When I was very young, I used to spend the summers at my Grandmother’s house (actually, she lived with my aunt). My aunt was fairly wealthy and owned/operated a huge pig farm. I vividly remember (when I was about 8) watching a mama pig eat one of her babies. I’m thinking that this Hogg kid’s Mom should have eaten him a long time ago.

But since he is so full of shit, I guess I understand why she let the runt bastard live (who likes the taste of shit?).

There are a myriad of reasons why I do not trust the Valentines Day ‘Massacre’ storyline. Whether or not anyone was killed isn’t my focus. There are enough abnormalities and outright discrepancies to make any thinking person question every aspect of it. So, I decided to list my questions. I welcome anyone to answer these to convince me the entire thing is legit, but you have a lot of work to do:

How was it that the FBI were the First Responders (the police department is much closer and there was an armed guard on campus)? As far as that is concerned, when have you ever heard of the FBI being ‘first responders’ before?

Why was CNN the Second Responders?

Regarding CNN: How was it possible to assemble all those jew brats who all happened to belong to the school acting guild and they all were able to speak verbatim from CNN’s Gun Grab Script?

Regarding the school policeman: why did he stay put while this ‘carnage’ occurred?

When his fellow dicks showed up, why did they all cower? Or specifically, why were they told NOT to go in and confront this ‘murderer’?

How is it possible that the little blonde girl said she was walking out with Cruz, hearing shots elsewhere (yet no one in the MSM will touch that)? Or the little biracial girl who plainly says there were 3 Shooters?


What about the girl who told us that they were informed that there would be an active shooter drill that day?

Or the kid that said they were told that the drill would include blanks?

What about the teacher who plainly states that the ‘killer’ had full gear including body armor, helmets, etc?

How did he have time to don the gear and remove it afterwards without someone seeing it (it was mere minutes from the time he got out of the Uber)?

School Camera Videos: There had to be many cameras in this building (and outside). Why have we not seen any footage? Why are they refusing to release this footage? (I’m not talking about seeing dead kids… just something to prove that Cruz was the guy). Video with him holding the weapon would suffice.

Like the fake Sandy Hook event, why would they immediately decide to tear down this building instead of conducting adequate forensics and then allow the citizens who are interested research the information?

Back to the pigshitter: How is it possible that miraculously his Dad is a retired FBI agent? Or that he has been filmed by CNN on multiple occasions before? Or that his own video footage is timestamped around 9AM when the shooting happened after 2PM?

Is he actually even a student at that school (some seem to claim that they graduated with him in California a couple of years before)?

If local law enforcement visited Cruz’s house 39 times for various disturbances, why was he not put on some sort of watch list?

How did they know that Cruz was the killer and who identified him at the McDonalds?

When have you ever heard of the Secret Service doing training at ANY high school (they did training at Parkland 3 weeks before this event)? Why don’t you hear this reported from the MSM?

This one may seem self-evident, but why does CNN and other Communist networks continue to push a gun ban agenda and elimination of our Second Amendment when it is also self-evident that the ‘shooter’ and the ineffectual law enforcement fools serving under a New York jew named Israel (gag a maggot) were culpable in this ‘tragedy’?

Speaking of jews, why does it seem that everyone involved is one? And why is this so common when jews only make up 2% of the population?

Seriously, this is getting totally out of hand.

3 law enforcement entities failed those ‘dead kids’ but I am supposed to give up my means of protecting my home and family? (like fuck I will)

Why did the medical institutions or the gun registry people or any other number of agencies NOT take care of this ‘mass murderer’ before he ‘murdered’?

I’m sure there are more questions from commenters that I have forgotten to add. If you can think of any, add them below.

When I get some decent answers to these questions, I may be convinced any of it is real. Until then, it seems to me that this is little more than a bunch of actors and MSM clownturds pushing the Socialist agenda (yep, it is all coming into place).

PS: I will be totally amazed if most of these videos stay up.


Did I rub you the wrong way or stroke you just right? Let me know below in the comments section or Email me at buelahman {AT} g m a i l {DOT} com

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6 thoughts on “Oink

  1. Roger Stone…that loveable “alt righter”! Guess who is about 50% responsible for Chabad-Lubbavitcher Scott Israel being in office right now? He even put Stone and crew on the Broward Sheriff’s Office payroll! And this Sheriff is trying to help get your guns. Heck, Alex Jones loves Stone–can he be all bad? For those “Alt Righters” lovin on Israel…just take a look at South Africa. Israel and white S.A. were very tight once…until they weren’t. Trump represents an outright Likud takeover in the U.S. and he’s gone pretty soft on guns. Just like Zionist John Howard once did down under. Remember the Port Arthur massacre? Then 700,000 semiautos and pump shotguns confiscated. And Zionist Tony Blair did the same in the UK. Even banned single-shot .22 pistols. The goyim (us) apparently deceived by sham organizations like “Jews for Second Amendment Rights.” Well, it’s true–they support those rights for themselves.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can see massive changes to gun laws upcoming. And the TrumpenHitlerNazi will giddily do whatever his jewish handlers tell him to do.

      I didn’t know the Scott Israel – Roger Stone connection, but I know that Stone is a untrustworthy pos (his pal, fat boy Alex is another pos). So, if this dumb ole redneck can see the obvious, what up with all those blind followers?

      I hear that Nick Spero died (I was able to confirm it, at least via an online funeral home). Some of the stuff regarding The Talpiot Program he and Brendon were working on really got to close.

      Nick had an issue with my “racist” view, even though he was in bed with the Renegade site for so long (I thought that was weird), but now that I know he was dating a Palestinian, it sort of makes sense (even though my ‘racism’ is really geared towards blacks and jews). Maybe there is something to the Talpiot Program and Nick got to close?

      Or maybe not?

      When I first looked at this, I also found the same circular linking. Is it real? Is it important?

      Liked by 1 person

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