The US Congress: More Shit jews Own

I heard that the US government was shutdown or something. Something about a wall, or a fence, or a… something.

So, when I hear that the new Senate came in to work towards a solution to the many problems Americans face, I wondered why they would do it without pay (as if).

By goodness, we have IMPORTANT business to take care of for Shlomo, so those $MILLIONAIRES suffered through and rallied together to provide an impressive, monumental piece of legislation which prioritizes protecting Israel.

What else should we expect from a congress that is 3 times as jewish as the US population is? (

(Not that it matters much, when EVERY other is controlled by the jew, anyway)


The ONLY Christian Preacher That Gives Me Some Hope

Say what you will about Christianity and the preachers that carry the jews’ water, but Chuck Baldwin is having none of it. If there was ever a truth telling preacher, this dude is he:

The Truth About Trump’s Withdrawal Of U.S. Forces From Afghanistan And Syria

By Chuck Baldwin
January 3, 2019

As we all know, Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of disengaging U.S. forces from unconstitutional, perpetual foreign wars. However, the first two years of Trump’s presidency was a flagrant disavowal of that campaign promise. Not only did Trump not disengage our forces from these illegal and immoral wars, but, as I have documented, he dramatically INCREASED America’s involvement in these wars. In fact, President Trump has dropped more bombs on more people in his first two years of office than President Obama did in his entire last term in office. Plus, he sent thousands of additional ground troops to Afghanistan and Syria and several other countries.

Now Trump is saying that he is going to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria (ostensibly 2,000 in number) and half of our forces (reportedly numbering 7,000 troops) from Afghanistan. Of course, high level government globalists such as Senator Lindsey Graham and Secretary of Defense James Mattis are incensed at the announcement. Mattis tendered his resignation over the decision, and Graham has had lengthy discussions with Trump about the matter.

And, sadly, the majority of conservatives around the country are likewise chagrined. Remember that almost all (if not all) of these conservatives are also Zionists, and they know the only reason America is fighting these wars of aggression in the Middle East is for the purpose of assisting the offensive military machinations of the State of Israel. And they are pouting over the possibility that Israel might actually be stymied from some of its bloodlust and apartheid atrocities. They really shouldn’t worry, however. The U.S. has no intentions of cutting the bloody umbilical cord from the Zionist state. has the story:

The US ‘withdrawal’ from Syria might not mean the end of all its Syria-related operations where Israel is concerned, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reaffirmed Washington’s ongoing commitment to Israel’s security on Tuesday.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Brazil, Pompeo said the US’ commitment to Israel was unchanged, despite the pullout of US troops from Syria announced by the Trump administration last month. Pompeo said that the US effort to “counter Iranian aggression” would continue along with the “protection of Israel” just as it had before.

Earlier, Trump had reassured Israel that the US would take great care of Israel despite the withdrawal, citing the billions in foreign aid Washington gives to Israel every year.

And this report states:

Donald Trump has told Benjamin Netanyahu that the US is paying billions of dollars a year for Israeli security, and that Tel Aviv should not be worried about losing its influence in the region after US troops withdraw from Syria.

“I spoke with Bibi [Benjamin Netanyahu]. I told Bibi, you know we give Israel 4.5 billion dollars a year. And they are doing very well at defending themselves,” Trump told reporters on his way back from Iraq where he paid a surprise visit to US soldiers stationed there. “We are going to take great care of Israel. Israel is going to be good,” US president added, replying to a question on how his announced withdrawal from Syria will impact Israel.

During Trump’s surprise, sudden visit to U.S. forces in Iraq, he made it clear that he has no intentions of withdrawing America’s troops from the Syrian theater. again reports:

President Trump’s big announcement to pull US troops out of Syria and Afghanistan is now emerging less as a peace move, and more a rationalization of American military power in the Middle East.

In a surprise visit to US forces in Iraq this week, Trump said he had no intention of withdrawing the troops in that country, who have been there for nearly 15 years since GW Bush invaded back in 2003.

Hinting at private discussions with commanders in Iraq, Trump boasted that US forces would in the future launch attacks from there into Syria if and when needed. Presumably that rapid force deployment would apply to other countries in the region, including Afghanistan.

In other words, in typical business-style transactional thinking, Trump sees the pullout from Syria and Afghanistan as a cost-cutting exercise for US imperialism. Regarding Syria, he has bragged about Turkey being assigned, purportedly, to “finish off”terror groups. That’s Trump subcontracting out US interests.

What Trump seemed to be doing was reassuring the Pentagon and corporate America that he is not going all soft and dovish. Not at all. He is letting them know that he is aiming for a leaner, meaner US military power, which can save money on the number of foreign bases by using rapid reaction forces out of places like Iraq, as well as by subcontracting operations out to regional clients.

Most of the U.S. forces (5,000+) fighting in Syria are actually based in Iraq. And as Trump assured them, they are not going anywhere, in spite of the fact that Iraqi lawmakers have demanded that the U.S. leave their country. So, those anti-establishment Trumpites who think that The Donald has fulfilled some kind of anti-war campaign promise and is “sticking it” to the Deep State have yet again fallen victim to one of Trump’s masterful con jobs.

As Trump was telling the world that he is withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria, the U.S. Army was in the process of building two brand new bases in the Anbar province, less than 100 kilometers from the Syrian border.

And the Times of Israel reported that after holding extensive meetings with President Trump, ultra-globalist war hawk Senator Lindsey Graham gleefully ensured that Trump is NOT going to abandon the Syrian theater:

A senior Republican senator said Sunday that President Donald Trump had promised to stay in Syria to finish the job of destroying the Islamic State group — just days after announcing he would be withdrawing troops immediately.

“He told me some things I didn’t know that made me feel a lot better about where we’re headed in Syria,” the South Carolina lawmaker said.

Of course, now Trump is saying the withdrawal will take “months.”

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Now, reports indicate that the US will allow “months” for the withdrawal, as opposed to a specific 30-100 day timeline.

The new timeline presented and reported in the US now appears to be within 120 days; Trump says that the US is “slowly” bringing the troops home.

There are also new questions about the degree to which the withdrawal will be coordinated with Turkey. Trump made his decision after a conversation with the Turkish president on December 14. Ankara had threatened a military operation in northern Syria against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which it accuses of being linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Trump claimed on December 23 that the US withdrawal would be “slow and highly coordinated” with Turkey.

John Bolton, the national security adviser, is now planning a trip to the region – along with chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford and Syria envoy James Jeffrey – to discuss the withdrawal in Turkey and Israel. According to CNN’s Kevin Liptak, only Bolton will travel to Israel, not the whole delegation. This comes on the heels of reports that Israel had sought to convince Trump to slow down the withdrawal.

Trump is coordinating the war against Syria (and Lebanon, Iran, etc.) with Israel and Turkey in such a way as to provide those two countries with the opportunity to unleash their war machines (supplied by the United States, of course) against Syria (and eventually Iran) without risk to U.S. troops, while, at the same time, expanding U.S. efforts to oust Bashar al-Assad and take the war closer to Iran’s doorstep. Even with the assistance of American military forces, U.S. and Israeli proxy armies (ISIS, al-Nusra, etc.) failed miserably in their assignment to overthrow Assad. Trump is not angry about U.S. forces being there; he is angry that they failed to defeat Israel’s manufactured adversaries in the region.

