B’Man is Well Hung

B’Man made many eye catching post titles like this one for many years (B’Man click bait). Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes, like this, they are not.

I will hang B’Man to death (figuratively) after this post (I won’t tell you my real name, but you can call me Maurice Sebastian). The name was real for a few seconds, then reality took course and they gave me a real name (which is none of your business). My real friends know.

Mo is a fun loving, funny kinda guy. But life is turning him into a hardcase who forgot funny (and especially ‘fun’).

Yeah, the die hards will say, “But we need to fight, B’Man!”

Yeah? What exactly are we fighting? Are we fighting all the other tards (like me) who seem to think that we could ever mass together and fight, much less, BEAT any enemy, or are we fighting the real (((culprits)))?

No, all the Patriotards are perfectly fine with allowing the jew to run roughshod over the rest of us. It doesn’t matter about the jew because we have Trump as POTUS (and everyone knows that Trump is playing #D chess and he is about to check mate the jew any second, we just need to believe).

Yesterday, B’Man told me he is tired of posting his apparent drivel on this blog.

He asked, “What’s the point?”

I, nor friends, have a good answer for him. It only brings Mo down and his life suffers. Mo has many personal issues that could really need attention and The Revolt is a distraction. I used to think this place was valuable (to me). But the ranting causes B’Man to manifest and frankly, being B’Man is not fun. B’Man is a lot of work. Mo is a much friendlier, loving guy (as a friend put it).

There are many visitors that have come and gone. But the core group has supported my efforts by sharing and commenting. I really like you people. But I am simply preaching to the choir (and we are a small choir). Mo can count the number of real friends in his life on one hand. Nothing against you electronic friends, but this is taking a toll on me. B’Man manifestations are not the real me and it is apparent that it is now deteriorating my life. Nor do you really want B’Man as a friend. Believe me. But I promise you that you would love Mo (everybody does).

The Issues

I find it amazing that I get more grief from my cannabis stance than I do any other subject. If you knew the people in my life that could use this miracle medicine but won’t because of the illegality of it, then you might understand. But zealot Trolls have no other reason for being than to attack someone for wanting to better their loved ones lives.

B’Man wanted me to express one last time that black people and niggers are not necessarily the same. As a matter of fact, Mo’s father is white, but a nigger. Mo’s two white brothers are niggers. Mo will not allow his own two white nigger brothers into his own house.

Like the word redneck, B’Man hijacked the word nigger and applies it to ANYONE that is a low life, do-nothing, drug addled thief and liar. Of course this applies to almost every jew alive, as well. But it also covers my claim that I know more white niggers than I do black ones (or asian or anything else, for that matter). My commandeering of the word didn’t catch on and only brought about trolling from the special Kangz contingent. It also lost me blog contacts because of the power of the N Word. Booga Booga.

B’Man started this blog anti-war and will walk away anti-war. B’Man moved with the Kabuki news media direction from lefty anti-war to righty anti-war, before finally determining that the entire fake two party sham is made to keep us supporting the jews’ directives of protecting/growing Israel. Every war is a war for the jew.

Even my terrible attempt at a meme never caught on:

Never An R or D Again!

Something tells me that Americans, by and large, are too stupid to ever get it.

Every politician that makes National headlines is a jew bag. The POTUS is America’s biggest jew bag, even though he is painted in the Kabuki as the new Hitler.

But the real issue morphed as I learned. The real issue is undue jewish power and influence in America and the world. I have ranted CONTINUOUSLY about their negative influence. I have warned of their vile nature and inability to stop lying. They are raised with this superiority brainwashing (no, its NOT all genetics) with a core group of so-called “jews” that aren’t even remotely Semitic. Their entire lives they are forced into thinking whitey is their biggest enemy and have this goal of subjugation.

It is so blatantly obvious that jews run and control virtually every aspect of America. If you haven’t figured out that the jew is our problem by now, you likely never will.

Over a decade of rantings that seem to have accomplished virtually nothing except bring Mo down. What B’Man is  doing is not working and I want to know why. He is not reaching the Drumpfters. Or niggers. Or drug warriors. Or Party Clowns. B’Man’s rants don’t work, so why does he continue to rant?

