AE911Truth Experts Speak Out

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This is raw footage from some of the experts appearing in AE911Truth’s upcoming, hard-hitting documentary of evidence for the destruction of the 3 World trade Center skyscrapers — “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out”

Dr Bob Bowman

Mr. Humenn gives us quite a unique perspective inside the elevator shafts in the twin towers and how access to the core columns could have been gained.

Mr. Obeid, a 30-year structural engineer explains how NIST’S analysis actually disproves it’s own theories on how WTC Building 7 collapsed, thereby confirming the use of controlled demolition.

Mr. Donly challenges head on the NIST Report’s hypothesis of the destruction of WTC 7 by normal office fires and points out how the hypothesis of explosive controlled demolition is consistent with all of the evidence.

Mr. Lobdall presents an in-depth explanation of why the resulting chemical component elements found in the WTC dust, deflagration and steel deformations indicate that incendiaries were used to destroy all 3 WTC skyscrapers.

Famed scientist, Lynn Margulis, provides crucial rules and elements within an investigative scientific analysis to procure an accepted hypotheses vs. what’s depicted in the NIST report.

Mr. Pfeiffer provides a in-depth look at what actually happened to the top portions of the WTC towers prior to collapse and how WTC 7 could not have experienced simultaneous connector failure without the use of controlled demolition devices.

Mr. Poldolski explains how the Official Fire Story violates the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Mr. Dusterwald presents contradictory evidence between the NIST model and the actual sequence of failures within all the WTC Buildings.

Mr. Szamboti provides a comprehensive analysis of the undeniable discrepancies between the NIST report, their modeling and their findings compared to what factual-based evidence exits.

Mr. Munyak uses his considerable experience as a 25 year Fire Protection Engineer to expose the NIST reports of WTC 1, 2 & 7 as fraudulent.

Kathy McGrade explains how normal office fires cannot melt steel and how the symmetrical collapse of all WTC skyscrapers, according to the official story violates the laws of physics and thermodynamics.

Tom Sullivan – Former Explosives Loader for Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI)
Tom discusses the complex process of preparing a building for controlled demolition and sites the reasons why WTC building 7 had to have been a controlled demolition.

Les Young – High-rise Architect.
This high-rise architect expresses his suspicions that the explanations provided by NIST speculates how the Towers might have fallen if they were to have fallen at all. Further, he analyzes the fire in the buildings.

Stephen Barasch-High-rise Architect.
Mr. Barasch discusses his skepticism of this theory of collapse by fire and talks about how one might expect a collapsing high-rise to behave.

Mr. McCoy expresses his doubt abut the official story and from NIST as to how these 3 skyscrapers were destroyed and calls for a new investigation examining he hypothesis of controlled demolition.

Mr. Topete discusses how WTC Building 7’s column 79’s failure could not have caused the symmetrical and simultaneous collapse into it’s own footprint.

Mr. Brookman discusses his direct inquiries with President Obama and NIST on NIST’S responsibility to find the cause of the collapse of WTC Building 7 and their responses.

Mr. Lawyer presents investigative directives from the National Fire Protection Standards Manual that were never followed by NIST or FEMA for the fires they claim caused all 3 WTC Buildings to collapse.

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4 thoughts on “AE911Truth Experts Speak Out

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  2. As a Canadian I am very glade that the falsehood of these towers falling is coming to be known to the U.S. people. Right from the beginning people around the world did not believe the governments stories. My questions are: Why is the US army still in a Country creating a war that they started? Why are the people of the U.S. allowing it to happen?


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