Bear In Mind

Breaking news around these parts of North Mississippi was a black bear that was spotted in Prentiss county this past week.   I live in the neighboring Tishomingo county and this bear was sighted just some 40 or so miles from where I live.  This is a big deal!  Well it is around these parts.  We don’t have bears around here!  I have never heard of one in 45 years living in the area.  Hannah Kate Jackson actually got a photo of this bear in a tree.  The MS department of wildlife, fisheries, and parks knew the bear was coming this way for some time.  It had been sighted in north Alabama on June 4th  and was headed west.  He is just looking for a home.   He has been heading in a westward direction for over a month.  Not really sure where he came from or where he is headed.  I am surprised some redneck hasn’t taken him out.  There are no plans to capture this bear as long as he minds his business.  Authorities are going to let nature do its thing.

Actual Pic By Hannah Jackson

Black bears can be found in the state near the Mississippi River and on the lower coastal counties but this is really rare for one to be seen up here in the hill country.  We have had several species of animals make this area home over the past few decades.  The fire ant, coyote, armadillo, and several fish species in Pickwick lake are new.  There have been a lot of reports of mountain lions being sighted in and around Tishomingo county but there hasn’t been any photos to prove it.    He is just looking for a new home and was probably pushed away from his mother’s home range.  He could have been relocated and is trying to find his way back, however he doesn’t have a tag.  I hope bears don’t move into this area.  They will eat a baby fawn if given the chance and I don’t need any more competition with my deer population.  I will be more aware of my surroundings when I head to my tree stand in the future.

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The America Strain

Conspiracy Dude got me to thinking on his latest post about measles being imported into the U. S. I have been looking into and thinking about a show’s subject matter I just saw on a History Channel documentary.  Early September of  1918, a Liberty Loan parade in Philadelphia prompts a huge outbreak of the flu epidemic in the city. By the time the epidemic ended, an estimated 30 million people were dead worldwide.  This flu ran its course.  Do you understand that no cure was found and the flu itself died.  It ran out of host.  In July 1918 Philadelphia’s Bureau of Public Health had issued a bulletin about the “Spanish Influenza”. But health officials had not listed influenza as a reportable disease, and this denial of the danger of what was happening had encouraged people to take foolish risks and this spread throughout the country and  across the world.  30 Million people died worldwide as a result.  The world had 1.8 billion people in 1918.  The amount of world travel or travel abroad way pales in comparison today.  The amount of human interaction is huge compared to 1918. “Influenza pandemics are natural phenomenon, like earthquakes,” said Klaus Stohr, coordinator of the global flu program at the WHO. “The problem is bad preparedness.”Influenza is highly contagious and has killed millions over the past 100 years. It has traditionally moved in cycles, and some scientists say a major outbreak is already overdue.

To say we are ill prepared to handle a major out break of a 8.0 on the scale of flu is an understatement.  We as people have handled the latest minor out breaks of bird and swine flu to some degree, but in time we will have an outbreak that could send us back in technology 100 or so years for the survivors.   If your lucky enough not to be killed in the first three weeks,  you might just make it,  if your prepared.  The people who make vaccinations will be so overwhelmed during this time they will not have time to come up with a shot to protect the people.  A flu this strong in today’s well-connected world will take about a month to wipe out way more per capita of the world’s population as it did in 1918.   It could have a death toll of 75 to 85 percent of the world’s population.  It will flood hospitals in the first several days to a point people will be in the street.  Shelters and triage centers will be overrun.  It will spread from these areas like wildfire.  Hundreds of flights are taking off at several hundred airports everywhere with sick people showing no symptoms.  It will be in every major populated country including both poles in ten to fourteen days.  Protocols to protect the important people who may just find a vaccine will not have provided enough time to catch a flu like this in time.   Stores run out of food and soon the gas pumps dry up.  Your power is out and your water pressure is very low.  The internet crashes.  Water is gone by the third or fourth week.  Half the people left are in shock.  You don’t know close to a billion people are dead in the world.  Neither do you know that 3 to 4 more billion are going to die.

