So How Do You Feel?

Thanksgiving was great… until the new member of the family, DeWayne, went outside to get this elderly man he had just met at the street corner from the car.

No one expected this.

Apparently, the old man had just come from some god forsaken hole in the pit of Africa and began telling DeWayne about how bad it was where he was from. The old man could barely walk and told us about how his health was very poor and he couldn’t expect to live very long if he stayed in Africa.

DeWayne FELT for this guy. He had empathy for his plight and wanted to help (who wouldn’t?).

DeWayne proposed that the entire family chip in annually to help this old guy become a citizen and to help pay for all of his medical issues. His health is so bad that he will need this assistance for the rest of his life.

Then the old man asked, “But what about my family in Africa? I can’t live here without my family, besides, they are in almost as dire straights as I am.”

DeWayne FELT for his family’s plight and suggested to the family that we take some of the money we have put back for the future, and give it to the old man so he could bring his family over from Africa.

The old man said, “My family will only be safe and happy if ALL 35 of them can come. None of us could be happy until my entire family comes and gets the same kind of help you are giving me.”

DeWayne FELT for this family’s hardships in Africa and wanted the entire family to be happy and safe, so he explained to my family that because we are white, we have advantages that African blacks simply don’t have… something called “privilege”. This privilege has made us rich and happy in comparison to the black African family and we should FEEL guilt because we have been GIVEN so much due to this privilege. DeWayne announced that we will be giving the new African clan the family land and houses because we don’t deserve them, besides, we have the privilege that will provide all of that stuff again anyway.

B’Man took out his 9mm and shot Dewayne in the face and looked at the aged African and asked if he still wanted to bring his family over.

The African miraculously jumped up and danced about as if he were young again and skedaddled back to his street corner looking for some crack rock.


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2 thoughts on “So How Do You Feel?

  1. I know DeWayne was the newest member of the family, but it still seems the remedy was postponed longer than it reasonably could have been. Alas, the extra time allowed before justice was finally served is but evidence of the exercise of mercy allowed for DeWayne’s chance at choosing his redemption. Justice seasoned by mercy: a concept, indeed, to be thankful for on that thanksgiving day.


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