But not only is Trump pandering to Israel and Turkey (a NATO member-state that is on the verge of allying itself with Russia over Washington’s agitating actions toward Ankara), true to his “make Big Business bigger” MO, here is the real story behind Trump’s military decisions in the Middle East—and it should horrify all men and women of decency. It won’t, but it should.

You should shudder as you read this report in the Military Times:

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is out.

Mattis’ resignation comes amid news that President Donald Trump has directed the drawdown of 2,000 U.S. forces in Syria, and 7,000 U.S. forces from Afghanistan, a U.S. official confirmed to Military Times, a story first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

This month, in the January/February print issue of the gun and hunting magazine “Recoil,” the former contractor security firm Blackwater USA published a full-page ad, in all black with a simple message: “We are coming.”

Is the war in Afghanistan — and possibly elsewhere ― about to be privatized?

If Blackwater returns, it would be the return of a private security contractor that was banned from Iraq, but re-branded and never really went away.

[Blackwater founder Erik] Prince has courted President Donald Trump’s administration since he took office with the idea that the now 17-year Afghan War will never be won by a traditional military campaign. Prince has also argued that the logistical footprint required to support that now multi-trillion dollar endeavor has become too burdensome. Over the summer and into this fall Prince has engaged heavily with the media to promote the privatization; particularly as the Trump administration’s new South Asia Strategy, which was crafted with Mattis, passed the one-year mark.

The news of a leaning on a smaller number of privatized forces, instead of a larger U.S. military footprint — and contracted support for U.S. forces that knew few bounds and at times included coffee shops, base exchanges, restaurants, a hockey rink and local vendor shops — may be welcomed by current U.S. military leadership on the ground. That includes former Joint Special Operations Command chief Army Lt. Gen. Scott Miller, a source familiar with Miller’s approach told Military Times. Miller replaced Gen. John Nicholson as the head of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan in September.

In an [sic] previous exclusive interview with Military Times, Prince said he would scrap the NATO mission there and replace the estimated 23,000 forces in country with a force of 6,000 contracted personnel and 2,000 active-duty special forces.

The potential privatization of the Afghan War was previously dismissed by the White House, and roundly criticized by Mattis, who saw it as a risk to emplace the nation’s national security goals in the hands of contractors.

But Mattis is out now, one in a series of moves that has surprised most of the Pentagon.

Drastic change would “be more likely” now, one DOD official said.

That’s right. Donald Trump is preparing to replace U.S. military forces with mercenaries to fight Israel’s wars.

Here’s the horrifying part: These “private contractors,” i.e., mercenaries, operate in a manner that is totally unaccountable to the rule of law. Totally! They operate outside the Constitution, outside the Rules of Engagement, outside the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), outside the Law of Nations, outside law period—and also outside public scrutiny. There is virtually no accountability for whatever murders, rapes, plunderings or criminalities of any sort that these mercenaries commit.

The Pentagon has already admitted that U.S. Special Forces troops are under fire for “rampant crimes”:

After a string of horrific PR disasters saw elite US soldiers arrested for drugs, abuse, rape and murder, the Pentagon is cracking down on disciplinary issues in its Special Operations Command, according to a new report.

With “allegations of serious misconduct” piling up too high to ignore after two decades of war, General Raymond ‘Tony’ Thomas, head of Special Operations Command, and Owen West, head of Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict for the Pentagon, have outlined an ambitious 90-day plan to find out how the military’s most elite corps lost its way.

Combining Special Forces units that are already plagued with rampant abuses of power with mercenaries who are virtually unaccountable to any human authority is a recipe for the worst kind of barbarity and atrocity. This is what the Roman Empire did during its last days of power and what Great Britain did in its failed war against the American colonies. And this is exactly what Donald Trump is preparing to do. In fact, Trump is already setting the table for an unaccountable military force by shutting down military watchdog groups, thus turning off the light of public knowledge and ensuring military unaccountability.

Donald Trump’s presidency—a presidency that is rife with graft, fraud, extortion, bribery, immorality and now government collaboration with unaccountable mercenaries and military units to wage war on behalf of foreign nations—is what happens when supposed Christian leaders such as Jerry Falwell, Jr., have their way.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Falwell said, “You don’t choose a president based on how good they are.” He also said in that interview that there was “nothing” Trump could do that would jeopardize his (Falwell’s) support. “Nothing” means no lie, no act of immorality, no theft, no act of betrayal, no act of murder or no act of wanton military slaughter would prevent Falwell from supporting Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, such an attitude is nothing short of insane idolatry. In essence, Falwell was saying that he knows how immoral, unethical, dishonest and violent Trump is, and he doesn’t care; it doesn’t matter to him.

Trump wasn’t kidding when he boasted that he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and his supporters would still vote for him. Falwell proves that.

Tragically, Falwell is representative of the vast majority of evangelical Christian pastors and leaders in this country today. They have sold their souls (not to mention their spiritual birthright) to sit at Trump’s treacherous, tainted, twisted, thoughtless, tumultuous, terrifying, terrorizing, tortuous, tyrannical, Talmudic table. They should apologize for all of their sermonizing about the Ten Commandments, the beatitudes of Christ, the teachings of the Apostles, the Golden Rule, etc. They should take back all of their admonitions of honesty, integrity, morality, trust, fidelity, honor, adherence to law, etc.

Let’s face facts: These evangelical Christian “leaders” believe in situation ethics; they believe that some people are above the laws of men and God; they believe the principles of biblical morality and honesty are apportioned according to position and power (or the lack thereof); and their blind allegiance to the moral and ethical deviant Donald Trump has proven they never meant what they preached.

Christian people by the millions have supported, defended, lauded, extolled and glorified a man (Donald Trump) whose personal morals and ethics rival the most vile leaders in world history. Donald Trump is a man without conscience. His behavior is pathological and diabolical. And he is successfully searing the consciences of the millions of Christian people who have sullied their own hearts by willingly partnering with his incessant crimes.

Trump is not pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Syria; he is pulling the wool over the eyes of millions of Christians and conservatives.


© Chuck Baldwin

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Adventures of the psycho parasites

Adventures of the psycho parasites

The lies you still believe


By John Kaminski

Nothing our government can say can ever be believed until the suppressed truth of 9/11/2001 is finally revealed. Until then everything our government does is a sick charade meant to protect the criminals who have usurped our nation.

The reality in which Americans exist consists mostly of fabricated accounts designed to enslave the population to a world view that benefits only the controllers of misled dupes (us) who have been taught to accept their slavery.

They’ve stopped trying to explain their false flag atrocities. After Malibu burned to a crisp, it’s more programming by actual examples now. If you’re going to live in the country you’re going to get burned out, one way or the other.

There’s nothing you can do to stop them. Just ask the people who were vaporized in their cars one ugly California afternoon. And then contemplate what your future portends.