You have made it a month so now what do you do?   Not a single person is working unless they are military if there is one left.  Do you have enough food?  Water?  A way of getting those two things?  Because those two things are all that matters to you now.  Is it just you or are you providing for your wife and kids too.  Staying in your house was the smartest thing you have ever done.  This is the way to survive the first month or so.  Did you have three months of food and water and essential meds to make it this long without having to venture out?  Did the military have enough time to move you into a camp, as will happen in most major cities?  If so,  you’re going to be in the second round of deaths from this in one way or the other.   I know you have locked yourself up at home and had enough water and food to make it.  Now have you survived the looters who are trying to get your stash of goodies?  If you have stored up enough of the right kind of goodies you might just make it.

Survivors now around the second month are dealing with dead bodies everywhere in the major populated areas.  People will literally die where they are standing with this flu.  Rural areas are now banded together and formed a network to help each other as they can.  Unless you have set this up before hand you can count yourself out.

It could be years before you have power again.  Hopefully someone who knows how to make fuel will have survived.  This is a big what if scenario.  For all the crap you have stacked up in your house, make a couple piles of food and water.  Enough to make it at least three months.  Cause politics and all the stuff we complain about will be the least of your worries.   For the sake of this argument they and the military, other than small bands will not survive either.  Some scientist say this is a when and not an if.  It is just something to think about.

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I.B.E.W, Sickley & Needy

Most of you know I have a band and I play guitar.  We play a lot of gigs and have fun.  We do a lot of benefits and try to help out where we can.  We had a gig scheduled last Saturday in Guntown, MS just north of Tupelo.  We were told it was at the city park then we were told it was at the shooting range.  It was supposed to be a gig for the local IBEW chapter of Lee county’s power association workers.  You really never know what you’re getting into with these types of gigs and some are a bust with very little attendance or you’re not paid what your promised.  This was a last-minute kinda deal and I was not looking forward to it because of the heat (close to 98) that day.  When we showed up we turned down this long gravel road and went about two miles off the road.  We came to a gate and I noticed a lot of R.V.’s parked (about 75) off in a field.  The guy at the gate said “The band is here” and told me to drive straight to the pavilion and set up.  I was met by two guys and said they would help us get set up.  I notice a rather large “cooker” the kind you see at the MIM bar b Q festival.  I also notice a huge crowd of 200 or so gathered and milling around.

400lbs. Of Ribs Cooked

So we get set up and I realize after talking to these guys this was not a local event but a national event these guys do every year to help out their brothers who have fallen ill or got hurt at work.  I met people from over twenty states and a big group from Florida was there and  also New York.  You never know how a crowd is going to respond to your “type” of music and these guys looked like a rough group to say the least.  We broke out with “Can’t get Enough” by Bad Co. and after the song ….the crowd went wild and from that moment on it was a party jam fest that every band likes to have.  People danced sang a long and generally had a blast!   They treated us like rock stars and kept the beer flowing and fed us well too.

Nice Crowd

In between sets I got to know some of these guys and they let me know this was a benefit they do from time to time to help out where the union stops.  They like others have been dis-satisfied with how their union has been handling things of late.  I have always been told a union is only as strong as its people.  These guys take that to heart and mean what they say.  They were going to take some of these funds and help some brothers out who have lost their homes in the recent storms across the nation of late.  They had an auction and sold “Mississippi cherries” off to the highest bidder.  This is cherries soaked in Moonshine.  They went for about 75 bucks a jar and they had twenty or so of them to auction off.  We sat an open guitar case in front of us and they announced we, Last Leg would give back 20% of any tips we made for their cause.  A line soon formed and people were dropping 20’s, 10’s and some dropped in a few “C” notes as well.  I was blown away at how these guys operated.  They really took care of their own.  I played for about six hours that day in the heat but I had a blast as did everyone there.  It was nice to see with all that is going on in  the world today that people still help and help big.  I think they raised a total of $9,600 this day and want us to do future shows with them and we agreed with no hesitation.  We also had a couple of guys that sat in with us and one very talented drummer really helped out with us since it was so hot and it is very demanding banging on the drums all day.

