Fox News edits Trump rally protestor holding up giant photo of Trump with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

So you think the Drumpfter, himself, wouldn’t diddy a kid?

As far as “get him outta here”, I’m all for impeachment.

No more jew bagmen.

Fitzpatrick Informer

Portrait of American financier Jeffrey Epstein (left) and real estate developer Donald Trump as they pose together at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida, 1997.
Davidoff Studios Photography/GettyImages

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 20, 2018 Anno Domini

Fox News edited out an embarrassing incident at a Trump rally in Minnesota today where a protestor interrupted the President and held up a giant photo of Trump with his arm around convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Some alert viewers posted the unedited footage of the incident to Youtube, trumping Fox, which later edited out the incident and showed only a shot of Trump’s face as the protestor was escorted out by security from the Amsoil Arena in Duluth. The rally was in support of the GOP in anticipation of the 2018 Midterm elections.

Here is the footage from the live feed before the Fox News edit (the second clip, although captured from a…

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La-La-La-La-La It’s Magic

Way back in the early 90’s, my wife and I went to see that weirdo, David Copperfield. Weird and freaky. We were sitting front row at a Vegas show with some of the best seats in the house and this dude blew us away over and over again. I’ve seen many magicians, including Lance Burton and others, but they all pale in comparison to Copperfield’s illusions.

Even more magical that night was that Telly Savalas was sitting near us with his wife and I got the opportunity to ask him, “Who loves you, baby?” (met with a glaring eye)

Well, there is more jew magic in the air (of course, Copperfield is  jew: David Seth Kotkin). Except that in this case the magician messed up and showed us a peek of how the illusion is pulled off.

“The Jewish people and the Jewish race are of the highest human capital that exists.”

“What can you do? We were blessed by God… and I will continue to say that at every opportunity,” he said. “I don’t have to be ashamed about the Jewish people being the Chosen People; the smartest, most special people in the world.”

Zohar cited the many innovations and discoveries made by Jews, and said that Israel had achieved more in its 70-year span than some peoples had in thousands of years.

“You can understand why we usually win a lot of Nobel Prizes,” he said.

Much more of that and people might start waking up to the JP (the Q long ago left the stable).

It’s almost like they can’t stop themselves:

Jewish Power is a funny thing. If you read the Jewish media or the Israeli press, to include Forward, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Haaretz or the Jerusalem Post, you will find frequent references to it, nearly always seen as completely laudable. Bottom feeder Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard recently boasted that “Jews should not apologize for being so rich, controlling the media or influencing public debate…they have earned it…never apologize for using your strength…”

For many Jews like Dershowitz, Jewish power is something to be proud of, but they also believe that it should never be noticed or examined by non-Jews. Gentile criticism of Jewish collective behavior is something that must continue to be forbidden, just as the expression “Israeli Lobby” was largely taboo before Walt and Mearsheimer. Israeli partisans regularly engage in the defamation of individuals, including myself, who do not conform to the taboos as anti-Semites or holocaust deniers, labels deliberately used as weapons to end discussion and silence critics whenever necessary.

Did you know saying “Its OK to be white” is a magical incantation that makes black people immediately realize how superior we are to them?

Bob tells me that there are magical fires going on out in California. I can’t explain that freakiness any more than I can explain Copperfield.

Sometimes a man has just got to let loose a little magic.



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Welcome to the Trump Mercantile


Tom Mysiewicz

President Xi of China, along with I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get this kind of done!

Donald Trump Tweet (1)

Problem with ZTE isn’t jobs & trade, it’s national security & espionage. Any telecomm firm in #China can be forced to act as tool of Chinese espionage without any court order or any other review process. We are crazy to allow them to operate in U.S. without tighter restrictions

Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) May 14, 2018

Watching the news on June 8th, I watched a befuddled commentator trying to explain Trump’s placating attitude toward China (i.e., the 6/7/2018 “fixing” of the multi-year ban and penalties imposed on China’s ZTE) while, at the same time, announcing tariffs on NATO members, Canada, Mexico and Japan.

“What is he trying to do? It makes no sense…” the shapely female “talking head” intoned.

Well, actually, it makes a lot of sense to me.

On June 7th, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced that the U.S. had lifted its export ban on Chinese megacorporation ZTE—which had prevented the Chinese entity from buying U.S. products, goods, equipment and software since April 2018–and modified a fine levied on it after it had pleaded guilty to charges of selling to Iran and North Korea, among other things. Under the new agreement, ZTE must pay only $1-billion and place an additional $400-million in suspended penalty money in escrow before the Dept. of Commerce’s BIS (DOC-BIS) will remove ZTE from the Denied Persons List. These penalties are in addition to the $892-million in penalties ZTE has already paid to the U.S government under the March 2017 settlement agreement.(2)

ZTE will also be required by the new agreement to retain a team of special compliance coordinators selected by and answerable to DOC-BIS for a period of 10 years. Their function will be to monitor on a real-time basis ZTE’s compliance with U.S. export control laws. ZTE is also required under the new agreement to replace the entire board of directors and senior leadership for both entities. Finally, the new agreement once again imposes a denial order that is suspended, this time for 10 years, which DOC-BIS can activate in the event of additional violations during the ten-year probationary period.

I seldom agree with Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio. However, because he wants to give Israel more access to China’s markets and investment funds (by blocking direct interaction) he correctly points out that the reprieve will stop ZTE from trading with Iran and North Korea…but will NOT prevent ZTE from complying with orders from Chinese intelligence to eavesdrop on Americans.(3)

The Chinese can always pay Israel to act as a proxy for it to acquire what’s needed from America as well as to provide eavesdropped intelligence (since Israelis reportedly have back doors into data and communications systems worldwide) but it’s much cheaper to get it directly.

