Ups and Downs of a Great White Hope’s Wishful Thinkers

I woke up at 5:30 and the first thing I did was look to see who won. Not that I am a raving fan of boxing, but that I do watch some MMA and felt this fight between McGregor and Mayweather was exciting. But I also felt it was a shoo-in for Mayweather. My only caveat was (like most) the big IF: if Conor connected hard and knocked Floyd out early.

The thing is that Mayweather has an entire career based off of avoiding this very style of boxer.

I felt that as long as it was boxing rules, Floyd had this. But not everyone felt this way.

I frequent Whooli’s Blog for videos and a few associates gather there to discuss things on the chat room. A regular there was totally convinced that McGregor would win and made every attempt to get others to agree and bet. When I saw this exchange, I knew this person was in for a huge disappointment.

The Build Up (to be let down)

Lindsey must have put some money on it




I found that entire timeline fascinating and I reckon one repeated millions of times (and dollars) all over America. And I admit that I WANTED the white guy to win. The Great White Hope.

I assure you that if this were in the Octogon, Floyd would have his ass whipped so fast that some might call it unfair. It is completely different worlds.

Conor would “kill ’em”.

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6 thoughts on “Ups and Downs of a Great White Hope’s Wishful Thinkers

  1. pretty much a microcosmic example of HOW & WHY….

    one thing that always seems to amaze me is the recap on the weekends
    attendance at the JEW MOVIE THEATRES…whereby the Synagogue of Satan
    “JEWS” allow the braindeadgoy to voluntarily contribute more of their
    slave wages to the mind control/defilement of Earth {Nations} on behalf of the


    when people say ” Jesus Christ” and they’re not really into Truth & Justice
    specifically ….ECONOMIC JUSTICE…

    it just seems so ….VULGAR/JEWISH,

    and really…offensive.

    Negroes & White Folks ought to spend more time ROUNDING UP JEWS
    and PUTTING THEM INTO THE OVENS OF TRUTH….@ Matt. 13:39-43

    Economic Justice is what it is all about…

    I’m still very upset with Jackson over the Trail of Tears…


    • Hi Ingrid,

      Since Mayweather, himself, reportedly made over 100,000,000, I’d say that Rense is probably off by a factor of 100 or more. I assure you that the jews made more than the fighter.


      • meanwhile back at the cult compound….,7340,L-5009454,00.html

        Some of the most effective methods for countering the truth about the Zionist/Bolshevik Truth hating TERRORISTS calling themselves…

        THE JEWISH STATE… activities include not only going out to advocate for
        the most repulsive dung doodling deviants on the university campuses
        and societies / communities where “anti-Jew Terrorism” rhetoric finds its
        most fertile grounds, but also bringing people to the
        “enabling them to view first-hand the realities on the ground”……

        the irony….the hypocrisy…the unbelievable CHUTZPAH


        where dat corner is in a round room…

        “It can be determined that a certain activity ….”objectifies women”
        ” injures their dignity”, even if they themselves don’t consider
        that to be the case,” the verdict read, also asserting that by the same logic,
        a man cannot choose to become a “slave” even if they do so of their own free will.

        Yerushalmi, the owners of the Cabaretto “Objectify Women” club,
        claimed in court the business he manages meet the criteria of the
        “entertainment” designation, and the local planning and construction committee’s decision therefore harms his right — and the right of his employees —
        to choose their own livelihood… a “JEWISH” terrorist “STATE” !!!

        “The municipality’s considerations stem from a puritan,
        conservative worldview,” he said, “which belongs in a bygone era…
        in the past and not an enlightened…
        {{{{{{{{{ pilpul twaddle/dung doodling}}}}}}}}}
        cult compound like the Jewish Terrorists country that’s supposed to…

        DIG THIS CHUTZPAH…. “allow freedom of expression and occupation”.”,7340,L-5009314,00.html


        don’t forget the children in the hospital


  2. speaking of filthy lucre and all

    how much does “Jew” worshipping cost “Texas”…?

    water water everywheah…

    “The anti-truth telling measure Gov. Abbott signed today became law with
    ” bilateral support” because Texas stands with its business partners and for free trade.
    In the last 69 years, The Zionist terrorist “STATE has become a thriving,
    burgeoning Terrorist state by raping the US TAXPAYERS enjoying and sharing the
    “fruits of individual freedom”… and a pioneering spirit for innovation and entrepreneurism,” Charles Kaufman, who chairs B’nai B’rith’s International Center for Human Rights and
    dig this chutzpah…” Public Policy”, Kaufman, who resides in Austin,
    testified on behalf of the anti-truth telling bill.

    Kaufman added, “Advocates of BDS would do well to learn from the robust
    ” business relationship” Texas enjoys with the Synagogue Of Satan Jewish…
    ” State of Israel”….

    The path to peace is not through hatred, false narratives, boycotts or terrorism….
    which is why there will never be peace as long as the Bolshevik/Zionist Terrorists
    are in Palestine…as “Jews”.

    Jew Worshipping States like Texas won’t fall for such nonsense.

    It is only fitting that this bill becomes law in the same week that the Texas-Israel
    Chamber of Commerce has arranged for Israeli experts to present a forum at
    Texas State University on how the state can leverage …..DIG THIS CHUTZPAH
    “Israeli water technology”… to meet future water challenges in Texas.”

    Joel Schwitzer, Regional Director of the American Jewish Committee office in Dallas,
    “How fitting that Governor Abbott signed the anti-BDS legislation into law on Yom Ha’atzmaut.
    As the Modern State of Israel enters its 69th year of existence, it does so knowing that its relationship with the state of Texas is on firm and solid footing.
    We applaud the visionary leadership of Governor Abbott, who has worked with AJC
    for over a year to learn more about BDS and how it might be combated through the crafty
    anti-truthtelling legislation.”

    He added, “AJC is also proud of the leadership displayed by Representative Phil King
    and Senator Brandon Creighton, who championed this legislation and led the charge.
    By re-affirming the importance of the Texas-Israel relationship, this law will enhance
    the economies of both Texas and Israel — cementing this essential partnership based
    on shared values and ideals.”

    Christians United for Israel (CUFI) issued a statement, saying,
    “The legislation’s passage comes after months of hard work by the bill’s sponsors,
    State Sen. Brandon Creighton and State Rep. Phil King, as well as Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

    HB 89 is among the strongest anti-BDS bills in the country.

    for the record…

    the best hope the “whites” have is telling the truth….

    the cost of believing lies is very devastating


  3. Boxing and fighting have never seemed like good sports for white men to me. That’s not to say that they can’t succeed at these things to some degree; but any activity where there’s a high likelihood of brain damage just strikes me as a no go, whatever the symbolic value is of one-on-one conflict between races. Two guys punching each other in the head is really more of a black thing if you ask me, whites’ long history of pugilism notwithstanding.

    Liked by 1 person

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