Ordered To Be Silent by John Kaminski

Ordered to be silent

Recite the Jews’ version of history

or face gag orders and/or jail time

The thing to keep in mind is that people are being put in jail for telling the truth. That makes the idea that you are living in a free country a willful delusion from which no competent decisions about anything may be made.

By John Kaminski



Alison Chabloz

You are no longer allowed to tell a story that is not approved by the Jews, especially if it involves holy Holocaust defamation. Like a spreading stain of darkness slowly asphyxiating the minds of everyone on Earth, the monstrous judicial invention that “truth is no defense” has unleashed the worst possible future upon our lemming-like human species.

People are being snatched off the streets for daring to analyze their country’s provably criminal history. A woman lampooning a well-known ethnic group is ordered to stay off the Internet for a year. And anyone who dares speak critically about Jews in public, after first having their character assassinated by a huffy Jewish spokesperson, is likely to be arrested by a very real thought police.

The stain of darkness has spread much further than you may have thought, but a quick scan of the literature that has not yet been completely erased by Amazon and the other Jewish mind erasers reveals the public knew more 80 years ago about the problem that has poisoned all life on this planet than we do today.

Those who claim to be involved in the quest for justice should take this assessment to heart, for the time is running out for humanity’s best qualities as they are steadily being erased by crazies who know nothing of compassion, humanity or justice.

Revisionists are telling the truth

You know the revisionists are telling the truth, that Holohoax is the proper term for all this Jewish Holocaust hysteria, because you know by now — if you are even remotely conscious — that your government is lying about everything it does, so if it says the Holocaust was real, you’d automatically know it is lying to you . . . again . . . and still.

For instance, our government says it is fighting ISIS in Syria, and then we learn it is funding ISIS in Syria through such third party operatives as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This not the first time this has happened. America’s longest war is now Afghanistan, and the same principles are at work. The U.S. trains and funds the very people it is supposed to be fighting. We trained the mujahadeen and they became al-Qaeda, paid by our Pentagon to be both friend and foe.

The purpose of all these tragic invasions is the same. In Afghanistan, 17 years of military adventurism and many thousands of lives were spent to protect the poppy crop, providing fuel for the cycle of depravity that funnels drugs to the streets, children into prison, and profits from slave labor. In Syria, it’s the oil in the Golan Heights which Israel is already stealing.

The thing to keep in mind is that people are being put in jail for telling the truth. That makes the idea that you are living in a free country a willful delusion from which no competent decisions about anything may be made.

The only thing Jews fear is the truth.

That’s why all these white countries that have been taken over by Jews are slamming people into jail for challenging the bogus Jewish version of history. Unfortunately — due to Jews owning the majority of media outlets around the world — the majority of the people in the world tend to believe their well-distributed propaganda.

Like the official story of 9/11 that has long since fallen apart, or the now-debunked lies about the invasion of Libya, which led to the mass invasion of migrants in Europe. Jew puppets Hillary and Obama were responsible for the tragic debasement of Europe, which they triggered by their criminal assassination of Libya and its beloved leader.

One hundred years of evidence clearly reveals that the Jews tell the truth about nothing, but nothing they have done matches the lies they have told about what they did to the Germans during World War II.

These lies, and the twisted laws they have spawned, are inexorably strangling every country on Earth, and every person on this planet. These laws prevent the perpetrators from humanity’s greatest crimes from ever being apprehended, charged and convicted — because it would be anti-Semitic.

Zombie Germany

No one who knows the real history of the 20th century dares to travel to Germany — or any European Union nation —  anymore. They will be slammed into prison for harboring unacceptable thoughts.

As we speak Lady Michelle Renouf, attempting to attend the kangaroo court trial of the Schaeffer siblings, fears suffering the same fate as Monika Schaeffer, the Canadian fiddle player who made a humorous YouTube about her mother and the Holocaust, went to Germany to visit her brother Alfred, and then was promptly snatched by the Holohoax police and slammed into prison with no charges for many months.

