Dark Tsunami

Dark tsunami

‘Your mind is already gone and you don’t know it’

Is Antarctica breathing?

By John Kaminski


You know what is holding back the water and it won’t last much longer. Your last battery is running low and the bridges are out. The rescue crews are too far away to help you. I sometimes wonder how people regard their final wave when the last wall gives out, and the dark sea steals their last breath.

People in Puerto Rico know: Pitch black, no power, only the flickering beam of an aging flashlight — no political theorizing now — wind howling, ripping the shingles from the roof, and then the neighborhood blows away. Death is random and cruel. Cars thrown several blocks land on people. No electricity for a year, half the population flees to Miami. Throughout the Antilles many thousands were never seen again.

People in Houston and New Orleans know, the water kept rising and the lucky had to be rescued off their roofs. The ones who survived owe their future from knowing when to run away. Some called it urban renewal by weather control. Thousands more were bussed elsewhere and many of them reportedly remain unaccounted for.

But in Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia you likely never heard of, desperate residents who remain unburied try to recover from the unusual combination of both a tsunami and a volcano. They know better than anyone that in a split second the world can change and you can’t do anything about it. The big wave hit the new bridge in the city of Palu at about 18 feet high and they’ll be digging up the dead from the mud-packed rubble for a long time yet.


In the western United States a high tech tsunami comes from the sky, in narrowly focused laser beams captured on cellphone video that roast houses at incredibly high temperatures but leave the trees a few feet away their naturally pristine green. Of course the government offers no rational explanation. This year’s Northwest forest fire epidemic seems connected to this suspicious phenomenon. Many observers have linked this to a program known as Agenda 21 that seeks to depopulate vast areas of the U.S. and herd human cattle into cities where they can be rigorously regulated.

Throughout the U.S. and many other countries, a nutritional tsunami of poison has been well established by the longtime Jewish company called Monsanto, which recently merged with Bayer and is now the biggest of Big Pharma.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup has been the subject of intense scrutiny and controversy. Documents recently made public as a result of multiple lawsuits filed against Monsanto by people who blame exposure to Roundup for their non-Hodgkin lymphoma suggest Monsanto has known for decades about the health risks related to glyphosate.


A tsunami of a more visceral type supposedly rained down on Las Vegas last year when the staged bullets of a lone nut supposedly gunned down 50 concert goers. Various witnesses thought the shots came from a helicopter or people on the ground. The really significant aspect of this event was that the cops finally gave up trying to explain what happened, and no believable official account has emerged from the police ever since.

Meaning?! Americans may be murdered any place at any time by a government that no longer needs to explain what happened to anyone.

Psychological tsunami

And after thousands of incidents such as this, the psychological tsunami occurs when the government tries to explain prefabricated terror incidents as the work of some dark enemy nobody can adequately identify, because when they try to, what turns up is a sinister connection to people in power who seek to convince a brain damaged populace that they need to be protected from these mysterious sinister forces . . . who “hate our freedoms”.

No, it wasn’t our freedoms they hated, Mr. Bush. It was more the bombs and the lies delivered by the United States that did not differentiate between the guilty and the innocent that really bothered all those people, who are now suddenly dead and forgotten.

One can’t help but wonder about the unnatural nature of all these disasters, of the unprecedented weather events that exhibit the hallmarks of manipulation, which some books say has been going on since 1947, but of course our government denies anything that resembles the actual truth.

All these fake terror incidents which the government creates to convince everyone that we actually need this kind of intrusive interference in our individual lives have caused a significant psychological change in the American personality — an unnecessary change you could call fear of fake terror. Or fear of the cops coming to the wrong address which happens to be yours and killing your dog . . . or your whole family.

But if we suddenly mistrust our leaders it also means fundamentally that we don’t trust ourselves, because after all, fixed elections or not, we elected them. To distrust ourselves, I believe, is a form of mental illness, deliberately cultivated by the medical and pharmaceutical industries which prefer to create — rather than cure — these profitable lifetime addictions.

Madness under ice

Perhaps this one kind of tsunami supersedes all the others . . .

In the 1938 novella, the surviving scientists wonder if they will even know when they are no longer men and have been assimilated by the Thing. 


It is a dark tsunami of the mind that drowns people who try to figure out the suppressed mysteries behind the constant lies the predators feed to their prey. And the worst tsunami of all is this mainstream media narrative that has created generations of artificial people who cheer the killing of untold millions of people for the benefit of a very few shysters who aren’t even legitimate citizens of anywhere.

But why the sudden rush to the bottom of the world? Movers and shakers from all over the world are scratching their heads trying to figure this one out. Even the Russian patriarch Kirill and Illuminati bagman John Kerry have flown to Antarctica to witness this puzzling apparition.

“. . . something gigantic beneath Marie Byrd Land in the Antarctic appears to be breathing, “forcing the ice surface thousands of feet above them to rise and fall by as much as 20 feet . . .” <ibid>

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin sputtered “It is evil itself!” before he was shunted off to a rubber room.

Cosmologist Jack Heart writes:

The paranoiac premise is plainly articulated in iconic horror film director John Carpenter’s 1982 cinematic classic The Thing. In the movie, the shape-shifting entity is an alien from outer space marooned in the Antarctic for a hundred thousand years. When it’s thawed from a block of ice, the Thing wipes out a Norwegian and American base, impersonating and killing the hapless scientists one by one. Once its slime gets on the victim, it assimilates them, leaving an exact duplicate of the victim, including their personality and memories.

Sounds like Communism to me.

This assertion made me think of the work of Carlos Castaneda and his view of “the predator.”

We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile . . . They took us over because we are food to them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops,  humaneros. Therefore their food is always available to them.


. .  which led to some thoughts on . . .

Viral parasitic consciousness


Parasites, like narcissistic personalities, seek only to validate their own fallen measures and desires while shunning and disabling the free-will and creativity of those they feed upon (anyone carrying compassion). Thus, the human society has been mentally and emotionally entrained and enslaved through a variety of means to the point that the more accurate level of advancement is far beyond the requirements of economic, technological, informational, political, medicinal, and intellectual systems that are present today. 

What we have access to and the capacity for is so far beyond what we have today that this is akin to a situation where a person with great power and creativity is kept within a small, limited mental and physical cage by a domineering and malicious relationship with a being who literally is only projecting the imitation of the causal and reasonable partner but is actually the predator in a predator-prey situation. 

With that said, the more accurate description is a parasite and host relationship as the human has all the power to choose who, what, where, and when the changes occur yet they are sleeping to their true power like a lion who is kept in a circus show dancing and parading for a tiny man with a whip and a cheering crowd of people who have no capacity to even fathom the kind of true, organic power that the lion knows by heart but is beaten to forget or ignore until just that moment when the parasite exposes itself for the last time.

The skeptic in me asks if this is just a preliminary setup to condition people to the false flag alien invasion, which is by now long overdue.

They could blast away half a continent if they wanted to, and then blame it on goons from outer space, but you’ll know who’ll be behind it, because I’m telling you right now.

You know you’re in trouble when our best chance in the White House is admittedly under the control of a sinister worldwide cult.