Auctioning “Mississippi Cherries”

Weather Predictions (Ring Around The Rosey)

The recent tornadoes around the mid south have been very destructive and very plentiful.  After the recent Joplin, MO tornado that has a climbing death toll over a hundred the threat for another one tonite just came across the weather channel bulletin.  The video below was from this past Sunday and missed or didn’t miss Joplin, MO.  Very close.    Showing up as a ring? HARRP??

Makes me wonder!?!

It is amazing that so much weather is making the news this year.  It just seems odd.  The storms are stronger and are hitting more of a populated area than I can ever recall.  I used to hear of tornadoes hitting a house or two and sometimes more.  It seems it was a much rarer instance than it is now.  Is it me?  It used to be “15 years ago it wiped out the whole east end of town”  Now it is more like “we just rebuilt from last years storm”.

In my county back on the 27th we had two tornadoes hit Belmont, MS three hours or so apart.   Both were small, but caused millions of damage to the area.  I noticed a lot of HARRP activity the days before the event that was the worst break-out since 1974.  After the fact that is.  I wasn’t studying the frequency that can be heard on a Ham radio …just that a lot of people seem to be.  Evidently it can be heard as white noise and seems to be getting louder just before these storms.  So these people are predicting where severe storm outbreaks will be using this method.  Between 2.5 and 3.6  Hz seem to be where HARRP can be heard.  So now people are connecting these rings on radar.  Sometimes this signal shows up in a straight line.  (Before earthquakes)  I have discussed this hear on this site on more than one occasion.  I don’t have a Ham radio but have listened to the recording of static from different places on the web.  But I do have access to a public radar from several different sources and will be paying more attention to this in the future when these weird kinda rings start showing up.

After watching the JPL model of the comet ELENIN and the experts calling it a brown star, I believe the last three earthquakes over 7.0 in magnitude to be the blame for those events.  Not saying that HARRP couldn’t be to blame it just made sense to me this was to blame.  I just know something is up with the weather.  Look at the Mississippi river and what it did this spring.  It was the worst flood since 1927.

Are “they” manipulating the weather and aiming it right at “us”?  If “they” are it is working just fine and dandy!  I pray for those that are in their sights and hope my little town is spared.  I am growing my own food this year.  I just had a feeling I needed to and after talking with B’man.   I think this is a good idea because it seems the need is there to supplement my own food supply for whatever reason that is.

My wicked Garden

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Drduhgylie’s Wicked Garden

This is my first year growing a garden.  My wife and I have a flower garden and I decided to grow something I could eat instead of look at this year.  I have years experience growing a garden in helping my grandparents on both sides of my family.  It was just a way of life and survival back then.  I remember a lot about it so I am putting that experience to good use this year.  If you don’t use it you lose it… I guess kinda thing.


I have panted butter beans, okra, squash, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots.  All but the tomatoes are from seed in starter cups.  My wife Beckie has a nice flower garden also.   I am fortunate to have some very rich soil.  This is located in my backyard right in the middle of town.  I mean right in the middle … I am a rock throws from the only red light in town, in the whole county for that matter.  In a county with 400+ square miles we have only one red light.  Life is a far cry different from that of the big city of Memphis where I lived for nearly twenty years.  This life is  much better here.

One of Beckie’s Lillies

I am about 80% finished with the vegetable garden and Beckie is never finished with the flower garden.  In the pic above you can see the blue tarp laid down to kill the grass.  Tilling green grass is a chore if you have never tried it.  I am going to add a few more rows of okra then I’ll be finished with the planting.  I should have tomatoes around the 4th of July which around here is something to brag about.  I have another friend that I am helping with watermelons and cantaloupes too.  We have about 100 “hills” of each and another 300 or so tomato plants.  I am hoping to be over run with squash because I have about 18 “hills” of it growing with three plants per hill.  Now I just need to wait till harvest time and take a hind 1/4 out of the freezer and have a feast!

