The Problem Is Their Dicks… Not Knees

Tom sends me regular emails about a variety of subjects (some I share here). I received one yesterday that was basically a forwarded message regarding the NFL knee-takers and it makes a point I have been making about black people for some time now… their dicks and the loose, skanky women who screw them leaving fatherless children raised by skanks who teach them little to nothing about how to live in a sane world.

I am old enough to remember the cohesive black family of the 60’s. I have witnessed the downfall of the black family and I know full well that their demise happened in spite of all the extras whites gave them over the decades.

But if you think it is just societal changes and divorce rates, that would be idiotic. If you think it is white privilege, then you are a bald faced liar.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm?

 Children raised in fatherless homes are far more likely than children raised in two parent homes to engage in criminal behavior and have contact with police.

Ergo when men father a child with a woman to whom they are not married – or at least living with – they are contributing to the problem against which some NFL football players are taking a knee.

If you look at many of these NFL players’ records on out-of-wedlock children, you find that they may be contributing to the problem they are protesting against.

For example: 

Antonio Cromartie has 12 children by 9 different women. 

Travis Henry has 11 children by 10 women, 

Willis McGahee has 9 children by 8 women,

Derrick Thomas has 7 children by 5 women,

Bennie Blades has 6 children by 6 women,

Ray Lewis has 6 children by 4 women and

Marshall Faulk has 6 children by 3 women.

Before these guys take a knee they should take a good look in the mirror.

It appears that their problem is not their knee.



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13 thoughts on “The Problem Is Their Dicks… Not Knees

  1. I take a dim view of welfare, poison to both family and society. The State (and (((those))) whose interests it serves) wants to destroy all rivals to its supreme authority. Not just love or affection binds family members but sheer economic necessity, or so it always was. In children parents saw security in their dotage, and this inter-generational compact was reinforced by society; “Honor thy father and thy mother”, etc.. Likewise, the nuptial bond was conditioned not just by emotional but also material concerns, the security of the women and children. How can the parasite command self-respect and how can the host not grow a heart of stone? Real charity and welfare is dispensed of free will.


    • When I was extremely young, my father left my mom, sister and I. He hardly ever paid any child support and stopped wanting to see us when I was around 8. He basically left us to fend for ourselves.

      My Mom was quite young (26ish) and a German lass that barely spoke English. She was/is one of the hardest working people I ever met and used to tell me she didn’t want any government help because she would feel like a failure.

      So, my birth Dad was a white Nigger who bailed on his kids. He retired from the Army a Lt Col, so its not like he didn’t have some scrub. He was/is a piece of shit white man (aka Nigger).

      But, my Mom, as crazy and weird as she is, is most definitely a real woman (her German heritage is key here) who worked her ass cutting hair bringing two children up (she lost one when the husband kicked her in the stomach and almost killed her while killing the baby). I witnessed it when I was about 5.

      So you see my conundrum, right?

      How do I honor that piece of shit? While I obviously MUST honor that mother.

      BTW: now people might understand why I can say there are white niggers. To me, it isn’t color, but attitude and what one does.

      So, in my estimation, there are black people that are NOT niggers.

      Does this make sense?


      • Sure. A father abandoning his wife and children is breaking marriage vows and traditionally would be exposed to some sort of civil or even penal sanction. (Additionally, the abandoning party should be shunned by society). All power to your mother and her indomitable spirit.

        While I think it’s uncontroversial that blacks are more physically violent than whites, I don’t think it makes sense to impute good or evil to anything but individuals. There are plenty of bad whites and good blacks. Whites just have greater impulse control and intelligence, force multipliers for good and evil. (Opportunity makes the thief, and all that).


        • My mother used to scrub floors too, rather than access child support or welfare and have contact with her ex-husband, my father. All are dead, but that sort of grit has my respect.


        • Of course I use the word nigger, but I don’t mean that to be “evil”. There are bad people of all stripes, of course.

          But we would be reckless to suggest that blacks do not have a much greater propensity for the violence. For some reason, there is much less impulse control and lack of understanding of one’s actions. I think it is mainly IQ related.

          My Dad, the white nigger, grew up dirt poor. But I have to admit that he is probably near genius (if not). There is no doubt that I get my smarts from him and my work ethic/dedication from my Mother.