And if you can’t name the predator at this late date then your chances of survival are . . . not what you might like them to be.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Even A Baptist Preacher Gets It (May The Hope-Dopes Wake Up)

I’m not sure why I ever signed on to Chuck Baldwin’s newsletter, except that I noticed he was one of the few preachers that seemed to understand the jewish taint. Since my subscription started (maybe 2 to 3 years ago), I have witnessed this man turn into a real TRUTHER. I am not sorry I subscribed. He is on to Trump and the Drumpfters. Go to ChuckBaldwinLive.com to sub.

My contention has always been to work with Christianity to stop the jew. The first thing that must be done is recognize the jew taint and over influence. Then, as Bob in DC states, we must eliminate the jewish influence.

Can’t be done if it isn’t recognized first (very tough since they own all the propaganda methods).

“The Illusions Of Hope”

By Chuck Baldwin
September 27, 2018


Patrick Henry may have said it best:

It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

Henry’s observations of the nature of human nature are as true today as they were on March 23, 1775, when Henry spoke them. It is indeed “natural to indulge in the illusions of hope.” It is equally natural for men to “shut [their] eyes against a painful truth.” And Patrick Henry was not the only one to understand this human frailty—so do con men, charlatans, crooks and conspirators.

Dishonest, deceptive, duplicitous scoundrels know that most people are trusting by nature. They know that most people prefer comfort and are not quick to forsake it. Scoundrels know that people need hope, and the scoundrels are all too eager to give them hope—or at least the illusions of it. They also know that people such as Patrick Henry are an aberration of humanity: most are NOT willing “to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.” They know that most people “shut [their] eyes against a painful truth,” that “having eyes, [they] see not, and, having ears, [they] hear not.”

Pernicious predatory politicians constantly prey on this natural weakness of man. They tell people what they want to hear; they play to their wants and fears; and they cast themselves as the hero for which people yearn. And even though secularists seem to have no comprehension of it, many of these pretenders are assisted by a supernatural ability to bewitch (Galatians 3:1) trusting and unsuspecting souls. It is my studied opinion that Donald Trump is such a man.

Trump has given hope to those who were drowning in hopelessness. He has convinced them that he is their political savior. He plays to their wants and fears. He tells them what they want to hear. And he does it so masterfully, so perfectly, that he has brought millions of people (including Christians) under his spell.   

Before being elected, Trump said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” And he wasn’t making that up. He knew he had mesmerized them.

For two years now, it hasn’t mattered to a tinker’s dam what Trump does or doesn’t do. He has given people the “illusions of hope,” and they dare not let go. Their hope is in Trump. This is more than support or appreciation—or even love; this is worship. The “always Trump” crowd literally worships Donald Trump. From a spiritual perspective, they have been bewitched. They are hypnotized. They are in a trance. And they dare not allow themselves to be awakened, for if they were, they would have “to know the worst, and to provide for it.” This they are not willing to do.

For this reason they allow themselves to believe the pathetic propaganda of QAnon; they mindlessly believe the outlandish lie that there are 55,000 sealed indictments against members of the Deep State (and to these people, the definition of Deep State is anyone who does not agree with Donald Trump). I have even heard them speak in rapturous euphoria about Trump secretly colluding with military personnel to implement martial law, rounding up all of the bad guys (again, the people who oppose Trump) and taking them at gunpoint before military tribunals. (Can you imagine what these same people would have said had Obama’s supporters said this?) In fact, many of these Trump toadies have written me to say that when this Trump/military coup begins, I am on the list to be taken away. I am telling you, folks, all of this is VERY REAL to these people. Again, these people are bewitched; they are victims of seducing spirits (I Timothy 4:1) that are empowering Donald Trump. And, as Patrick Henry said, many are being transformed into “beasts.” Cheering for the rise of an American version of Germany’s Brown Shirts or GESTAPO and the positive anticipation of a nation under martial law are truly BEASTLY concepts that come from BEASTLY hearts.

But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption. (II Peter 2:12)

Nevertheless man being in honour [having wealth and power] abideth not: he is like the beasts [in murderous brutality] that perish. (Psalms 49:12)

Not to mention that any kind of martial law, complete with roundups and military tribunals, totally destroys the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights and fractures the very foundation of a free American republic.

But it is pointless to discuss the Constitution with these people. It is pointless to discuss the way Trump has filled his administration with neocons, CFR and Bilderberg globalists or the way he panders to Zionist Israel or his lack of any action against abortion and even taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood or the way he increases deficit spending comparable to that of any Democrat or the way he continues to escalate the phony “War on Terror.” These people are absolutely deaf to these things. They are deaf to truth, deaf to constitutional government, and they are blind to the evidence that stares them in the face every day.

I’m telling you, Donald Trump is not the enemy of the Deep State; he is a servant of the Deep State. The same elitists that controlled Trump’s predecessors control Trump. For those who have the courage to watch, here is a sample of what I’m talking about. Watch this video, and you will see Trump reading from the same script (almost word for word) that Barack Obama read from when he announced his missile attacks against Syria. Watch it, and then tell me how Donald Trump is not controlled by the same neocon warmongers that have been taking this country to unjust foreign wars ever since the presidency of G.W. Bush.

Trump’s maniacal sanctions against Iran are an incitement to war and are dooming the American economy to suffer the pangs of severe inflation. Experts are already predicting $100 per barrel oil prices. And when oil prices inflate, ALL prices inflate. Plus, Trump’s Deep State operatives are destabilizing Venezuela, and Trump is threatening to send the U.S. military into that oil-rich country. Venezuela is one of the world’s largest oil producers and has the world’s second largest natural gas reserves. What a coincidence that most of the nations that neocons target in their perpetual war schemes are rich in oil. And tell me again what threat Venezuela poses to the United States.

Then we hear Trump’s toady Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke put forth the threat that America could and might put a naval blockade around Russia in order to curtail its exports. Can you imagine?

My friends, it will be an absolute miracle if America is not in a global war, complete with crippling inflation and a collapsed economy, before the end of Trump’s term in office. And if it doesn’t happen, it won’t be because Trump didn’t do his best to make it happen.

Plus, everyone is praising Trump for fixing the economy, but top economists are warning that what we are seeing is merely another bubble, and when it bursts it will make the recession in 2008 and 2009 look mild by comparison.

And as I pointed out in this column last week, President Trump and the Republicans in Congress just passed a massive $854 billion spending bill that continues to fund virtually all of the left’s radical social agendas, including fully funding Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research.

And as the federal government just concluded its 2018 fiscal year, we read this report:

The federal debt increased by $1,271,158,167,126.72 in fiscal 2018, according to data released today by the Treasury.

The total federal debt started the fiscal year at $20,244,900,016,053.51 according to the Treasury, and finished the fiscal year at $21,516,058,183,180.23.

The federal fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30.

So, the GOP controls both houses of Congress and the White House (with Donald Trump as President), and not only can they NOT defund Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research, they cannot defund the left’s radical social agendas or keep from increasing the federal deficit by over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

In addition, Donald Trump and the GOP leadership are up to their eyeballs in facilitating the neocon/globalist/Zionist perpetual war agenda even to the point of protecting U.S. “allies” who are engaged in the most despicable forms of child sex slavery in the process. Here is the report:

“Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) last week tried to block billions in U.S. taxpayer funds from going to the Afghan military and police forces unless its units stopped sexually abusing young boys, but he was opposed by Senate Foreign Relations Committee leaders.

During a committee business meeting last Wednesday considering the reauthorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, Paul proposed an amendment to withhold all U.S. funding for all Afghan security forces unless the U.S. government’s watchdog in Afghanistan could verify those forces were not using children as child soldiers or sex slaves.