A friend shared some insight that really breaks down the conundrum:

I know 2 guys. One is B man and one is Mo. They are polar opposites.
One kind and generous and thoughtful gracious and intelligent.
He loves his family. He is sweet. He is devastated when his cat dies.
He has a friend named Julia.
The other one is crass and angry, snarky and bitter and nasty.
He has a friend named Marynotmartha.
One sees beauty. Radiates Love….
The other hates. Hates just the same as all those who, under the same spell, hate all life and beauty and seek to destroy. (too many commas sorry)
Bman is more like them then he would like to believe.
Mo is nothing like them….
This paradigm causes Mo pain. It causes him sickness. All of this can make him sick. All of this has an effect on those around him.
There is no way it doesn’t.
None of this is Mo’s natural state of being.
Bmans post on the gay dude faking his assault if read over again by being a conscious observer as Mo, what does it make him think?
 Is this venting by Bman an addiction? One that Mo can live without?

Has B’Man taken over Mo in some way? Has this shitty ranting become an addiction?

I don’t know, but I do know that there is little in the way of satisfaction that comes from posting B’Man shit. He doesn’t get satisfaction trolling jews at BLN and other outlets. B’Man has become a hate weight around my neck.

Yet I am painted into his corner and although I know the information B’Man presents is truthful, I understand that most of his fellow citizens have no discernment and that what B’Man does damages my life far more than any perceived help I thought he gave the world.

If I die tomorrow do I want my today spent brooding over the Jesse S. dude or Trump or the Jews?



There is nothing B’Man has to offer anyone, any more, and the grief he gives Mo isn’t worth it any more.

(I’ll decide whether or not I will delete this blog over the next week. Get whatever you want while its available.)


34 thoughts on “B’Man is Well Hung

  1. hope you don’t delete the blog B’man
    but that’s me thinkin’ bout myself

    Why do any of us do this?
    Mostly for ourselves- our own wish to make change/do good/etc.,
    The cannabis stance is one you are entitled to take- There are people who have been helped by it.
    And that’s a good thing. It’s like everything else it has it’s good and bad.
    I actually wish we’d grow it to produce paper products- Hemp is supposed to be superior for paper and rope/fabric etc.
    Anyway do what you must do. But, I’ll miss ya 🙂

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    • Penny,

      Your blog is valuable and interesting. Mine is not any longer (if it ever was).

      Not sure if you experience any of what I laid out above, but B’Man is truly a dick I don’t like. And I sure don’t want him taking over.


      • hey Bman,

        if I sent you a yellow vest to a friend of mine in Memphis,

        would you be interested in picking it up…?


        man things are tough all over…all except East L. A.


        Jim plays a mean fiddle

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      • Hi bman:

        All blogs are valuable and offer insights- different perspectives and all that
        Yes, I’ve experienced those feelings of … not despair or hopelessness, because that’s too strong- Just, why the hell waste my time?

        But the truth is the blog is like a challenge for me. And I have a competitive streak :))
        The search for information not getting covered. Core topics, stuff like that.
        Though sometimes I feel in a rut, (particularly around Syria and my stance on it being a regional remake) But, by all I can figure out that’s what is going on!

        I was shocked at how little attention the outing of WWF and their involvement with torture got! Alt media ignored it (but then I don’t think much of “alt media” anyway)

        Bman is not a dick
        And the dick that sometimes appears will not take over your life-
        I’m sure of that. You know why?
        I haven’t met the Bman that is a dick.
        I’ve only known Bman that has a different take on things then myself and others
        And I’m ok with that 🙂
        Are you staying?
        Have you decided?
        Hope so cause I’m throwing the blog link in the sidebar (the pressure is on- LOL)
        bye for now!

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  2. * You worked it out that B’man is ineffective. That’s good. Good that you can see the truth. B’man was doing his best to put across his intelligent arguments. Wrong. That’s not what propaganda is about. Propaganda is all about entertainment, first and foremost. That’s how you come across to the punters. And if you don’t, then you are wasting your time – even if your name is Damon Runyon. So if the punters are too stupid or lazy to to pay enough attention to anything other than memes, then memes is what you use. Yes, memes, cartoons, captioned photos – more effective than Nobel Prize-winning literature. *

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  3. B’Man, I enjoy your site and use your saved 911 info to share. Take a break – then come back and double down! Just in the last month or so, so many things out there to laugh at. “Trump Trump, he’s our man, if he can’t do it… Yang can. Yang Yang, he’s our man, if he can’t do it…well, we’ll just wait around forever until some other Shabbos Goy can.”
    “Trump failed us. The system didn’t. It’s those damn boomers, I tell you. It’s all their fault. Boomers and White women are to blame.”
    http://grizzom.blogspot.com/ Wednesday, March 13, 2019, The Yang Gang

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    • one more time for the children in the hospital


      I hope you have a dream about finding a silver trumpet in the

      strawberry patch, and then find it….!


      ever get to hear Grugyns’ symphony ….?