Update pic June 21st

I will be keeping updates of the garden here.  Updates

People’s Committee

In many areas of the burgeoning West, the absence of established institutions of law and order led the local community to literally take the law into its own hands and dispense justice through Vigilante Committees.  In the wake of the recent events this past week this term kept going through my mind.  My great-uncle told me a story of his great-grandfather getting shot trying to defend a man from one of these committee’s.  It was the old west somewhere in a dusty Kansas town and a man was shot during a poker game and had run out-of-town.  In leaving he himself was shot but got away.  He had ridden almost a hundred miles and was found on the outskirts of a settlement and taken to the local Dr.  I don’t know the names of these towns but where he was found they had a marshal.  Two days later a people’s committee showed up and wanted this man for killing  one of their town folk.  There wasn’t a law man where the murder took place.  In those days a “people’s committee”  was a group made up of town folk to hunt down robbers and murders.  Vigilantes are what they are commonly known by.  A swift form of justice it was.  My uncle’s great-grandfather was killed in a shoot out with one of these groups.  He was trying to stop this gang from hanging this man with out a proper trial.  I can imagine the scene at one of these hangings.  Hooping and hollering, with a big celebration of the justice being served.

I see we as people have not changed much since then and human nature does not evolve as much as knowledge does.  I watched as the rest of you did last Sunday night as a crowd gathered around the White House and was celebrating the death of the most wanted man in the world.  They were waving flags and chanting USA…USA…USA.  Only thing missing was someone shooting an M-16 in the air.  Like you see the mobs in other countries and someone is shooting an Ak in the air.  You can call me un-patriotic if you want but I didn’t take joy in this at all.  I saw it for what it was ….Propaganda.  We may or may not have killed someone last Sunday night.  However, we didn’t kill who we said we did.  I think that man has been dead for almost ten years.  It must be a hard war to fight when you keep killing the same person over and over or killing someone who is already dead.  I saw numerous of these gatherings all over America in the following days with the same tone.  I wonder what “they” could tell us and we believe it?  This is not a conspiracy, just an outright lie.  We have stooped to a level that lets the world know what we have become.  Some have told me to get out of this country for thinking this way.  I’m not going anywhere.  This is home.  Home just is not what it use to be.

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Merry Christmas

Christmas morning 2010. I love to hunt! I pursue deer and turkey. Hunting season begins here in October with an archery season. So I am usually in the woods on the first of October with my bow. 15 to 20 feet above the ground in a tree. (Not bad for someone who is afraid of heights). I hunted mainly out of one stand this year. I call it my “honey hole” so to speak. Most hunters have their favorite spot. The lock on stand, which I have on a red oak is in my favorite spot. It is close to where four different properties come to a corner with four different types of forest growth. I am located about 75 yards from this corner.

Rub Near My Stand

On opening morning I am in the stand a lil’ before daylight.  Leaves are still on the trees and it is still green.  It was cool that morning around 50 degrees with a slight north wind.  I am facing north and looking at the intersection of these four tracts of land.  There is a trail intersection that I have seen a lot of tracks and there are a few trees rubbed.  After about an hour I turned to look back behind me and three does busted me.  I guess they saw me move and the ran off.  I waited another hour or so and called it a day.  I like the early morning hunt as opposed to the evening. There is something about watching the world wake up in the woods.  The birds are the first, then the squirrels start to move around.  Sometimes I get to see a coyote or hear a pack of them in the distance.  Three days later it was colder and the wind was right for me to ambush a deer coming through this funnel like area where the properties meet.  I looked down under this big white oak (deer favorite fall food) and those three doe from opening morning were feeding on these acorns.  I watched as they used their hooves to rake the leaves back and could hear them chomping on the white oak acorns.  They looked to be close to the same age and were around 80 to 90 pounds I would guess.  Before I raised my bow I heard a twig snap to my right and looked and saw two more sneaking in.  I slowly raised my bow and had one at 20 yards directly in front of me.  She was  broad sided to me and I put my 20 yard pin on her front shoulder.  I hit my release and I heard the arrow hit its mark.  She jumped and mule kicked backwards and ran straight under my tree.  She stopped behind me and just stood there.  The three eating the acorns were still there and were getting nervous.  Time seems to slow down when this happens.  I reached in my quiver and the injured doe ran.  She fell about forty yards from me and didn’t move.  It was nine o’clock and I had my first deer of the season on the third day of the season.  A hunter could not take a doe in Mississippi a few years ago, now it is encouraged to take a few to help the herd and get the buck to doe ratio closer to where it needs to be.  You can take five deer in MS with three bucks included in your yearly quota.

