment to say.


  2. You’re stupid because you assume that I am a person of color. You moron. I am whiter than you are you stupid son of a bitch.


  3. freaking awesome Bman…

    I was Just wondering about MachtNicht the other day, hoping he was doing fine
    and also enjoying the choices on the right, especially the GOOSEBUMPS, among

    have you ever seen the documentary…”Blood In the Face”…?

    Isaiah 13:14….”resegregation” – why is that a bad idea…?

    how might that occur,
    given the blood sucking parasites {{{{AGENDA}}} ?

    had a minor plumbing repair issue, and youtubed it…
    didn’t take 3 comments and someone was calling out
    a filthy KIKE…

    {fundamental ECONOMICS….why did Adoram get stoned…?}

    Go figure, Eh !

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    • I’m old enough to remember the bee hive. White women would get their hair done once a week and go through gymnastics keeping the hive all week long.

      But at least it was their hair.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nobody taught those girls about basic personal hygiene and where their own, undesirable smells are coming from? Here’s a pointer I learned in Kindergarten starting from the bottom. And, we didn’t have showers in those days. A full bath once a week.

      Your feet, your crotch, your armpits, the area behind your ears, your mouth and your hair. Some parts need to be cleaned every day to avoid dirty looks.

      BMan, I’m laughing my head off. Sorry, this is too funny.

      Liked by 1 person

      • As a child, one of the worst accusations you could make towards someone was to say, “You smell like a nigger”.

        Now was that because all black people stink? No, I have been around black people that don’t.

        But a nigger don’t care. White or black or whatever, a nigger don’t care what they smell like.

        BTW: my mother taught my family the same lesson you learned. My Mother was/is a German clean freak. Seriously, the cleanest woman I’ve ever known. I grew up with it and it caught on. I despise filth and stink.


  4. Most people would be too embarrassed by such a display. But not a white nigger. White niggers stalk and change their name without changing IP addresses. White niggers are particularly stupid.


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