Trump Announces Purge of “Right Wing Terrorists”

News flash to the “ALT-RIGHT”–Trump is not playing 4D chess as far as you are concerned.   He’s playing for team “Pax Judaica.”  But let’s hear if from the proverbial horse’s mouth:
“I do believe right-wing terrorism is a problem and it’s one I’m going to solve…and to be honest, I don’t like it even a little bit.”
President Donald Trump
Press Conference, 7 November 2018

What is President Trump’s definition of “terrorism?”  I suspect it lies in the realm of the propaganda spewed by the ADL.


More people in the U.S. are killed annually by lightning or sharks than by “right wing terrorists”–who are frequently defending themselves from violent attacks from the likes of ANTIFA.   So why is this such a big problem? (The Jewish sect in Pittsburgh attacked by an apparent psychotronic killer–now being lovingly cared for by compassionate Jewish doctors–was a relatively innocuous liberal group that orthodox Jews would probably consider not real Jews–their marriages and conversions would likely not even be recognized in Israel!)

Remember that under the Patriot Act, “paper terrorism” is considered a form of terrorism. That’s free speech in ordinary language.

The shut-down of right-wing media is only the start of the President’s program, done under the phony media smokescreen Trump as a supposed white supremacist. Trump is a Jewish supremacist, if anything.

I have no a priori animosity toward other races.  But there is little understanding among all races that whites as a subspecies are in a steep decline.  (One people understands very well and is doing everything possible to accomplish this goal.)   They’d soon be considered endangered if any other animal or species.   Other human subspecies have a mix of dominant and recessive genes and are fairly resistant to major change (the purpose of sexual reproduction is to prevent major change–sexual reproduction is THE major argument against evolution.)  Whites, having predominantly recessive alleles governing key traits, are more highly susceptible to alteration.  The evidence of this can be found in the populations of the Indian subcontinent, near and Mideast, and Central and South America.

Along these lines, Trump is already planning collaboration with Democrats to launch the next stage of his program–which will actually be helped by Democratic control of the House. Look for Trump to side with Democrats on so-called “immigration reform” in the coming year after he bravely resists the invasion from Hondouras. (If you believe the Mexican Army can’t deal with 7000 rock-throwing Hondourans and believe this is legit–and not some phony Zionist electioneering–perhaps we should just walk in and take over Mexico.) Trump will join with Democrats to legalize 20-million nonwhite illegal aliens in the U.S.  Yes, Trump will ban “anchor babies” but the legalized illegals will bring in another horde to replace feckless white Americans.

Speaking about the alleged defeat of the Mexican Army by rock-throwing Hondourans. Notice how Trump uses the exact same rhetoric as Benjamin Netanyahu in justifying the potential shooting of unarmed rock throwers (when nonlethal means could be quite effective.) In the words of the philosopher Thomas Aquinas: “As things act, so they are.”


9 thoughts on “Trump Announces Purge of “Right Wing Terrorists”

    • Point taken. I’m usually on top of these things but am being threatened with eviction and must take care of my immediate needs. Frequently, although I can’t prove it, I suspect “victims” sometimes reincarnated in Israel under different identities. Israel is very opaque when it comes to non Jews–so getting information is virtually impossible. When I was doing the newsletter and researching Israeli companies, even the directory assistance operators would give me the third degree. Like “Why do you need this information?” or “for what purpose are you using this information.” That was just for a phone number and address. Once I got invited (along with other editors) to an all-expense-paid fact-finding trip to Israel. They didn’t send me the plane tickets or paid hotel reservations, though.

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