          I don’t think at any time in his life did he play the knock-out game or gang beat innocents or rob or steal. He shot people in battle and lost many close friends in Nam (I went to the wall with him in DC his first time). I was with him when he saw “We Were Soldiers” (he knew the real Hal Moore) in which I witnessed him totally break down, culminating in him telling me several of his Nam stories, which he had never told anyone.

          You see, even after what he did, I looked for him when I was 26 (having not seen or heard from him in almost 20 years). When I found him, he was a sniveling drunk laying in filth and dog shit. A weak pitiful man. Someone I am glad that I had nothing to do with, because I believe I may have ended up like him. I couldn’t even bring myself to whip his ass as I intended.

          My Mother is a loon. But she was there. She has my undying gratitude and honor.

          This story gets real weird from here.


          • Yeah, right. Undoubtedly black violence tends to be more spontaneous and immediately physical. But I often think of the white engineer behind the bouncing mine or the cluster bomb. Works in the lab all day to perfect horrible tools, yet tucks his kids into bed at night, and probably sleeps well. Or, more recently, the military drone engineer.


              • My dad is 90 years old and can barely walk from his wheel-chair and bed to the bathroom without my mom helping him. He wears diapers and can’t even wipe his own ass without my mom or some nurse who comes to the house helping him. I don’t have any close father-son bond with him but I thoroughly respect him for having done the best he could and that’s why I have never once “pitied” him. I always assume he’s still a man of 40 and in possession of all his powers and still treat him that way every time I see him which is at least once a week, since we only live 10 minutes from each other.

                He was kind of an asshole to me when I was younger, didn’t “disown” me or anything but wouldn’t talk to me at all for many years because I refused to go to continue my studies “college” and just worked and went to college parties on the weekends (lol, the best of both worlds on a small scale, what else can a young lad do but make some cash and meet young and horny college chicks who’ll help him spend it very quickly?), but nothing like your dad. It’s “cool” now and hard to believe it was ever an issue that turned into a farce because I recognize that I was more than a bit of an asshole in my youth myself (two asshole tendencies, my own and my dad’s, colliding, cancelling each other’s negativity and eventually leading to a positive charge, lol) didn’t really care if he didn’t talk to me, in fact, welcomed it, so that I could be freer to do whatever I wanted, mainly “partying” with other smug, arrogant morons like myself. He didn’t leave his family destitute or anything like that. He was a good provider and after a while we patched things up and could crack jokes and laugh with each other again.

                My mom is similar to your mom, very hard worker, honest to a fault, but loony and very neurotic, a walking contradiction, a whiner and total pessimist who always sees the glass as half-empty instead of half-full, almost obsessive compulsive about many things plus with delusions of artsy-fartsy grandeur because she can play the piano, mainly Chopin, Rachmaninov, Schubert, Schumann, stuff like that from the “romantic” classical period of the 1800s, like a concert pianist, having been taught by my piano-teacher, Moscow conservatory educated, grandmother. At heart, she’s a good person and very kind, but if I stick around her for more than a few hours, it’s guaranteed that she’ll drive me up the wall with her negativity and whining and I’ll have to leave before I get angry and start lecturing her, which she probably wants anyway. Old people subconsciously try to feel more alive by seeing if they can still get a rise out of their kids and make them agitated. They don’t plan it deliberately. They don’t have bad intentions. It’s just their “evil subconscious” exercising its dark sense of humor without them being in conscious control of it, in long ingrained psychological autopilot and soon, as the cliche goes, the road to hell becomes paved with “good intentions.”


          • And every last one of these women didn’t use any type of birth control, because why? They want to hook the millionaire athlete into marrying them or paying child support while they live in a big house with some other loser? That many goddamn kids will get them lots of shekels from Jew alimony and divorce lawyers who will run over each other to represent them. And not a single one of these horny idiots, who can’t stop screwing long enough to use two brain cells, gets married, they just Johnny Appleseed the whole town and pay for 6 to 12 kids at a time? lol No wonder they blow tens of millions and sometimes hundreds of millions in just a few years and end up back in the ghetto. Jews aren’t afraid to give these idiots all that money because they know, for sure, that they will get it all back and more, in a hundred different ways, in just a few years, after the star athlete has made them 10 times the shekels they pay out to his sorry ass to go spend on slutty sport groupies looking for a luxury meal ticket by deliberately getting themselves pregnant.