These are government crimes

Two disasters of 2017 — the Las Vegas concert shooting and the strange fires in Marin and Sonoma Counties that torched houses but not the trees outside them — set the stage for November’s disastrous fires in California which signal a new era in American life — one in which Americans are murdered by their own government for geopolitical reasons unknown to the general public. In far too many cases, normal people just like yourself were incinerated in their own cars while trying to escape living hells apparently caused by strange new weapons fired down from the sky.

There are numerous videos of them on YouTube.

It’s rather interesting that America would test these weapons on itself.

If these unprecedented crimes were not inflicted on us by our insane government, now famous for such cynical false flag operations as 9/11 and Sandy Hook, then there is a power above and beyond USA Inc. which American government officials dare not interdict.

The Las Vegas catastrophe marked a new era in the relationship between the police and the public because the government stopped trying to explain — or solve — the 2017 shooting deaths of 58 people at a country music concert. The government claimed a lone nutcase, one Stephen Paddock, murdered 58 and injured 422 others and has stuck with that story despite numerous anecdotal evidence of multiple shooters including some in helicopters, as well as the physical impossibility of the task.

Officials got so confused about their own stories that they finally stopped talking to the public about it, sticking with their completely implausible lone nut fantasy.

The curious white ash patterns in the suburbs of San Francisco in 2017 first revealed the fire-from-above scenario through cell phone photos and now this same portrait of a living hell has been eerily re-created in the hills around Los Angeles, as well as in many portions of northern California. Ordinary forest fires leave black ashes and do not buckle bridges, melt car radiators or cause metal guardrails to burst into flames.

There is a cosmic truth in the statement that the government destroyed Paradise, California with murderous lasers fired from satellites. That truth is the government can murder anyone for any reason or for no reason at all, which was the case in Vegas.

And for the past year, random murders and vaporization of property and even whole towns show there is no avenue of appeal from this new and barbaric government reclamation project. And worse, there is no government authority to appeal to for help.

With Snopes calling it a fraud (which means it’s actually true), the new scandal matches the location of fires with the planned route of California’s proposed high speed rail system.

Making this whole affair even smellier is the connection of Diane Feinstein’s multimillionaire husband Richard Blum having already won in 2013 the billion dollar contract for the first phase of the construction project from the suburbs of L.A. to Fresno.

If we had an actual real press not owned by Jews, every reporter in the world would be asking Trump why he had decided to torch California. But he’s too busy playing footsie with designated migrants on salary with Jewish millionaires massed at the border in Baja California. Perhaps one event obscures the focus on the other.

The government hires all these terrorists and stages all these false flag fiascoes to prove to the population that it really needs the government for protection, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is our government that is the greatest danger to all Americans. It is the government that creates all these crises.

The only thing the government needs to protect us from today are all these low-IQ savages it has imported from the slums and jungles of the world who refuse to assimilate and, as in Sweden, rape and rob the local population.

I think everybody now knows that we would be a lot safer without the government that we have now, and have had for the past century. It all went south for America when the Jews got the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913. Within a single century the value of a dollar has sunk from one hundred cents to one cent, and you absolutely know where all that money went.

Who’s in charge?

The majority of the population simply does not comprehend the scope of Jewish influence on their lives. Like me for most of my life, the people believe that Jews are just another ethnic group.

Life is all about the money. Via their network of central banks all wired to a base in Switzerland, Jews control almost all the money in the world, which gives them control of all the media in the world, which means they control the minds, the desires and the political attitudes of all the people in the world. The U.S. Treasury is little more than an arm of Wall Street with a direct line between the two.

First there is medicine, then there is school, followed by entertainment, and most of all, the media — newspapers, TV and movies — that mirror the reality you live in, and distort it in favor of the men making money from weapons, drugs and kidnapping children and selling them for money.

Revisionist history is probably the most important political issue in the world today, because current politics are based on the artificial history propagated by Jewish media throughout the world and these false distinctions have enabled a neverending series of wars throughout the 20th century.

Americans, deceived by the long suppressed truth about World War II, tend to turn on Revisionists because of the crass Holohoax propaganda that has deceived them. Instead of 6 million Jews dead that Lester Holt on the NBC evening newscast harps upon almost every night, the real story is that the Jewish allies — the U.S., Britain and the USSR — murdered at least 12 million defenseless Germans AFTER the war, mostly by deliberate starvation. Jew media don’t do many stories on that subject.

Jews control every facet of modern society. Soon all citizens of every country in the world will be subjected to a standardized test. Those who fail will be excluded from society.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should have realized by now that a single group of psycho parasites has controlled the world for at least a century. At least this is the centennial of one of their greatest triumphs, The War to End All Wars. which because these freaks are the greatest liars who ever lived, turned out to be The War That Will Never End.

A new technique

The latest phase of Israel’s war on the world involves sending millions of hungry refugees from countries still largely excluded from the Technological Age rushing pell mell into the streets of Europe, raping whom they may, welcomed by the Commie agents who sabotage society the same way they do in the U.S.

It’s like throwing sand in the gas tank of a car, many thousands of Democratic voting welfare recipients are surging toward America’s Southern border intent on capsizing the greatest ship of state that the world has known.

America is under attack. Its leaders are inextricably linked to the enemy. In fact because, really, they work for the same Rothschild company,

U.S. leaders are complicit in the trashing of the country as they pile up many millions in their secret overseas bank accounts. You can’t expect our oppressors to stop expanding their advantages

Why am I here? I was put here by God to stop humans from destroying the garden that provides everything they need to live a long and happy life. And so were you.

Failure to recognize the Jewish sabotage of the American republic has destroyed the United States and turned it into another Banana Republic robbed of its valuables by the international bankers.

We need to understand the hidden Jewish impact on the world.

The heat of the fires betrays their unnatural origin. Typical forest fires do not melt the aluminum in burned out automobiles, nor they vaporize porcelain toilets in immolated houses. Then there is the color of ashes: in a normal fire the ashes are black; the ashes throughout the California fire scenes, particularly the houses, are usually whitish.

Here I see this one group vowing to destroy everyone on Earth if the mad Jews in their desert fortress don’t get their way.

No one’s friend

Israel is friend to no country. It only bribes and pampers those witless countries that do its bidding. All the others are constantly victimized by Jewish crimes, principally in the financial area, but also in medicine and education, providing cures such as statins that don’t work and cause new afflictions as well, or history that is deliberately slanted in favor of Jews.

Those who are wildly famous in the world have gained their fame through the approval of the Jews

The Jews keep saying that anti-Semitism must be eradicated so the Jews will no longer be the victims of “hate”, but that is not the problem. The real problem is Jewish criminality which cries of anti-Semitism serve to conceal.

But everybody is afraid to say that, because if they do, chances are good their paychecks will disappear, which does in fact happen often in the real world.

Besides most acts of anti-Semitism are done by the Jews themselves, to keep the theme alive in the public mind and to convince other Jews to keep contributing to the cause.

What Jews call anti-Semitism is what Gentiles call crimes against humanity in every single area of human endeavor.

