The Adult Conspiracy

The Hipster Racist expounds on Ranier Von Kook’s new book (I have purchased one, awaiting its delivery) discussing the dichotomy of “conspiracy theories” found in proper forums compared to people like me.

Official stories are conspiracy theories issued by Big Brother which are embraced, but unbelievable, yet conspiracy theories by real conspiracy theorists are shunned while totally believable.

Aryan Skynet

In preparing for an eventual book review, I’ve been reading fellow Aryan Skynet author Ranier Von Kook’s Magnum Opus, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zanuk: Psychological Warfare and Filth at the Movies,” a sprawling and comprehensive history of of the movie business. At 500 plus pages, complete with extensive footnotes, I’ve only been skimming various parts and especially a entire chapter devoted to supposed “predictions” of the 9/11 attacks “hidden” – or not so hidden – in various Hollywood movies going back to the late 1970s.

A textbook example of a “conspiracy theory” the idea has a certain resonance with a couple of recent articles in White Nationalist publication Counter-Currents. First, a review of television mini-series “Waco” about the FBI raid on the Branch Davidian compound in 1993, coincidentally happening at precisely the same time as the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The attack on…

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4 thoughts on “The Adult Conspiracy

  1. You know, from the posts that you make, it seems as if you hate people of color, and women. It’s hard for me to believe so I keep commenting. So would you really like to call me a nigger cunt bitch and wish me dead without even knowing who I am?
    I’m asking.


    • No. My running theory is that I know you in person and you get pissed about B’Man when you know the real guy is something different. I have tried to make this point over and over again here. You either ignore that or are dense because you are angry (or something). You are obsessed with me and the blog, this is obvious.

      No. I don’t think you are a “nigger” (which can be any color, but you gloss over that even though you know I write it all the time) or a woman (of which I actually hold in high esteem). As a matter of fact, I have called my own white birth father a nigger, for goodness sake. Again, nigger is an attitude and what you do… not your color. I’ve hashed this out here multiple times, but you ignore it. Why?

      No. I do not wish you dead, but if you can’t grasp the B’Man over-the-top persona after you have read here so long, it appears that you are just being a trouble maker at this piss poor blog. That is certainly no reason for me to wish you dead. Contrarily, you actually make me smile.

      What I don’t understand is why you continue to comment or why you would write such a thing in the comment section of this post which totally betrays your accusation (I never said anything about “niggers” or “women”). To me, you are just stirring shit and its sort of funny. Why else would I allow your comments?

      But continue. It is your obsession. You must be getting something out of it. If I feel like its worth it (me getting something out of it), I’ll let it be posted. So, please keep it entertaining.

      See you, old buddy.


    • it’s good probably that you’re curious about rednecks and such
      how rednecks think, what they like, and all…
      back in the 60’s in Mississippi one could hear all
      kinds of “nigger” jokes, of course in Texas there
      are the Aggies….

      I’m curious, have you ever seen the autopsy photograph
      of Melissa Morrisson…?

      at some point either people care about the truth, and justice
      or they are hopelessly lost in a “Jew” worshipping society

      Richard Mosely, ….passed recently
      Richard made the documentary film…. DAY 51

      justice delayed is justice denied…

      Free Palestine


  2. before the military assault on 28 Feb 93, …with air support,
    the “Jewish” media
    in America had primed the average TV watching “US CITIZEN” to believe the
    worstabout their neighbors [FIRST], …if it was reported on TV,
    no matter the actual facts…
    or what under the Law each inhabitant on the land has as a right to,
    despite what some…
    so-called “Federal” Law Enforcement “AGENCY” pumped full of ADL/SPLC… fake news…
    aka..”LIES”, wants to believe,
    and ….well look where Vickie Weaver is today.
    and Gordon Kahl,
    and well about 400 million others in just the last 100 years.

    All because the MASS MIND CONTROL PROGRAM works so damn well.

    so like, if Amber McGlaughlin….in 1996,

    who was employed by the Stephen Jones Defense team for the infamous
    inventor of the suck bomb…Tim McVeigh,
    while doing background investigative research
    on the “Waco” connection to the passion of Tim for the Law,
    and the rights of…
    even the little black children at Mt. Carmel,
    like you know…

    the right to not have some overzealous maniac shooting from a helicopter
    through the roof, of you know….you’re cult compound…and all….

    how could an “officer of the court” be so {DEAF} …blind to the VIOLATIONS of
    the”LAW” by overzealous TERRORISTS….ADL/ATF…ADL/FBI…on 28 FEB 93…?

    you know and [NOT] make an issue about Mass Murder…premeditated Mass Murder

    kinda curious

    how it went you know like from Bonanza to like…. “JEWTOPIA”
    in one generation


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