Allegiance to a horror show

Allegiance to a horror show

America is a broken wreck because of Jewish greed

Media monopoly covers up their crimes against humanity

By John Kaminski

These people waving their flags and glorying in America’s military depravities make me sick. They cheer the ruthless murder of innocent people based on the business projections of the oil companies and the paranoiac manipulations of The Chosen People.

Throw in America’s longest war (Afghanistan) to continue distributing heroin to the world in order to fund all these hired terrorists necessitating American bombing and slaughter to please and profit the Jewish billionaires who desire this kind of messed up world.

Americans make a big deal out of pretending to salute their brave veterans but ignore the fact that 7300 veterans committed suicide in 2014. That’s exactly 20 every single day. It would be poetic justice to see the cowards who devise these wars (but never fight them) be the ones who kill themselves. The world would be better off.

They kill 40,000 innocents in Yemen with cholera and call it supporting an ally in the Middle East, an ally which murders foreign journalists yet faces no criticism because it feeds the West’s insatiable appetite for oil.

The reason there is this constant barrage of anti-Semitism legislation and propaganda spewing forth is to keep the public from realizing the criminal nature of Jewish financial activities, or that the entire American population is being deliberately poisoned in a number of ways.

This is your country. And it’s a psychopathic killer. You never realized this was the case because of the Jewish ownership of U.S. mass media, slanting the news in favor of Jews and covering up Jewish crimes for more than a hundred years now, always made us Yanks feel proud as we slaughtered innocents around the world.

But now something worse is happening. The U.S. government is killing its own citizens.

America’s nightmare achievements

Our government will never tell us the truth about what happened on 9/11. Hell, President Trump’s so-called lawyer Rudy Giuliani was a principal participant in that false flag atrocity, so don’t expect any truth from them about the most grievous self-inflicted injury in America’s history.

How can you expect the truth about this contrived tragedy when the subordinates of these treasonous perpetrators are still in power, maintaining the hoax that the U.S. is still a participative democracy when it is just another Hollywood production concealing the real program, which is a ruthless oligarchic dictatorship of Jewish billionaires.

In all the Western nations progressive leaders have grabbed the reins of power and clearly sabotaged their own countries at the behest of unconscionably rich casino owners. Even today as Lubavitcher-controlled Trump quibbles with Israeli-shills Pelosi and Schumer over a wall, Americans wonder what’s wrong their country as the Jews run amuck with unprecedented levels of wealth.

And now Elon Musk has launched 5,000 5G satellites, creating an unprecedented boom of new patients for cancer doctors, who have the great support of Big Pharma, which murders those renegade doctors who possess actual cures for cancer (88 of them at last count).

Jews can’t disprove any of the charges against them. All they can do is slander and smear those with the courage to bring up the crimes they have committed and continue to commit with their fractional reserve lending and their untested medicines all devised to cut the white birth rate until all Caucasians are erased from the planet.

This danger multiplies daily as Armageddon draws near.

The No. 1 Jewish crime against humanity is the destruction of the genders and turning the entire human population into sexless automatons who can no longer see themselves but only their service to the state.

The most important aspect of human life on Earth is individuality, and that is precisely what the higher Jewish powers seek to eradicate because it is the No. 1 threat to controlling the population and turning everyone into worker slaves.

The essential ingredient for world harmony is happy families. Jews have successfully destroyed the family cultures of many countries, first through women’s liberation, second from their advocacy of homosexuality, and thirdly from the destruction of religions which kept people from falling prey to the degenerate persuasions in which the Jews specialize.

Jews feel there is no shame in lying. That is why their cries of anti-Semitism now fall on deaf ears because so many of their schemes have now been uncovered:

• The 6 million figure is really around 290,000, and not all of them Jews, according to the International Red Cross.

• There were no homicidal gas chambers. Only the Russians tried using those in the 1930s.

• The total corruption of the U.S. Congress! Nobody gets to run who doesn’t support Israel. As a result, Congress supports the wishes of Israel over those of the American people, which is why you get nearly unlimited benefits and breaks for illegal aliens and the cheapskate treatment for loyal American citizens who try to build this country into something worthwhile that the Jewish facilitated alien invasion now threatens to destroy.

• The poisoning of food and medicine, attacking the reproductive processes of populations Jews wish to exclude from the picture.

• The elimination of free speech using financial blackmail. You see it every day on all the Jewish electronic communications systems — Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. — where you are not allowed to tell the truth about historical events involving Jews, it’s that simple.

The Jewish-imposed history is all we will be allowed to discuss in public or in private. This is indeed the horror that Jewish perfidy has imposed on the human species, and will provide the mandatory context of our future from now on.

How soon will you realize that that distant scream in the night will soon be yours?

At last, truth in Washington

It was with pleasure and surprise that I finally heard a statement in the halls of Congress pinpointing Jewish influence as the cause of the world’s problems. That it came from an unexpected source was both a pleasure and a puzzle.

What the heck is a Somali woman, Rep. Ilhan Omar, doing representing Minneapolis in the U.S. House of Representatives? And just as I was about to recoil from the idea, she said something that was badly needed on the House floor.

As The New York Times reported:

“Israel has hypnotized the world,” she tweeted in 2012. “May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” Last month, she wrote that U.S. support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins baby.” A few weeks after that, she told an audience in D.C. that “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is O.K. to push for allegiance to a foreign country.” Confronted with criticism about the remark from her fellow Democrat Nita Lowey, she replied: “I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress or serve on committee.”

Of course the lemmings in the House went ballistic, lest their campaign contributions from Jews be affected. The point is worth pondering. It took a Somali woman to say what has been needed to be said for a hundred years, and of course she was met with brainless innuendos that insisted how could anyone say that the Jews who furnish all those wonderful campaign funds be anything but perfectly patriotic individuals.

No white man had the balls to say what has been needed to be said on the floor of Congress for an entire century. I would advise all Americans to join with her in asking the question of every elected official: How much does Jewish money affect what they do and say? And how much do Americans suffer for it?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Zero chance for freedom in Game Show America

Zero chance for freedom in Game Show America

Ultra rich tighten noose on individual liberty; 

everyone is convinced that fake history is real


By John Kaminski

Today in U.S. public schools, children are being taught to hate themselves and to be ashamed of who they are. Their teachers are demented Communist homosexual ideologues. Why are they doing this? Obviously, it is to make these children something other than what they normally would turn out to be.

For what purpose would they warp a child’s destiny like that? To make them more controllable, to make them more willing and gullible dupes of the state who will never get to learn who is actually running their lives. How can they learn that when their parents don’t even know?

The people who run the world want only one gender — workers.