Jews determine who will be the U.S. presidents and who the U.S. will make war upon.

Jews put poisons in their medicines that cause many more diseases than they pretend to cure.

Jews want to teach your children the most horrible things society has proscribed for thousands of years.

It’s almost as if Jews arrived on this Earth from the pit of hell and are determined to drag us all back there with them.

And maybe this deed has already been done.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

The US War FOR Terror

We were told that we needed to take out the world’s terrorists after Israeli and internal forces pulled off the false flag event known as 911. I knew immediately that this was a ruse and nothing more than a continuation of US terror in the Middle East. We were already there and had killed and maimed millions, many more turned into deformed monsters from using illegal and immoral depleted uranium weaponry, so why would we change what had already been in place.

The quick assemblies that the cities’ churches made in the city park showed me that Christianity would lead the charge. I knew that these Christian Zionists (I didn’t know the term at the time) loved them some Israel and it being a ‘jewish State”, because that was the main message they would preach (next to hellfire and damnation). The sooner we could convert those jews, the sooner Jesus would come back for the Rapture, etc, then everyone would be saved from hell (or whatever gobbledygook they spew).

Even as a young man, I knew back then that the government that I served and the oath that I took was nothing more than them using me (sadly, willingly) as canon fodder, but I didn’t fully understand at the time that it was all about Greater Israel. I did know that the inner voice was telling me that I was told many lies and was physically coerced into joining the Navy.

The same voice (which I learned to listen to over the years) was telling me that these christian charlatans did not speak for God and the only message they preached was one of doom and gloom (hardly “good news”) and adherence to a threat message that made no sense (and is not supported in texts of the original languages).

In other words, I found that mainstream Christianity was a mouthpiece for the jew and its machinations of world control, starting with the ME. Its followers had been brainwashed into allegiance to the very same cursed group who made possible the death of Jesus (so the story goes). Yet now they are embraced and made “experts” on the Bible and all that is Christ.

Today, 9/11, is a day to remember what Israel and the criminals within our government did. It is a day to remember those that actively have worked to coverup this immense crime that changed our world.

Never Forget!

Ordered To Be Silent by John Kaminski

Ordered to be silent

Recite the Jews’ version of history

or face gag orders and/or jail time

The thing to keep in mind is that people are being put in jail for telling the truth. That makes the idea that you are living in a free country a willful delusion from which no competent decisions about anything may be made.

By John Kaminski

Alison Chabloz

You are no longer allowed to tell a story that is not approved by the Jews, especially if it involves holy Holocaust defamation. Like a spreading stain of darkness slowly asphyxiating the minds of everyone on Earth, the monstrous judicial invention that “truth is no defense” has unleashed the worst possible future upon our lemming-like human species.

People are being snatched off the streets for daring to analyze their country’s provably criminal history. A woman lampooning a well-known ethnic group is ordered to stay off the Internet for a year. And anyone who dares speak critically about Jews in public, after first having their character assassinated by a huffy Jewish spokesperson, is likely to be arrested by a very real thought police.

The stain of darkness has spread much further than you may have thought, but a quick scan of the literature that has not yet been completely erased by Amazon and the other Jewish mind erasers reveals the public knew more 80 years ago about the problem that has poisoned all life on this planet than we do today.

Those who claim to be involved in the quest for justice should take this assessment to heart, for the time is running out for humanity’s best qualities as they are steadily being erased by crazies who know nothing of compassion, humanity or justice.

Revisionists are telling the truth

You know the revisionists are telling the truth, that Holohoax is the proper term for all this Jewish Holocaust hysteria, because you know by now — if you are even remotely conscious — that your government is lying about everything it does, so if it says the Holocaust was real, you’d automatically know it is lying to you . . . again . . . and still.

For instance, our government says it is fighting ISIS in Syria, and then we learn it is funding ISIS in Syria through such third party operatives as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This not the first time this has happened. America’s longest war is now Afghanistan, and the same principles are at work. The U.S. trains and funds the very people it is supposed to be fighting. We trained the mujahadeen and they became al-Qaeda, paid by our Pentagon to be both friend and foe.

The purpose of all these tragic invasions is the same. In Afghanistan, 17 years of military adventurism and many thousands of lives were spent to protect the poppy crop, providing fuel for the cycle of depravity that funnels drugs to the streets, children into prison, and profits from slave labor. In Syria, it’s the oil in the Golan Heights which Israel is already stealing.

The thing to keep in mind is that people are being put in jail for telling the truth. That makes the idea that you are living in a free country a willful delusion from which no competent decisions about anything may be made.

The only thing Jews fear is the truth.

That’s why all these white countries that have been taken over by Jews are slamming people into jail for challenging the bogus Jewish version of history. Unfortunately — due to Jews owning the majority of media outlets around the world — the majority of the people in the world tend to believe their well-distributed propaganda.

Like the official story of 9/11 that has long since fallen apart, or the now-debunked lies about the invasion of Libya, which led to the mass invasion of migrants in Europe. Jew puppets Hillary and Obama were responsible for the tragic debasement of Europe, which they triggered by their criminal assassination of Libya and its beloved leader.

One hundred years of evidence clearly reveals that the Jews tell the truth about nothing, but nothing they have done matches the lies they have told about what they did to the Germans during World War II.

These lies, and the twisted laws they have spawned, are inexorably strangling every country on Earth, and every person on this planet. These laws prevent the perpetrators from humanity’s greatest crimes from ever being apprehended, charged and convicted — because it would be anti-Semitic.

Zombie Germany

No one who knows the real history of the 20th century dares to travel to Germany — or any European Union nation —  anymore. They will be slammed into prison for harboring unacceptable thoughts.

As we speak Lady Michelle Renouf, attempting to attend the kangaroo court trial of the Schaeffer siblings, fears suffering the same fate as Monika Schaeffer, the Canadian fiddle player who made a humorous YouTube about her mother and the Holocaust, went to Germany to visit her brother Alfred, and then was promptly snatched by the Holohoax police and slammed into prison with no charges for many months.

Monika and Alfred Schaeffer

She and her brother Alfred are in court this week, with their futures not bright and on the line.

This is banana republic garbage. In Germany there is no liberty or justice for those who understand the worldwide Jewish mind scam. Now that Merkel has set the Africans free in Germany, one can no longer expect any justice there. Renouf has to skulk around Stuttgart clandestinely lest she be arrested by Jewish thugs and funneled off to jail for yet another trial.

And now for the first time, this mind virus has spread to England, where for the first time a man has been jailed for daring to insist on the true facts of history.

Jew cops in England

Jeremy Bedford-Turner — a.k.a. Jez Turner — was sentenced to 12 months for a 2015 speech he gave criticizing a Jewish organization known as Shomrim, which is essentially a Jewish police force that works closely with local police.

Prior to Turner’s hasty conviction, Andrew Joyce wrote:

Bear in mind that the Crown Prosecution Service has already told Gideon Falter—not once, but several times—that Jez Turner has committed no crime. If Jez is now found “guilty” on some trumped-up charge, the Crown Prosecution Service will not only lose all credibility but the world will see for itself that Jez was right all along when he allegedly said: “All politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune.”

