What If…

What if the old fucks are too ignorant or brainwashed (or part of the Kabuki) to have asked these IMPORTANT questions BEFORE the nomination?

Sorry Judgie-poo. You were one of the champions all along. You and most of the Lew Rockwell gang simply believed the BS, but NOW you feel you should write this. That, sir, is mighty convenient for those idiots that now want to save face.

But don’t fret, sir. Every one of these asshat clowns who once criticized politics for the corrupted nature they are, are really all on board for the slaughter. All my old haunts are on board. And these were the ones I though had sense. No need in saving face with these idiots.

Don’t worry, Judgie-poo. The Drumpfter contingent is still on board.

And BuelahMan really is a dumb ole redneck for thinking these people had some sense.

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