Change boys into girls and you radically diminish the physical strength and combat readiness of men, making such a country much easier to conquer. Change girls into boys and you seriously jeopardize the reproductive capacity necessary to maintain a healthy population. Both trends sabotage the family structures that are the bulwark of stable societies. Get people all queer and the target group dies out, that’s their formula. Who is responsible for these nefarious trends?

Boobus Americanus

Under current conditions, there is absolutely no chance that Americans can elect a president who is genuinely on the side of ordinary Americans. The best they can do is what the banks tell them to do, and that is never good enough to create a thoughtful and secure society.

They serve at the pleasure of Jewish billionaires.

The U.S. political system is totally constricted by these kosher internationalists who have allegiance to no country, only to the restricted circle of power that regards financial profit as the only legitimate human motivation.

The American people have been reduced to quantifiable pawns in a corrupt electoral system. They can expect only cynical gimmicks and no actual beneficial services from the people who control this process, because the purpose of the process is to fleece those it controls. Those who have eyes to see realize that this is happening now, everywhere in all corners of America.

As a result, the American republic has degenerated into a viciously obscene game show in which those who support the ruthless policies of its corrupt leaders will reap their modest share of kickback largesse and those who oppose these actions for their lack of truthfulness, honor and justice will be ruthlessly punished or eliminated.

These processes are already well under way, and, unbeknownst to most Americans, have been throughout the history of the republic. Most writers avoid writing about this process because they know the axe could fall on them if they don’t choose their words carefully, as so many no longer employed former star journalists have discovered.

Today, there is zero chance for bonafide freedom in Game Show America. Unless you latch onto somebody who is very rich and well connected, your chances for survival and prosperity are not that good.

All locked into the same lie

Every single would-be presidential candidate must embrace the false narrative established for the 9/11 debacle and the phony wars, invasions and false flag atrocities that have followed. They must accept the bogus stories about the murder of ambassador Christopher Stevens and his entourage in Libya and the fact that President Obama demolished the Constitution and enriched his cronies with bogus no-bid grants.

As with all candidates for every significant political office, candidates must be gutted  by the real powers that be for their unquestioning loyalty to Israel and the Jewish traitors who control America’s financial system. The fate of the Palestinians remains the same as the American Indian and has been sealed by the willing ignorance of the American electorate, which remains totally deceived by the fictional reality created by worldwide Jewish media.

They must act as if they didn’t know the alien child invasion from south of the border was not an accident, but a stratagem devised by Jews to deliberately destabilize America’s social services system, wreck the health of future generations and cause chaos in the small towns in which these Guatemalan escapees have been distributed.

Just think about bloodcurdling ignorance of the recent group of presidential candidates: Obama with his untraceable history, Hillary making jokes about foreign leaders she murdered, Jeb Bush thinking his brother did a good job, Newt Gingrich propelled by Sheldon Adelson’s billions. Remember Ron Paul, the man Americans wanted to be president but the media didn’t, and gave us Obama instead?

None of them was capable of telling the truth about 9/11, because that is the truth that will blow America apart, and at this point, America needs to be blown apart, along with Israel, England, and all members of NATO. This bunch has poisoned the world, ripped off every country and repeatedly murdered its own citizens. It does not deserve the blind allegiance it maintains with crass public relations tricks that are palatable only to the Joe Six Pack segment of society.

It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear ordinary Americans try to justify their support for the military. Worldwide child abuse and the ritual killing of the innocent are the hallmarks of the American military as it assists the Jewish braintrust in social engineering that is deforming the species and plundering the planet.

History will continue to unroll itself in this warped fashion until two sides both wrapped in flawed logic with misplaced priorities collide, providing the heaps of bodies in needless deaths that the powers that be seem to periodically require.

Disturbing trend

Too many times to be coincidence I have heard others of my age bracket recently utter the dispiriting phrase, “I’m glad I’m old.”

Like a giant exhale of bad air, the secret so many elderly will admit to if you can get it out of them is that the confusing chaos that envelops all our social pitfalls is more than many people can continue to handle, especially the very old.

On the other hand I know of at least two 90-year-olds running their own websites on the cutting edge of reality. and, and

But the throwing up of hands by so many reveals the weariness with which we watch the latest battle of righteous politicians strutting their hour upon the stage with no fundamental change whatsoever from our rape-and-pillage foreign policy which even as we watch it we begin to learn that our so-called wars against others are in themselves precipitated by a foreign power, and we Americans are simultaneously betraying our own country.

We missed our chance to make the world a better place  in our generation. Instead we turned it into a paranoid and polluted police state, and we’re having trouble facing and fixing what has been done to the world. We are all responsible for that, as that small percentage of people with a social conscience realizes.

I often say the world has been environmentally wrecked on my watch, and I sure haven’t done much to stop it. I live in a country where practically no one admits the truth, especially the politicians who pretend to run the country.

I’ve often said a person needs to live in a stable and sane culture to be truly healthy, and Americans achieved that at periodic times and places during their early history.

But far more than that, the tricks that have been played on us by own leaders over time have led us to constant disappointments and officials put in jail. Senior citizens have always been appalled by the behavior of the younger generation, but today’s Millennials have created the reputation that they are barely civilized, socially confused and not very nice to old people.

That would be the result of a society that has constantly lied to its own citizens while one small segment of society steals everything from everyone else.

Maybe it has always been that way. The things humans have claimed to accomplish over time don’t seem to have done much to ease the burdens of those who are hungry. Nor have they created equitable societies in their own countries, either, only rat races where the rich dictate the rules and the poor scramble for whatever crumbs they can scoop up.

This is why people pay so little attention what their government does as they watch so many leaders wind up in jail for the lies that all politicians, even if they are not caught, inevitably use.

The big prize for politicians in Game Show America is seeing how much money you can make without getting caught for things that ordinary Americans could never get away with.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Donald Trump, John Hagee, Zionism And The Chabad

Donald Trump, John Hagee, Zionism And The Chabad

By Chuck Baldwin
February 14, 2019

King Solomon wrote, “Much study is a weariness of the flesh.” (Eccl. 12:12 KJV) I will add that it doesn’t make one a lot of friends either—especially if what one discovers through his studies cuts against the grain of commonly accepted teaching.

In my message to Liberty Fellowship last Sunday, I made the point that Zionism is one of America’s greatest threats. I do not say that lightly. Many years and untold hours of laborious study have led me to that conclusion. Only the lack of truth-preaching (including truth-preaching about Zionism) from America’s pulpits is a greater threat to our country. Beyond that, Zionism is one of the most politically protected institutions in America. No! It is THE most politically protected institution in the country. Bar none!

