Almost There

Remember when I wrote that I am setting up my life to operate from a position of “Fuck You”?

I wasn’t kidding. I’m just about there.

At this point I have gotten to where I am financially secure enough that even if these assholes fired me today, it wouldn’t make a shit. Every stat of my job is stellar, with raving reviews and very high numbers, so all I need to do is maintain.

Setting up alternate financial streams. Removing the worry. Focusing on family.

If you wondered what I’m up to as a blog, I’ve been taking a rest and focusing on this issue. When I am ready, I will probably purchase the domain name and add more functionality and perhaps authors to this blog.

I would be interested in hearing from folks who would like to participate.

Otherwise, I will still hold every Drumpfter accountable for this fiasco you ignorantly helped usher in. One of the biggest charades was “At least Clinton didn’t win”. Clinton was NEVER meant to win, dumbass. Trump was and they manipulated YOU to get her done. Dumbass.

The myth: HRC/FBI/DOJ/Deep State thought Clinton would win easily

How many of you Drumpfters are high fiving the attacks on the poor Palestinians? I know, I know, Clinton would have ALREADY started WWIII, right? This little skirmish is just little Israel protecting itself from terrorists, right?

Maybe you don’t understand that little Israel is a place full of jewish psychopaths?

Jewishness as a tribal sociopathy

Psychopaths are narcissists with a huge appetite for power and no moral conscience. Incapable of emotional empathy, they feel no remorse for the suffering they inflict on others. The diagnostic criteria for psychopathy, as listed by Robert Hare, include pathological lying, cunning, and manipulative behavior.[7] The psychopath has no feeling for anyone, but has developed a great ability to simulate, sometimes with a tendency to histrionics. He can be charming and charismatic. Although he himself is immunized from guilt, he learns the art of inducing and exploiting others’ guilt.

Lying is so deeply embedded in his nature that the question of his sincerity is almost irrelevant. The truth has no value in his eyes, or is confused with the version of events that serves him; he can beat a lie detector. The psychopath is unable to put himself in the shoes of anyone else, and thus to view himself critically. He is never wrong, and his failures are always the fault of others. Confident in any circumstance of being right, innocent, and superior, he considers the resentment of his victims as pointless “hatred.”

Of course, a Drumpfter is too stupid to understand who controls their idiot idol (one has to be a blithering moron to believe that this asshole is a genius). But just like all other POTUS’s, he is controlled by jews (and in this case, to the consternation of some of my readers) the Chabad Lubavitchers that also control Putin/Russia. Some would have you believe that these are just religious fanatic freaks, but that would be to totally ignore how firm a grip they truly have (I would say falling for their ruse that they are unimportant).

Trump administration full of Jews

Although Jews constitute less than one per cent of the U.S. population, they dominate the Trump administration. They are overrepresented—far more than any other identifiable group. Dozens of Zionist Jews have been placed in top positions, some of which include(d)[note: some of these positions have changed]:

  • Jared Kushner (Trump’s own son-in-law)
  • David Friedman (Ambassador to Israel)
  • Steve Wynn (Jewish casino mogul appointed chairman to GOP finance leadership team)
  • Elliot Broidy (deputy finance chairman to GOP finance leadership team)
  • Michael Cohen (Trump’s personal lawyer and appointed as deputy finance chairman to GOP finance leadership team)
  • Jason Greenblatt (Middle East Zionist advocate)
  • Steve Mnuchin (Goldman Sachs bankster-Soros Group investor-turned U.S. Secretary of Treasury)
  • Gary Cohn (Director of the National Economic Council)
  • David Shulkin (Director of Veterans Affairs)

Other Lower appointments of Jews

  • Carl Icahn (casino magnate and syndicate operative)
  • Stephen Miller (staffer)
  • Boris Epshteyn (special assistant to the President)
  • Avrahm Berkowitz (special assistant to the President and Kushner)
  • Lewis Eisenberg (finance chairman for the Republican National Committee)
  • Michael Glassner (national political director)
  • Reed Cordish (assistant to the President for intragovernmental and technology initiatives)

And there are even more Jews present in the Trump administration at mid- and lower levels. Of course, a United States presidency run by Netanyahu and Likud would have to be disproportionately staffed by fellow tribesman. Jews also dominate the back channel between the Trump administration and Russia.

