It’s All A Hoax

What if I told you that the recent mass shooting in Newtown, CT didn’t happen? That it was a test or a drill to see how big a lie “they” could pull? I’m crazy right? At first I thought it was a Manchurian incident or false flag to get majority support for gun control in this country. Now I’m leaning on the idea that it was a complete lie. Whatever it was, it was not played out how the media showed us on the constant barrage of scenes and interviews that followed in the days after. I didn’t watch any of the MSM reports after this happened, but I was informed by co-workers and friends who let me know what happened. Even my dear Mom said that there had to be more than one shooter. I believed there had to be, after seeing and hearing what was being said about the perpetrator. A border line autistic child.  A loner, who was withdrawn and quite.  A mother that had a Bushmaster, a Sig, and a Glock.  Hey, those were the same weapons used in the Aurora, CO. theater shooting.


The Joker; James Eagan Holmes

This guy looks like the joker from the Batman series.  The movie playing in the theater where, he supposedly committed this mass shooting, was The Dark Knight.  At best,  this guy looks like he is on some kind of mind altering drugs.  Maybe a mind control killer?  MK Ultra experiment?  However, he was said to have a Sig, a Glock, and an AR 15 .  All have high-capacity magazines and are the target of gun control.  Then in Newtown, this mentally disturbed kid uses the same weapons.  What got me concerned first was the medical examiner interview.

This guy looks like Rob Reiner, meathead from Archie Bunker.  Whoever he is, he is a loose cannon, and is not professional.  He also stated that the shooter was wearing kids clothes.  The MSM reported that he was dressed in black with body armour.  He also mentioned a rifle was found next to his person, when it was reported that the Bushmaster was found in the car.  They all seem to have trouble getting their facts straight.  Could “they” really pull off a lie so big?  Take over an entire community?  Several people believe this to be a hoax.  Whatever it was, it was not what was told to us.  I’m not telling you for sure this was a hoax.  Think about it though, if “they” can bring down buildings in our largest city and deceive the majority of the people for the purpose of war, then this would be easy to do.  They want to disarm us and there is no question about that.

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This Should Be A Good Year

It is that time again!!  Last year was a disappointment due to the bright moon.  This year as we travel through the tail of Swift Tuttle’s debris the moon should be dim and allow for a good show.   Sunday is the peak.  I have seen a few tonight and am going back out in a bit.

Annual Orbit Of Swift Tuttle

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For Toxic Sake, Have A Stiff Drink Of Nuclear Hubris

Today I saw a report of a 5.8 quake that hit the east coast of Japan.  This quake was located 75 miles southeast of  the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.  There have been no reports of damage nor any tsunami risk.  I still am reminded of the March 11th quake that shook most of Japan with a violent 9.0  magnitude.   The resulting tsunami associated with this was horrific. This is the 5th largest recorded earthquake in history.

The videos that came out after this terrible disaster are some of the most amazing footage of destruction I have seen by nature.  I remember the week-end this happened very well and I have a very weird story about it.  This particular week-end is our “guys week-end” where 40-50 of us rednecks gather near the entrance of J.P. Coleman State Park near Indian creek in Tishomingo county  We get together for a 4-wheeler ride and three-day party.  I remember after the big cook out on the night of the 10th, a conversation struck up between Robert Ackerman and myself.  We were talking about what would happen if a major quake hit the New Madrid area close to Memphis, Tn.  The entire time I lived in Memphis the fear of such a quake was always in the back of my mind.  I only live 110 miles east of there now and that is still on my mind.  Robert and I talked for over an hour while others chimed in.  The destruction the Memphis area would take has been estimated to destroy the whole downtown riverfront.   We all finally went to bed that night.  I got up early as I do every year to go turkey hunting the next morning.  I happened to listen to the radio after an unsuccessful trip.  It came across the air wave of an earthquake and I just had caught the end of the story.   I stopped by my house on the way back to Indian creek and turned on the T.V.  There it was.  I have always been fascinated by earthquakes and actually it is more than just scared of them, it is a fear of mine.  It was all over the news and I couldn’t stop thinking about the previous nites topic.  We probably embellished the damage Memphis would take due to the George Dickel that was being guzzeld down as my splitting head was reminding me.  I watched the story for about an hour as I put away the hunting apparel and got ready for the days ride.  I caught Robert in the kitchen of the cabin we were staying at when I returned to the camp.  We just looked at each other and he said ” Be careful what you wish for”.  I don’t remember wishing for a quake but it was a weird feeling we both had and it shook our being to the core.

Explosion At Tepco Plant After Quake and Tsunami

 Where this cabin is that we are gathered for this week-end is less than one mile from the Yellow Creek Nuclear plant site that was scrapped.  I often wondered if this Yellow Creek site had ever been completed what a large New Madrid quake might do to the plant.  It would have been built right on the TN river. Today the problem in Japan is as bad as ever and is getting worse.  I have heard reports of being 30cm from a China Syndrome event.   The area around the Fukushima plant is decimated.  People have long evacuated in a 50 mile radius or larger.  Around 43,000 residents have moved out of three Tohuku prefectures from March to November last year.  Iwate and Miyagi prefectures have seen 16,000 deaths and another 3,500 missing.  The deaths from radiation poisoning  in the future will be hard to calculate.  The damage to the environment and the ocean will be tremendous.