The influence and intimidation that Zionism wields over America’s major institutions and industries are incalculable—and seemingly impenetrable. From the church house to the White House, from Main Street to Wall Street, from Hollywood and Vine to Broadway and from the marbled halls of Congress to the hallowed halls of ivy-covered universities, Zionism reigns supreme. It rules our institutions with an iron fist. And it takes no prisoners against anyone who dares to challenge it. No one, and I mean no one—white or black, male or female, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative—can criticize Zionism without incurring the wrath of the combined weight of the media, entertainment, political, business and religious elite falling on them like a ton of bricks.

When Temple University professor and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill (a black man) dared to criticize Israeli violence against the indigenous people of Palestine, he was quickly fired by the giant cable news network. When Republican Senator Rand Paul (a white man) held up $38 billion of U.S. foreign aid to Zionist Israel’s war machine, the Israeli lobby jumped on him like a chicken on a June bug. Rand quickly capitulated. When Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (an Arab woman) dared to criticize the powerful Israeli lobby group, AIPAC, she was immediately denounced by congressmen and senators from both parties as well as by the President of the United States, who demanded that she resign. She quickly apologized.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what race you are, what your politics are, what your religious beliefs are, what school you graduated from or where you work; you cannot criticize Zionist Israel or any of its surrogates: not in any shape, manner or form.

And speaking of the President of the United States, Donald Trump’s connections to the Jewish mafia (the same mafia that Vladimir Putin is connected to, by the way) cannot be denied. In this column on August 10, 2017, I wrote:

Trump’s association with Jewish mafia billionaires—among whom Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner (Ivanka’s husband) and his family belong—is easily documented. I’m talking about men such as Alexander Mashkevich, Tevfik Arif (not Jewish by birth but a strong Zionist), Felix Henry Sater and Lev Avnerovich Leviev. Look them up for yourself. Jewish Zionist Wilbur Ross (Bilderberg), whom Trump appointed as Secretary of Commerce, was one of the Jewish billionaire Rothschild bankers who bailed Trump out of one of his bankruptcies.

What I did not include in that column was Trump’s official proclamation of endorsement of the Zionist Chabad (on this occasion, ultra-Zionist John Bolton also met with the Chabad):

US President Donald Trump signed the 40th annual proclamation marking National Education and Sharing Day, in honor of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the late Rabbi of the Lubavitch Hasidic movement.

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 27, 2018, as ‘Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A.,’” Trump said in a statement on Tuesday.

“I call upon government officials, educators, volunteers, and all the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.

A delegation of Rabbis from the Lubavitch (also known as Chabad) Hasidic movement attended the signing ceremony, which took place in the Oval Office.

If you study (there’s that dirty little word again) the Chabad, you will find that it is nothing more than a branch of the Ashkenazi Jewish mafia that actually has very little to do with real Jewish people at all—just as Zionism has almost nothing to do with the ancient Jewish religion or real Jewish people.

Chabadism is linked to sexual child abuse, drug running, human trafficking, organized crime, financial fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, and political intimidation and manipulation of civil institutions, court cases and political elections. The above and what follows are reported on the Yehudim Neged Chabad (Jews Against Chabad) website:

Does Chabad engage in racketeering activity? A racket is an illegal business, usually run as part of organized crime. Engaging in a racket is called racketeering. Racketeering activity means, among other things, any acts of kidnapping, robbery, bribery, extortion, counterfeiting, theft, fraud, obstruction of justice, embezzlement of funds, bankruptcy or securities fraud, money laundering and related offenses, bringing in, aiding or assisting aliens in illegally entering the country (if the action was for financial gain).

Chabad is engaged in ALL of the illegal activities mentioned above.

Whatever they do is crooked. Many have done jail time, especially the guys in nursing homes, jewelry, trucking and government programs administration. The lawyers among them are gangsters. They don’t need a license to lie and hurt people, but they went to school to get one anyway. No hotel, gambling casino [Donald Trump’s business] or show is off limits to these chayas. OK, let’s get real. In your heart of hearts you know I am right. If you live in Brooklyn [where Trump worked], take a good look at the guys you interface with. Read the newspapers. Check court records. Check out the supermarkets and see how many shaina Yiden are using food stamps. Visit some prisons; see how many guys are there that would never daven without a gartel. Speak to pediatricians that you may have as friends or family; find out how many babies are being born with drug addictions and sexually transmitted diseases. No, not from the baalei tshuvas you miserable slobs, but from the yeshiva and chassidishe communities. Speak to marriage therapists that you may have as friends or family; ask them what percentage of marriages are being destroyed because the yeshivishe/chassidishe husband is banging anything that moves. When your home is burglarized, don’t even bother going to the cops looking for your silver and jewelry; just take a stroll down Thirteenth Avenue; they will be on full display at the silver and jewelry stores, right there in the window. On a TV talk show recently, hookers described these guys down to their filthy talis koton. (Can’t leave home without it.) It’s not one or two guys; this is symptomatic of a tradition and a [Chabadic] culture that failed miserably.

And President Trump invites these monsters to the White House to officially honor and recognize them and calls on “all the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.” Of course, Trump’s son-in-law and presidential advisor, Jared Kushner, is a rabid Chabadist.

But Donald Trump is not the only President to pay homage to the Chabad. Every President since Jimmy Carter has done the same thing. This, again, shows the immense power and influence that Zionism has in American politics.

Then there is Zionism’s control over the entertainment industry. Perhaps no one personifies Zionist debauched and demonic derangement like Sarah Silverman.

On February 1 [2018], the Lady Parts Justice League, (founded by Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead) held a “telethon,” called Life Is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It. The fundraiser, hosted by Winstead herself, along with comedian Sarah Silverman, featured almost 4 hours of bizarre content, including abortion charades, an interview with abortionist Willie Parker, and political rants. During one of the charades, Silverman announced that a conscience clause law that prevented aborted fetuses from being used in manufactured food products would be something that “would make her want to eat an aborted fetus.”

Sarah Silverman blurted out, “if anything has ever made me want to eat an aborted fetus, it’s this law.” The law in question, legislated in Oklahoma, was created in response to a claim that a food lab was considering using stem cells to create artificial flavors.

Silverman has also said, “I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I’d do it again in a second!” (That’s the quote without her filthy language.)

Where was the uproar from congressional leaders or the “Christian” President of the United States (who never misses an opportunity to publicly condemn and ridicule anyone who says a negative word about HIM) over Silverman’s blasphemy? It was nonexistent. But say something against Israel or one of its scullion organizations such as AIPAC, and you will incur the chastisement of the most powerful political potentates in Washington, including President Trump. Do you voters really think that you are changing things when you replace one Zionist with another Zionist? You aren’t—and you are delusional to think otherwise.

And don’t forget Zionist influence and power over the mainstream media:

A national politics correspondent for Newsweek, Nina Burleigh, tweeted that Israeli- and Jewish-linked organizations — along with Israel itself — are on “the third rail of American journalism.”