The U.S. is slated to provide Afghan security forces — military and police — with $4.92 billion in 2019 for equipment, training, supplies, services, infrastructure repair and other funding.

Paul told other members, according to a transcript of the business meeting first obtained by Breitbart News: “I think that the committee is right to be gravely concerned with sexual trafficking and abuse of young people around the world in a variety of countries. I think we shouldn’t turn a blind eye towards when our allies are responsible for this, as well.”

Specifically, Paul referred to the common Afghan practice of “bacha bazi” — or using boys as young as 10 years old for sex. Some U.S. troops who have deployed to Afghanistan have tried to stop instances of sexual abuse when they have come across it, but have been punished for doing so, according to reports.

However, Chairman Bob Corker (R-TN) and Ranking Member Bob Menendez (D-NJ) backed a counter-amendment to require the Departments of Defense and State to report on implementation of recommendations made by SIGAR on ending the practice [which means nothing will be done and the practice will continue].

Paul’s amendment failed, while Corker’s passed.

Tell me again how Donald Trump and the Republican Party are so “conservative.”

Let me put this in perspective for you: Republicans have held the House of Representatives (that means the federal purse strings) for 20 of the last 24 years. The GOP has controlled the Senate for 11 of the last 19 congresses. In addition, the GOP has controlled the Supreme Court since before 1973 when Roe v Wade was decided. And going back to the election of 1968, Republicans have held 8 of 13 presidential administrations. But they need ONE MORE ELECTION to get something done. BALDERDASH! Donald Trump and the GOP are playing Christians and conservatives like a fiddle.

Before the American people can begin the process of restoring their constitutional republic, they MUST be willing to stop indulging in the illusions of hope and stop shutting their eyes to painful truth. And, like Patrick Henry, they must be willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it.

Christians and conservatives think that all they have to do is vote for a Republican president and then spend the next four years blindly supporting him—no matter how unconstitutional, immoral or wrong he is—and all will be well with America. Oh! And, of course, they must get out and work like crazy for Republicans in the midterms, because, after all, as Trump said, “When you vote for Republicans in November, you are voting for ME.”

But we Americans are supposed to be voting for the Constitution when we vote. This is not about liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans or left vs. right. And it is certainly not about building a government around one man: Donald Trump. This is supposed to be about electing men and women regardless of race, religion or party affiliation who will “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States.”

Donald Trump has turned not only the entire country but the entire world into a “you are either with ME or against ME” equation. And too many conservatives and Christians are absolutely blinded and bewitched by this man.

The tendency to “indulge in the illusions of hope” and to “shut [one’s] eyes against a painful truth” may indeed be natural. But, ladies and gentlemen, blind bewitching worship of a political leader is not only the result of supernatural seducing spirits, it is downright dangerous to any nation’s future.

We witnessed shades of this blind robotic fawning over a President during the administrations of Ronald Reagan and G.W. Bush (and the left fawned over Obama just as blindly), but nothing to this degree. This is surreal. And it seems to get worse by the hour.

I am thankful for the few times that Donald Trump has demonstrated fidelity to the Constitution. And I am not criticizing anyone who voted for Donald Trump over his opponent in 2016. But what I am trying to warn against is the way conservatives—and especially evangelical Christians—have practically turned Trump into an idol and are ascribing all kinds of praises and platitudes to him that are so out of proportion to the truth that it convinces me that these folks have given heed to seducing spirits and have set themselves up for a bigger fall than they could possibly imagine.

P.S. Not long ago, I brought a message on the subject of hope. Tragically, many Christians SAY they are trusting God, but in reality they have placed their hope and trust in politicians (especially Donald Trump) and political parties (especially the Republican Party). This is a recipe for disaster.

My message is entitled Looking For Hope In All The Wrong Places. I wish somehow that America’s Christians and pastors could come to grips with the truths of this message.

I fear that when America’s evangelicals wake up to the reality that Donald Trump has deceived them, their disappointment will be so great, the damage could be fatal to our country. Oh! If only Christians could awaken from the trance they are in and clearly see the hope that is found in the principles and truths of God’s Natural and Revealed laws, it could doubtless restore a Biblical perspective of our proper duties and responsibilities—and maybe revive constitutional liberties in the process.

I urge readers to get this message DVD: Looking For Hope In All The Wrong Places.

Plus, during the month of October, when you order Looking For Hope In All The Wrong Places, I will also send you my DVD message entitled My Election Counsel. In this message, I review the six Biblical requirements for civil magistrates and the ONE American requirement for civil magistrates. If voters—especially Christian voters—would take heed to these seven requirements and would vote accordingly, our freedoms and liberties would never be at risk and hardly ever would we be at war.

Again, I am sending you both messages:

*Looking For Hope In All The Wrong Places

*My Election Counsel

Order here (and maybe order one for a friend before they go vote on November 6):

Looking For Hope In All The Wrong Places


© Chuck Baldwin

You have no one to turn to

You have no one to turn to

Except for the loving embrace of the State

No more real heroes, only celebrities, easily manufactured and replaced

By John Kaminski


Day after day, they prove it to us, again and again. We can’t trust what our government says. And that means we are not standing on firm ground when we make decisions that affect our lives. Therefore, no matter how many noble platitudes these corrupt bureaucrats throw at us, we can never be sure if they’re true, and more often than not we find out that they aren’t.

Worse than that is you can’t ever get a straight answer from the government about anything. The notorious Attorney General John Ashcroft killed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) back in 2003, with a memo to federal government departments not to cooperate with people seeking government records. And now they don’t.

The big crimes remain unsolved. The rich get away with murder. Individual attempts to find truth and justice are permanently thwarted, and their champions often murdered surreptitiously. With each passing year our lives are greatly diminished.

There used to be heroes in American movies. That all changed in the 1960s, some time after the first Kennedy assassination, when Hollywood trumpeted a new style of movie, one which featured the anti-hero. Charles Bronson, as the homicidal avenger of nasty criminals, comes to mind, setting records (at the time) for the number of people he gunned down in a single film.

It was an excellent way to destabilize society by glorifying violence. Today that impulse has metastasized and putrified to the point of openly urging blacks to shoot whites.

As they do with everything, Jews turned reality of its head and switched from movies about heroes to putting sympathetic faces on stone-cold killers, just the way their want their populations to be — silent cowards. And this is Washington, with its legions of venal, self-serving politicians perpetually failing to produce any new heroes. Instead it inflicts its voters with deceptive measures imposed by a foreign power that forever benefit the very rich and damage the very poor.

Lots of people analyzed this movie phenomenon as merely appealing to people’s love of violence, but it was really the puppetmasters’ plan to further damage the intellects of American moviegoers. They don’t want any heroes; they want lily-livered cowards who will obey every order from the government. Killing people is acceptable behavior, at least to the malignant moguls who run Hollywood like the Jews run Israel, of benefit to no one except themselves.

There is no mystery explanation to the decline and demise of the American republic. Too many manipulations, too many bribes, too many former politicians with secret bank accounts in Grand Cayman, and many are shackled into obedience by embarrassing videos, which these days could lead to their arrests (if we had a functioning Justice Department).

It is the lack of moral fiber and commitment to their oaths that has ruined America; too many secrets that got some people rich but ruined the integrity of the country.

