3 thoughts on “In Dependence of Israel Day

  1. Like the Romans, our state cult (American idealism, pioneerism, Euro American social norms, etc) has peaked and is in decline. People don’t trust in their ((( institutions))), have little to no no commonality with either their replacements, their tormentors, nor each other, and so all we are left with are hollow consumerist oriented displays that no one really in their heart of hearts believes in.
    The elites, who hate the population they rule over with far more disdain than any Roman emperor, have grafted the Israeli historical mission onto the American one. The emerging public religion neccessary to sell dying late stage American capitalism with the added insult of Jewish parasitism is to be found in the proclamations of the NYT, CNN, Atlantic, etc. They are careful to allow for the impression of Independence with ever bombastic displays of chest thumping, however the 21 trillion dollar debt, the stranglehold of the banking system, the dual citizenry at all levels of power, the military largesse directed at Iran and rock throwing children all tell a different story.
    Americans who are livid about Colin Kapernick have themselves taken a knee on their most cherished of days…and are too deluded or in denial to notice it.

    As I read Shelby Foote today, I can’t help but notice the antagonism between civility and conviction that was the hallmark of the Civil War period has been resolved. Today, we have neither. Happy 4th!


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