For those of you who respect what President Donald Trump is attempting to do to restore traditional values to America, it’s most likely that many of you may have never heard of the man who blazed the way for Trump to sweep into the Oval office: Willis Allison Carto. In fact, his list of accomplishments is so significant, it would fill many volumes, but without a doubt, Carto was the most important Nationalist, populist figure in America prior to Trump. Carto was born in 1926 and passed away peacefully..with his wife of nearly 60 years by his side..on October 26, 2015. His wife, Elisabeth was also by his side throughout his entire life, contributing greatly to his success. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Carto was drafted into the in 1944, earning a Purple Heart when he received a memento from a Japanese infantryman on Cebu island in the Philippines on May 5, 1945. Carto carried the scars of that wound to his last day.
Now everything Carto created…from 1953 to 2015..and passed on to his wife, is in danger of being lost. It was in 2001 that Carto began publication of American Free Press (AFP) a weekly newspaper in the populist motif of an earlier newspaper he created, The Spotlight. AFP is published to this day but is in danger of imminent collapse due to the machinations of three men. Circulation, which began at around 60,000 subscribers, is now well below 10,000 and falling fast. This is due to the fact that the paper has strayed from its original mission of covering stories ignored by the corporate media, so-called “controversial” issues. It is also due to the fact that there have been no attempts to increase subscribership..for new subscribers or contact those who let their subscriptions expire..which may seem counterintuitive but is being done for reasons which will be explained later. In March of 2014 the Carto’s accountant declared that the companies’ total assets were $2.4 million, an indication of how successful the empire was that the Cartos built over six decades. In 2015, in poor health, Carto made provisions to have his lifetime of work continued, and two of these men, Christopher J. Petherick and Paul T. Angel..who Carto employed for many years..had given their solemn word of honor that they would continue in the tradition that he had laid down for AFP and its sister publication,
The Barnes Review (TBR). TBR was founded by publisher and 1994 as a bimonthly magazine covering America first causes and revisionist history. He could never have known that these individuals that he trusted, would assault his legacy before he was even buried in Arlington National cemetery in February of 2016, although it was revealed after his death that Petherick and Angel had connived at least three times to take control of Carto’s life’s work. Neither attended his funeral services nor did they send anything to mark his passing. This in light of the fact that Independent contractors..were paid handsomely by Carto, to the tune of over $100,000 each, annually. Carto had set up a board of directors for AFP and TBR, with five individuals overseeing all company business. He was the chairman of the board but before he died, Petherick and Angel “packed” the board, acting as if they were now the owners of these two entities, as well as a third: The Foundation to Defend the First Amendment (FDFA) a non-profit dedicated the title states…the defense of the U.S. Constitution’s First amendment. Willis was dead for less than a year, and his name was removed as founder from AFP. Then Petherick and Angel claimed they lacked sufficient funds to continue operating both AFP and TBR and needed to cut expenses. Willis…who worked for over 60 years for Nationalist causes without ever getting paid…had set up a retirement stipend for himself and his wife during the last few months of his life.
 Less than six months after his death, they ousted Elisabeth in April of 2016. When AFP and TBR subscribers would call the office to ask about Elisabeth…she was a permanent fixture there for all those decades…the people answering the phone were directed to lie and to tell the callers she had retired voluntarily. In January of 2017, Petherick and Angel reneged on the stipend that Elisabeth was entitled to…according to the contract they signed…leaving her in a tenuous financial position, as she had depended upon Willis to provide for her daily needs for almost her entire life. Petherick and Angel had ordered their highly paid lackey, AFP’s webmaster, Canadian Jason do the dirty work and leave Mrs. Carto to fend for herself, such a short time after her husband’s death. Revealingly, Petherick..who for years maintained the title of executive editor, now referred to himself as editor-in-chief…emailed Elisabeth with the following on January 9, 2017:  “See below and the attached letter from Jason Snow to you. He will be your point of contact for this from here on.”
Jason Snow’s January 8, 2017 email:
Jason Snow here.  Attached is a copy of an official letter I sent you by mail more than a week ago. We can no longer afford to pay you your stipend. January will be your last payment. Also, I will be your only contact from now on. Everyone in the organization has been told not to respond to your emails, letters phone calls and visits. If you have something you wish to address the organization, it will be done through me. We need to make these ( and other cuts) to stay in business. I’m sure you understand.  Jason
Effectively, Willis Carto’s widow, while still grieving, was told with only a few days notice that she would no longer receive anything from the companies she and her husband had created. After all she’s been through, Elisabeth continues working diligently on Willis’ papers and has created two websites to share his life’s work. She does not intend to stop soon. This…while Petherick and Angel continue to pay themselves exorbitantly, each taking home $100,000 annually. Snow, meanwhile, the part-time webmaster is “earning” nearly $50,000 a year for doing almost nothing. Even more alarming is the fact that the AFP had gone from a weekly paper…since its biweekly, but Petherick, Angel and Snow suffered no reduction in pay, although there was half the amount of work that needed to be done.
 Incredibly, these three have taken steps to declare themselves owners of the companies the Cartos created. This was revealed in the pages of AFP, which is required to annually print United States Postal Service Form 3526,which is a statement of ownership that lists the number of the newspapers subscribers (8,216). Petherick, Angel and Snow are now listed as the owners. In effect, they are squatters, milking these companies for all they can get from them.