Monika and Alfred Schaeffer

She and her brother Alfred are in court this week, with their futures not bright and on the line.

This is banana republic garbage. In Germany there is no liberty or justice for those who understand the worldwide Jewish mind scam. Now that Merkel has set the Africans free in Germany, one can no longer expect any justice there. Renouf has to skulk around Stuttgart clandestinely lest she be arrested by Jewish thugs and funneled off to jail for yet another trial.

And now for the first time, this mind virus has spread to England, where for the first time a man has been jailed for daring to insist on the true facts of history.

Jew cops in England

Jeremy Bedford-Turner — a.k.a. Jez Turner — was sentenced to 12 months for a 2015 speech he gave criticizing a Jewish organization known as Shomrim, which is essentially a Jewish police force that works closely with local police.

Prior to Turner’s hasty conviction, Andrew Joyce wrote:

Bear in mind that the Crown Prosecution Service has already told Gideon Falter—not once, but several times—that Jez Turner has committed no crime. If Jez is now found “guilty” on some trumped-up charge, the Crown Prosecution Service will not only lose all credibility but the world will see for itself that Jez was right all along when he allegedly said: “All politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune.”


Writer Robert Henderson wrote,

But even with a jury the odds were heavily against a not guilty verdict. In the minds of jurors must be the fear of being called a racist, a fear which has been so successfully inculcated in the general population that it produces an automated reflex of panic and terror when faced with the possibility of the label being stuck on them. Any juror faced with a case such as this must have in the back of their minds that to return a not guilty would be to risk being called a racist. There is also the sheer shock factor of hearing politically incorrect views being unashamedly spoken. As it was the jury was out for less than two hours and returned a unanimous version of guilty.


Long ago we knew more than we know now

Before World War II started, one observer wrote:

The press has degenerated under Jewish control and influence into lying propaganda agencies whose chief mission appears to be to deceive and befuddle the people. In Protocol 12 the Elders of Zion say of the Press:

“Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.

— George Armstrong, The Rothschild Money Trust, 1940, p.47

This Protocol was written before 1905. Seventy-eight years after this was written, the modern world has much less an idea that Jews control everything, and the laws across Europe that prevent debunking all these obvious Jewish lies are swallowing up people trying to point out the truth of history one valiant martyr at a time.

Jews can’t prove 6 million died, but we can prove 273,000 died, not all of them Jews, in the German labor camps.

To think of all the false Jewish stories about fake Holocaust stories told by pathetic wretches in search of celebrity is to contemplate the spectrum of human psychological disorders.

So, the long and short of it is, you may not even think about a story that affects Jews negatively, because this has been determined to be a crime against the state.

Perhaps you can think of other things that the Jews appear to be out to take from you, beyond your ability to think for yourself.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.






4 thoughts on “Ordered To Be Silent by John Kaminski

  1. A better edited and somewhat more condensed version of a stream-of-consciousness rant that I originally posted in much more bloated fashion at a couple of other sites. Only the fringe-of-the-fringe will understand what I’m talking about but then only creative minorities really matter (literally: can think and therefore ‘thing’ themselves, can ‘matter’ their thoughts and therefore create and shape new variations of ‘matter’ in the outside wor-L-d, the outside WORD with the letter ‘L’ or c-lever-age, conceptual-leverage added.

    Let’s turn to where “power” is supposedly derived from in the SWUHO (Shekel-Shackled World Usurocracy & Homo Order), these Disney-hoax-land “ride” tickets called money (mono-eye or the all-seeing eye on top of the pyramid on every U.S. Bill, I don’t know what it is in the other 155 central-banked currencies, but they should be some similar ooga-booga cartoon).
    “Money” in its proper sense is nothing but a symbol of energy. However, in its improper or perverted sense, it is deliberately separated from the realm of spiritual energy, the foundation without the proper laying and handling of which all “physical energy” sooner-or-later falters even in its most ambitious goals and leads to weak or crumbling structures.