And via DC Dave, know a Yankee when you encounter one:

For the distinct cluster of characteristics just described, Dr. Wilson aforementioned uses the term Yankee.

The professor, whose métier is American intellectual history, was described by Eugene Genovese as “an exemplary historian who displays formidable talent.” Another stellar scholar, Thomas Landess, lauded Wilson as “a mind as precise and expansive as an encyclopedia.”

Duly, Dr. Wilson makes the following abundantly clear: By “Yankee,” he does not mean “everybody from north of the Potomac and Ohio.”

“The firemen who died in the World Trade Center on September 11 were Americans. The politicians and TV personalities who stood around telling us what we are to think about it are Yankees.”

“Yankee” as a designation belongs to “a peculiar ethnic group descended from New Englanders, who can be easily recognized by their arrogance, hypocrisy, greed, lack of congeniality, and a penchant for ordering other people around.”

“A perversity of character,” said Thomas Jefferson succinctly of the Yankee character.

It may be a short while before I post again, but when I do, it will be at (with or without the wordpress domain). Other changes will occur as well. Until then I hope Tom can post something.

12 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. [“Yankee” as a designation belongs to “a peculiar ethnic group descended from New Englanders, who can be easily recognized by their arrogance, hypocrisy, greed, lack of congeniality, and a penchant for ordering other people around.”

    “A perversity of character,” said Thomas Jefferson succinctly of the Yankee character.]

    (So the hypocrisy of Jefferson is any different?)
    I’ve lived in both New England and the deep South. The only difference in arrogance and hypocrisy is the smiling toothy grin of the southerner as opposed to the blunt faced northerner. And I’m from Ohio. I got called “Yankee” and frankly didn’t know why until I found out it is a slander just because I was born there. They didn’t know me from Adam but because I was from there…and as for the New England north…takes a long time to make a friend, but once there you’ve got them for life…(old hard working dairy farmer brothers who wanted me to inherit their farm after their death).
    Every man is arrogant no matter where they are or from…and their hypocrisy overflows. Only a man who has been changed by God through the cross and by deliverance is His light to the world, a changed man according to the righteousness of God and not himself. That is why the Messiah came to show us the painful way…a way not of lip service nor religion…but a true and only way. All men are jews when it comes to money and kingship. That’s a fact. When a man can go about his day without a penny in his pocket, able to have faith that the Almighty will provide, when he can be humbled of his pride and ego, when he is able to cast his gun down knowing that strength and revenge belongs to the Almighty (after all a gun is held by a true greedy coward, ie Gaza massacre), when a man can hate ALL evil including his own, when a man can never be afraid to die, is only when there will be true peaceful change. If he can’t then he is a liar and will never be able to bow to the one and only King who died for us all. Didn’t mean to get long here, but “Yankee” caused me to write a few lines to share in what futility really means.


    • Unfortunately, most people from up north are assholes. You must be one of the few that aren’t.

      The carpetbagging Yankee is easily known by this asshollery. Jefferson and many others saw this obviousness. Maybe it takes God to change this natural phenomena.


      • FYI, the so-called “carpetbaggers” were Jews, many of whom were from the north because, as you must realize by now Jews recognize no nation or geography in their delusional quest for total world domination. Read Henry Ford again, read the Protocols, and read Hitchcock’s The Synagogue of Satan.

        These same people continue to create divisions and hatred among those who only know the history that Jews are promoting which is mostly, if not all lies.

        In the north, the Jews were most of the slave owners too and they owned northern industry paying slave wages to workers who were forced to live in Jewish owned slums in unbelievably horrible conditions.

        It sounds like your education came from Talmud vision.

        U.S. Grant reported the ‘carpetbagger scam’ and other Jew scams with the result of Executive order #11 (interesting number right there).

        General Order No. 11 decreed as follows:
        The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the Department [of the Tennessee] within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order.
        Post commanders will see to it that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permit from headquarters.
        No passes will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application of trade permits.

