The Elenin Experiment: Watch Out For The Next Few Days

I have written about the Elenin/dwarf star/Nibiru/Planet X/whatever it is deal here a few times. Not that I am saying it WILL create some devastation like a polar flip, mile high tsunamis, mega-earthquakes, etc, but I do have to wonder if the post I wrote about the planet/sun/Elenin alignment has any merit. Is it possible […]

ELE (Extinction Level Event)

Update on the Elenin comet. It is approaching the time when it gets closest to us around You can refer to B’man’s earlier post for exact dates. I just wanted to add an interesting vid I found this morning.  It is being reported it is now three objects. I find it odd, that Barry is […]

2012 Was A Miscalculation: The End Of Our Civilization Is December 24, 2011

Has anyone else noticed all the uptick in earthquakes and volcanic activity? I mean, in all my life, I don’t remember hearing so much about earthquakes happening so frequently. Until I started following this stuff, I really didn’t think about frequency, or the average size of earthquakes. It was a weird phenomena that I had […]

Is The Moon Shifting Its Poles?

Since we have gotten into the kinda weird stuff around here, I thought this means SOMETHING, so I wanted to share my initial thoughts and observations. I saw a video at Intel Hub where they suggest that the moon is shifting its poles. So I went out and looked at way over 1 hundred pics. […]

How Does HAARP Control The Weather?

In depth look at HAARP / Frequency / Weather modification: Specifically, the scalar square and HAARP rings we have been seeing on RADAR… which leads to severe weather in each “ring/square” area within 24-48 hours AFTER the signals are sent/received. some of you may already have these links below, but they are a great place […]

A Bourse Of Another Color

In the late 1990’s, Iraq created an oil bourse. Look what that got them. Now, Iran is creating one. What do you think will happen if and when it goes into action? Also note that this has been in development for quite some time. We were recently told by some CIA hack (Robert Baer) that […]

Are You Scared Yet?

I hadn’t planned on writing about a guy that was killed around 8 to 10 years ago, but now I can’t help myself. Everywhere that I have been in the past several days that has a TV on has been showing little more than the Fear Narrative driven by OBL’s 9th death. It is EVERYWHERE. […]