    When people who actually have a decent-paying job within the made-tricks (soul-sucking head-chop in un-decent cases) spend many tens or even hundreds of hours of their supposedly valuable time at a website and then shrink from merely electronically or physically transferring the symbols of this same energy to the website owner so he can get himself a sandwich or two and feed his family, it merely shows that they are not serious and are only there for entertainment and the stroking of their egos with an ‘edgy and rebelious’ non-official and mostly anonymous social club membership.

    The truly cultured person can get his meal anywhere without having to go dumpster-diving for tons of one-day-past-‘fresh’-date unopened and discarded foods in the thousands of supermarkets and restaurants in overconsuming ‘First World’ countries, relatively sane insane asylums because the creed of his fu-ture-d culted hours is energy-saving efficiency in both physical and mental tasks and how they always relate and feed on each other’s c-lever-age. His very presence and way of expression helps and is therapy to his more troubled brothers and sisters psychologically without ever being direct, preachy, patronizing or heavy handed (charm: getting the answer yes without having to ask a clear question, to paraphrase Camus); he knows how to magnanimously barter righteously spent energy for the similarly channeled or heading-in-that-direction energy of others, how to deal in ideas with his common-sense dancing (a well-developed sense of humor) so as not to humiliate others but inspire them to emulate his methods, so that they can laugh and be that happy also, regardless of the situation and its pressures.

    As the journalist Sydney Harris used to say: “The time to relax is when you don’t have time to relax.” That is what the true master can do, without extravagance and without showing off. People can sense the vibe of badass through his humility from a mile away which makes him even more badass, meaning someone they’d rather be jealous of and try to emulate rather than envy and try to cut down so that they don’t feel shown-up as lightweights by comparison. He can relax enough even under a BJJ chokehold to snake his way out it. He saves energy through efficient movements of mind and body at all times, at every waking minute and even with his postures during sleep and dream states, regardless of the job (energy processing ritual) to be done, as long as it is righteous and heeds the proper rites accessed from within oneself, from the inner guide, the leader-of-all-leaders inside all of us which most of us have been taught to ignore.

    The main fallacy that even most of the conspiracy-wise-&-jew-wise have been brainwashed with and seem to have a lot of trouble getting around is this ridiculous stone-age notion that ‘numbers’ and non-thinking (non-thinging-through-thinking, non-creative) conformity to ‘the real ways of ancestors’ represents ‘power,’, i.e., that genetics can trump unrenewed and degenerated culture only if there is more of it around than other cellular life-blueprints. No it cannot. It can offer resistance for a while only IF it has access to the creative fruits or k-now-ledge of the delicately weighed psychological balances achieved by fallible human beings (called his ancestors) in the past, the temperances-without-compromise attained within those older cultures that made enough strength to enable them to set their wills free and see them in action, to not be afraid of liberating individuals safely and achieve a see-will-i-zation ‘I’s’ balanced with the group rather than its counterfeit of a haoxed see-will-lies-ation.

    It’s the chicken and the egg as to which came first but the genetic predispositions of an extended family or group of people that identify them as kindred or having more in common than others outside that line of extension with other types of enculturation and predisposition, for better or worse, are not stamped for all time but only for a certain period of time, and most probably not even remotely as long ‘evolutionarily’ as previously assumed if the more recent science of epigenetics is any indication.

    The period of time it takes for a culture to degenerate back into savagery depends on the amount of previous correct enculturation applied by past re-generating generations. These regenerations may have been massive relative strength at one time, but when the giant became satisfied and rested on his laurels and eventually started sleeping too much and became fat, the parasites gained entrance into the land of his psyche again in order to slyly pervert and con it out of spiritual weapons first, through bait-&-hook, limited-hangout re-leach-ions, for example, like jew-on-a-stick or mu-ham-mad (lol, mad for ham? Another Abra-ham-ic bacon-stuffing cohen-cidence?) worship (war-ship, war-sheep, far-sheep, fear-shaped worriers make the dumbest and ‘best’ warriors), preluding to the soon-to-come conning away of its out-formed physical commodities and weapons as well.