            • And besides, the easiest way of getting all those shekels back is to get the higher up shekelmeisters at the Fed to counterfeit more of it and trickle it down to other Jews like them first so that they can take advantage of cheap goods before inflation has run its course through the whole economy. Inflation is nothing but a hidden tax paid from those who get the funny money shekels last, when their dollar buys far less goods than a year before but has a higher number amount to seem like “a lot more,” to those Judaics and Freemasons and elite-enablers who get the shekel infusion first.


          • Your family story reads like a bunch of movies I’ve seen about Southern alcoholics, I forget exactly which ones. The father who abandoned his family ends up a miserable alcoholic and the son who’s pissed at him for leaving them to struggle and suffer unnecessarily can’t even go through with kicking his sorry ass because he pities him, recognizes the corrupted “divine” element in his soul, which even the worst human being has, without which he wouldn’t even be struggling, in pain, or an alcoholic. That’s because pitying someone is a thinly veiled form of disrespect. If he saw you pitying him in that sorry state, he already got his ass-whipping psychologically speaking, because it is unspoken disrespect and not the “extra caring” a lot of overly emotional fools, especially silly women, seem to think it is.


              • Except that Jew feminism, as part of its century-long assault on the White European Male, using their own women against them, has declared females immune to the “deadbeat” tag when they get deliberately pregnant to hook a guy who’s not ready to start a family. As if all women are automatically “weak” and easily manipulated into laying down first and getting up last. Everyone who wasn’t born yesterday knows that’s total bullshit. Women are a lot more subtle and psychologically manipulative than men and that’s hardly a “weak” position to be in. Men can learn to be just as subtle and manipulative but it’s more in their nature to do things that require strength and speed and linear logic rather than subtlety and sensitivity.

                Then people are programmed to put the “responsibility” 50/50 on both the man and the womb-man, which is bullshit. I have yet to meet a guy who actually likes wearing rubbers. Fucking things are disgusting and who else but a fourteen year old teenager could get hard in one of those ridiculous balloons? lol The responsibility is with the person who actually has full possession and control over the body that can become pregnant and create new life and that’s not the male. Nowadays, guys should have a digital recorder running under their shirt pocket before they have any sexual relations. That way if they clearly ask the woman if they’re on birth control or not and they lie, it’s on the record and they can bring it to court to prove they were “entrapped” into alimony and palimony and whatnot. I don’t know what laws they have in the South, but in California, if some bimbo moves into your place for just 6 months and maybe you never even bang her anymore and have another girlfriend, she’s already considered your “common law wife” and you have to pay her for the rest of her life, if she decides to just take off and leave and pretend to some judge that you “took advantage” of her and left her, blah, blah, blah. lol

                That’s one of the most unfair laws there is, getting gullible goys and especially White European suckers (White Caucasians like myself tend to be less gullible but also less creative, overall and in the aggregate of their cultures, than Europeans; Europeans created modern civilization as we know it, with no help from the bankster Jews sucking its blood every step of the way or else they would have been even further along the road, and everybody else just copied them. I think the higher level of conceptual honesty and discipline required to apprehend reality in an accurate and scientific way and form and tame energy by inventing power-leveraging technolgical de-vices that eliminate or minimize “vices” such as backbreaking labor and also give “idle hands” something virtuous to do so that the “devil” doesn’t find “vicious” work for them, brings with it, automatically, a higher level of vulnerability to cunning and treachery) of both genders, to fight each other over superficial crap and turn what formerly could have been at least a modicum of “love,” maybe on the road towards it or at least lust and affection enough to have a good time together without having to mortgage their whole friggin future, into mistrust, suspicion, fear and deep and bitter hatred.

                I guarantee that some tribe-members were behind it (or behind the behinds of their front men with their shekels floating on thin air). That law is probably responsible for 99% of the MGTOW movement in California and who could blame them? I’m MGTOW myself, although I never planned to be and am not a part of the “movement.” This is the legal situation in California and it’s like putting not just your pecker, but your entire future peace-of-mind, on the chopping block. I could go be a sucker tomorrow and be a slave to these irrational laws and a bunch of manipulative “feminist” women and their Jew puppet masters, but it’s not fun getting stuffed with a kosher sausage for the rest of your natural life and beyond the grave too, if you have any assets left by then.