There are no heroes in America anymore, at least on a political level. There are only money grubbing sycophants, eager to be the first to say whatever will make them the most money. This is the way children are brought up today, as the social fiber of the nation has been demolished by women’s liberation and homosexuality, and also most importantly by the slanderous Jewish sabotage of the Christian churches.

It was the parish priests and ministers who kept the fiber intact, and it was the rabbis who destroyed it with ecumenism and the false motto “strength in diversity”. Exactly the opposite is true.

America kills its heroes, and then venerates them. Lincoln, Kennedy, King — hated and disparaged during their lifetimes, praised to the skies after death to mollify their constituencies. This syndrome perhaps morphed into the now-dominant Holocaust religion and Gothic adolescents worshipping the various Gods of death cults.

Which is why we have a spectrum of political functionaries all whistling the tune written by Israel. There simply have been too many plane crashes or unexpected bullets provided by ‘lone nuts’.

It’s always about more money for Israel abroad and more money for Jewish groups at home in a robbery that has lasted more than a hundred years, but still the public — blinded and deafened by white noise — has no clue as to the heist.

Squeezed down to nothing

What we did to the Indians is now being done to us. We are being herded onto a cyber reservation from which we will not emerge unscathed. Possibly, we will be unrecognizable if we emerge at all.

We need to be able to speak openly about the Jews. Because we cannot, we are unable to unravel the important mysteries of our time. The great issue of who is behind these events remains prohibited from public discussion by the propaganda which people have received from prostituted media that have persuaded them to internalize a false history and recoil at any critical mention of this sacrosanct group of people who claim to be better than everyone else and also, more importantly, immune from everyone else’s laws.

Who could possibly stand up to this omnidirectional onslaught of information overload, or the channeling of children — all children, your children! — into categories most useful to the power elite. Sometimes you see them on TV, dancing to the tune of men who give them money.

The choice to groove on the power of this devil-worshipping, drug-sucking dementia is your door to psychological skid row, lots of things you would never tell your grandchildren about, were you lucky enough to have them to sit on your knee.

You know I’m leading up something, right? Stalling for time. I know you’ve had enough bad news and don’t need any more. But until you get the worst of it, you’re never going to make the best of it, are you?

The true enemy is the monster that has taken over the American dream and created exactly the opposite of what was intended, which was liberty and justice for all.

Best of the worst?

Trump, who is Trump? probably the best president since Kennedy, but still — and this is a fact we must never forget — wholly owned by Israel. The depth of Israel’s control over the United States is never more evident that in its control of U.S. presidential candidates. Jewish billionaires choose U.S. presidents and have throughout the 20th century.

My greatest fear is that Trump will facilitate an Israeli peace plan for the whole world — which will mean no peace at all, forever.

America has gained its ascendance by slashing and swindling its way to the top. Now it has been betrayed by its own leaders, who are unable to resist the emoluments (I love that word) of Jewish men who possess virtually infinite amounts of money (because they create it out of nothing!).

These are after all the Phoenician traders who burned up one country after another with their insane ideas. Their best secret is that you can never pin them down.

They moved from ancient Canaan and Carthage and seeped into all corners of the world in a Brotherhood of the Ripoff that survives to this day. They trip people up with the names they invent for themselves (Communists, feminists etc.) and leave countries looking like dead cows in the desert when they move onto their next conquest.

America gained its comfortable opulence essentially by making war on every country it met.  This is morally unacceptable. And it begs the question if the human species will continue on as an impulsive predator, letting the bottom line overshadow its best qualities?

We need new heroes. No, not the kind that Hollywood produces. We are beginning to see the light. Our government, the media and our entertainment industry are always feverishly trying to attract our attention and convince us that we can’t do without them. We must do without all of them if we are ever to attain authentic liberty.

When Jews are in control, it means certain death for all the non Jews who object to their control, as demonstrated by the early Soviet Union.

The world should know by now — you can’t trust an American. And you never will be able to as long as Jews are in control of the USA. When that sad day comes and you can’t trust anyone, then the total totalitarian society that the Jews call peace will be complete, and the darkness will be so deafening you won’t want to listen to anything anymore. Because all hope will then be gone.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Blindness and the ability to see

Blindness and

the ability to see

How ironic that the group known

as the world’s greatest liars now

control the entire world’s media?

Recognizing ‘something above your own nature’

helps detoxify the lies you’ve been told

By John Kaminski


No doubt if you have studied history beyond the mainstream abortion of it, you have had occasion to tell certain people something they simply refuse to believe, because it goes against what they’ve learned in their lifetimes through schools, newspapers and TV — which mostly echo the lies of scheming politicians and their pathological theoreticians who conveniently shape history to fatten their own financial portfolios.

Utterly deceived by the political lies our government tells us every day, we actually have no idea about our own actual history nor — in this useless overproduction of knowledge we are required to master that actually prevents us from thinking at all — do we have any idea what our government is doing at this present moment.

We don’t find out later, either, because no matter who is in charge, they lie about everything they say, and insist it’s in the best interests of the people. Is this a species that can be trusted, or relied upon to do the right thing? The evidence says otherwise.

Think about it. What is happening in the world is usually 180 degrees out from what our government SAYS is happening. Example? We are bombing Syria because we are fighting ISIS; yet, we are funding ISIS through third party stooges Qatar, Bahrain and the evil Saudis.

We invented al-Qaida to answer the question of who knocked down the World Trade Center towers, and just today the government was telling us we had to look at al-Qaida, now tens of thousands strong and positioned all over the world, as a positive force in America’s war on Syria. https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/09/12/17-years-after-911-us-backs-al-qaeda-in-syria.html

And of course the entire sordid drama is overseen by the Israeli puppetmasters, who are immune to all logic and laws with their financial stranglehold on most of the politicians in the world.

Law enforcement in the United States is a complete joke when the highest officials in the land commit crimes openly and a lapdog press corps constantly looks the other way while feeble police kill innocent bystanders for no reason but their own incompetence and even if they are charged are seldom convicted.

Yet still, Americans have yet to understand that what psychopathological criminals do to their enemies they will do to their friends, and this is what everyone is experiencing right now as our society prepares for its final shakedown.

The abuse of innocence

Which are you? Your cynical and razor sharp self? Or a bruised ego on a mission to nowhere?

In any case, you’re likely to trust your own poorly informed ego; you’re not likely to admit your comprehension of history is totally erroneous.

Ancient Greece’s great leader, Pericles, spoke of this in his famous Funeral Oration.

. . . it is hard to speak properly upon a subject where it is difficult to convince your hearers that you are speaking the truth. 

On the one hand, the friend who is familiar with every fact of the story may think that some point has not been set forth with that fullness which he wishes and knows it to deserve. On the other, a stranger to the matter may be led by envy to suspect exaggeration if he hears anything above his own nature. 

For men can endure to hear others praised only so long as they can persuade themselves of their own ability to equal the actions recounted: when this point is passed, envy comes in and with it incredulity. 


Praise of other people is tolerable only up to a certain point, the point where one still believes that one could do oneself some of the things one is hearing about. Once beyond that point, people become jealous disbelievers.

But perhaps Pericles’ best remembered piece of advice is this.

One’s sense of honor is the only thing that does not grow old, and the last pleasure when one is worn out with age, is not, as the poet said, making money, but having the respect of the people who have known you best.

For it is only the love of honour that never grows old; and honour it is, not gain, as some would have it, that rejoices the heart of age and helplessness.