    It’s nature’s way of making them vigilant and creative again through pain, suffering, humiliation and disgrace, the kick in the ass the extended family needs to get its shit together again. In that sense, and in that sense only, parasites are necessary and will always be around to force (and lay the ground-rules of the farce to be acted out) re-generation of the degenerated and uncreative. If the fat giant becomes lean again and starts creatively kicking ass, nature then turns the tables on the parasites and forces (farces the bad karma of the dialectics of their own clown show back on themselves) them to either sharpen their con-games and wits some more or disappear until mutant new parasite strains re-introduce themselves in the human gene pool.

    Parasitic control over mediums of in-form-ation deliberately pre-vents the rite-uals (without the properly tempered rite-ual, no course is ever ‘right’ or air-conditioned for non-suffocating travel) and principles of their ancestral cultural regeneration from doing their job by occulting or hiding them in limited ‘cults’ and then ringing the w-rung Pavlovian bells of the strictly limited dialectics of their see-will-lie-say-shuns for these same people to salivate at empty plates or plates with very little nutrition on it, all sizzle no steak.

    As the word itself tell you phonetically: you have a civilization when you have the freedom of choice to actually see your will in action and the freedom of speech to discuss, dialect, develop and synthesize new movements of mind and matter, thus creating new choices that weren’t even there before, options and perspectives to see farther from higher ground on the shoulders of giants and lower for newer strains of extra-nasty critters on the shoulders of dwarves and mental midgets. This is the subjective act of creative thinking and consequent so-called objective ‘thing-ing’ which follows the logic of that mental blueprint or map.

    When a task is done well and successfully, meaning if c-lever-ly done through finding as many angles of conceptual leverage as possible in the cloistered safety of the mind first in order to waste the least energy carrying it through in the outside physical realm of form extenions, it means the logically solved mental puzzles have produced their leveraged analogues through forms and shapes and then used these measures (me-assures) to fit the outside physicality of solids to the many shades and hues of human needs. At that point, not only do we face reality but we make reality face us by obeying its simultaneously super-strict and endlessly generous rules (proper me-assure-ments).

    Note: the Hegelian dialectic being thesis, antithesis, synthesis, i.e., the basic law of all movement since Socrates first used it (whether a real historical figure or a fictional one, the ideas his symbol conveyed are certainly not intangible fantasy but get results in the physical realm proving their validity for that time and place and some their validity for many and maybe even all times and places beyond) by testing all propositions through their contradictory opposites and creating a new and tempered-without compromise (twc), win-win dialectic between previously win-lose opposites by including all-the-still-valid ‘babies’ of the opposites in the newer, more streamlined synthesis and discarding their bathwater (which may have been more degrees of ‘baby’ in the previous, more primitive incarnations of the dialectic, as new things are discovered previous babies become bathwater like horses relative to the modern automobile, or candles and gaslights relative to electric bulbs).

    Of course, as we all know, Hegelian dialectics can easily be falsified and perverted by authority to serve agendas and create mental and linguistic prisons to entrap entire societies within the symbols and false-road-signs-leading-to-falls in their own population’s heads. Such as, for example, giving the false borders and boundaries of only traumatic or dramatic ‘linear’ or non-dancing life experience processing; solving the puzzle from one point forward rather than from all points possible at once, not trusting your sense organs and nervous system and wasting energy through too much tension, becoming tense and through it stuck in ‘tenses,’ past-present-&-future tensing (and fencing in) movement instead of always residing in the k-now-ledge of the k-NOW.