      I visited with Glen Wilburn….back in ’95


      hung down, brung down – 911research.wtc7.net/non911/oklahoma/

      not to mention swirling around….


      what are the odds….


      oh YEAH….Cletus Purcell sez…..HEY !

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  4. When you plant seeds some grow some don’t. Some sprout quickly some wait. Waiting for the last one is the hardest. Breaking away and letting go of expectation, setting free time, allowing breath to exhale and inhale again and ponder what has already bloomed requiring glory however small and insignificant. The wind may come fast and harsh or slow and still…but it remains faithful to continue on its journey. When the journey needs quiet reflection it goes without notice but balance, love, peace and all good thoughts can be superior again. And those thoughts like the wind can spread more seed in the cycle that continues.

    The Absence of You – Rhian Seehan (A Quiet Divide 2018)


  5. game set match

    lately seems like critical mass is …..MR. Apocalypse

    doing what He does, and yeahway….don’t kill your little boy.

    if it ain’t fun, and running the one man show is hardly ever fun when it is

    the same {{{{THING}}}}….24/7/365.


    all the analogies and comparisons will never describe the reality of the stupidity

    of the uncompromising BRAINDEAGOY – JEW WORSHIPPING ….IDIOTS.


    on a personal note, thanks for understanding my frustration and willingness


    to share information even if some links might have been OFF TOPIC or tangentially


    related. Always my mind (and heart) was engaged to help the “little” rednecks too busy,

    too harried, too frazzled to go look for all the dots to connect…to the Jesus hating


    TERRORISTS that hate truth and justice and have a global MASS MURDER for filthy lucre

    global crime syndicate….and will never be “Israel”….needless to say.

    hopefully you’ll take a breather and enjoy life a little and emerge on the other side re-energized

    and ready to have fun doing something that gives a radical amount of new meaning

    to life, that makes getting up in the morning a thrilling expectation of happiness and

    you know mucho grande fulfillment of your special purpose . . .notwithstanding the

    daily “GRIND” !!!

    couple of weeks ago, went into the grocery store, there’s a guy maybe 6′ 8″ in the produce

    working the produce, I ask him if he ever played basketball, he says…you ever play miniature golf ?

    funniest one I heard in a while


    happy celestial events

    Isaiah 4:1 – biblehub.com/text/isaiah/4-1.htm

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  6. ” I used to think this place was valuable (to me). But the ranting causes B’Man to manifest and frankly, being B’Man is not fun. B’Man is a lot of work. Mo is a much friendlier, loving guy (as a friend put it).”

    I think your blog is valuable to me and to many other people. I encourage you to leave it up. Deleting a blog can provide a momentary feeling of decisiveness, but it is more valuable to look into your bad habits and delete the behaviors that make you feel miserable.

    If ranting makes you feel miserable, by all means stop ranting for a while. Get a change of scenery. Take a vacation from blogging. Take however much time you need to relax. Then, after you have relaxed, stop and think about the blog and ask yourself whether it could help anyone by staying online.

    I presume that wordpress hosts this blog for free. In that case, I think you have nothing to lose by leaving it online.

    Now, if you do decide to delete this blog, I will have trouble getting in touch with you. So in case I never get a chance to talk to you again, I want to thank you. Your feedback and comments got me through some of my own dark times. Thank you for caring. Thank you for communicating. Thank you for reaching out.

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  7. B’Man, take a break if you wish but please don’t remove the valuable history and links that your blog is.
    Besides, I have a hunch that the Ilhan Omar debate is going to have a big influence on the average American’s opinion of jewish power.
    Therefore, you might regret making the hasty mistake of removing your blog too soon?

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  8. Please do take a break and regroup if you feel the need, but please do not delete this blog.

    Take courage and inspiration from Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Imagine how alone he felt scribbling his notes about the Gulag, etc. His work continues to live on triumphantly. He was right about everything. He warned us.

    Knowledge is power. It’s bad enough that sites are being taken down, and nearly everything is censored or unavailable. Your body of work is important. You never know whom you might reach; they might not write to you as much as the trolls do. You know you are correct and you do not need the approval of the ignorant.