My Bow, Truck, & Stand

I took two more does from the “honey hole” before gun season started.  You can hunt with a gun on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  During bow season I saw a lot of deer from this spot and let a few small bucks walk on through without taking a shot.  I try not to take a small buck under 8 points.  I have and I may in the future, but I try to take larger buck if I can.  Now I am afraid of heights and it is funny that I will climb a tree and get higher than corn to hunt deer.  Deer have the best senses it the woods and are  a nervous sort.  This helps them  to survive the hunt.  Their sense of smell is amazing.  Better than a tracking hound dog.  I use the wind to give me a better chance of seeing deer in this area.  A north or northwest wind is really the only way you can hunt this corner stand.  However, if it is too windy, I can’t hunt up in a tree.  I feel like I’m falling and I can’t be comfortable in the stand.  I generally use a harness when I’m up in a stand and highly recommend everyone use all the safety devices one can employ.

As December approaches,  the rut starts.  The bucks start to chase doe and become overcome with the desire to mate.  They kinda let their defenses down and move more during the day time.  Deer are mostly nocturnal, especially bucks.  I hadn’t seen a shooter buck all year,  and was thinking I would get shut-out as I did last year.  I am hunting on sixty acres that has been in my family since the 1940’s.  Finding land one can hunt on is becoming scarce around these parts.  Without the money for a big lease for some hunting property, I am stuck with the family land.

Christmas morning has come and I am going hunting with a co-worker of my wife’s.  He is 20 years old and I have taken him a couple of times this year already.  He did see a six point earlier in the year and I was proud of him for letting it walk to get bigger.  It was cold this morning and I have a half a mile walk to the “honey hole” stand.  I got up in the lock-on and got situated.  I am now hunting with my 700 Remington .270 caliber.  I can drive a tack at 250 yards with this rifle but I only have a hundred yards or so that I can see from this stand.  I guess thirty minutes went by and I started to see better as first light was breaking.  There is a time when the shadows give way even before the sun comes up.  Its getting active.  Birds start chirping and the now fallen leaves are rustling with squirrels.  Over on the property next to me I see a doe trotting my way.  She is moving pretty quick and is 50 yards from me before I knew it.  I shouldered my rifle to look at her through the scope.  I could see her very well and she looked to be about 100 pounds.  Then over the hill behind her I see a set of horns,  then the body of a nice deer.  He is not a monster, but a shooter.  Especially since I hadn’t taken a buck in two years.  The doe turns and runs back towards him, then one eighties back to me and runs right under my stand in full trot.  As if to draw him right to me ….she did as he trotted with his nose to the ground within 30 yards of me.  Then he turned broad sided as if to say “here you go” !  I took the shot and he hit the ground like a sack of sand and didn’t move!  Hey it was Christmas morning and by 7 am I had a buck on the ground.  It was a nice present.  He was an eight pointer.  Not the biggest I had ever taken but he would do.  My freezer is full now and I have enjoyed some nice back strap dinners and hind quarter roasts.  Turkey season starts in just a few weeks!

Merry Christmas



All posts are opinions meant to foster comment, reporting, teaching & study under the “fair use doctrine” in Sec. 107 of U.S. Code Title 17. No statement of fact is made or should be implied. Ads appearing on this blog are solely the product of the advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BuehlahMan’s Revolt or