The phrase “third rail” refers to the untouchable rail on mass transit systems, suggesting negative stories about Jews and Israel are too hot to handle.

The tweet was in response to a thread by author Sarah Kendzior listing several stories she said were “undercovered.” A few of the stories involved President Donald Trump and Chabad, the Hasidic outreach movement; Black Cube, a private intelligence firm that employs former agents of Israel’s Mossad spy agency; and Jeffrey Epstein, a Jewish financier and registered sex offender.

Kendzior asserted that “the press seems particularly reluctant to pursue these [stories]. Which is not surprising since those who do write about them are threatened.” By whom, she did not say.

“Interesting thread,” Burleigh replied. “To answer your final question, Israel, [M]ossad, Chabad and black cube … you’re hitting the third rail of American journalism, Sarah.”

If you don’t believe that, Ms. Kendzior, just ask Marc Lamont Hill.

But worse than Zionism’s control of America’s political, media and entertainment establishments is its control of America’s evangelical churches. Christian Zionists such as John Hagee have been propagandizing America’s Christian people on behalf of Zionist Israel for decades:

Christians United for Israel [CUFI] is no stranger in this city D.C.: It has become a key player in recent years in Congress’ passing of pro-Israel legislation, often of the kind favored by the more hawkish elements of the pro-Israel community.

It’s that reputation that this week brought a small delegation to the capital — but not to advance any new bill. Instead, two top officials were meeting with officials of one of the country’s most liberal Jewish communities in order to assure them that whatever else they’ve heard, CUFI is on their side.

Reaching out to Jewish communities is hardly unprecedented for the organization: CUFI instructs its new chapters to make local federations their first stop, coordinate pro-Israel strategy and reassure local Jewish communities about their intentions. Jewish groups are historically leery of evangelical support for Israel, and CUFI insists that its love for Israel is not about converting Jews or bringing about the end times, a theology of small “millennialist” groups that mainstream evangelicals say they have long disavowed.

[CUFI] helped pass last year’s Taylor Force Act, which slashes funding to the Palestinians as long as Palestinian authorities continue to compensate Palestinians who attack Israelis. Last month, followers unnerved Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., with newspaper ads and phone calls after he placed a hold on $38 billion in defense assistance to Israel. Paul, who had complained about the CUFI onslaught, on Tuesday voted to advance a version of the legislation for the new Congress.

CUFI represent[s] evangelicals who are not interested in converting Jews or bringing about the end times. CUFI’s founder, Texas megachurch Pastor John Hagee, has argued in evangelical forums for formally dropping policies that have alienated Jews.

At the CUFI summit held here last summer, he said, “98 percent of congressional representations had pre-set meetings with us, both sides of the aisle. We find common ground because it’s Israel and Israel only.” [Emphasis added]

I’ll say it straight out: John Hagee and his ilk are helping to damn the souls and poison the minds of millions of churchgoers (not to mention synagogue attenders) by preaching the ghoulish gospel of Zionism. These “Christian” Zionists are also culpable in Israel’s wanton murders of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children (including multitudes of Christians) throughout the Middle East. Tell me how they are any better than the Pharisees of Jesus’ day or the Judaizers of the Apostle Paul’s day.

Face it, folks: We have a White House, federal Congress, news media, entertainment industry and a host of evangelical churches that are heavily influenced—if not controlled—by Zionism. I tell you the truth: Nothing will ever change the direction of our country or cure our nation’s ills until we break free from the chains of Zionist bondage.

P.S. I spent over 30 years believing and teaching the fallacious Israel-based prophecy doctrines. But, thankfully, God opened my eyes to the truth a few years ago—and I asked God to forgive me for my participation in promoting that unbiblical teaching. And now I am determined to spend the rest of my life telling the truth about the scriptural teaching on Israel.

I have a 16-message, 8-DVD series entitled The Israel Package available at a huge discount. This package is not exhaustive. I will be delivering more messages on the subject in the near future, but this package contains the foundation necessary to understanding the truth about the scriptural teaching on Israel. Anyone who has an honest heart to know the truth and who is willing to reject the falsehoods they have been taught (I know it’s not easy) should start by listening to these messages.

© Chuck Baldwin

The lie that will not die

The lie that will not die

By John Kaminski

If you disagree with what they say, they can put you in jail, simple as that. One way or another, they’ll find a way. Because now there are laws that insist you may not defame the memory of the dead, you may not oppose sanctions against Israel, and you may not disagree with what government officials have told you is the truth. Even though you know what they say is not true, you must agree with it or they will put you in jail, after first ruining the rest of your life.

And all your neighbors, cringing from the same threat that darkens your own future, won’t lift a finger to help you, for fear of losing their own . . . well, they call it freedom, but as you are beginning to learn, it is something considerably less than that. After all, now you have to get government permission to even reproduce, and with that there is no guarantee that the government won’t steal your baby for reasons they make up in a program so gruesome you don’t even really want to think about it.

This flooding the land with immigrants all demanding government benefits that exceed those given to ordinary Americans, these sudden cries for violence from recent immigrants who complain about all the free stuff they’ve been given, and these smarmy Jews who dominate Congress insisting the borders should be totally open so they can get more voters with the free stuff they offer — these are symptoms of the debilitating Jewish philosophy that the bottom line is the only thing that matters and everyone else in the world should be enslaved or destroyed.

Have you ever noticed that all these laws they seem to pass benefit Jews and penalize the rest of us? Especially these anti-Semitism laws that keep us from seeing 9/11 and the World Wars were really Jewish operations.

Truth vs. prudence

The lie persists because there have seldom been enough people willing to confront it. People have seen what happens to people whose careless speech ruins their lives.

Bend the truth to save your butt? You’ll swallow the lies, or else! We do it every day, and we have for decades.

If you can agree to accept the lies you have been told, you have little to worry about, at least immediately. But if you keep on insisting that the truth be known, then you will immediately confront serious problems.

If you go along with these lame stories they tell you about why they have to kill so many people, you might even prosper, maybe even rise to the top of your chosen branch of the military. But if you object to or criticize the obvious lies they’re telling you, you wind up losing your future with a dishonorable discharge, or put in jail for life, or worse.

Maybe what is the worst aspect of this conundrum that everyone in the world who has a conscience faces is that what often is safest for your family is keeping your mouth shut in view of the adverse events that seem to happen to people who try to tell the truth about certain things. This is called behavior shaping.

(The most obvious bit of behavior shaping takes place on TV when a white blonde woman is inevitably paired with a handsome black man on the evening news, or in commercials. This is perhaps the most effective example of behavior shaping in the war on whites.)

