Beware of jews Bearing Gifts

Beware of jews Bearing Gifts

by Patrick Grimm

Feb 2008

Call me cynical and a curmudgeonly writer if you want to, but I believe that all of us (non-Jews) must beware of Jews bearing gifts. Every other day someone in this movement (anti-Zionism and anti-Jewish supremacism) will smile and assure us that:

Oh, not all those Jews are bad. Look at so-and-so. He’s a great Jew who agrees with us. You see, it has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with how a person thinks!

Or you might get a silly disclaimer like:

I’m not anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish. I’m just anti-Zionist.

This is the foolish tripe and equivocation of the politically correct. As long as Jews continue to align themselves against us as a hostile minority that wishes to destroy our societies, I AM ANTI-SEMITIC, or better yet, ANTI-JEWISH and I am proud of it. When Jews change their behavior, then my attitude towards them will also change accordingly. For you see, I only wish to live upon this planet and for my people to live, and Jews are the main impediment to that simple wish. I won’t apologize for not trusting them and don’t you dare stammer and genuflect for “fear of the Jews” either.

Yet the Marranos or Conversos (Jews who converted to Christianity or pretended to) and the anti-Zionist Jews (Neturei Karta International) parade themselves before us as our friends, our compadres, our fiercely loyal allies. Well excuse me for being just a tiny bit suspicious. It’s just that Jews don’t have a great track record of loyalty, full disclosure or honesty toward non-Jews. In fact, they have a sordid history of the worst kinds of obfuscation, misrepresentation, deceit, intrigue, double-dealing and dirty deeds when it comes to their interactions with our people.

But because of our trusting natures, we are more than willing to take Jews at their word and give them the benefit of the doubt. If they tell us they have converted to our point of view, our religion, our ideology, etc. we rush to embrace them, ignoring the abundance of caveats and all the extant writings and scribblings of the past which scream “Beware of Jews bearing gifts!” I won’t toss aside the warnings of great orators, statesmen, thinkers, theologians and artists simply to placate the PC brigades or to avoid hurting an individual Jew’s feelings. This is not to say that there are not Jews who have sincerely broken with the Talmudic bigotry of their upbringing. They do exist. I only ask for a little caution and, dare I say, maybe a spoonful of cynicism.

There are particular organizations in the Euro-American freedom movement which have succumbed to Jewish influence. I won’t name these organizations, but what they have in common are that their attitudes toward organized Jewry warmed considerably once Jews were permitted on board. This is the danger of a Jewish intellectual influx and it does not happen by coincidence. The insertion of Jewry into the intelligentsia of any political movement always leads to subversion of its original mission, if not to the thorough annihilation of that mission.

This is why I believe that under NO circumstances should Jews be allowed to assume leadership positions in the anti-Jewish supremacist cause, though perhaps their assistance could be utilized at the lower levels of activism. Yet even this is a two-edged sword. It could lead to intellectual dilution or aberration on the one hand, but it could also blunt the charges of “anti-Semitism” coming from Big Jewry’s legions, though this is exceedingly doubtful.

I don’t believe it is at all unreasonable to feel trepidations about allying ourselves with members of the very Tribe who brought us:


> Communism

> Zionism

> egalitarianism

> radical feminism

> homosexual liberation

> the New Left

> the Frankfurt School

> Critical Theory

> deconstructionism

> modern liberalism

> neo-conservatism

> and the squalor of integration

> open borders

> and big government socialist policies in America.


If these are the gifts the Jews are bearing, then we should definitely beware.

h/t Katana

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One thought on “Beware of jews Bearing Gifts

  1. seems like it was just yesterday…..

    a ratfaced bastard Miliekowsky was in Mexico flicking that forked tongue
    flicking venom and toxic “JEW” spew all over the place…..

    “It is, ….I would say, an unpardonable lapse,
    but we want the pardon…..?

    We’re here. We think that we correct now a historic lapse,
    because Mexico is a great country. {dig that chutzpah!}

    It’s one of the world’s great economies, it’s a great nation,
    a great people, a great culture. ….
    We want to be close, even closer to Mexico,
    ……and this is what this meeting signifies,”
    snake talking Miliekowsky hissed ….
    “JEWISHLY”….with a reptilian… GRIN !

    “I think that the first thing that I would say is that we want to congratulate you
    on your upcoming Independence Day, and also offer our condolences, once again,
    to those who lost their lives in the tragic earthquake.
    We have, as you said, offered any help that we can give to Oaxaca and Chiapas
    and anything that you deem appropriate, we stand ready,
    because we stand with you,” like a python does a mouse…kinda sorta.

    “We have established 65 years of diplomatic relations,
    but those relations are gathering steam now.
    There is an innate sympathy between our peoples.
    We both are very proud of our traditions….?

    You have the great religious and cultural affinities.
    Mexico has the Basilica of Guadalupe, where the Virgin Mary was revealed.
    Well, Israel is a place where she was born, and of course,
    where Jesus talked and preached.
    And I offer all our friends in Mexico to come visit Israel,
    walk in the footsteps of Jesus, where you will see this ancient land
    that is coming back alive…..”

    “And in fact this is, I think, the main theme of our meeting,
    of our agreements, of our partnership.

    We are proud of our past, but we are eager to seize the future.

    And it’s important to understand that the future is rushing at us with great speed.
    Those countries that will enjoy the future are those that will innovate.
    The future belongs to those who innovate.

    Israel is known as the Innovation Nation.
    We believe that through our partnership,
    we can bring the fruits of this innovation to the people of Mexico,”
    the flicking forked tongue literally splashing stunned reporters
    7 meters away with globs of slime about the size of gumballs
    many stood in utter amazement transfixed on the mountain
    of chutzpah quivering like jello in a vibrating ooze straight
    from Miliekowski’s pie hole….astonishing

    there is no such thing as a gift from a “Jew”…
    only Bribes of filthy lucre

    he who hath ears let him hear


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