I named this post after the group on Facebook called “Toxic Sake, A Stiff Drink of Nuclear Hubris” that does a great job keeping up to date information on this disaster.  It also has some people who report readings as to radiation in the U.S.  I am not sure if Kristi Bruce started this group,  but I joined because she is a friend on FB and we were in the 4P group before I left.  I don’t guarantee all my facts as spot on and this is more to bring awareness on the 10 month anniversary of this terrible event.  It is another example when mother nature and mankind team up to do unheard  damage to human life and the planet.  This,  like all other stories of any relevant content have been swept under the rug by the MSM.

Exactly what went wrong

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The Knee Jerk

Most of you remember when B’man made some posts about the group 4P on Facebook. I am the main reason that he even joined the group. I use fb for my band and actually had to use an alias to participate in this group. My mom is still alive and she actually knows how to get on fb (to a point). I could never set it up in that group to where my dear Ole Mom couldn’t see some of my posts there. Plus she is a devoted Christian and there is a tad bit of foul language from time to time.

One of the reasons I liked the group was the like-minded people when the group was first started. It was called Peace, Pot, Poker, And Paul (4P). All that the title included, I was really interested in. I love peace! No war! I love pot and the recent push to legalize the stuff. Poker has been a little more than a hobby of mine since I lived in the big city and was close to the casino’s along the MS river. Then Paul. For Dr. Ron Paul. Even though he is in the GOP there is enough of the Libertarian aspect of the man who I identified with. The man tells you what you want to hear too. His voting record in his 34 years on the hill is almost above reproach. He too has switched his views on the Iraq situation. First he was for it and now he sees it for what it is. Then back in October he put out his plan to restore America and gave us all hard numbers as how this would play out if he ever got elected.  B’man has laid that out here on this site and has picked a part the numbers as to what the percentages are on each line item.  It shows you that the plan is not good for the hurting people in this country.  After he and I combed the numbers over it was obvious that the anti-war message Paul has been touting in all the debates leading up to this primary season were not reflected in his numbers.  We all know he plans to cut military spending just 15% in his first year.  Also there are funds added back to the budget in each year after the first. (inflation)??

 Dr. Ron Paul  IN 08′

This guy had me.  His Libertarian views and all the talk about ending the wars, the Fed, and all of these other agencies that seem useless were just what I needed to hear.  I have never compared him to a lunatic or any of the crazy loon types that my former GOP  ‘frens’ seem to use when describing the man.  The radio show I was asked to help with,  was the platform in where we let the cat out of the bag on this Paulsterity economic plan.  I have yet to see where the numbers laid out are in error or have been refuted.  I was begging someone to show me where we were wrong on these number.  They can’t ! Until someone shows me a “new” restore America plan, this is all we have to go by.  Here is my rub about the whole plan.  If you are running for the nomination and your putting yourself on an island by doing so, how do your economic budget numbers not reflect this?  15% cuts in the military spending are just not the numbers  for someone who is running on the stop the wars platform.  We heard this three years ago.  It hasn’t happened yet and will not under your plan.  Instead you want to cut out all the money in the social programs when the country is in the worst shape economically with the number of poor people at 50%.  50 million people are on food stamps.  You want to cut that program 63% basically making it impossible for these people to eat.  You’re starving the poorest of the poor and it shows how out of touch you are.  But wait here is a vid showing you would not want to touch the food stamp program.

Skip To the 9:00 Mark

Paul states he doesn’t think cutting the food stamps program should be a priority in this vid.  Then the biggest cut in his restore plan is in the food stamp program.  I don’t get it.   It is just GOP politics and there is no change in this man.  He is showing how republican he really is.  I thought better of this man and am pissed.  I was ready for change.  It is just the same ole same ole. I’d give the man props for talking about issues no one else talked about.  I didn’t mention the Newsletters here.  I never believed any of it.  However, if you delegated this to someone and allowed your name to be put on something you claim not to know anything about.?.  What in the hell??? You can’t delegate authority very well.  Is that what happened with this restore plan?  If so,  you don’t have what it takes to be a leader.  You have been a great representative.  Your record stands alone.  I don’t know if it is age or what, but things just don’t add up now.  I doubt you will get the nomination any way.

As to the group on FB.  I left that group.  I joined because of Paul and my support of the man. Since I can no longer support him I choose to opt out of that group.   People also tried to make light of this Paulsterity plan and actually agreed or had no problem with the cuts to the social programs.  Calling it illegal in the first place and so on.  I WILL NOT VOTE in the upcoming POTUS.  I will not support anyone else.   There is no one to support.  When it becomes the lesser of two evils for me I choose not to participate.  If someone thinks that I think my life is worth more than some other persons life …I have a problem with that.  I am nothing special.  Life is equal for each person.  I got tired of hearing that Americans think their life is worth more than people in other countries. We don’t make any foreign policy and do not support any of these wars that are going on.  The spin masters in that group are outrageous.  I did find some people there I resonated with.