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  9. Two disciplines have contributed to make me more healthy in my 50s than I ever was in my 20s:

    1) The Carnivore Diet – This means cutting out all refined sugars, most vegetables and fruits and certainly all grains and eating mainly raw animals foods from the best sources. This diet, if adhered to for a month or more, will give you results you will not believe. You’ll literally feel 20 years younger. Even if you can’t eat raw meat, you can certainly drink raw, unpasteurized milk or better yet raw kefir (fermented raw milk for even more beneficial bacterial content) . Raw pastured eggs? I eat bare minimum 12 a day. Perfect digestion and no bloating of the stomach is the result. Cooked food should only be eaten for taste or to satisfy taste conditioning, not really for nutrition. Raw milk is illegal in most places. Here in California it’s legal but they have put extra inspectors on all raw products, forcing ridiculously high prices and only a couple of brands you can buy from specific farms. Still, even at the high prices, there is no comparison with eating pasteurized and heat- destroyed food.

    2) Edible Cannabis – If I had to choose between vaporizing cannabis or eating it, I would eat it in a well-prepared edible form. Eating it gives you a full body high. You still have the head high, but not as strong as when you smoke or vaporize. It’s an even all-over high, whereas smoking or vaporizing tends to be a head-heavy high. If you don’t have edibles, they’re easy to make. Watch a couple of videos on it. I buy mine here in California in edible gummy-bear-like form, which doesn’t melt, and is compact and can be carried everywhere. The only drawback with edibles is you have to wait one to two hours for the full rush of the high.


  10. Enough of this “false-flag” nonsense already. People do not have to get killed in any of these events for them to 100% work on public opinion. This was yet another previously manufactured fake hoax with the world’s entire media being fully complicit.

    [audio src="http://fakeologist.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/FAC534-Nik-and-New-Zealand-Mosque-Hoax.mp3" /]

    They’re all on ONE side and they’ll never be on your side. The only thing real in these fake events is the stress and fear generated by the fakery. They already passed a draconian law in New Zealand to prevent spread of the video, which is so easy to expose as a hoax.

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  11. B’man, being on your broadcast list, I haven’t been to your site a while. Please know I’ve always appreciative of your outreach, good data, excellent resources. BUT! I guess I missed the polling station on my way in here.

    I understand you have set the stage for an election. Before I forget — at 72 years and counting, I have to spend more energy remembering to remember things, not a good sign! — DAMN! I forgot what I wanted to write. [Jus’ kiddin’!] I vote that you take a “time out”, leave this festering sore of a blog in the belly of the CyberBeastie, and come back when you can and will.

    I suggest you take “Maurice” up on the offer, along with those who have issues of “B’man persona”. Hell’s bells, man, some bloggers “flame out”, “burn out”. Recall Neil Young’s Hey Hey My My. Some bloggers and rockers are flamed and BURNT out (e.g., Zen Gardner). Transform, resurrect, carry on! Keep on keeping on, trucking! BESIDES, you’d have TWO PERSONAS, just like going from a single-barrelled rifle to a high-end shot-gun.

    Just between us, I’ve been going through the same transition with wife of 30 years (marriage, not age). Women do have wisdom men seem to lack. Let’s all get on the same track and support each other, OK? See ya in cyberspace, babe!


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  12. Hi B’Man. I found this site a couple of years ago, bookmarked it as a favorite and I’ve been a regular reader ever since. I saw this post the other day and I’ve been mulling over it ever since. This is the first time I’ve ever left a comment. I never did before because you and your regulars say it all already, and I guess I just imagine that getting a lot of comments might be a bother to you as you have to read them all. Maybe I’m wrong about that – perhaps you’d actually like to hear from all of your many silent fans. I do know that I’m just one of many people who’ve found a treasure in B’Man’s Revolt – good information, thoughtful perspectives and insight, and excellent writing (you have a wonderful voice and a great command of the English language). In short, you feel like a good friend.
    I never thought B’Man was an asshole – righteous rants and justified anger can sound that way, I suppose, but the source of your anger was always a warm heart and a fine sense of justice.
    Like others here, I beg you to please not delete this blog. Take the time you need and maybe you’ll sometimes want to add something to it. It’s been a good outlet for expressing opinions that you might not be able to express elsewhere in your life. I expect that now and then you’ll want to say something that only B’Man can say- and this is the place for it.
    Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the best, and thank you for creating B’Man.

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    • Sky,

      A blogger never really knows the silent readers, so it is key (I think) for someone to know how you feel. Thank you for those very kind words of encouragement.

      B’Man used to be fun. I even liked the guy sometimes. But he is taking some toll on the real me.

      I say things like this all the time, but if someone looked at my phone minutes, one would see that many, if not most, are spent speaking with a black man (not a nigger). He and I (Mo) can have these conversations, but if he ever saw B’Man, he’d squash him and I’d have to shoot. So, in real life, I am *hardly ever like B’Man (except when it is absolutely necessary). B’Man can be a dick. Mo is alright.

      I will let another cat out of the bag. The last jew I personally interacted with, I hugged.