Though deemed out of fashion in a Wall Street world, this lost honor is what keeps humanity distracted from their own lives by the chains of chaos.

Society has been overtaken by its own promiscuity


One of the ironies of the creative process is that it partly cripples itself in order to function. I mean that, usually, in order to turn out a piece of work, the author has to exaggerate the emphasis of it, to oppose it in a forcefully competitive way to other versions of the truth; and he gets carried away by his own exaggeration, as his distinctive image is built on it . . . . The problem is to find the truth underneath the exaggeration, to cut away the excess elaboration or distortion and include that truth where it fits.

— Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death, 1974

The false cry of SIX MILLION DEAD! echoes across time like a nightmare from the mind of a madman. You’ve no doubt seen the story of the history detailing the use of this freighted phrase since the late 19th century, six million jews in jeopardy of starving by one evil government or another, forever 6 million! Jewish newspapers kept running these stories right up until they could pin it all on Hitler in a triumphant public relations strategy.

Becker, a Jewish cultural anthropologist, described the danger of exaggeration correctly. He also inadvertently described the situation of so-called Jewish persecution by the Germans, which was triggered by a Jewish declaration of war against the Germans nine years before World War II ever started.

The Red Cross death toll from German camps researched in 1980 came to around 270,000. How much of a Jewish exaggeration is 6 million?

And where do the 12 million Germans who were murdered by the ‘allies’ after the war ended fit into your calculations?

Also, the blood libel of the Jews wanting to suck the blood of gentile children was falsely blamed on the Germans, who actually were scrupulous in their conduct of prisoners. Because of kosher public relations excellence, virtually the entire world believes the Jewish lies about Hitler, who in fact was the world’s most beloved leader of the 20th century.

Name a U.S. president who was so beloved, if you care to try.

This habit of overwrought exaggerations is also constantly present in all American rhetoric about Russia, which has been engrained into our minds as an evil menace as surely as Hitler was demonized, but only by Jewish media and not as a rule by ordinary people around the world, especially now after the heroic Russians saved Syria from American and Israeli perfidy.

I’m saying public political palaver today is lost in its own exaggerations which obscure the actual content of what is being said. After all the sensational charges, the fact remains America has propped up Russia throughout the 20th century so that the moneymaking tension keeping us on the verge of constant war kept on generating maximum profits for the Rothschilds and their weapons manufacturers.

This process applies to the two greatest tragedies in recent times — World War II and 9/11 — in which total lies are accepted as fact by a majority of people in the world. Far removed from the time it happened, people are today being slammed into jail for challenging propagandistic lies now called “The Holocaust” that justify the crimes of the Deep State maniacs who seek to turn the world into a giant prison.

And the obvious hoax of steel skyscrapers being destroyed by fire is by now seen by all those who care to contemplate the absurdity of the government’s 9/11 hype and the blanket immunity given to Israelis caught by the cops on their way to blow up the George Washington Bridge as classic smokescreens in the fog of war.

How can a population be deemed sane when its own government (the USA) has its main enemy (Russia) surrounded with military bases, and yet, Americans are told Russia remains the greatest threat? There are no Russian military bases surrounding the U.S.

You know, of course, that back in the days of the czars, Russia was America’s best friend, but that was before the obvious emergence of Jewish power in America. By the time the 19th century turned into the 20th, Rothschild henchman Benjamin Schiff had engineered the Japanese defeat of Russia in 1905, not only betraying a reliable old friend but setting up a new patsy for future wars.

The cause of the blindness

How can it be we’ve been unable to see the scam that continues to be played on us, always it’s the rich get richer and the poor disappear to the impartial ruthlessness of poverty? It hasn’t been by accident.

It’s one thing to talk about nationhood but quite another to talk about what is best for the human species. From that tangent develops every revolution and every invention known to humanity, as the struggle for personal gain collides with simple facts that keep us alive, such as air to breathe and water to drink.

Is it best for our children to hear of our role inflicting cholera on a large part of the population of Yemen for the purpose of securing shipping lanes and oil fields? This is who we are as Americans. But is it who we are as humans?

The human tendency is to revel in the misfortunes of others, and there are plenty of sources around to provide them for us. In fact all commerce is based on strife, the amelioration of desires, which is why, I guess, the cleverest among us have seized upon constant wars as the best moneymaking opportunity out there.

It is your choice to let this strategy be the epitaph of an extinct human species.

The current political climate might as well be a script for some mindless TV sitcom where the truth is nowhere to be found, only the propaganda programming of perverts trying to turn people into robots, a venomous project which has largely succeeded.

The Jews founded all three TV networks and they called it diversity.

None of this will be important when we are dead. But the point is to avoid this eventuality for as long as possible, and the first step is doing this is to perceive the world as it really is as best we can, and refuse to accept the hollow lies the Jewish-programmed media monsters command us to believe.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

The new gulag

The new gulag

An electronic fence in your mind

tucked into your back pocket

By John Kaminski



“The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” – Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War (410 BC)

Sorry to say this, but somebody needs to beat the hell out of the United States government — in order to stop this constant lying and thieving, this neverending annihilation of innocent nations that stand in the way of Big Oil and the Jewish destabilization template, and this deliberate poisoning of its own citizens.

It would be nice if the American people could do this job, but they don’t seem to be able to, comatose as they are because of the entertaining Jewish mythology of trivia that enslaves them. [Americans can’t see through the media fog and have believed the lies they’ve been told for the past HUNDRED years!]

Americans are afraid to face the embarrassing fact that if they support their criminal government they are by definition criminals themselves. So they readily support the fables spun by Pig Media. Knowing this is true, most Americans keep their mouths shut.

By doing this, they think they are being good citizens, but in reality they are hastening the demise of their own country by ignoring crimes committed in their names.

I can’t help but reflect that America today resembles the Soviet Union of yesteryear — if you utter a peep about state tyranny you get slammed into jail for God knows how long, if you are allowed to live at all.

How many more holistic doctors (current count is 88) are we going to allow to be suicided without a federal investigation to determine Big Pharma is killing off the competition — and blocking legitimate cures for cancer in the process?

The early USSR invoked the death penalty for anti-Semitism; we are not there yet, but with the recent censoring of anything to do with Holocaust hysteria by Jewish media monopolies, we are rapidly approaching it.

The same crimes that caused Jews to be kicked out of 103 countries are still happening today, only today Jews are in control of the government, the media, the lawyers and the money, so they don’t have to worry much about going to court. Since they own the U.S. president, Congress and the Supreme Court, they don’t ever have to worry about getting arrested.

Worse than that, the ages-old charge of Jews sucking the blood from Gentile children has resurfaced in all this lurid chatter about Comet Ping Pong, the Podesta brothers and Hillary Clinton, with the same mysterious minority being blamed for the same crimes.

I mean, they were talking about this back in the 13th century, which is why the Jews were initially kicked out of England. The kind of government that would protect these people from prosecution appears to be exactly the kind of government we have today — totally unscrupulous and unmistakably perverted.

Who is preventing the New York City police department from unfurling the complete Anthony Weiner tapes to thoroughly depict the treasonous felonies conducted by Hillary Clinton with the protection of the CIA and FBI?

Creating crimes to fight them

Our government stages terror incidents to prove its existence is necessary, to convince a semiconscious electorate that we can’t get along without these brave crimefighters. Too bad they’re actually the ones who are creating the crimes, all the way from Oklahoma City to Sandy Hook.