        Cotton trade with the north continued throughout the war. As usual, the war was for the purpose of killing gentiles and of promoting drug addiction and can be considered an opium war–a market which still flourishes today began in the nineteenth century with over half a million new addicts among veterans alone. It then spread as a panacea with names like “laudanum” etc. the rest is history as they say. The SOP for the criminal Jew, Inc. is to then make it illegal, control that trade, and profit immensely, destroying lives in the process.

        You must know that all popular history and propaganda of the past two hundred years and much more has Jews behind it.

        Sparrow, who wrote that excellent comment above is not an exception at all. As Solzhenitsyn said “good and evil is in the heart of everyone of us”. If we hate with prejudice those whom the enemies of mankind tell us we should hate, then we have succumbed to their plan to destroy people’s souls.

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        • It sounds like your education came from Talmud vision.

          As if you would ever see anything I wrote on TV. Now why would you immediately lie?


          • While I was born in the North, none of my ancestors was here during the “War of Northern Aggression.” It should be remembered that many New Yorkers were vehemently opposed to the war–as were most “Copperhead” Northern Democrats. The Army had to be called in by Lincoln to suppress anti-war draft riots in New York. It’s also worth noting the one reason the South lost the conflict was the treachery of Judah P. Benjamin, a Sephardic Jew who was billed as the “second most powerful” man in the Southern government. Benjamin persuaded Davis that, if Davis ordered Stone Jackson NOT to capture Washington D.C. (which he easily could have done) Europeans would be more favorably inclined to lend the South money. It was feared by many Southern officers that Jackson would kill Benjamin if he subsequently came in contact with him, which he never did. After the war, Benjamin became a prominent barrister in London and, later, was elevated to the British High Court as a chief justice…courtesy of his Rothschild backers. Some Southerners wanted to lynch Benjamin. Others (like the modern Drumpfters) believed him to be rotting in a Yankee prison.


  2. Pingback: By “Yankee,” he does not mean “everybody from north of the Potomac and Ohio.” “The firemen who died in the World Trade Center on September 11 were Americans. The politicians and TV personalities who stood around telling us what we are to think a
  3. B’Man, I look forward to reading your new website. I would volunteer to contribute, but I am kind of attention-deficit-disorder and I have trouble meeting deadlines and producing intelligent thoughts reliably.

    As for the Hillary/Trump conspiracies – I think that the Deep State has multiple factions. One big faction of the Deep State wanted Hillary. It’s likely that another big faction of the Deep State wanted Trump. Certainly a lot of Israelis preferred Trump. There are a lot of dirty secrets that ought to be dragged into the sunlight. I want to find out (for example) how much the NYPD knew about Pizzagate, and how exactly the Deep State prevented the NYPD from spilling the beans. In the end, I fear that Hillary is actually a human-trafficking cannibal, and Trump (for all his flaws) doesn’t seem to be a cannibal. But the fact is I don’t have enough facts to explain all the events.

    @Laskarina “FYI, the so-called “carpetbaggers” were Jews, ” – That’s a good point. In addition to conspiracy journalism, which deals with current events, we also need to teach conspiracy history, which deals with past events.


    • I contend that the power player jews did not want Hillary as POTUS. Nor did they want a jew as POTUS which is why they manipulated the Primary results.

      There wasn’t a single stump event that didn’t show ‘yuge’ numbers for Sanders and Trump while Hillary’s showed virtually no one. Granted, I live in the south, but yard signs for Trump were at least 100:1 (probably more).

      Even with all the screams of media bias against Trump, when did they ever stop promoting him? He got far more air time than anyone. This isn’t just news journalists following stories, but a meme being planted.

      Whether any of them are cannibals, I don’t know, but Trump would eat his own baby for enough shekels. You can be assured of that.


  4. Trump was a Trojan Horse from day one. Full of jew. So is hillary, that’s how bad it is.

    The jews handymen will be processed through the Exit Audits also but instead of being loaded into the shipping containers bound for isreal, they will be loaded into the shipping containers headed for a floating city called “New Nomansland”, an electric power generation station where all you see are stationary bicycles where 8 hours of peddling earns you a 1/2 hour credit for use of a fishing pole with a baited hook.

    What’s the bait you ask? Well naturally, the ones who choose not to ride. Treasonous fucks that they all are.


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