911 Still Pisses Me Off (I Can’t Forget That Day)

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16 thoughts on “911 Still Pisses Me Off (I Can’t Forget That Day)

  1. Truth is the most powerful weapon on Earth….

    and delusional psychophants can’t change the Truth by

    “JEW” worshipping….

    which doesn’t mean {{{{THEY}}}} won’t try….


    “From Mexico I will go to the CRIME scene of the
    Mass Murder/Mass Deception…..in
    Jew York City to speak at the
    United Nations General Assembly…. and there
    I will meet my “ROMPER ROOM”… frier,
    ZOG US President President Donald Trump,”
    the forked toungued snake talker MILIEKOWSKI hissed very “JEWISHLY”….





  2. isn’t it just a bit curious how a ZIONIST TERRORIST and MASS MURDERER
    and PROFESSIONAL LIAR can return to the scene of the crime and the
    “JEWISH” media doesn’t even suggest arresting the “TERRORIST”….
    simply because “he” is a cult leader from the stool sculpture deity cult
    COMPOUND calling itself the “JEWISH” state for “JEWS” only….


    from the FORWARD :

    ” the Zionist TERRORIST Miliekowsky who goes by the name “Netanyahu”
    will be in Jew York City to speak to the United Nations General Assembly
    in an address that will feature his arguments to amend the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.
    The Zionist TERRORIST “Israeli leader” of Zionist PSYCHOPHANTS called “JEWS”
    believes the agreement, which includes provisions that lapse over the next decade or so,
    will enable Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon and has empowered the Islamic Republic. .

    The pact negotiated between world powers and Iran trades sanctions relief for a rollback
    in Iran’s nuclear activity.


    Also while in Jew York City, the Zionist TERRORIST Miliekowsky AKA…” Netanyahu”
    will be meeting with heavily sedated “JEWISH” sock puppet President Donald Trump




    “JEWISH” LIES……over and over and over again and again…


    Dallas has a HOLOHOAX MUSEUM and just removed Robert E. Lee Statue…
    freakin’ JEWTARDS


    • Your obsession with me and my blog is quite interesting. For someone that indicates that they hate my content and wouldn’t even begin to look at your stupid videos, you spend an tremendous amount of time here and cannot seem to quench that insane desire to comment… to PARTICIPATE. Are you a pitifully desperate friendless mama’s basement dweller or do you truly wish the cool kids around here would just let you in their fun group?

      Wherever your fascination and uncontrollable urges derive, I think you are more like the faggy little homo who pretends they want to play football, but its only because you can secretly look at dicks in the shower. Well, I ain’t letting you look at my dick, you homo.

        I bet a dollar to a donut that you watched every one of those videos. You couldn’t help yourself any more than you can help yourself from coming back here.


  3. 9/11 is a thorn in my side, too.
    I don’t know how it was done, but those images of aluminum planes melting into solid structures aren’t credible. I had believed the images were entirely fabricated, ie. cartoons, but I’ve changed by mind. Richard Hall makes the case that the “plane”‘s trajectory in all the different films match too neatly for it to be a visual artifact added in the studio. So something looking like a plane (although too fast, and no tail light or reflection off the fuselage) flies across the sky and is filmed. The impact is not compatible with that of a passenger jet. When you look at the plume of smoke there is no wake vortex. No large-winged plane can avoid throwing up turbulence. Yet here the cloud of smoke just rises lazily in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.

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    • The destruction of WTC 7 looks just a plain vanilla controlled demolition, so doesn’t interest me greatly. But the towers are quite something else. While conventional explosives were probably used as adjuncts, they can’t account for the micronization of enormous volumes of resistant materials like glass, aluminum, concrete and steel (nor can thermite) – I mean there Lower Manhattan had dust that was as deep as snow. Nano-particles able to penetrate human cells and float up into the stratosphere are not explainable by explosives, nor is the lack of structure at the base of the towers. The “molten” metal that appears in the debris, melts workmen’s steel-capped boots without harming their feet, and smoulders for months, isn’t something one can explain conventionally. Nor am I able to understand how cars a mile away from the blast sustained weird damage like this:

      Now, that’s got it off my chest!

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          • Katzman is a piece of shit.

            I have a weird feeling about Barrett. He calls out the jew and zionism, but man, he does protect the muzzies. When I see so many abhorrent things from within that group, he ALWAYS defends every action and refuses to acknowledge that muzzies could participate in terror actions.

            Knowing that he is a muslim and that there is a very high price to pay for leaving or being considered a heretic, I don’t trust that portion of Barret’s shtick.


            • Yeah, he ain’t no white advocate, that’s for sure. But I appreciate anyone who leads with an Israel-dunnit gambit. I mean, I listened to Richard Spencer’s where-were-you-on-9/11 podcast, and was very disappointed. A lukewarm knew-but-let-it-happen, and his dismissive talk of “insane” conspiracy theories. The Lügenpresse totally owns comic-book reality:

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              • I think Rumsfeld actually enjoyed hamming it up. And his insider (((buddies))) must have giggled and marveled at how hungrily these MacGyverish lines are wolfed down by Larry Lawnmover.

                Liked by 1 person

              • Spencer, much like Jared Taylor, are obviously shills to protect the jew. Its the main reason I could never be “Alt Right”. As for Rumsfeld, he should be in prison over 911 and his fake sugar scam.


                • You remember that disgusting charade of Rumsfeld with his sleeves rolled up, first responder style, on the Pentagon lawn? (Where’d that plane go? Ha ha!).

                  Yeah, I’ve liked the Alt Right logo, but hate it when they pay lip service to the Holocaust or 9/11 fabrication. They could just abstain from comment if they fear for their lives. (On the other hand, real leaders aren’t averse to putting their lives on the line).

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