Al-Qaeda is nothing but a bunch of crisis actors hired by Americans and Jews to serve as designated enemies and the primary justification for expanding the weapons business and obliterating hapless countries who happen to interfere with the operation of the Jewish Deep State.

What the U.S. military is doing to Syria is like so many American adventures overseas — unforgivable. Even though President Trump throws bones to Patriots such as the Hammond pardons or the notice to South Africa to stop killing white people, people should never forget, as his son-in-law works out weapons deals with Arab potentates, that the Trumps are wholly owned by the Lubavitchers and the Rothschilds, both of whom subscribe to the goal of enslaving everybody in the world.

Wonder no longer that the rest of the world hates America, which has unleashed unprecedented violence on innocent people everywhere, unparalleled savagery that defies description by normal men in places like Dresden, Wounded Knee and Fallujah. Unfathomable crimes in uncountable places.

Maybe the saddest aspect of all this is that all these disastrous acts are done in the name of the American people . . . but not for the benefit of the American people. The only people profiting from this mayhem are those who know allegiance to only one country — Israel — and will betray all those not in their profit scheme.

In whatever country they call home, if they are so-called dual citizens and one of those countries is Israel, Jews are definitely guilty of treason against their host country.

Jews have the psychopathological effrontery to insist they are the eternal victims when in fact they are the eternal tormentors. Jews wholly created World War II and the 50 million corpses that came with it. They have insinuated themselves into the highest levels of power around the world. Anyone who opposes them is either ruined or killed.

The handful of Jews who might have been killed in anger in the German workcamps shrivels into insignificance when compared to the 12 million German innocents, strewn from Dresden to Rhine Meadows, murdered AFTER the end of World War II by Eisenhower’s heartless and insane Jewish-American policies.

A forgotten turning point

Many things have disfigured our Constitutional protections over the years — principally the income tax/Federal Reserve coup d’etat of 1913, the Santa Clara decision of 1886 (giving corporations the same rights as persons) and the post Civil War events that changed the U.S. from a constitutional republic into a corporation.

But before all that, in an argument that lasted from the War of 1812 to the Civil War, you can trace today’s lawless immorality of the U.S. government to the disappearance of the original 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It had originally proposed to ban all lawyers from holding public office, on the theory that their oath to the Bar of London which governs all lawyers was actually an allegiance to a foreign power, which it was and is.

Initially proposed to weed out British and French spies during America’s post-Colonial period, it failed to garner sufficient support (lacking one state) when originally proposed. By the time that one state (Virginia) said yes, the requirements for passage had changed, as four new states had been added to the union by 1819.

Nevertheless, published versions of the U.S. Constitution throughout the land included this original 13th amendment, up until the beginning of the Civil War. A new 13th amendment banning slavery was passed in 1868, and the old 13th amendment disappeared into the foggy memories of government watchdogs.

The original 13th amendment reads:

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.” 

The most important aspect of this edict is its enforcement penalties — loss of the right to hold public office, and also loss of citizenship.

That lawyers managed to get this amendment erased from history illustrates their power and marks a turning point of America’s descent from a badly functioning republic into a wholly rapacious corporation.

It gave the lawyers carte blanche to corrupt the law at the behest of their foreign clients. And it set a trend slowly eliminating the interactive nature of the U.S. government.

Twenty-five of our 45 presidents have been lawyers. Think of the buffoons and pretenders who would not have been able to wreak havoc on the world if the original 13th amendment had ever been fully weaponized.

Can’t run for public office

Let’s take a closer look at this law, which actually should have been on the books today, if only the American people occupied top priority among America’s leaders.

“. . . emolument [something valuable] of any kind whatever, from ANY emperor, king, prince, or foreign power . . .”

Did someone say “foreign power”? Today, that would clearly be Israel. Back in 1819, the amendment aimed to foil the clandestine actions of Britain and France. Furthermore . . .

“. . . such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.” 

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Jewish billionaires control American elections. According to the original 13th amendment, these people and their puppet candidates should not even be citizens, never mind presidents!

The original purposes of the amendment were:

a) to protect the elections in the sovereign states from bribery, graft and political chicanery, and

b) to shield the federal government itself from both espionage and the domestic intrigues of agents-provocateur, and the insidious combination of secret multi-national societies, and the purchase of favored position from Congress and Bureaucracies by any means.


These events still dominate the subterranean machinations of the U.S. government.

The destruction of the Library of Congress and of many of the secret journals of the House of Representatives, in 1814, makes it impossible to know exactly what was on the minds of the men, led by Philip Reed of Maryland, who drafted and approved this measure in the Senate of the United States. Furthermore, every scholar of the Constitution agrees that this article was voted on properly and was issued by a lawfully elected Congress. In distinction, neither the Corwin Amendment of 1861 nor the so-called Fourteenth Amendment enjoy such constitutional bona fides. 

The Virginia legislature in 1819 called the amendment a constitutional bulwark against bribery, graft, espionage, and foreign meddling in domestic American affairs and elections, by instituting a specific severe penalty against persons so engaged.

What remains of our Constitution today offers no such protection.

“By prohibiting the institution of slavery and by outlawing individual citizens from owning slaves, the legislature in the wake of the Civil War created the first constitutional provision to directly limit the rights and freedoms of American citizens.”

Embrace of the idea is what got Lincoln elected. Lincoln freed the slaves to undermine the Confederacy. https://constitutioncenter.org/blog/abraham-lincoln-as-constitutional-radical-the-13th-amendment

And the American people have been under martial law ever since.

Our compromised future

If we let the Jews consolidate their takeover of the world, we can expect a future of unrelieved agony, of futility, isolation and misery, of the most beautiful things in life turned into the most ugly, where one’s own preferences will be shaped by the formulaic manipulations of the state, and one’s financial success wholly dependent on your betrayal of the masses . . .

. . . of angst imposed from without, where a governmental agency has taken the place of your family.

The next generation will be radically different from ours. What is being assiduously sought by the simple-brained forces of power is a standardized society in which profit may be both guaranteed and regulated.

Is it simply human nature that requires we protect ourselves from each other? Experience tells us that we must. Yet all our teachings assume we are interested in being good. Are we just trying to fool ourselves into thinking that we are reasonable and trustworthy organisms when we are not? Or are we misled into following a mindset given to us by suspect individuals because we can’t think for ourselves about the biggest questions of all. We need the street cred of an “authority”. This is the path humanity has trod. And we now confront the disaster this thinking has brought about.

Most Americans go along thinking that their taxes support a military apparatus that protects them from the evils of the world. It takes a serious scholar to realize that their taxes actually generate these evils by blindly supporting the people who make the weapons, and who sell them to our enemies, and use them on the unsuspecting masses.

The teams for World War III have been announced. It’s the whole world vs. the Jews, and the Jews are heavily favored.

People from all over the world will be allowed to vote, with no proper identification of course, while existing residents of the new gulag, otherwise known as the United States, will be subjected to the most confusing conditions, and most likely will not be allowed to vote simply because they refuse to endorse the lies that Jews have told them.

It’s an electronic fence in your mind tucked into your back pocket where anything that is not politically correct is against the law for all people who think they actually live in free countries. Just so you know when they come to take you away, because you must know by now they can hear everything you say.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


Are you afraid to tell the truth?