I know my least favorite aspect of this conundrum is 90-plus percent of the world’s writers who profess to address the world’s problems will never utter a single syllable about the world’s No. 1 problem (yes, the one what the greatest American hero, Henry Ford, called “the world’s most pressing problem”).

Can you really see reality?

Right, the problem strangling America and the world with the money the perpetrators of the problem have stolen from everyone else.

How anyone can miss that Jews now control reality and we are just puppets on their unhealthy strings means they are not fully conscious beings. Or they’re getting a paycheck to endorse the fake reality that Jews are really our philanthropic benefactors.

The government now insists that if you don’t agree with the laws it has passed you can be put in jail. In the case of the carcinogenic vaccines they force on your children, you could lose them either way: If they don’t take it, they’re supposedly at risk for a disease they might not get; if they do take it, they could drop dead right on the spot.

Too few Big Pharma owned media outlets reveal the information that the flu is spread by the people who get flu shots; people who don’t get flu shots can’t spread the flu to others because they don’t have it. You get it from people who have it. You don’t get it from people who don’t have it.

We don’t have a Congress representing the American people anymore. We have a Congress of Jew shills, ready to sacrifice our sons and daughters for the whims of the oil companies, the insatiable Israelis, and the new murderous Arab potentate.

Trump says murdering people doesn’t matter because we need Arab oil.

It all comes down to people who try to speak the truth vs. those who speak only what seems prudent. The latter group succeeds in politics, the former is disenfranchised. As a result we have a government without a soul that uses the bottom line as an excuse for the most repulsive and destructive evil. And even that excuse is a lie as all legislators condone lying to the public in order to enrich themselves. This is the real human nature.

People with families have no choice but to toe the line lest they lose their children or their children’s opportunity to advance in life. So they are taught to cheer the lies and deny the truth, because this is what, one way or the other, they are paid to do.

The hidden price in all of this is the loss of individual freedom. It’s like the old seesaw: freedom vs. liberty. You are free to do what they say is OK. And you call that freedom? It sure isn’t liberty.

We know longer have the liberty to tell the truth. They’ll put you in jail for challenging the unjust laws they have created.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Freedom of speech cannot be limited without being lost.” Well, we lost it a long time ago and now we’re just pretending that we haven’t.

Tell the truth and go to jail remains the operating philosophy throughout the world, and the destiny of the human race is trapped by its own fear in the shadow of the long arm of the law.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

How we lost our country

How we lost our country

Sold out by our own leaders

Jewish control of finance is a moral carcinogen that has destroyed the world’s churches and universities and corrupted every government on Earth. It is also deliberately destroying the world’s families.


All the bad things we have enthusiastically said about our enemies — from Hitler to Gadhafi — have all been false. In reality, the Western powers have gone around the world killing all those leaders who were genuine champions of their people.

By John Kaminski

Can we trust our leaders? No, let’s be more authentic that that. Can we trust ourselves?

Has all the misinformation we have ingested over time erased our ability to make rational decisions? I’m convinced that it has. I’m convinced that many lifetimes of humans all believing that what they believed would enable them to discover that the imagined prospect of eternal life has lured humanity, time after time, into making the wrong decisions about pretty much everything.

In the same befuddled way, men can travel a long way in one direction and never understand where they were going until they become mature enough to understand what information has been hidden from them, and then they very often experience a pole shift in the way they think. I found it funny when I heard Ronald Reagan say that a long time ago, but then I experienced it myself so I know it happens.

When people say they support something they very often don’t even know what it is they’re supporting. This is especially true of Zionist Christians, who enthusiastically support the most vicious nation that has ever existed — Israel, the world’s leading murderer of innocent children, which shoots Palestinian children for sport.

This is also true about America, which tolerates and support all sorts of crimes by Israel. The important thing to remember about belief is that while it may inspire or reassure, it also blinds you to new ideas that have the potential of being more profound than your own.

No trace of reality

None of the people currently running for president — or the current occupant of the White House — have any intention of telling us the truth about 9/11, the wars for Israel or these contrived terror incidents complete with crisis actors in ham handed attempts to get us to give up our guns. This is how far we are from freedom.

Anyone who can run for president must back up all the government coverup stories and refuse to prosecute their criminal predecessors. In this way the Deep State remains forever alive, a zombie entity that consumes everything good and turns it into wretched evil, war after war.

We have crimes being committed against the public that remain unsolved and unexplained. We have no one to recognize them as crimes because they are all connected to a criminal system that protects its own, which is why Hillary Clinton has not been prosecuted for treason. Our law enforcement apparatus plays a key role in creating the public acts of violence so it can continue to grow out of proportion to the actual need for it.

There is no way we can get quality leaders interested in America because they are held in suspended animation until they sign a contract to, above all else, defend Israel. If they don’t sign it they don’t get the campaign financing to buy the ads to win the elections. TV reports don’t mention this because stations and networks are owned by the same people who lend the money to politicians to run for office.

The road to hell is paved with bought-off politicians. We’re on it. And the Jews own it.

What anti Semitism laws conceal?

Just before the World Wars began, Americans were solidly for peace and non involvement in European wars. The wishes of the American people have never had any effect on what the U.S. government eventually does. The war presidents involved passed themselves off as peace candidates. Yet both Wilson and FDR were controlled from behind the scenes by the most powerful Jewish bankers in the world.

Just as Holocaust laws prevent honest discussion about the true facts of World War II, the purpose of anti Semitism laws is to provide camouflage for Jewish crimes, especially manipulation of money and its markets, but also bribing politicians (which is done pretty much in public). This has given them control over not only all the businesses and governments of the world, but also over every aspect of human endeavor.

The Jews have infected everything in the world with their soulless, bottom line mentality. Any consideration of any other sources of the world’s problems would be misplaced. In the words of Gutle Schnapper, mother of the Rothschild dynasty: “If my sons did not want war there would be none.”

And this is the primary reason why our leaders can’t be trusted. They give lip service to people’s wishes but in the end they obey the orders of their masters, the men who have cleared them for duty to the ruthless Deep State.

It happens with every war. Americans always say clearly that they don’t want wars, but the leaders, controlled by the International Jews, make them happen anyway.

We can never have honest leaders as long as they are appointed by the captains of corruption and profess a policy that benefits only the kingmakers and not the people in general.

Why we can’t find a leader we can trust is because there is no religion we can trust. Religions have totally disgraced themselves seeking to continue benefits from the immoral states they unfailingly support. If we can’t believe, the world will die.

To be afraid of your own leaders

People who are afraid of their leaders live in an unjust country.

There is no leader we can trust. In order to get your foot in the door of American politics, you have to leave your conscience behind.