Writer Robert Henderson wrote,

But even with a jury the odds were heavily against a not guilty verdict. In the minds of jurors must be the fear of being called a racist, a fear which has been so successfully inculcated in the general population that it produces an automated reflex of panic and terror when faced with the possibility of the label being stuck on them. Any juror faced with a case such as this must have in the back of their minds that to return a not guilty would be to risk being called a racist. There is also the sheer shock factor of hearing politically incorrect views being unashamedly spoken. As it was the jury was out for less than two hours and returned a unanimous version of guilty.

Long ago we knew more than we know now

Before World War II started, one observer wrote:

The press has degenerated under Jewish control and influence into lying propaganda agencies whose chief mission appears to be to deceive and befuddle the people. In Protocol 12 the Elders of Zion say of the Press:

“Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.

— George Armstrong, The Rothschild Money Trust, 1940, p.47

This Protocol was written before 1905. Seventy-eight years after this was written, the modern world has much less an idea that Jews control everything, and the laws across Europe that prevent debunking all these obvious Jewish lies are swallowing up people trying to point out the truth of history one valiant martyr at a time.

Jews can’t prove 6 million died, but we can prove 273,000 died, not all of them Jews, in the German labor camps.

To think of all the false Jewish stories about fake Holocaust stories told by pathetic wretches in search of celebrity is to contemplate the spectrum of human psychological disorders.

So, the long and short of it is, you may not even think about a story that affects Jews negatively, because this has been determined to be a crime against the state.

Perhaps you can think of other things that the Jews appear to be out to take from you, beyond your ability to think for yourself.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




A New Chapter in Foreign Entanglements?


By Tom Mysiewicz


“We have, I would say, probably the best relationships right now with Israel that we have ever had…We are very close on trade deals.  We are very, very close on military and terrorism, and all the things we have to work together on.  So the relationship has never been better.”

President Donald Trump greeting Benjamin Netanyahu, March 5th, 2018

“…our greatest challenge in the Middle East to both our countries…it’s encapsulated in one word: Iran…And I think we have to stop this country…Iran must be stopped.  That is our common challenge.  And I, as prime minister, see something that you, as President, see, but others can’t see–the extent of our intelligence and other cooperation…”

Benjamin Netanyahu responding to Donald Trump, March 5th, 2018


So what is Donald Trump up to ?  His announcement of tariffs appear intended to greatly enhance the ability of the U.S. to fight a prolonged world war—while increasing its likelihood.     The official announcement of the tariffs came just three days after a post-Purim war pow wow with the Israeli prime minister on March 5th.   And the announced firing of Iran-moderate Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his replacement by the Iran-war-hawk CIA Director Mike Pompeo, came just five days after that announcement.  Tillerson, holding back tears, announced he will leave the State Dept. on March 31st.

  Trump has been hailed by extremist Jews in Israel—who campaigned for him to Israeli absentee voters in 2016 under the banner MIGA (Make Israel Great Again)–as either the messiah or a sort of John the Baptist.[1]  He does not disappoint.  And Mr. Pompeo’s replacement at CIA?  Gina Haspel, who is best known for running a black “extraordinary rendition” site  in Thailand and overseeing torture of suspects during the George W. Bush administration.[2]  One suspect was reportedly drowned over 80 times until the interrogators became satisfied he knew nothing.

With regard to the announced Trump tariffs I say “appear intended” because existing production of these metals in North America is sufficient for current military and civilian needs and the tariffs exempt two of the major suppliers of the materials, very strange if one were acting strictly on economic motivations.  President Trump cited a report by the Secretary of Commerce stating that foreign imports were causing “a shrinking of [our ability] to meet national security production requirements in a national emergency.”  If more production is needed—and the inevitable response of the domestic economy will be to produce more if overseas supplies are curtailed by tariffs– the question then becomes “Why?”

Both 20th Century world wars proved that a massive armaments buildup coupled with provocative tariff and boycott policies (called by some  “strangle and bottleneck”) actually directly led to the wars.  In the case of Japan[3], its U.S. assets were frozen, it was barred from using the Panama Canal, and coal and iron ore supplies were cut off.   To be sure the U.S. was attacked, FDR had implemented all 8 cabinet suggestions on provoking a war with Japan and had inked a secret mutual-defense pact as early as 1940 with Winston Churchill.  (While alcoholic and homosexual, were he alive today Churchill would apparently meet the birth requirements for Israeli citizenship.)

Oliver Lyttleton, British Minister of Production, commented in 1944 that “Japan was provoked into attacking America at Pearl Harbor.  It is a travesty of history to say that America was forced into the war.”[4]

Likewise, Germany in that period was subjected to a worldwide boycott instituted by the forerunner of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) in 1933—which then declared war on Germany on behalf of all the Jews of the world—a boycott unofficially supported by the U.S., which at the same time illegally armed competing powers (e.g., selling 50 battleships to the UK.)  At that point the only Jews “harmed” were corrupt officials of the Weimar regime fired by Hitler.  The WJC had demanded he rehire these officials.  The declaration of war, likely done to protect their Bolshevik brethren in Russia from a future German invasion, had one unintended consequence: while it forced Germany to reach an understanding with the USSR, it made all European Jews enemy combatants subject to internment once a hot war started.  Nevertheless, as soon as Germany had signed the Molotov-VonRibbentrop Nonaggression Pact,  as if by magic, the Jewish-Red-dominated longshoreman unions began moving German cargoes again.

Isn’t President Trump’s announcement just a continuation of this type of dangerous provocation?  Especially dangerous as it is based on the whim of a foreign power and not of the authentic national interests of the U.S.  For if countries (like France—the no. 3 steel exporter to the U.S. and a key force in the EU) don’t unquestioningly support Israeli dominance of the Mid East and new Iranian sanctions leading to war  then they too will be subjected to economic warfare in the form of tariffs.  In his March 8th announcement, in fact, Mr. Trump left open the possibility of reaching “private deals” with any country having a “military relationship” with the U.S.

Trump’s designated new Secretary of State Pompeo had already lashed out at the Iran in an October 2017 speech at a national security forum held at the University of Texas, calling it “a thuggish police state” and a “despotic theocracy,” and comparing its ambitions to those of ISIS:


“Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are the cudgels of a despotic theocracy, with the IRGC accountable only to a Supreme Leader…They’re the vanguard of a pernicious empire that is expanding its power and influence across the Middle East…[Iran] openly vows to annihilate Israel..”[5]


What Mid Eastern leader does that sound like?  And what stupid nation bankrupted itself following  the dictates of that Mid Eastern leader, destroying Saddam Hussein’s government and thereby removing a major check on (alleged) Iranian expansionism?

The economic strongarm tactic of Trump’s was already quite clear in October 2017.  It’s believed Trump and Pompeo leaned on the moderate Tillerson then who warned European businesses against investing in certain Iranian companies: “European companies or other companies around the globe–really do so at great risk.”