This is part 1 of how Willis and Elisabeth Carto’s America first mission is being betrayed and in danger of becoming irrelevant. Stay tuned for more information on how this organization…which held out so much hope for the common man…is now nothing more than a tool used by three men to enrich themselves at the expense of all that was painstakingly created by the Cartos.
PUBLIUS, an Author of the Federalist Papers, Reporting from Washington, D.C.
Without a doubt, another of the growing list of avaricious, criminal tragedies and appalling behaviors from those who SHOULD know better. Unfortunately, there are more revelations to come. Another of the crimes of the AFP/TBR pirates is that like the IHR in CA, producing something of value doesn’t seem to matter – only stealing money and shoving widows out into the street. (That sounds very much — simon legree-jewishness.) Absolutely unconscionable. Submitted for your review (forwarded from John Kaminski, Jim and Joe Rizoli).
Diane King


  1. I knew when John Friend started his foray at the virtually defunct paper that his lack of discernment was taking him to the likes of Sandy Hookers and various liars and scalawags. The moment Carto died, the place started falling apart.
    I don’t know if any of the thieves are jewish, but they are doing very jewy things to the organization and especially to Mrs Carto.

    When they jumped on the Sandy Hooker bandwagon, I knew then that it was a short time till its demise. I wonder if Piper is rolling in his grave?

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the first sentence almost had me NOT post this. Trump isn’t doing any such thing.


    • You don’t think that Sandy Hook could be a hoax? Because I think there are some weird things about that whole story that make me question it. Then again, I’ve reached a point where I am so cynical that anything the government says I automatically distrust it at this point. So, maybe I doubt too much.


      • Yes, I think Sandy Hoax was a hoax. Were kids killed? I dunno. Nor does it matter for it to have been a false flag event.

        Would I contact any of the supposed parents and give them shit? Nah. Don’t need the trouble, for even if they are faked, they have financial backing to keep someone in court until they are dead broke (and dead).


        • curiously where are the autopsy photo’s…

          like the Davidians….burnt to a crisp
          holocausted on Talmudvision @ HIGH NOON…

          happened to meet Willis in Atlanta back in ’02…it was a brief
          moment, but his wife seemed to be “not on the same page”
          as Annette from West Virginia …who used to call on the
          Radio shows to talk about the history of the children of
          Israel who never turned into “Jews”…

          Joyce Riley was an
          expert at denying Annette the opportunity to present
          unpopular “historical facts” not allowed on the politically
          correct “Jew” worshipping ….media/radio !

          curious that

          not all “white folks”…have a love of the truth after
          living in a swirling whirlpool of jew poo for the last

          sadly the truth is so obvious even Prince Mongo was heckeled
          and Jekeled for stating the truth about rats…

          hopefully The Widow of Willis Carto won’t end up
          on the streets…


  2. Sad stuff. Not sure what to make of it. Piper was VERY bitter about the Cartos at the end and Elizabeth in particular. The Barnes Review has continued to publish books unlike the absolutely worthless IHR. I find it hard to believe that people who Willis knew and trusted could turn to shit. Need some more details. Would love to hear from some of the TBR writers about what’s gone down since Willis died.

    Here’s a clip of MCP on Elizabeth Carto –

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  3. Jim and Diane Discuss THE AFP/TBR and IHR debacle and travesty and other related topics.



    Jim Rizoli
    Jim Rizoli Diane King, American Free Press, IHR discussion

    Our letter to Fredrick Toben.

    Hi, Fredrick. Thank you for your comments. Rather than Jim and I sending you separate letters, we are collaborating, joining our thoughts. We will be sending out another email with our ZOOM video (as I call them) (above) and added links that might be helpful (below). Diane

    We do agree with what you’re saying in your very long letter to us, but here is what I don’t understand and what bothers me.

    First and briefly, the infighting mentioned. Diane suggests we encourage the battling personalities to discuss their grievances privately and not air them with the rest of us. If they are at an impasse, that one of us can help mediate. We don’t want to compromise ‘the mission’ and we don’t want to take valuable time and resources away from this mission, which infighting does.

    John Kaminski: “When people obsess about being the queen of some idea when we all should be working together to overthrow this Jewish menace that is plundering the world, I am naturally skeptical. This is not a beauty contest, and it’s really not about one person, or about one nationality. The threat we are facing is a threat to everyone everywhere.” (See pix below)

    Next, it appears that AFP/TBR and IHR have not addressed the Holocaust issue as much as I think they should — the fact that the Jews are responsible for the lies resulting in many tens of millions of deaths, as you know. It’s dangerous coming up against the jews, as many have discovered, but unfortunately, still necessary. When they make bold assertions or take restrictive actions (as with our laws to suppress our opinions), it makes it unpleasant to challenge them. That’s how they want it, of course so they can continue to use the holohoax to torment and oppress many people and FUND their projects.

