can’t piss off the jew if you wanna be a (((star)))

can’t piss off the jew if you wanna be a (((star)))



Paul Pena, the Blind Composer Behind Steve Miller’s “Jet Airliner”

to find the jew in the woodpile


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One thought on “can’t piss off the jew if you wanna be a (((star)))

  1. is there an exit to the “JEW” worshipping asylum….?

    called “America”…er um the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    where the “JEWS” are the cult leaders….

    dung doodlers from all around will converge like flies on poop for this one…

    According to a “JEW SPEW” poo poo statement,
    “the center will employ the best technology and well “seasoned experts”
    to monitor, track, analyze and mitigate TRUE hate speech and harassment of
    across the internet, in support of the Jewish community and other “JEW”
    worshipping so-called minority groups.”

    The director of the new center will be Brittan Heller,
    a former JEW worshipping Justice Department official who joined the
    SKANKORIFFIC …”ADL” last September to focus on cyber issues.

    The organization did not provide a timeline for establishing the new center,
    but said that Heller and other ADL officials will work with
    “a wide range of dung doodling poo poo stakeholders in Silicon Valley and beyond”
    over the coming months……

    and all the rednecks said….SIX MILLION MORE…
    while the loudspeaker spoke up and said…give up, give up…

    Indeed, the description makes it seem like the event is not at all about
    confronting and tackling REAL HARD CORE anti-Semitism in America.
    Rather, it seems to be focused on what comes after the “but” –
    critics of the “JEWISH TERRORIST” Jesus hating state of JEW TERRORISTS
    calling their stool sculpture deity cult compound …Dig this CHUTZPAH…
    ” Israel “….who are sick of being called anti-Semitic,
    when what they are is anti- Synagogue of Satan {{{MONEYCHANGERS}}}}.

    Read more: about all the lies of the {{{JEWS}}}…@ John 8:44 !!!

    House of Ibn Saud….Edomites !


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