I’ve asked this question so many times I’ve become a pariah just about everywhere. “Name me the leader of a country,” I request very politely, “who was actually beloved by his people?”

Most people survey in their minds their recent leaders. The faces of Obama, Bush and Clinton, that sordid trio of criminals, pass through their minds and they wretch.

The winner in this category by a landslide is Adolf Hitler, followed closely by Muammar Gadhafi and then Saddam Hussein. The United States, acting on orders from their Jew masters, murdered each one these heroes.

Who’s your pick as the greatest leader you’ve ever known? Have you ever even known one?

Or are you one of those who still does not know that our history has been flipped on its head. We are not the good guys. We, Americans living in the USA who do not pay attention to what our government is doing, are making war on the world, totally on behalf of the Jews.

Can any leader really be trusted?

We can’t get our bearings about what we know to be true because we have been fed such disinformation over time. The standard histories have been proven false. A whole level of information regarding our history — the changes after the Civil War that nullified the Constitution, for instance — has been excluded because our history books have been produced by people trying to cover up their own crimes, and hence recorded that history to their own advantage.

Massively. Throughout the 20th century. 1918 — The War to End All Wars? Preposterously false assertion, thirty years before Orwell thought to write about it in his predictive fiction, which has mostly come true. All the bad things we have enthusiastically said about our enemies — from from Ahmadinejad to Assad — have all been false. In reality, the Western powers have gone around the world killing all those leaders who were genuine champions of their people. These heroes have been sabotaged, assassinated and replaced by soulless minions of the Deep State, who prefer their yachts and whores to acting justly.

Our leaders have lost respect for humanity and we have lost respect for ourselves by not demanding and achieving things that would make us human beings that God could love. But instead we have murderers and liars telling us how to live our lives.

As long as we have Jews in our government, we will have neither a successful government nor a free country

Government targets patriots

Think I’m picking on Jews too much?

In case you haven’t noticed, the Jewish entity has been waging all out war against the United States for the past century.

Today, Jewish billionaires, working in concert with the Israeli braintrust, are bankrolling not only their favorite U.S. presidential candidates but also funding the invasions of both Europe and America by Third World poor people, disrupting and destroying the fabric of the societies of dozens of primarily (soon to be formerly) white countries. In the U.S. alone statistics show 25-30 percent of national welfare expenses go to unregulated aliens who have stolen their way into the U.S. from their shithole country of origin.

It appears now that the invasion and destruction of Libya ordered by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was the key move for Jewish NGOs to plan the invasion of Europe with aggressive African men. As has happened with past American presidents, there are no plans to indict Obama and Clinton for the premeditated murder of Gadhafi. That was just U.S. business as usual, and that my friend, is the nation you support.

One of the Libyan leader’s famous promises was to keep the African hordes from storming across the Mediterranean and invading Europe. Once Obama had murdered the beloved Libyan leader (by having him sodomized in the street), it was only for Jewish NGOs and Jewish oceangoing terror gangs to arrange the transportation of unskilled African and Arab males to begin the rape of Europe, where many countries now are rotting from within under the strain of Third World gangs warring against the locals and raping their little girls. Hooray for Islam! And goodbye to Europe! Another battle won by Israel, the thief of nations.

The enemy of everyone

We are all foolhardy. We seek to keep things the way they are, and that’s the one thing in the universe that can’t be done. The universe is really a verb masquerading as a noun, constantly changing from moment to moment, never to return to its previous state.

The presidential elections are useless. The only ones allowed to run are those who have sworn allegiance to and taken bribes from the monsters who thrust the population into the garbage disposal of their warped dreams.

Jews cannot prove — in fact they have no desire to prove —that they can get along with the rest of the human species. They regard everyone else as lesser beings than themselves and point to their control of every social system on the planet as clear evidence of their superiority.

Right now we have Jewish trillionaire Elon Musk preparing to launch 7000 5G satellites  that presumably can fry up California faster than you can say Malibu on Toast, or what really happened to all those 20,000 residents of Paradise, California who disappeared in the flames caused by beams from above?

Because of these achievements and the attitude it engenders in the Chosen people, Jews manifest clearly as an enemy to every other ethnic group or nationality on the planet. Jews are only interested in everyone else as slaves to their demonic intentions, which are to eliminate everybody they don’t like as quickly as possible and then enslave everyone else, a goal which they have pretty much accomplished.

Which is why none of these so-called people should ever be allowed to hold positions of trust. When the Jews unleash all the insane weapons they have built, the rest of the world will never have a chance. Which is why they need to be stopped now, before it’s too late (which it probably already is).

And still, the people who could have saved the country are still afraid to talk about Jews because they’ll lose their jobs. As the world hangs in the balance, their comfortable slavery is too important to them.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

The ONLY Christian Preacher That Gives Me Some Hope

Say what you will about Christianity and the preachers that carry the jews’ water, but Chuck Baldwin is having none of it. If there was ever a truth telling preacher, this dude is he:

The Truth About Trump’s Withdrawal Of U.S. Forces From Afghanistan And Syria

By Chuck Baldwin
January 3, 2019

As we all know, Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of disengaging U.S. forces from unconstitutional, perpetual foreign wars. However, the first two years of Trump’s presidency was a flagrant disavowal of that campaign promise. Not only did Trump not disengage our forces from these illegal and immoral wars, but, as I have documented, he dramatically INCREASED America’s involvement in these wars. In fact, President Trump has dropped more bombs on more people in his first two years of office than President Obama did in his entire last term in office. Plus, he sent thousands of additional ground troops to Afghanistan and Syria and several other countries.

Now Trump is saying that he is going to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria (ostensibly 2,000 in number) and half of our forces (reportedly numbering 7,000 troops) from Afghanistan. Of course, high level government globalists such as Senator Lindsey Graham and Secretary of Defense James Mattis are incensed at the announcement. Mattis tendered his resignation over the decision, and Graham has had lengthy discussions with Trump about the matter.

And, sadly, the majority of conservatives around the country are likewise chagrined. Remember that almost all (if not all) of these conservatives are also Zionists, and they know the only reason America is fighting these wars of aggression in the Middle East is for the purpose of assisting the offensive military machinations of the State of Israel. And they are pouting over the possibility that Israel might actually be stymied from some of its bloodlust and apartheid atrocities. They really shouldn’t worry, however. The U.S. has no intentions of cutting the bloody umbilical cord from the Zionist state. has the story:

The US ‘withdrawal’ from Syria might not mean the end of all its Syria-related operations where Israel is concerned, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reaffirmed Washington’s ongoing commitment to Israel’s security on Tuesday.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Brazil, Pompeo said the US’ commitment to Israel was unchanged, despite the pullout of US troops from Syria announced by the Trump administration last month. Pompeo said that the US effort to “counter Iranian aggression” would continue along with the “protection of Israel” just as it had before.

