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I’ve been asked by quite a few people how I got to this point regarding the jewish Problem. I found this old comment I made about 1 year after I started researching the jew. It should explain, to some extent, how I began the journey.

Yeah. Very touchy subject. And, of course, I do not mean to suggest that Jews are the ONLY problem that America has… nor that I am suggesting that without Jews America would be some great nation beyond reproach.

I spent much of my time on this blog skirting the issue, tho, when it needs to be confronted head on. Only in the last year have I really begun directly confronting the issue. The most telling part is that the only real butting of heads Kelso and I ever had was regarding this issue. Now, either I am way off base, or there is some sort of Jewish clanship that takes precedent.

Kelso seems to think that Jews have gotten a bad rap, but as I study history, I see that Jews have been complicit with the others who desire control and power.

So, we come down to the chicken or the egg question? What created what? Who is on first, etc? (And dammit, this ain’t about who killed Jesus!!!)

I don’t have the entire answer (and certainly did not mean to suggest I do in this small post). But I do know that something is afoot. I want to get to the bottom of it, if for no other reason than to educate myself.

Dr Doug and I were talking about this during this week we worked together. I told him that my next few posts will probably ruffle feathers. I hate that. For if it is ok for me to evaluate the white man’s atrocities towards the indigenous, towards S Americans, towards the Muslims, towards anyone who is set against the empire, then by God, I can look at each and every complicit sum bitch that has had a hand in this mess.

I am not afraid, nor embarrassed to confront the evil, no matter what color or religion or false nationality they want to employ. I will call out the lies and hypocrisy, no matter who it is.

And just because I don’t harp over and over against the Palestinian occupation/murders, doesn’t mean I am not aware or care. It is but one aspect of the entire shebang and to NOT address the entire shebang is to get but one slice of the picture. And this is where I put Finkelstein’s input into the story (Kelso’s favorite source on this subject).

As with virtually every Jew I have encountered on this subject, there are very few that are willing to acknowledge the facts about numbers in the American government, any more than to say that they worked hard to get the positions of control. Due to their long history of repression, they have smartened up and went after the positions of power. But not because of any Jewishness, but more because they are simply power hungry.

As much as I admire Finkelstein (and Kelso, for that matter), I feel that they are avoiding the deeper issue. The question now is (to me), why? Explain, concisely, the numbers. Explain how that virtually EVERY Ivy League school is run by Jews in the highest positions (or explain how that the factoid I just listed is incorrect)? How is it that Hollywood and the MSM is basically owned and run by Jews (or Zionist Americans who cater to Zionism’s control)?

Seriously, just look at the details of why Charlie Sheen was canned and you can see just a hint of what I am talking about.

I am all ears, folks!

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