(((Golden Globes))) and (((me too)))

Yes. Whores.
Weinstein and all those assholes who have raped and taken advantage of women, did so, basically, with their permission (in most cases). Otherwise explain why it took so long to say anything. Why come out in the woodwork now, if it was so bad then?
If a woman is raped, they generally tend to go to the police or hospital immediately. What did these women do?
Make $millions and be a star.
They knew what they were doing.
No sympathy for sluts.

Erudite Knight - On the search for truth

Someone has the golden globes on, among the hits:

* numale whites proclaiming apology for being white

*angry black women shouting about a new dawn

*all women wearing black because apparently nearly every women everywhere has been raped

*the new dawn includes women who are smarter, stronger and in all ways better than males

I feel ZERO sympathy for the women involved with the hollywood rape machine.  They knew what they were getting into, and if they didnt they could have gone to the police.  They knew if they were to blow or do some guy they’d make millions, what does that make them?  Whores.

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4 thoughts on “(((Golden Globes))) and (((me too)))

  1. Yeah, I agree. The only non-consenting parties were potted plants. Quid pro quo for the rest. I might get outraged over abuse of minors (depending on age and maturity), but that story didn’t emerge.


  2. Hollywood, being what it is, churning out un-watchable movies (I had my share of them over the holidays just trying to be social with the family, like Fury or Logan or some Spiderman BS) to keep people glued to the matrix. They have been forced to admit to the sexual appetites of their directors, producers, never mind the actors.

    It’s sad that the women who wanted in on the action, prostituting themselves to get a part in a movie are now crying foul. How believable is that.

    The sexual harassment claims bandied about these days are a sign of women loosing their touch. Back in the day, when I was walking down the street in high heels and didn’t get at least a couple of whistles I was disappointed. LOL. Someone came up with a name for that too, memory something, to denigrate that there really was something like the good old days compared to the present.


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