Not Looking Good For The US Dollar, Stocks, Bonds, Pensions and Wages.

Did you ever see the video of the guy with the giant pimple on his back that had his friend squeeze it until it exploded all over the place. It’s about to get nasty here just like that.

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On the Bright side it is not looking good for the US War Machine either.

Jim Rickards is a financial consultant to the CIA and Pentagon. He participates in War Games. Of the 2009 War Games he recently said that the object was not to defeat the enemy or win the war but rather to inflict relatively more damage on them than you. In case you were wondering about the Pentagon that statement should remove all doubts. They are are not looking for another General Patton.

He also mentioned Pentagon plans to strike North Korea in the next 6 months or so. Of course Russia and China have said not to consider a first strike option. More about WW III later.

But first I want to explain why we can conclude the Federal Reserve under Janet Yellen will kill the stock and bond markets and cause foreign investors to flee…

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7 thoughts on “Not Looking Good For The US Dollar, Stocks, Bonds, Pensions and Wages.

  1. I’m an adherent to the Austrian School, so don’t agree with the guy’s Keynesian reading. Sure, valuations are higher even than in 2000, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get more ridiculous before tumbling. I don’t see hyperinflation (as that would destroy the (((banking franchise)))), though I think mid-2016 marked the absolute low point for yields after 35-year downward trend. Rising yields will most certainly pop the various financial asset bubbles. The only question is when.

    The Euro looks structurally worse than the dollar and the other countries mentioned have worse problems than the US. There’s nowhere to escape the disaster.


    • I used to “predict” the crash, until I realized that there are MANY tricks up their sleeves to continue the ravaging of the wealth until it is all sucked up.

      I think that the banking system will be changed at some point, but it will be giving even more to the jew. It will not be good.

      I have posted Video Rebel’s stuff periodically over the years. It seems that she misses the mark ever year.

      But will it ever come true?

      I dunno.

      How do you see the crash occurring?

      This is how I used to see it (this was 5 years ago):


          • The paper-money, Keynesian paradigm will eventually be replaced by precious-metal regimes, but as that implies an enormous transfer of power away from (((banks, financial intermediaries and governments))), I don’t see it happening short of worldwide economic chaos and impoverishment on a scale that I don’t even want to think about. Even then, any country attempting to break ranks will put the entire system at risk and face enormous political pressure. (Ghaddafi, Hussein, good examples of what happens when start screwing with the dollar hegemony.)

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            • It seems that China and other countries are breaking the rule by implementing oil transactions in other currencies. when I used to write about this subject, that was the catalyst that I always used for this change you mention.

              But now I consider digital currencies and how easily they could be manipulated and I see another ten years of them riding this out.


  2. fear is born of ignorance….

    [that’s why “Jews” must hate Jesus]

    Jesus said to know the truth…

    ignorance of the truth doesn’t make the “JEWISH” so-called
    NARRATIVE true…

    from the musings of Mr. ” I Rode with Tupper”…


    Here is a brief classroom on “Conspiracy Proofs 101” and goes back to
    Pat Shannan’s ….“Bottom Line of Control” that makes everything else possible:

    *****legal tender is the modern day root of all evil.******
    When the so-called ” money has no intrinsic value,
    there is no such thing as “taxpayer’s money.”
    Those in charge print all they need for whatever they want.
    Consequently, they can and do control all of everything.
    This includes the way the new, idealistic Congressman votes,
    news media reports, murder, cover-up and even control of law enforcement reports.
    Only the era of hi-tech cell phone cameras and Internet communication
    has allowed the American people and world public to break through the
    lying . . . {{{{JEWISH}}}} . . . facade as never before.

    No {AA} Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo…
    No “Yiddish” speaking Khazar “JEWS” in the Old Testament…

    who can distinguish between Lawful “Money” and
    Filthy Lucre…?

    what the Hell is the IMF…anyway


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