Opined the New York Times: “European companies would have little choice but to comply since they would not want to risk being shut out of the $19-trillion U.S. market in favor of Iran’s $400-billion one…European diplomats have said they would defend their companies against such sanctions, potentially setting up an epic battle between close allies and two of the largest commercial markets on the planet.”[6]

In the face of these economic threats the EU is soon to build its own army outside of NATO.[7]  (This was predicted by Francis Parker Yockey in his groundbreaking book “Imperium.”)  So it’s worth remembering that high tariffs were also one of the chief causes of the American Civil War.  The agrarian South had to pay these high tariff costs that primarily benefited the industrialized North.  On the other hand, their products, such as cotton, faced retaliatory duties overseas.  Many Southerners saw this as deliberate economic warfare by the Northerners, with predictable results.[8]  When he heard about the shelling of Ft. Sumter, Abe Lincoln—who had ignored Secretary of State William Seward’s emphatic warnings that Lincoln’s actions would cause war–[9]reportedly was pleased that a war had been provoked at last—just as FDR is reported to have expressed satisfaction that the Japanese had finally attacked Pearl Harbor, giving him a pretext to invade Europe.  President Trump and the Israel Lobby will no doubt respond in a similar manner if and when the Likudnik-Trump policies succeed.

Besides the say-so of Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Trump relied for his tariff authority on the vague wording of Sec. 232 of the 1962 Trade Expansion Act, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1862) authorizing tariffs on the grounds of “national security” and Sec. 301 of the 1974 Trade Act authorizing tariffs by executive order to counter “unfair trading practices.”  Interestingly, 1975 was the last year of a positive U.S. trade-goods surplus!

Bibi (Meileikowski) Netanyahu is kept in power in Israel partly through the good graces of chief Trump backer Sheldon Adelson, who funds an entire Israeli newspaper—Israel Today– dedicated to that task.  Adelson’s Israeli paper front-ran the U.S. election of 2016 with fawning coverage of Trump.[10]  It appears that President Trump’s meeting with  Netanyahu on March 5th—during the AIPAC Conference—was a war planning sitdown.  The full details of Trump’s tariff plan had been leaked about the same time.  It followed a phone call the day before between Trump and the Jewish-by-birth leader of Egypt, General al Sisi.  This call involved words that could be interpreted as Egypt being on board for a war on Iran.  (The President’s official announcement of tariffs came just four days later, on March 8th.)

The predictable Netanyahu indicated in public statements that he and Trump were on the same page concerning trade.  Since trade with Israel has never been an issue with both Congress and the Senate totally controlled by that foreign power, I would take that to mean using trade policies potentially detrimental to the overall interests of the U.S. to strongarm countries.  Strong-arm them into supporting boycotts and military action on behalf of the Israeli state, in addition to requiring their support for the annexation of Jerusalem.  In return for “favorable treatment” countries facing U.S. tariffs might be required support attacks on Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

In the old days, this type of “negotiation” was properly called extortion.  This could easily lead to a broader world war in a few years.  So it’s easy to see why Trump thinks a major increase in steel and aircraft-grade aluminum supplies would be required.

According to former Reagan Administration economist David Stockman, leaving out Canada and Mexico, it’s estimated the U.S. steel imports subject to the 25% tariff would be about $29-billion in current dollars.  Last year the U.S. itself produced 82-million tons of steel and imported another 14-million tons from Canada, Brazil and Mexico—the number one, two and four sources of U.S. imported steel.[11]

Says Stockman: “Somehow 96-million tons seems more than adequate to cover the 3.5-million tons needed by the U.S. war machine, according to the Pentagon; and in truth the real requirement would be perhaps a few hundred thousand tons a year to protect the actual security and safety of the U.S. homeland…In today’s world, in fact, military steel is about empire not homeland security.”

Stockman also explains that the actual need for defense steel would only be equivalent to 70,000 tons—about the annual need of Denmark—IF we did not need to built aircraft carriers and the weapons systems primarily needed for overseas military adventures.  (Like the ones Trump and Netanyahu are planning?)  Moreover, he considers the primary defense of the U.S. to be related to its nuclear retaliatory force—one in which most of the steel needed was produced long ago.  He might be right unless…there are plans to greatly expand such forces.

As for aluminum, North America currently produces 10% of world production, which is a total of nearly 58,000 metric tons.[12]  Another source that would be available in the event of a major war would be South America, which produces about 20% less than the North.

If nothing else, the aluminum portion of Trump’s tariffs makes me wonder if he is just an actor reading words written by those who came up with the yellowcake uranium and Iraq WMD stories.  And that trail may lead back to the Israel lobby and Bibi Netanyahu.  Firstly, the DoD currently uses about 1% of domestic aluminum production.  According to industry sources, current military requirements could be met domestically—without tariffs–by an obscure technology called “fractional crystallization” and an investment of $25-million (a drop in the bucket compared with the higher costs to consumers from Trump’s plan!)

Harbor Intelligence’s Tom Leary told a conference in June 2017 about the above process that could easily provide U.S. defense contractors with the needed 30,000 tons per year. The process removes impurities from aluminum based on solubility, with unwanted constituents fractionated off by crystallization.  According to Harbor’s estimates, the U.S. defense industry uses less than 1% of the country’s total aluminum production. At present there is around 75,000 tons of high-purity aluminum stockpiled in the U.S., which should meet the defense industry’s current needs for 2-1/2 years.  Should fractional crystallization technology come online, Harbor estimates that production of high-purity aluminum would be only 2% more expensive than it is now by conventional methods. The firm  estimated a projected cost of $2,548 per ton vs. high-purity alumina on the spot market that sold for $2,493 per ton in 2017.[13]

I have already demonstrated that the Trump tariffs are unrelated to current military needs.  If you disagree with my view that the Trump tariffs are primarily to facilitate future major wars, and believe his actions are for the benefit of American workers, ask yourself one more question: “Do President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs benefit more than a small group of American workers?”

While some steel and aluminum stocks rose on Trump’s announcement, automaker and other end-user stocks dropped sharply—which I would say equates to investor belief the tariffs will be a negative for the overall economy and jobs in sectors other than those related to military production.

Various economists say there would be big beneficiaries, such as smelters and foundries in Canada and Mexico, which are exempted from the tariffs and will benefit from a 25% jump in prices—possibly a $2-billion/yr. windfall for them.   With Brazil, these smelters supply over 25% of U.S. steel and 10% of aircraft-grade aluminum.  True, some individual U.S. unions and manufacturers may benefit—but what about the consumers who have to pay the resulting higher prices?  Will that mean equal or greater job losses in other sectors due to less disposable income but also due to the redirecting of capital to military production?  (As for Sen. McCain’s opposition to these tariffs—I can assure you his concern is  not about future wars he wholeheartedly supports but for foreign patrons whose oxen may get gored.)

