I said that Trump tickled the Drumpfters’ ears by telling them specifically what they wanted to hear (whether or not Trump actually meant any of it). This is how they knew what to tell you.
a Drumpfter = an Obama Maniacs = a Bushie = a Clintonista
No Difference Whatsoever

Wide Awake Gentile

What do Jewish Billionaire Robert Mercer Congress ,Party President Rahul Gandhi ,US President Donald Trump and creepy US Senator Ted Cruz  have in common??

Cambridge is owned by Jewish billionaire and Trump supporter Robert Mercer

Mercer made his billions as a partner in the Hedge Fund Renaissance Capital jointly owned with his fellow Jew James Simon

One of the Renaissance funds violated SEC rules and was prosecuted Is There More Than Meets The Eye At RenTec?

One of Renaissance’s employees a PHD named Volfbeyn had  had in a lawsuit alleged that that while employed by Renaissance, his  superiors repeatedly asked him to assist Renaissance in conducting  securities transaction that Dr. Volfbeyn believed to be illegal. Source

Renaissance also had close ties with Madoff and Madoff a number of senior RenTech partners (Paul Broder, Chief Risk Officer, Henry Laufer, Chief Scientist, Nathanie, Nat Simons (son of Jim)…

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