      WHAT!?! B’Man hugged a jew?

      Well, if you knew the lady (and the ten times worse jew that replaced her), then you would understand why I did it and told her I missed her.

      There are several things about her that I despise (she is radically anti-Christmas). But she was a far better manager than the new jew could ever be.

      So, in reality, B’Man interacts with blacks and jews. I work with several black folk that (it seems) truly like me. I have nothing against them.

      I have seriously considered going back to making some videos as an outlet. If so, I would keep the blog as well, if nothing more than a place to post the videos (YT is sure to ban me quickly). I may look into other platforms.

      Basically, I am just stepping back to see how I feel about it after a rest.

      Again, thanks for your comments. They are important.

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  13. Don’t know what to say B-man, had a lot of fun commenting on your blog even with the occasional disagreements.

    You always struck me as an honest guy doing his best to unpretentiously uncover that which was not supposed to be uncovered.

    Remember the carp being kept alive in the bathtub (ca. 1950s) until dinner time because of the lack of refrigeration?

    Maybe it’s time to go swimming for a while and then emerge without having to be cooked.

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  14. Daer Bro Mo, I feel your pain. I too am sick of this battle, this eternal War we never sought and can never win. I’m always reminded of Boromir’s speech to the assembled Elves, etc where he speaks of the ‘eye of Mordor that never sleeps’. We battle an evil that never sleeps, is ceaseless in its machinations against us and ours.

    We weary and seek to remove ourselves from the fight. This is natural. Like any soldier you need RnR. Rest. Focus on something else for a while. As for ‘reaching the punters’, don’t worry about them. The prophet Jeremiah preached for 32 years, was ignored, gaoled and dropped in a well, then kidnapped and murdered in Egypt but never listened to or believed. Did he stop?

    No! Was he faithful to his calling? Yes. 2650 years later we still read him. His foes? Forgotten in the aeons of Time. Did Plato worry about ‘reaching the masses’? No. Or Socrates? No. Speak forth the truth boldly. That’s’ all you can do. Jeremiah described the ‘call to preach’ as a ‘burning coal in my mouth – I cannot keep it in’. Is it like that with you? Wh knows who is reading your material, undecided for now but just needing that extra push?

    We cannot know what result will come of our speaking. But speak we must, for our own eternal satisfaction.

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  15. Sky basically said it all very well. Your job in the world is tough but very much needed. I have very few folks in the world I can say I think a lot alike, besides you. If you go away there will be a giant void in my life. Please don’t go bro. I just got back from a mini vacation in Charleston. The blooming bushes are very nice. Shrimp and grits baby! Kinda took my mind off all the jewey bs in the world for a few days. Maybe you just need some time off. If you quit altogether, them pricks will have won. Cannabis is a miracle plant. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Results speak for themselves. I check your blog almost every day. Thank you very much for what you provide us. I hope you have a decent day.

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  16. one more thing…

    how many other sites are there with the latitude to confront the UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE
    HIGH POCK KRISSY….that is the “JEW” worshipping CULT COMPOUND,

    man it seems like the game show twister is a double down must do…on crack !

    Remember the “JEWISH” media reporting on the MILITARY ASSAULT on a Christian
    “Community”….out in the country outside Waco, Texas….back in ’93.

    How {{{THEY}}} brought in Tanks….right away.

    actually, on the 911 tapes you can hear how a bunch of Steroid induced SWAT teams
    show up, run out in the cow pasture after dark, and start shooting at each other..

    curiously, the {{{JEWISH MEDIA}}} didn’t report on that…or the deceased Fifth Agent that has
    never been identified, hopefully it wasn’t self inflicted


    cue laugh track, or sell them pre-canned laughter,
    America perennial, sing happy ever after….


    some good news on the results of the global pogrom….


    very sensitive feelings…


    also, remember how the ADL/FBI …{{{LIARS}}} got up in front of the camera’s every day
    until April 19 and just lied their asses off….how…{{{{JEWISH}}}}…!!!


    think about it….the ADL/ATF….ran out of ammuntion on 28 FEB 93….

    axe yo’self,…. how many rounds did the {{{TERRORISTS}}} fire into the church…
    on Sunday morning, not counting the helicopters…that did not have “mounted weapons”

    did the church have heavily fortified bullet proof sheetrock…?

    were the women and children immune from ADL/ATF ammo…?

    did they do the Ghost Dance before the {{{TERRORISTS}}} showed up..?


    ZIONIST/BOLSHEVIK….{{{TERRORISTS}}}….that print the currency and own the media



    please do an encore Bman

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