Trump likes to take credit for works in progress so I note here that there were several new U.S. aluminum plants in the works even before the tariff announcement. They were not the result of Trump’s tariffs, say industry insiders.  Interviewed for Bloomberg the consensus seemed to be the expansion was due to “light-weighting” in cars and similar applications.  In fact, some producers worried, the price increases caused by the tariffs would make U.S. products more costly and, hence, less competitive:

“The fact that those decisions were made as the Trump administration considers restrictions against cheap metal imports is largely a coincidence, the companies say…While slapping tariffs on metal imports may help U.S. refiners such as Century Aluminum Co.[14], for those in the semi-fabricated-products business the real triggers for building new mills in the U.S. are a shift toward light-weighting vehicles and high margins in both the automotive and aircraft industries…In fact, some industries further down the supply chain such as makers of aluminum cans have expressed concern that tariffs or quotas will end up pushing up costs and eroding competitiveness.”[15]

Putting on tariffs to allow a shift of economic activity to war production, which raises the cost of living to workers as well as the real tax burden for debt service, can be counterproductive.   As Ezra Pound put it so long ago:

“Will you ever realize that the mere continuance of the war is a victory for loan capital, a victory for the lenders of money, or for the money monopolist, the controller of the monetary issue?  What does war cost?  Well, a lot of the cost to you is the stuff that is NOT made.  All energy going to make explosives.  All that energy subtracted from making things you want to eat and wear.  That is part of the cost, irreplaceable.  What is exploded, sunk and destroyed is a COST, on which loan capital fattens.”[16]

What Pound was trying to say is that these war scams are an effective means of wealth transfer—making you poorer and “them” richer.  The endless wars, the World Wars, the Cold War, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, and soon, the ME war and then the final war that Mr. Kushner’s Chabad Lubbavitchers call “the final war of the Golus”  (Golus=the gentile nations) to take place before their messiah arrives.   This is an explicit view of the sect close to the hearts of Donald Trump, the Kushners and Vladimir Putin[i]:

“The main avodah of this generation is to go out to the final war of the golus, to conquer and to purify all the gentile countries (such that “and kingship will be Hashem’s,” Ovadiah 1:21).”

Shabbos Parshas VaYelech, 5746

While we’re on the subject, the hypersonic anti-ship weapons developed by Russia and China (possibly with the help of cutting-edge U.S. technology brokered to them by the Israelis)[17]  could sink most of the U.S. Navy’s major surface ships in a final world war.   And those will need to be replaced.   In this eventuality trade would certainly grind to a halt for a lengthy period—and America would need much more domestic production–perhaps another reason for Trump’s tariffs.  And there’s a real possibility that America could be slated to lose such a war despite the hubris of its leaders and the incitement of the Israel lobby.  Ezra Pound explained long ago[ii] why America does not have to win such a war—as in the case of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan–in order for (((those))) who “stage managed” it to win big time[iii]:

“Wars are made to make debt…ships are sunk IN ORDER TO HAVE SHIPS SUNK.  When ships are sunk there is a greater demand for new ships.  The sinking augments the MARKET for new ships…And LOAN CAPITAL, usurer’s capital, money made by the stroke of a banker’s pen is wanted for FINANCING new construction.  Arabs are murdered in order to keep things lively.  Cities are destroyed in order that cities may be destroyed.  The frontier means nothing to the financier.  The MORE houses fall on BOTH sides of the frontier, the more loan capital will be wanted so long as the usurocrat system endures…the more loan capital will be required to finance reconstruction.  The more simple people are ruined, the more bankruptcies, the more bankrupt concerns can be snapped up cheap by the owners of loan capital.”[18]

Seymour Melman, during the height of the Cold War, established the social and economic costs of consumptive military and security spending on the U.S. economy in his books The Permanent War Economy (Revised and updated, New York: Simon and Schuster, 1985) and Profits without Production (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1983).   On pg. 151 of Profits he summarizes:

“…the combined Pentagon budgets of 1946-1981 represent a mass of resources equivalent to the cost of replacing just about all (94%) of everything manmade in the United States (excluding the land)…But when we take into account both the resources used by the military as well as the economic product forgone, then we must appreciate the social cost of the military economy, 1946-1981, as amounting to about twice the “reproducible assets” of the U.S. national wealth.”

In other words, a natural calamity would have to level everything in the U.S. twice and we would have to rebuild it both times to equal the amount wasted![19]

Contrary to the claimed beliefs of President Trump, defense industries are not labor intensive and generally employ minimal numbers of highly qualified and paid workers.  The extraordinary profit margins in the “defense” sector allow the latest automation to be used.

Woodrow Clark, writing in the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, estimates that only about 5.1% of the U.S. workforce is employed in the military production/defense sector![20]

What does this represent in GDP?  Currently, military spending represents only 4.1% of GDP vs. 37.8% in 1944.[21]  The impact of government spending here (as a percentage of GDP) is not impressive as it relates to jobs.  In October 1984, Harper’s Magazine reported that 21,000 defense jobs were created per $1-billion of government spending vs. 25,000 for non-defense spending.   Unlike consumer spending, U.S. citizens are taxed for the defense spending and get little in return.  Our national borders leak like a plastic bucket used for target practice!  And we must give up most of our freedoms to guard against “terrorists” who easily pass into the country.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Washington, D.C., released a report in May 2007 on the civilian impacts of increased military spending.  Among its conclusions:  that, after an initial demand stimulus, the effect of increased military spending turns negative around the sixth year.  After 10 years of higher defense spending, there would be 464,000 fewer jobs than in the baseline scenario with lower defense spending!

“It is often believed that wars and military spending increases are good for the economy,” comments Dean Baker, CEPR Co-Director, “In fact, most economic models show that military spending diverts resources from productive uses, such as consumption and investment, and ultimately slows economic growth and reduces employment.”[22]


[1] “‘Trump’s Election Heralds Coming of Messiah’ says Deri,” by Jeremy Sharon, Jerusalem Post, Nov. 10, 2016.

[2] After a transfer to Langley, Haspel’s name was linked to a cable ordering destruction of all records of that torture.   Mr. Pompeo, her former boss, has stated he does not consider drowning and reviving a suspect repeatedly (waterboarding) to even be torture.  Haspel was once given the George H.W. Bush award for excellence in counter-terrorism.  The Trump Administration recently used the “state secrets” privilege  to block Haspel and other CIA officials from testifying in a court case.




[6] “Tillerson Warns Europe Against Iran Investments” by Gardner Harris, New York Times, Oct. 22, 2017.






[12] See:


[14] Century Aluminium is the country’s sole supplier of high-purity aluminum, with a yearly capacity of 117,000 tons. Far more than current defense needs.  An additional 75,000 tons of capacity is available in the U.S., which it appears Century committed to if Trump imposed favorable tariffs:


[16] Leonard W. Doob, Ezra Pound Speaking: Radio Speeches of World War II (Westport, Conn. and London England:  Greenwood Press, 1978) Pg. 302

[17]  Brendon O’Connell has an informative YouTube channel dealing with what he calls the “Talpiot” organized data espionage program.  He claims the Israelis have back doors into most data systems and utilize things like the Intel chip exploits.  He also asserts that this data is used in Israel’s advanced R&D sector as well as being brokered to Russia and China.  If this is the case it could account for the rapid claimed advances in both Russia and China’s weaponry—these countries would then save the time and expense of the basic R&D for such systems.  Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy with a photographic memory released in 2017, conducted some of this type of espionage.