    The dramatic form itself is the oldest cliché in the history of the arts for the very good reason that it puts you in past and future ‘tense’ mode constantly, tense-ioned with worry and fear and thus playing into the hands of power through the emotion of fear, often endlessly manufactured fears that kill the average person’s confidence: fear of conflict and confrontation created through drop-by-drop injected feelings of inferiority and incompetence out of the world-encompassing gigantic needle of enemy propaganda (the elites vs. everybody else too dumb to realize that is going on); the fear of failing to be the equal of situations as they arise and meeting them in a cool and collected fashion, fear of not being able to operate your brain and body, your living and acting ‘self’ the way it was meant to be operated, in at least a three-way split and re-coming-to-gather in harmony and leveraged synergy with each other plus with the outside world’s in-formation coming in through the filters of symetrically balanced ritual and rite, the ‘right’ way of doing things, that ‘G’ added in ‘ri-gh-t-e’ being the favorite letter of the Judeo-Masonic elites, don’t know what the ‘h’ is there for, certainly no reason of linguistic function that’s for sure.

    Actually a three way tempered split working towards synergy is just the very beginning. The way to really operate the mind and body is like the greatest, most sophisticated, most endlessly subtle and sensitive machine in the world, a work of art to begin and end and transcend all other works of art and which contains them all in one form or another and extends them upon discovery to the outside realm, but which so many people abuse and treat worse than their second-hand cars.

    How many stupid, frigging morons who have vandalized their own masterpiece and spat on god with disgusting and ugly tattoos and barbaric mutilations like that clown “Dankula” go and fix every last little ding and dent in their stupid-ass cars and get angry enough to beat-the-shit-out-of a complete stranger they don’t even know, possibly to commit assault and end up in jail with a felony on their record if someone merely deliberately ‘keys’ and scratches it up? I used to have a ‘friend’ back in my college days who would get mad if you just accidentally or through having too much youthful energy shut his car door closed too hard, not even meaning to! lol What they really should do, these embarrassing low-IQ degenerated bozos who call themselves ‘European’ is beat-the-shit out of themselves for vandalizing their own bodies.

    The long-outdated dramatic form provides the stage directions of entire societies under its traumatic spell, directions for a strictly limited and predictable series of movements and variations, the outcomes of which are always obvious to those aware of the psychological operations, the PsyOps, maintaining these dialectics in a degenerated and hackneyed state, benefiting certain groups and harming others, these other groups coining the terms ab-irato (man in anger) and ab-use (used in anger) to identify these specific pains-in-their-collective-asses and hopefully prevent their re-application in the future.

    Ab irato
    AB IRATO, civil law. A Latin phrase, which signifies by a man in anger. It is applied to bequests or gifts, which a man makes adverse to the interest of his heir, in consequence of anger or hatred against him. Thus a devise made under these circumstances is called a testament ab irato. And the suit which the heirs institute to annul this will is called an action ab irato. Merlin, Repert. mots Ab irato.
    A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856

    Drama arises out of its twin phonetic brother trauma and and vice versa, both long outdated conceptions of life and conflict-resolution engaged in ‘creatively’ destroying cultures and keeping them backwards, de-story-ing them as Dennis Fetcho of the Illuminatus Observor (sic) would say


    since it (the dramatic form) provides ready-made, as-if-this-was-all-there-is-to-life, viciously circled downward psychological paths carved by the sharp blade of fear-based mind-control on the psyches of all androids who dream of electric sheep and fake moon landings. As in all things from the ‘past’ that have been deliberately occulted or hidden in order to confuse and keep us in a state of philosophical and foundational imbalance, the historic or ancestral ‘baby’ is worth re-discovering only if the inherent weaknesses that increased its bathwater and drowned it before can now be avoided by newer and more creative technologies that allow beter thought and emotion-control and hence healthier babies.

    The reality is that, illuminated by illness or not, enlightened off your heavy feet like Fred Astaire or not, true power and strength come from invention (vented from the inside, where the wisdom of your cells and nervous system guide you if you can only remove the Pink-Floydian walls of the linguistic and dialectical prisons erected to prevent you from listening to them; Cannabis and other psychedelics are popular with both hedonistic idiots and thinking people alike because they let you peer beyond these inner barriers and enjoy the inner-joys of applying new and improved filters of experience as experience could be and should be instead of the same old thing: experiencing more and more injuries through the disapproval of your inner-jury from the clogged and unreplaced filters used before.