Earlier, Trump had reassured Israel that the US would take great care of Israel despite the withdrawal, citing the billions in foreign aid Washington gives to Israel every year.

And this report states:

Donald Trump has told Benjamin Netanyahu that the US is paying billions of dollars a year for Israeli security, and that Tel Aviv should not be worried about losing its influence in the region after US troops withdraw from Syria.

“I spoke with Bibi [Benjamin Netanyahu]. I told Bibi, you know we give Israel 4.5 billion dollars a year. And they are doing very well at defending themselves,” Trump told reporters on his way back from Iraq where he paid a surprise visit to US soldiers stationed there. “We are going to take great care of Israel. Israel is going to be good,” US president added, replying to a question on how his announced withdrawal from Syria will impact Israel.

During Trump’s surprise, sudden visit to U.S. forces in Iraq, he made it clear that he has no intentions of withdrawing America’s troops from the Syrian theater. again reports:

President Trump’s big announcement to pull US troops out of Syria and Afghanistan is now emerging less as a peace move, and more a rationalization of American military power in the Middle East.

In a surprise visit to US forces in Iraq this week, Trump said he had no intention of withdrawing the troops in that country, who have been there for nearly 15 years since GW Bush invaded back in 2003.

Hinting at private discussions with commanders in Iraq, Trump boasted that US forces would in the future launch attacks from there into Syria if and when needed. Presumably that rapid force deployment would apply to other countries in the region, including Afghanistan.

In other words, in typical business-style transactional thinking, Trump sees the pullout from Syria and Afghanistan as a cost-cutting exercise for US imperialism. Regarding Syria, he has bragged about Turkey being assigned, purportedly, to “finish off”terror groups. That’s Trump subcontracting out US interests.

What Trump seemed to be doing was reassuring the Pentagon and corporate America that he is not going all soft and dovish. Not at all. He is letting them know that he is aiming for a leaner, meaner US military power, which can save money on the number of foreign bases by using rapid reaction forces out of places like Iraq, as well as by subcontracting operations out to regional clients.

Most of the U.S. forces (5,000+) fighting in Syria are actually based in Iraq. And as Trump assured them, they are not going anywhere, in spite of the fact that Iraqi lawmakers have demanded that the U.S. leave their country. So, those anti-establishment Trumpites who think that The Donald has fulfilled some kind of anti-war campaign promise and is “sticking it” to the Deep State have yet again fallen victim to one of Trump’s masterful con jobs.

As Trump was telling the world that he is withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria, the U.S. Army was in the process of building two brand new bases in the Anbar province, less than 100 kilometers from the Syrian border.

And the Times of Israel reported that after holding extensive meetings with President Trump, ultra-globalist war hawk Senator Lindsey Graham gleefully ensured that Trump is NOT going to abandon the Syrian theater:

A senior Republican senator said Sunday that President Donald Trump had promised to stay in Syria to finish the job of destroying the Islamic State group — just days after announcing he would be withdrawing troops immediately.

“He told me some things I didn’t know that made me feel a lot better about where we’re headed in Syria,” the South Carolina lawmaker said.

Of course, now Trump is saying the withdrawal will take “months.”

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Now, reports indicate that the US will allow “months” for the withdrawal, as opposed to a specific 30-100 day timeline.

The new timeline presented and reported in the US now appears to be within 120 days; Trump says that the US is “slowly” bringing the troops home.

There are also new questions about the degree to which the withdrawal will be coordinated with Turkey. Trump made his decision after a conversation with the Turkish president on December 14. Ankara had threatened a military operation in northern Syria against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which it accuses of being linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Trump claimed on December 23 that the US withdrawal would be “slow and highly coordinated” with Turkey.

John Bolton, the national security adviser, is now planning a trip to the region – along with chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford and Syria envoy James Jeffrey – to discuss the withdrawal in Turkey and Israel. According to CNN’s Kevin Liptak, only Bolton will travel to Israel, not the whole delegation. This comes on the heels of reports that Israel had sought to convince Trump to slow down the withdrawal.

Trump is coordinating the war against Syria (and Lebanon, Iran, etc.) with Israel and Turkey in such a way as to provide those two countries with the opportunity to unleash their war machines (supplied by the United States, of course) against Syria (and eventually Iran) without risk to U.S. troops, while, at the same time, expanding U.S. efforts to oust Bashar al-Assad and take the war closer to Iran’s doorstep. Even with the assistance of American military forces, U.S. and Israeli proxy armies (ISIS, al-Nusra, etc.) failed miserably in their assignment to overthrow Assad. Trump is not angry about U.S. forces being there; he is angry that they failed to defeat Israel’s manufactured adversaries in the region.

But not only is Trump pandering to Israel and Turkey (a NATO member-state that is on the verge of allying itself with Russia over Washington’s agitating actions toward Ankara), true to his “make Big Business bigger” MO, here is the real story behind Trump’s military decisions in the Middle East—and it should horrify all men and women of decency. It won’t, but it should.

You should shudder as you read this report in the Military Times:

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is out.

Mattis’ resignation comes amid news that President Donald Trump has directed the drawdown of 2,000 U.S. forces in Syria, and 7,000 U.S. forces from Afghanistan, a U.S. official confirmed to Military Times, a story first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

This month, in the January/February print issue of the gun and hunting magazine “Recoil,” the former contractor security firm Blackwater USA published a full-page ad, in all black with a simple message: “We are coming.”

Is the war in Afghanistan — and possibly elsewhere ― about to be privatized?

If Blackwater returns, it would be the return of a private security contractor that was banned from Iraq, but re-branded and never really went away.

[Blackwater founder Erik] Prince has courted President Donald Trump’s administration since he took office with the idea that the now 17-year Afghan War will never be won by a traditional military campaign. Prince has also argued that the logistical footprint required to support that now multi-trillion dollar endeavor has become too burdensome. Over the summer and into this fall Prince has engaged heavily with the media to promote the privatization; particularly as the Trump administration’s new South Asia Strategy, which was crafted with Mattis, passed the one-year mark.

The news of a leaning on a smaller number of privatized forces, instead of a larger U.S. military footprint — and contracted support for U.S. forces that knew few bounds and at times included coffee shops, base exchanges, restaurants, a hockey rink and local vendor shops — may be welcomed by current U.S. military leadership on the ground. That includes former Joint Special Operations Command chief Army Lt. Gen. Scott Miller, a source familiar with Miller’s approach told Military Times. Miller replaced Gen. John Nicholson as the head of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan in September.

In an [sic] previous exclusive interview with Military Times, Prince said he would scrap the NATO mission there and replace the estimated 23,000 forces in country with a force of 6,000 contracted personnel and 2,000 active-duty special forces.