Are you afraid

to tell the truth?

You ought to be: Offend the Jews 

and your future is in jeopardy

By John Kaminski



When history is a lie, revisionism becomes the truth.

What we’re up against is bigger than any country. In fact, it’s bigger than all the countries in the world.

The ruthless powers that be have decided that only they can declare what is truth and that it is against the law to disagree with them. The human mind is being locked up for the final time.

Amazon, Google and Facebook are all Jewish entities, and all prohibit objective discussion about the lies told about the World Wars. Utterances that describe the events of World War II that are not approved by the Jews are now called “hate crimes”.

Jews most definitely cannot prove what they say about WWII — but we can. Six million?! Baloney! 296,081 is Germar Rudolf’s 2003 count, following the International Red Cross count in October 1980 of 273,905. How many billions of dollars have the Jews stolen from the world with this falsehood they have inflicted on everyone with their incessant and fallacious media propaganda?

Jews can’t prove there were gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else. The thousands of hysterical Jewish testimonies about concentration camp horrors remain totally refuted by the International Red Cross visits during the war which found German treatment of prisoners far superior to the way Americans treated the Japanese prisoners they interned during WW II.

Think about why Ursula Haverback, age 89, would risk prison to tell the real story of WW II, in which three Jewish controlled countries — Britain, the USSR and the USA — conspired to eliminate the last viable challenger to Jewish financial control of the world, which was the German economic miracle devised and deployed by Adolf Hitler. Would Mrs. Haverbeck do this because she was insane, or because she was telling the truth?

Even more puzzling, why would the German government insist on jailing an old woman who questioned a simple detail of history — unless they were trying to cover up a gigantic lie? For those with eyes to see, the answer is clear.

Think too about Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadhafi, both of whom treated their citizens much more kindly than the Jewish-run countries of the West. They followed Hitler’s example of treating their own people well. And they were murdered by the Jewish Deep State using their favorite weapon, the American war machine.

Most Americans simply have not realized that all contemporary media — movies, music, TV, even books — are controlled by Jews. Those outlets not owned by Jews are statistically insignificant and generally ignored.

But now, the Jewish onslaught of trying to erase independent thought from the world has intensified. A whole category of history has been expunged by the Jews from all the electronic media they own, which is practically everything.

And honest people are being lined up for incarceration and silence so the Jews may more easily make their fabricated history become the de facto history of the world.

Imprisoned by lies

Everyone in the world is now prevented by financial blackmail from even contemplating the truth. Jews control all your money, no matter how many non Jewish intermediaries exist between you and them.

Even as you read this, the vise grips clamped around your head begin to tighten.

Play ball and you have nothing to worry about. Blow the whistle on these child-eating maniacs and you’re going down hard. They’ll kill your children. A Congressman whose questions were a little too sharp just resigned because of that threat. Remember what happened to Paul Wellstone.

Revisionists tend to be idealists. They observe objectively. What they write tends to be clear. They don’t make things up, unlike the purveyors of the lies they seek to revise.

I’m like everybody else. I believed the propaganda I heard most of my life (or at least since the late 1960s). Took me to middle age to be jarred into realizing I was believing in some obvious lies.

What if telling the truth will cost you your job? What if your wife and family call you a beast and throw you out of the house for harboring such horrendous ideas?

Jews own your soul because they own your money and also have the ability to take it all away from you at any time.

They want you to be afraid to tell the truth. As a replacement, they want you to believe their truth, which is invariably at variance with what actually happened.

Both World Wars, 9/11, the fouling of the sky with chemtrails, the poisoning of humanity with Glyphosate, and the capture of the world’s media — these are all Jew poisons you ingest daily.

God help you if you start telling people that Adolf Hitler was actually the good guy. It won’t matter to them that it happens to be the truth, because they’re so scared of what will happen to them should they choose to stop living their lie.

Mainstream history is entirely false

In case you don’t know by now, Jewish truth is an oxymoron. There is no such thing existing in the world. The Jews’ holiest books command Jews to lie to non Jews in all situations. Now they’ve swindled the money of every country in the world, which all dance to the puppet’s tune while their leaders steal most of the money.

The penetration of Jewish lies in the world mind is nearly complete. Most of what people have been tricked into believing is false.

Regarding the empirical facts of World War II, we can prove what we say and they can’t. They can only cast aspersions, trap you in blackmail, or if all else fails, hire some hungry poor person with sociopathic tendencies to murder you. If your offense is somewhat less bothersome, they use the courts, the law, the legal profession, the cops, and the TV stations which will tell everyone what a bad person you are because you disagree with the Jews.

In the European Union courts, when it comes to Holocaust disputation, they say the truth is no defense. They put you in jail merely for attempting to tell the truth.

How silly is that? Pick an adjective. Insane would be a good one.

Jewish scripture urges Jews “to kill the best Gentiles”, which they do, constantly.

A game we can’t win

The measure of Jewish control of Britain was amply demonstrated by the arrest and continuing harassment of singer Alison Chabloz. This self-appointed Jew organization had to browbeat the government four times before charges were finally pressed. She could have lampooned any other ethnic group and no one would have lifted an eyebrow.

And then they staged this phony arrest of Tommy Robinson supposedly protesting the Muslim rape epidemic to make sure Alison got no media coverage. (By the way, why have British authorities allowed the Muslim rape epidemic to continue for more than ten years?)

We’re playing a Jewish game with the media, and it’s a game we can’t win.

Jez Turner was put in jail for worse. He described Jewish control of British history perfectly and got slammed into jail during a particularly fruitful roundup of Revisionist activists

Now the Schaefers are in jail and Arthur Topham, who had been devoutly monitoring the daily status of the recently arrested, remains silent.

And this is what these anti semitism laws are all about: to prevent discussion of Jewish crimes.

Jewish soldiers kill Palestinians for fun. Jewish food producers poison Americans by the millions. Jewish drug manufacturers have addicted the whole world to their poison pills.

All Jews are sociopaths because they follow the insane commands of the Talmud. Jews are not allowed to report crimes by their fellow Jews. How can they be good citizens anywhere?

They have turned America into a sociopathic country, using the promotion of blacks to retard the culture of whites.

People are being lied to. The U.S. is the chief force for evil in the world, mostly because they are doing the bidding of rich Jews who control the world’s money supply.

Besides Israel and the Jews in the City of London I defy you to tell me another power in the world that can make the U.S. military go anywhere in the world and murder those they are ordered to eliminate.

Mindless obedience to murderous policies

Tell the truth and go to jail! It’s the new party toast. Everything has been reversed. Leave those child molesters alone; they’re the ones in charge of the world.

How in the world is anyone supposed to deal with a legal system that declares the truth is no defense. What would Thomas Jefferson say about that?

Everything has been reversed. The good people are being put in jail. The bad people are making the laws.

So that the freedom of speech and thought once guaranteed to all Americans are no longer in effect. Today, we can no longer criticize Jews for their manic criminality that negatively affects everybody on Earth.

We will be arrested if we do. But if we don’t the future promises only mindless obedience to murderous policies from which we may never be able to protect ourselves.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

The next death you ignore just might be your own

The next death you ignore 

just might be your own

The most dangerous person on the planet is one whose mind is made up, blocking his ability to perceive the misinformation that pollutes his own education. 