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Tonight will be the first meteor shower of 2012. The Quadrantid shower is one of the shortest shows we get in the annual type event. I have never seen any from this event in the past, however, in about 35 minutes I may bundle up and take a look. Starting around 2:00 a.m. central time one might get to see an amazing display of rocks burning in the sky as last years Perseids annual late summer show. From the Rockies to the east coast should be the best areas to view the show and the more east your location, the better. I’m a “sky nut” and forgot about this “New Year” light show until I got a call from one of my sky nut friends.  The radiant for this mornings show is just below and to the right of the little dipper (ursa minor).  That is in the NE part of the sky say one o’clock high.  The moon should have set for us here in the mid south, so viewing is expected to be awesome.

  • Northeast View

  • The only bad thing about this whole shower is that tonight is what you get.  It peaks and only last for around six hours unlike other shows that take days to reach their peak.  I know I am late getting this out, but by chance you see this before dawn,  there is a good chance you could 50-200 shooting stars in an hours time.  My step son wants me to wake him and he is just now getting into sky watching and I got him a beginners telescope for Christmas this year.  It is a bone chilling 24 degrees right now so I’m bundling up.NASA has a sky cam with a live stream in Huntsville, Al about 70 miles east of my location.  Well I’m off to freeze my arse off looking at the stars.
  • Photo Courtesy Of NASA

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The End Is Near

Reports today of bank runs on major holding banks in Euro zone countries has been long awaited. Last week R/T (Russian Television) reported that the Euro had 48 hours if the summits being held did not come to some sort of agreement to bail out the troubled system. Germany is in no hurry to help bail out any banks and see Italy as too far gone at this point.  News of this affected the DJI in early trading this morning with a huge sell off from nervous investors.  Even the yellow metal was off on the uncertainty of this mess across the pond.

Bank Run

The gold drop is directly related to the European banks who are at zero assets using their gold reserves to secure usd funding.  That is almost a comical error in thought.  This could actually help the weak dollar to gain some foothold.  This gives some confidence to Asian holders of US securities.   It may be short lived as this could put a stress on the number of usd in circulation over the liquidation of these troubled banks over the next couple of months.

I’ve been wondering if the Dow could dip below the 10k mark before the end of the year.  I have been off on my prediction of that margin back in Nov.  If, and only if, there is a big resounding buy yell in the morning will depend on the Asian markets overnight.  If you got the nuts for it there could be some deals in the next few days, and again, it will be in the pharma trade.  Bio tech stocks have almost been oblivious to the trends in most of the recent market sells we have seen.

How is it going to end.  Will it be the end of the Euro?  Time will tell and the recent pact that was made at the summit meetings last week did little to squelch the fear investors have over the crisis.

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The Geminid meteor shower normally provides the strongest display of meteor activity each year. Unfortunately, this year, like many of the other major annual showers, the Geminids will be compromised by a bright moon. Activity from this source may be first noticed near December 4th when the radiant lies in north-central Gemini. At this time the moon will be a waxing gibbous phase, lying among the stars of the constellation Pisces. It will set near 0200, allowing good conditions to prevail the remainder of the morning. The moon will set approximately one hour later with each passing night so the window of opportunity quickly disappears. After December 8th, the moon will remain in the sky most of the night. This is around the time the Geminid rates begin to rise but the full moon will temper any increase.

Geminid Radiates From Gemini

This shower appears every year in the middle of December. There is something unusual about the Geminid meteor shower, as normally meteor showers are caused by the Earth ploughing through the debris streams created by comets and their tails. But the object that created the specific stream of debris associated with the Geminids is not a dusty icy comet, but a rocky asteroid called Phaethon 3200.  Every year this shower gets better due to the dense pattern of the stream we pass through.  Perseids was great last year, but this was an off-year due to the bright moon light.  Like Perseids this is an annual event.  I have watched this shower in years past, however, I have not paid any attention for the past few years.  I’m getting reports from my sky watching friends of low numbers so far but dazzling streaks when one busts through the light.  Almost lighting bolt like as one guy described it.  The moon is bright right now with a few clouds.  I am going to try to get a peek either tonight or the next couple of nights.  The peak is the 12th through the 14th.  I was told to look at Orion’s belt and a little to the left.  One can see a meteor  anywhere as the approach is at a straight angle.  a telescope or a pair of binoculars will not help much as these are bright and are easily seen with the naked eye.

Asteroid With A Debris Field

Earth Sky has ten good tips for viewing the Geminid shower.  It is a little cold here (in the 20’s) for sky watching.  I do intend to brave it  some, hoping to get a view of a nice one or two.  Maybe I will catch one before dawn in the tree stand in the morning.  If not maybe a nice buck will walk out for me to take home to the dinner table.  Good luck and happy hunting if you decide to take a gander the next few nights.  I almost forgot there is also going to be a lunar eclipse tomorrow on the 10th .  Actually it is in the morning here right at sunrise.  Maybe I will be able to see it too from the stand.

Night & Day At The Start Of The Lunar Eclipse

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