[18] Leonard W. Doob,  Ezra Pound Speaking,  pg. 272

[19] Kevin Phillips in The Politics of Rich and Poor  (New York: Random House, 1990, pg. xii) estimates this wealth at $36-trillion in the dollars of that day.

[20] Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing  (1994: Vol. 9, No. 4) pgs. 54-68

[21] Associated Press, March 6th, 2009, “Can U.S. Troop Boosts Aid Defense Industries?” by Donna Borak

[22] CEPR Press Release, May 1, 2007

[i] See “The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin,” Ben Schreckinger, Politico, April 9, 2017

[ii] Remember, this was written in the early 1940s.  Pound broadcast on short wave as an expatriate from Italy during the Second World War.  After which he was locked up by the U.S. in St. Elizabeth’s insane asylum.   He remained there until another great American poet, Robert Frost, got him out with the help of President Kennedy.   Come to think of it, President Trump recently advocated the recreation of many such asylums across the U.S. to house potentially dangerous individuals who might become gun owners.  Perhaps such institutions could even be re-purposed to house dissenters against foreign wars destroying the fabric of America.  Maybe we could call them “indoctrination centers”    or “re-education camps.”

[iii] The situation in the Zionist-controlled U.S. today reminds me of that in pre-war 1930s Poland.  They had Wolf Messing. Various governments pumped up the Poles and convinced them they should reject Hitler’s peace offers and behave belligerently.  Just as Trump and Nikki Haley are doing today with Russia and Iran.  A Jewish hypnotist, Wolf Messing, convinced the Polish aristocracy and leadership that they were safe in attacking Germany and that, if Hitler’s armies set one foot in Poland, Hitler would die.  And besides, hadn’t Britain and France promised to save the Poles?  The rest is history.  After Poland was occupied, Wolf quickly fled East to the USSR, where he purchased a fighter plane for the Red Army with monies from his former Polish friends.  He impressed Stalin by getting in to see him after hypnotizing his elite guards into believing he was Beria.  He was also apparently able to convince Russians that pieces of newspaper were high-denomination ruble notes and staged a psychic bank robbery for Stalin in this way!  Meanwhile, in the Soviet-occupied zone of Poland, many tens of thousands of “antisemite” Poles were “ratted out” to the NKVD by their Jewish neighbors and liquidated in the gulags.  Messing’s friend Stalin later delegated mostly Jewish officers of the NKVD to supervise bayonetting and shooting 15,000 bound Polish officers at the Katyn Forest.  This massacre was then blamed on the Germans.   Wolf Messing famously predicted the total destruction of the U.S. in 2016—no doubt because of his Cabbalistic expertise and knowledge that this was when the so-called Jewish Messianic age began.  Who knows, maybe Mr. Trump’s election in 2016 will help fulfill this prophesy?  I have read better but the Tatiana Lungina book, “Wolf Messing: The True Story of Russia’s Greatest Psychic,” which downplays Messing’s role in escalating WWII, is a good starting point:


B’Man Notes: Mr Mysiewicz was generous to allow me to publish this work here. I am grateful. Please share this far and wide.


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When The Drumpfter Goes All In… The Rest Of Us Lose

You know you’ve swallowed the Koolaid when you use their tainted numbers to bolster your commitment to the jew follower, Trump. But there are real numbers that can be used.

Courtesy of

Do you seriously believe the numbers now when you didn’t when Obama or Bush was POTUS? Just because Trump?


Fortunately, I find another Drumpfter may be shirking his love of The Donald (just as he loved Obama enough to vote for him). Jim Fetzer has been coming out against the jew-led criminal in charge lately (after cheerleading him into office) in interviews. Jim is anti-war (to a certain extent, anyway). Jim is a smart guy, but a slow learner (I post comments to give him shit about participating in the sham sElections at his blog).

Recently, Dr Fetzer was fired by Jeff Rense over the Mandalay Bay psyop. For some reason, Rense is pulling a Spingola on this deal, while Fetzer says no one died.

Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass if its real or not. Either way they will implement more draconian laws.

Funny how that works, isn’t it? The Mandalay Bay scam happens and miraculously there are 16 new laws ready almost immediately:

U.S. House

HR 3947 – Bans parts and accessories that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm

HR 3962 – Bans online sales of ammunition

HR 3984 – Repeals the Lawful Protection in Commerce law that would allow lawsuits against FFL’s and manufacturers

HR 3986 – Would require the placement of tracking ID into ‘all’ firearms sold in America

HR 3987 – Would require a fee to purchase a firearm through NICS and use these monies to fund the CDC to conduct research on gun violence that was previously found to be biased by Congress

HR 3998 – Bans firearms for known or ‘suspected’ terrorists

HR 3999 – Bans parts that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm

HR 4018 – Institutes a ‘3’ day waiting period nationally for purchase of handgun

HR 4025 – Expands reporting of multiple firearms sales

HR 4052 – Would ‘ban’ possession and transfer of large capacity magazines (More than 10 rounds)

HR 4057 – Expansion of Prohibition for firearms ownership for being on a Terrorist Watch List

U.S. Senate

S. 1915 – Would require all firearms to be personalized for restricted access and use

S. 1916 – Bans parts and accessories that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm

S. 1923 – Expands background checks of firearms

S. 1939 – Repeals the Lawful Protection in Commerce law that would allow lawsuits against FFL’s and manufacturers

S. 1945 – Would ‘ban’ possession and transfer of large capacity magazines (More than 10 rounds)

Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) President Gary Marbu (Source)

But the Drumpfter will say, “but not Trump: he is pro Second Amendment” (as they are stripping their last weapon, a slingshot, from their dead hands).

Seriously, how far will the Drumpfter go before they realize that they are participating in and expediting their own demise? I’ve got Fetzer showing me the ass-kissers can come around. Is that enough hope?

Nigga, please.

Drumpfter Promises Made (aka “LIES”)

No More Wars: but this liar has dropped more bombs than Bush or Obama and has ratcheted up the rhetoric to levels neither of those assholes could begin to muster. Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iran and N Korea are all targets of the (((administration))).

Drain the swamp: by adding a million times more (((swamp filth))) than ever before.

Get rid of ObamaCare: but fails and agrees with a Republican bill that is even more atrocious than the dems’.

Control spending: then works to raise the debt ceiling as fast as possible (he now wants to eliminate the debt ceiling altogether)

DACA: but worked with the opposition to water it down and keep the benefits coming to the illegals.

Tame NATO: but has done the exact opposite, to the point of using them to threaten Russia.

And that’s not all

Promises, Promises

Sadly, the Drumpfter has so little discernment that they will never admit their failings (much like their object of worship… Trump). They will spout inane bullshit because they are deeply, emotionally invested. They are BELIEVERS.

I call them fools.

For if anyone believes Trump is pro-second amendment, after experiencing all the other lies, then you are most definitely a fool or worse.


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