    Those who ‘bow’ to this pressure do so for a number of reasons, one being if they don’t ‘play’ by the jew rules, they will be ruined financially – won’t be able to sell their papers or books or whatever. They are willing to compromise. They then declare that the holocost is irrelevant, something they don’t have to discuss or even deal with. However, this is incorrect. It is MOST relevant. The fact of its relevance appears on line, in the newspapers, on TV – EVERY TIME YOU TURN AROUND. The Jews don’t hesitate to bring up their holohoax in EVERY venue – like the State of the Union Address – pathetic, sycophantic, slobbering about the phony jewish ‘survivor’ and narrative. (Carolyn Yeager speaks about this below.)

    The media is controlled, so we must resort to our tried and true methods – for IHR and AFP/TBR, that means their publications. Every time the jews AGAIN trot out their sad and sorry narrative, we MUST AGAIN challenge them on the whole premise, addressing whatever occurs. Diane believes they are acting like desperate/cornered animals, coming after our freedom of expression/speech through the ANTI-BDS legislation (approved by half of the states already, including Texas), the pressure to appoint an antisemitism czar, drawing the metaphoric (or literal) noose around our necks. They are moving forward to make the holohoax issue mandatory for school curriculum, financed by the taxpayer. It doesn’t sound like the holohoax is ‘irrelevant’ and to suggest so is a COP-OUT!!!

    The next thing I want to mention has to do with how AFP/TBR officers are treating Elizabeth Carto. It’s NOT RIGHT. Willis provided for Elisabeth – a death benefit – so that the organizations he founded would take care of her. They determined they were short of funds to keep the organization going so instead of taking a pay cut from their HUGE wages, they cut out her benefit – threw her UNDER THE BUS – KICKED HER TO THE CURB. That MOST definitely MUST be addressed!

    In closing, IHR and AFP/TBR are seemingly dodging and weaving, avoiding the CORE (heart of the) ISSUE of the holohoax, attempting to steer the focus away from themselves or the really difficult topics (difficult because of the jewish blowback). Discussing foreign/military policy, international issues, are all well and good, but not if they are used to distract and decoy from the cause of our problems – the jews and how they use the holohoax to bully the rest of us. Since, we feel the holocost is the “meat and potatoes” of the problems in our world in general and the U.S. specifically, the fact that they’re not dealing with the holohoax is (again) just a cop out and they are most definitely NOT doing the job that they should be doing – in fact, Willis Carto’s legacy.

    Appreciate your efforts,

    Jim and Diane

    THE ISSUE OF THE REAL ENEMY (Zionists/Israel-firsters/dual citizenship congressmen (89 last count), foreign/military policy for Israel AND THEIR RESOURCES (the holohoax).


    • Tacked on to the end of that email I received was some blurb Carolyn Yeager wrote about Trump’s introduction of a HoloHoax Liar. All well and good, except she shows her total lack of discernment when she insinuates that Trump is something OTHER than what she describes the Kaufman liar dude as:

      This guy is a buffoon and a huckster, so it was very disappointing to see him being introduced by the President of the United States—a president I happen to like and support—and watch him receive the applause of the entire US governing bodies.

      Dear Carolyn. Open your eyes and see that the POTUS you “happen to like and support” is but the biggest jewish supporting POTUS that America has ever experienced. Like John Friend, you have been blinded by his bullshit, yet your every other word is educating others against living the jew world order. Is jewish influence bad or not? Is it worse when it totally controls the POTUS?

      How can you ppl NOT see the glaring hypocrisy (or lack of discernment)?

      You think he is playing the jew when it is your dumb ass being played.

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  4. you’d make a great umpire…or referee.

    not being a blind braindeadgoy is going to be a very valuable TALENT
    and right soon….see Isaiah 4:1….!!!

    found an 1836 copy of British Cyclopedia…lot’s of interesting tidbits of
    European history …white people tribes…that are not “JEWS”…

    The entire planet is under siege by the Psychopathic “PROSELYTES”
    to the synagogue of satan… “JEWISH” terrorist cult of the money changers
    who will never be “Israel” in the Bible…like Israel in Genesis 49

    sometimes the fogbanks of history make the story of the “FACTS”
    a little fuzzy around the corners….See Deuteronomy 4
    where there are in fact No….so-called “Jews”,

    specifically, the first five books of the Bible….where there are in fact
    NO…PROSELYTES to Talmudic Judaism from the land of Gog & Magog

    jewish money doesn’t influence jew worshipping crack whores
    in congress….that’s filthy lucre, not…” money”… silly goys

    did Melissa Morrison have three legs…or not
    her autopsy photo shows three tennis shoes
    and no torso….WTF…?


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