Ups and Downs of a Great White Hope’s Wishful Thinkers

I woke up at 5:30 and the first thing I did was look to see who won. Not that I am a raving fan of boxing, but that I do watch some MMA and felt this fight between McGregor and Mayweather was exciting. But I also felt it was a shoo-in for Mayweather. My only caveat was (like most) the big IF: if Conor connected hard and knocked Floyd out early.

The thing is that Mayweather has an entire career based off of avoiding this very style of boxer.

I felt that as long as it was boxing rules, Floyd had this. But not everyone felt this way.

I frequent Whooli’s Blog for videos and a few associates gather there to discuss things on the chat room. A regular there was totally convinced that McGregor would win and made every attempt to get others to agree and bet. When I saw this exchange, I knew this person was in for a huge disappointment.

The Build Up (to be let down)

Lindsey must have put some money on it




I found that entire timeline fascinating and I reckon one repeated millions of times (and dollars) all over America. And I admit that I WANTED the white guy to win. The Great White Hope.

I assure you that if this were in the Octogon, Floyd would have his ass whipped so fast that some might call it unfair. It is completely different worlds.

Conor would “kill ’em”.

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