By John Kaminski



When you defend the reputation of the United States, what is it exactly that you are defending? Perhaps it’s America’s willingness to kill people at the behest of Israel that you like so much? Or maybe you admire the way U.S. cops are fond of shooting people’s pets or robbing them on the interstate when they’re traveling a long way with their life’s savings?

From 9/11 to Sandy Hook to Las Vegas, you can now see our government creating crimes to keep its beloved law enforcement apparatus in business. When 88 doctors with cures for cancer are mysteriously murdered and no investigations are undertaken, you’ll know what our government has planned for us.

Increasingly we are beginning to see that our government is the source of our misery rather than the spearhead of our protection that we expect it to be, that we were promised it would be. Now we observe a watering down of the U.S. population by unassimilable Third World escapees to further destabilize what was once, at least internally, a peaceful country. As Somalis murder Americans in U.S. parks, this perverse process is accelerating our slide into a locked down police state.

There is one threat greater than all the others yet it is never talked about. It is a case of the people committing the crimes pretending to be solving them.

The real danger is America’s propensity for making war, and justifying these attacks with heroic but false rhetoric, glib fabrications to steal from the enemy some precious commodity or process. History testifies that for this kind of dishonesty there is no forgiveness, only retribution.

More powerful than any country

It is an entity more powerful than any country.

Whose dictates are more powerful than any court ruling.

Americans are guilty of not knowing what their country is doing. They don’t even know who’s running their own country.

No way that the official stories of any of these world-shaking events are remotely close to being true. They didn’t even attempt to explain what really happened in Las Vegas.

The horrors we hide and the excuses we use mask the killer within.

He’s not someone else. You know him. He’s the one who turns away. He’s the one who, when faced with the question whose answer could save the world, turned away. It’s not my problem, he muttered. Why was it you were living? we asked.

The Deep State is comprised of half dead politicians who have made their evil millions by voting for anything that increases the power of the media military complex, for where there is strife there is profit, and since we’re overpopulated, vaporizing a few million serfs here and there doesn’t really factor in their long run.

Our children are sent overseas in the constant wars so the U.S. is not overrun by disenfranchised young males who if left to their own devices are bound to cause trouble, perhaps even revolution.

Stronger than any country, more ruthless than any mafia, no court decision anywhere may be decreed without their approval.

How many more deaths must you ignore before you decide to act. After all, the next death you ignore just might be your own.

We pretend not to see

It is the goal of the predators, I have insisted on numerous occasions, to keep all other countries in a state of disarray, because people are less likely to revolt against a corrupt status quo when all their attention is focused on staying alive or feeding their own families. America has been run this way for the past century, but now you see this with visceral clarity amid the rubble of Israel’s bombed-out neighbors. You also see it all across Europe overrun with hungry Africans, and now increasing every day the obnoxious decay of abandoned buildings and government sponsored terror incidents in the USA.

The most dangerous person on the planet is one whose mind is made up, blocking his ability to perceive the misinformation that pollutes his education. His false world view sabotages his entire life’s work because he is held hostage to the dictates of an artificial political system whose noble lies mask the ugly deeds of a worldwide crime syndicate. He is either a part of that criminal enterprise or the victim of it. Prisoners and guards, preying upon each other — that’s what the world has come to.

For some years I’ve been saying, only half in jest, that the U.S. President and the Russian leader both work for the same boss, and that all the bloody histrionics that take place in the world every day are just a passion play to convince long suffering residents of all countries that there really are two superpowers so trillions of dollars must be spent on weapons rather than feeding the poor, of which I’m told two billion people are on the verge of starvation every single day.

Either way both Putin and Trump are intimates of the Lubavitchers, both are indestructibly wired to Israel, and that relationship is writing our sorry future.

Trump’s recent visit to Finland to speak with Putin elicited a bizarre and unanimous response from the main cheerleaders for the Deep State, all of whom are terrified that their slices of their payoffs from defense industries might shrivel up.

All the politicians and TV shills blasting President Trump for trying to be friendly to Russia have one thing in common, and that is their unabashed enthusiasm for and lavish support from military contractors — hence their incessant promotion of constant war.

Those corpses we don’t notice

Realize that and then the bombshell hits you — this is the way America has always operated! America survives and prospers because it profits from the constant wars it creates.

The major component of our economy is the production and sale of the weapons of war. Jewish bankers created the Federal Reserve to fund World War I. Their guns have been blazing ever since. The United States of America seems to be unable to operate without making war on someone.

Here dwells the unspoken shame we all share as we watch our beloved soldiers swagger around the world acting like a hit squad for Israeli billionaires with no moral qualms about what they’re doing, just following orders, the orders of psychopaths not interested in the welfare of any single human being, but only in the retrograde social order they are paid handsomely to promote.

Realizing this reveals the great secret shame every American should feel but doesn’t, and that is looking the other way from the false reasons to go to war in exchange for the placid and secure lifestyle that has been the hallmark of existence in the United States for most of the last half of the 20th century.

It doesn’t matter how many people we have to kill. We willingly ignore the reasons we go to war in exchange for the right to drink beer and watch TV and not have to think about the crimes our government commits to make us comfortable. It’s just the kind of people we are . . .

Media lure us to our doom

It’s the Jewish media that keep us in this dumbed down place, arguing about Russian meddling when we should be freaking out about Jewish control of every aspect of our lives. Just think for a moment about the degradation of American society since Jews took control of it, first with the legislations of 1913 (income tax, Federal Reserve etc.) and then by creating the World Wars which gave them absolute control of the world financial situation, and with that, total control of the way people think.

Think about how our children used to be safe from sex predators and now they’re exposed to these perverts in first grade thanks to Jewish control of the schools.

The power to define reality misused has given everyone an inaccurate view of the world. One group controls everything, and it can put you in jail for trying to tell the truth.

You think we’ve made progress? Mad Dog Mattis, the general who fried Fallujah in white phosphorus, is President Trump’s top military adviser! The president’s own family is immersed in the Chabad Lubavitcher philosophy that aims to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world.

This ritual of putting people in jail for challenging Jewish lies about the Holocaust is but the first step in the tightening of allowable perceptions that Jewish rule will mercilessly impose upon the world.

How can you pledge allegiance to a country that goes around the world murdering designated enemies for fun and profit? These aren’t criminals we’re killing; they aren’t even really enemies. They’re just people in the wrong place at the wrong time, standing in the way of that archetypal evil known as progress.

We have a predator that is plundering us, but we don’t seem to mind as long as we have the best gadgets and the financial freedom to flaunt our privilege before the struggling starvelings of the world.

No matter what their investment in blood and bravery, the American people and the soldiers who fight for them never reap the rewards of their efforts; no, the rewards are reserved for those who arranged the wars, who made it happen with their newspapers and their pitchmen and their crooked politicians whose ultimate allegiance is only to their own wallets.

Now they’ve created laws which only allow us to say what they permit us to say. This is the end of human freedom, right now. By your participation in this society, and your continued use of Amazon and Google, you have approved it. There is no way to participate in their reality and oppose them.

The worst crime is teaching well meaning people that they needed to fight when they never really needed to. How many of your sons and daughters were sacrificed to this false goal? How many more will we leave to die before we correct the problem?

Now when we really need them to fight the kosher rot that has turned a free country into a slave state, we find them paid by Jewish billionaires to gesticulate in the streets shouting Communist slogans while preparing to demolish the country that has nurtured them, and taught them to be mindless hedonists pursuing their illusory “freedoms”.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.