                Also, women are responsible for 99.9% of the abortions and if they just took some goddamn birth control and didn’t lie to the men they’re with, which men invented for them by the way (the very fact that there’s only a female birth control pill shows that it was deliberately funded by the Jew feminist agenda and invented, probably by gullible European chemists and not even Jews, who create very little but ways to screw non-Jews over, to make full use of women’s tendencies to manipulate men to their advantage; they should have been smart, told the Jews to take their shekels and shove it and invented a male birth control pill and you would see practically ZERO abortions, since a man out to “hook” a woman into marriage or alimony is as rare as the Dodo bird. Men are the real romantics; shit, damn near every last writer and composer and painter and poet of the “romantic” era of artistry in the 1800s was a man; women are the schemers, because they have to be and have evolved into it, due to their physical weakness. When you’re weak in one area, you develop another.

                That’s another myth pushed by Jew media: that women want “romance” and imaginative, adventurous and spontaneous living, etc. Men want that far more. Jews know this and have used the media to deliberately reverse perceptions of reality in the favor of their agendas. It’s all based on bullshit Marxism and this pushing of a false “equality” that doesn’t exist anywhere in nature, not even between identical twins, so how the fuck can it exist between creatures as different as men and women? Sure, people, unless they’re straight up retarded, are “equal” in basic humanity and the characteristics which make them human instead of animal, i.e., they can understand complex strug-together concepts in verbal communication and appreciate music and all that and drive a car and cook food and all the basic shit that dogs and man-keys can’t do, but ONLY in that basic humanity and they are quite obviously UNEQUAL in everything else.

                Almost every person you meet can do SOME-thing far better than you and that’s what creates a division of labor economy; but that doesn’t signify any “equality” in the aggregate of your value as individual human beings. Sure, you both have some value in different areas to offer or else you wouldn’t even be employed to use your “skills” in that area to conserve energy in an economy and help form or leverage the work-doing power of that energy into product, but that’s not “equality,” just unequal yet useful, due to the concept of division of labor having made it useful, That’s just a fact and if not even identical twins can be “equal” in their capacities and motivations and goals, due to just being exposed to slightly different environments and perspectives, neither can any two groups comprised of unequal individuals and ultimately no two “cultural” groups of many millions of people and whatnot.

                P.S. Some negro telemarketer just called me on my i-phone (which I just use for basic stuff, checking e-mails, taking photos, organizing phone numbers, etc. I never stare at it for long periods of time or do any “major work” on it; my desktop is my only “go to” computer) mumbling something about wanting to “take a survey.” He sounded drunk. Do they let these telemarketing clowns just get drunk on the job or what? lol I felt sorry for him, but pity is veiled disrespect, so I stopped that falsely triggered emotion dead in its tracks. I’ve been in his shoes before. I did do some telemarketing for a couple of months in my twenties. It sucks. One of the worst jobs in the world, though it’s “clean” on the surface. He’s better off shoveling some honest shit than doing that nonsense, bugging people at home.

                “It’s not what is true that counts, but what is perceived to be true.” — Henry Kissinger

                Live it, learn it, pass it on to your kids and neighbors and even to the family dog. It’s not about what is true or will “get you thru,” but what has been deliberately conceived, hoaxed and faked, using media saturation and ownership, to manage your perceptions into a false paradigm that “counts” more shekels and power in the pockets of your enemies who pretend to be your friends.

                P. P. S. Hey, if you still have access to the member section of John Le Bon’s site, there is a great audio Jumpy64 did with him recently about the blasphemous topic of “Is it possible that the elites actually have our best interests at heart in some weird and roundabout way?” Of course not. They’re scums of the earth and this can be proven in many ways. However, he plays devil’s advocate on it and it’s a great discussion. Jumpy64 is an Italian former buddy of Simon Shack’s who did an audio last year about Media Fakery with John Friend (I think even hour 2 of that, the best hour is behind JF’s “member’s section” paywall, which is barely even active now. He’s one of my skype contacts though we haven’t talked that much and messaged back and forth far more due to the time-zone differences; a great guy, an Italian nationalist and patriot, very Jew-wise and anti-cultural-Marxism. I think Shack banned him from Clues Forum and that was the end of their friendship. Anyway, I told JLB to make the first hours free and the second “paywall” like Red Ice but he hasn’t done it yet. I left some interesting comments there too, but it’s all stuck behind the member’s section.


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