The potential privatization of the Afghan War was previously dismissed by the White House, and roundly criticized by Mattis, who saw it as a risk to emplace the nation’s national security goals in the hands of contractors.

But Mattis is out now, one in a series of moves that has surprised most of the Pentagon.

Drastic change would “be more likely” now, one DOD official said.

That’s right. Donald Trump is preparing to replace U.S. military forces with mercenaries to fight Israel’s wars.

Here’s the horrifying part: These “private contractors,” i.e., mercenaries, operate in a manner that is totally unaccountable to the rule of law. Totally! They operate outside the Constitution, outside the Rules of Engagement, outside the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), outside the Law of Nations, outside law period—and also outside public scrutiny. There is virtually no accountability for whatever murders, rapes, plunderings or criminalities of any sort that these mercenaries commit.

The Pentagon has already admitted that U.S. Special Forces troops are under fire for “rampant crimes”:

After a string of horrific PR disasters saw elite US soldiers arrested for drugs, abuse, rape and murder, the Pentagon is cracking down on disciplinary issues in its Special Operations Command, according to a new report.

With “allegations of serious misconduct” piling up too high to ignore after two decades of war, General Raymond ‘Tony’ Thomas, head of Special Operations Command, and Owen West, head of Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict for the Pentagon, have outlined an ambitious 90-day plan to find out how the military’s most elite corps lost its way.

Combining Special Forces units that are already plagued with rampant abuses of power with mercenaries who are virtually unaccountable to any human authority is a recipe for the worst kind of barbarity and atrocity. This is what the Roman Empire did during its last days of power and what Great Britain did in its failed war against the American colonies. And this is exactly what Donald Trump is preparing to do. In fact, Trump is already setting the table for an unaccountable military force by shutting down military watchdog groups, thus turning off the light of public knowledge and ensuring military unaccountability.

Donald Trump’s presidency—a presidency that is rife with graft, fraud, extortion, bribery, immorality and now government collaboration with unaccountable mercenaries and military units to wage war on behalf of foreign nations—is what happens when supposed Christian leaders such as Jerry Falwell, Jr., have their way.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Falwell said, “You don’t choose a president based on how good they are.” He also said in that interview that there was “nothing” Trump could do that would jeopardize his (Falwell’s) support. “Nothing” means no lie, no act of immorality, no theft, no act of betrayal, no act of murder or no act of wanton military slaughter would prevent Falwell from supporting Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, such an attitude is nothing short of insane idolatry. In essence, Falwell was saying that he knows how immoral, unethical, dishonest and violent Trump is, and he doesn’t care; it doesn’t matter to him.

Trump wasn’t kidding when he boasted that he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and his supporters would still vote for him. Falwell proves that.

Tragically, Falwell is representative of the vast majority of evangelical Christian pastors and leaders in this country today. They have sold their souls (not to mention their spiritual birthright) to sit at Trump’s treacherous, tainted, twisted, thoughtless, tumultuous, terrifying, terrorizing, tortuous, tyrannical, Talmudic table. They should apologize for all of their sermonizing about the Ten Commandments, the beatitudes of Christ, the teachings of the Apostles, the Golden Rule, etc. They should take back all of their admonitions of honesty, integrity, morality, trust, fidelity, honor, adherence to law, etc.

Let’s face facts: These evangelical Christian “leaders” believe in situation ethics; they believe that some people are above the laws of men and God; they believe the principles of biblical morality and honesty are apportioned according to position and power (or the lack thereof); and their blind allegiance to the moral and ethical deviant Donald Trump has proven they never meant what they preached.

Christian people by the millions have supported, defended, lauded, extolled and glorified a man (Donald Trump) whose personal morals and ethics rival the most vile leaders in world history. Donald Trump is a man without conscience. His behavior is pathological and diabolical. And he is successfully searing the consciences of the millions of Christian people who have sullied their own hearts by willingly partnering with his incessant crimes.

Trump is not pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Syria; he is pulling the wool over the eyes of millions of Christians and conservatives.


© Chuck Baldwin

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The official story

The official story

doesn’t mean a thing when it’s written by slaveowners

By John Kaminski

To believe the official story about Sandy Hook is to believe the official story of 9/11. It takes the same kind of willing blindness to refuse to competently analyze relevant facts that are usually suppressed or at least denigrated by a hidden perpetrator.

To believe in 9/11 is to believe 6 million Jews perished in concentration camp gas chambers during World War II. The Holocaust idea didn’t really percolate until the late 1960s when Elie Wiesel wrote his fabricated Holocaust novel and was later given the Nobel Prize. Observe these three iconic etchings on the public’s consciousness, erecting a smokescreen for Jewish criminality with three fantasies presented as historical fact. This is the official story extant in the world, gnawing at the structures of society as the world turns into the slave colony the Jews have always wanted it to be.

To believe in the fable of the 6 million (which was first trumpeted in the late 1800s, right after Jews murdered Czar Alexander II) is to believe Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president hero who guided us to victory in World War II. Actually, FDR blocked European leaders from making peace with Hitler and blocked Japan from getting oil from abroad, forcing three great nations of people who all wanted peace into the most destructive war ever waged.

It seems almost too fantastic to note that Jews have destroyed the countries which have been most kindly to them. Germany stands as the primary example, stripped of its genuine independence in perpetuity by the Jew World Order currently nested in the United States. Russia certainly has felt the lash of the Jews, with Mr. Solzhentisyn’s tally of 66 million non Jewish dead being their major contribution to that unfortunate country.

Poland and Germany took them in when they were chased out of Russia for killing the czar, and nothing but blood has followed these once proud nations ever since.

What is happening in the United States lags behind the misfortunes that have been vomited upon European countries. The African invasions have been coordinated by Jewish NGOs as part of the kosher plan to destabilize all the nations of the world through debt and disruption.

They have made it a crime to say the Jewish religion is depraved, when examples of kosher depravity are the primary examples of decay in all countries.

“If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there”

— Moed Kattan 17a

Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews. When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep.

— Sanhedrin 57a

“Jews are Divine. If a heathen (Gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God”

— Sanhedrin 58b

And the foundation of the new Holocaust religion, the holy 6 million? Choose your own biggest whopper:,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

Today, America is dying of a venereal disease of the spirit called Jewish morality, spread throughout the population by a nonstop onslaught of perverse propaganda from Jewish owned media aimed at destroying all families and making everyone depend on the all-powerful arms of the state.

This is called Communism, which according to the famous rabbi Moses Hess, is another term for Judaism. So if you have any interest in the people who are now running society, consider one of the things these so-called humans believe?

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human. All Gentile children are animals.

— Yebamoth 98a

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.