America: The Christian Nation

I know many a redneck that has explained this to me, while wearing their very best, pressed, america flag swimming trunks, sipping a Bud. Its a ridiculous statement nowadays, even if it were only somewhat true back in the day.

Yeah, I know its the week of the July 4th Holiday, so thinking about December is a stretch, but did you know one cannot display a Christian scene on the White House lawn, but these black hats can raise the world’s largest menorah? You cannot express the love of the Christmas season, but they can express their love for carnage and death (which is what each and every jewish ‘Holy Day” is all about).

Case in point is a recent Rabbi addition as head of the mostly Christian Graduate Theological Union at Berkley. This baby goober sucker said:

“Most people think of GTU as being a place where Christian institutions engage each other, but if you have a rabbi as president, I think that means that the kind of Christian dominance and hegemony, which is so much a part of American history, is being transformed,” Lehmann told J. “I think it’s a recognition that there are religious traditions that need to be given greater voice.”

Yeah, Just what America needs. A Greater jewish control than what has already made us the laughing stock of the world.

Hell, people. You and I both know that America is now a jewish nation. Not that there are MORE jews, but that their influence is the mainstay of this country. These destructive, life-hating animals control virtually every aspect of your life and you don’t even fucking know it.

Happy Independence Day, Suckers!