    What we’re talking about is in-vented logical techniques (techno-logy), and those only come from the process of creativity, which, although necessarily engaged in smaller degrees by all non-retarded human beings who might even do as little as illiterately learn a spoken language through an essentially artistic and metaphorical process, is really the realm of tiny high-IQ creative minorities, those with the brains and sensitivity to be skillful enough to reach the artistic or scientific level. It is this learning of even one word through an essentially artful process that gives every healthy human being the ability to intuitively appreciate the value of that same path-blazing process of spiritual navigation, that ‘artistic’ process, in its far more complex and elegant forms expressed by scientists and artists. Some might even come to appreciate the Philospher whose task is hardest, since he has to know enough of science and art at all times to be able to build bridges between the two realms. Since these tasks are not easy, philosophers and those adept at scientific or artistic de-sign-ing, tend to be strictly tiny minorities relative to their societies, but who create and provide the tools for other aspirants in this direction to maybe one day improve themselves enough to join them.

    Note: to de-sign means de-signifying previous signs or maps of physical and spriritual navigation with new and improved ones through the methods of science and he-art, sign-ing the roadmaps of the new significances captured, through survival instinct if nothing else, by examining the t-root-s hidden underground of the branches and leaves-of-be-leaf they can see all around them, the foundations of the in-struct-ion manuals of the structured erections, if not necessarily the ultimately limitless ejaculations, of the human act of creation, through forms (meta-phor-m), outside its armour of flesh and bones. It is the armour that creates the ‘amour’ when two people of opposite sex meet and connect and synergize, the word for love in the romance languages. Hiroshima Mon A-r-mour.


    The guy who made this famous non-linear French New-Wave film, which I recommend all intelligent people to see at least once, as it’s one of the greatest cinematic works ever, unfortunately not only pushed and fear-mongered the Nuke Weapons Hoax https://www.big-lies.org/nuke-lies/www.nukelies.com/forum/ on the intelligentsia of world cinema enthusiasts, but also a ridiculous 9 million figure in a much shorter holohoax “documentary” he made previously called “Night & Fog.” Robert Faurisson mentions the holohoax nonsense of “Night & Fog” being shown to all school kids in France to brainwash them at an early age to feel sorry for their usuring oppressors crying as they beat their slave victims with multi-generationally-long-and-slow-acting but even-more-effective-because-of-it usury sticks the slaves are too stressed out and bee-see to see.

    We, as ‘truthers’ or roto-rooters of the t-root that gets you true and thru, are either creative minorities ourselves or, at the very least, have developed enough natural anti-con-artist-&-parasite bug-spray to be the psychological bodyguards of these creative minorities, from whose minds all true power stems technologically, but who, more often than not, are not con-artist-proof enough to be able to operate un-raped and un-molested by the ruthless and t-root-less bastard sons of usury.

    “You call yourself a philosopher, a reformer. Fine. But the key to your work is advertising. You’re promoting a product. The new and improved accelerated brain. You must use the most current tactics for arousing consumer interest. Associate LSD with all the good things that the brain can produce—beauty, fun, philosophic wonder, religious revelation, increased intelligence, mystical romance. Word of mouth from satisified consumers will help, but get your rock and roll friends to write jingles about the brain: (breaking into song) ‘Lysergic acid hits the spot / Forty billion neurons, that’s a lot.’ Wave reassuringly. Radiate courage. Never complain or appear angry. It’s ok if you come off as flamboyant and eccentric. You’re a professor, after all. But a confident attitude is the best advertisement. You must be known for your smile.” ~ Marshall McLuhan’s advice to Timothy Leary on the best ways to promote LSD, (1966)

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