Israel has also been careful to position itself to benefit from any actual U.S. trade war. In addition to strong Chinese and Russian connections, it has free trade agreements with the U.S., Canada, the EU, Australia and other countries. With the GMEI (Greater Middle East Initiative as discussed in my 2004 article “Behold the Zone”)(4) and the coming New Mid East, Israel will have a large population of surplus Arabs that can be put to work adding minimal content for re-export to the U.S. and vice versa to other countries, thereby skirting any trade barriers. Do you think more than a handful of U.S. Congressmen and Senators would make even a peep about this if it were to transpire?

In recent articles I pointed out the visceral interest of the Israelis in getting North Korea to “roll over” on Iranian nuclear and chemical-biological weapons work in that country.(5) In this regard, John Bolton is correct in observing parallels with the Libyan situation. Muammar Gaddafi gave up his nuclear program in return for economic normalization but, importantly, also tattled on Arab and other states he had reportedly done such work with. And he gave details…burning his bridges in return for the eternal friendship of the U.S. and the likes of Tony Blair.(6) So Trump’s behavior with regard to “persuading” the Chinese to facilitate such a process is fully understandable.

With regard to the other countries mentioned above, recall that Mr. Trump went so far as to tweet that he would even consider big tariffs on European cars—one that could effectively block them from U.S. markets. And then recall that Israeli PM “Bibi” Netanyahu (Mileikowski) visited many of the impacted countries shortly thereafter to push his sanctions plan to destabilize Iran.

Anyone familiar with organized crime might be tempted to view Trump’s actions and statements in close proximity to Mr. Netanyahu’s travels as a form of extortion. Much as store owners in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn might be offered “broken window insurance” by extortionists. If they didn’t pay? Their business could expect vandalism or burglary.

What disturbs me is that Mr. Trump seems to be using his office and the prestige of the U.S. to overturn international law to benefit a foreign power (Israel.) At the same time, Mr. Trump seems to confuse the well-being of average Americans with the wellbeing of large corporate entities, banks, arms manufacturers, Israel and the super wealthy 1% (a caste he is a member of.) He seems (much like Obama) to whistle past 90-million+ unemployed working-age Americans and the under-employed who are counted as 3 employees when they have to work 3 part-time slave-labor jobs just to get by. And the unemployed not counted as unemployed when they give up looking for a decent job after a year.

The President frequently brings American farm products and raw materials into his great proposed deals to equalize trade imbalances. Possibly Mr. Trump slept through history class. The American Revolution was fought primarily over the issue of mercantilism. The colonies were not allowed to manufacture essentials like nails, window glass, and many necessaries. They had to pay for costly imported manufactured British goods with raw materials.(7) This led to a depressed economy. A similar system was imposed by the British on India, whose citizens were even prohibited from weaving cloth in India in order to support British textile mills. Many Americans failed to understand the nature of Gandhi’s protest in 1946 when he operated a spinning wheel in front of British troops.(8) Spinning yarn and weaving cloth was restricted in favor of British imports.

In 19th Century America, the agrarian states of the Confederacy were subjected to Northern neo-mercantilism by high tariffs forcing Southerners to pay dearly for the manufactured products of Northern factories (protected by high tariffs that allowed the factories to charge higher prices than foreign producers) while demand for prices of their agricultural goods were depressed by high retaliatory tariffs by countries they sold cotton and other produce to.

So, when the President brags about opening foreign markets to U.S. agricultural goods and raw materials in return for foreign manufactured goods—what exactly is he saying to many of his MAGA supporters? His recent moves to allow repatriation of hundreds of billions of dollars that has been stashed overseas by U.S. companies—with no strings and little tax–do little to assuage my suspicions that he’s going to allow continued mercantilization of the U.S. economy, returning the bulk of the “little people” to the status of pre-Revolution colonial serfs. Because, so far, these monies have largely been used for nonproductive purposes rather than construction of new plants and retraining of American workers vs. importing slave-wage talent from overseas. Purposes such as corporate stock buybacks that prop up the stock market, boost the portfolio values of corporate executives and bankers, and heavily overcompensate top management and directors.(9)

The President’s Marie-Antoinette-like“let them eat cake”(10) seeming lack of empathy with his “MAGA” base is highlighted by his support for expanded immigration of skilled workers to the U.S. rather than training or retraining existing citizens. I once spoke with a Ph.D. in mathematics from India on an H1B visa(11) who told me his graduate education had cost about $2000 and that he had no student debt. He was working for about half the salary of a U.S. graduate typically a graduate carrying $50,000 (or more) of compounding student debt that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. (American taxpayers—not the wealthy fat-cats, business and banking interests who profit from H1Bs–will soon be asked to foot the bill for American de-industrialization as over $1-trillion of student loans default.)

(The subject of a future article: Trump is apparently considering the Neoliberal privatization of American roads, bridges, waterways and water/sewage systems to implement his promised infrastructure program. After the mid-term elections or, possibly, in his second term. Let me guess. The size of state and local government will not decrease, taxes will not go down, and the people will get soaked for currently free services by corporate and foreign overlords—many of whom may be Chinese.)

So how well are Trump’s deal-making skills working out? Pretty good from Israel’s standpoint.

Let’s take Canada, now facing significant tariffs. Previously, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was aggressively calling for an independent investigation into the Israeli massacre of over 100 unarmed Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Then he got blindsided by Mr. Trump and then a call from Mr. Netanyahu. Says one Canadian source:

“Trudeau is caught like a deer in the headlights…Many observers were surprised when, a few days after Prime Minister Trudeau called for an investigation into Israeli killing unarmed protesters in Gaza, Canada seemed to reverse field. Our representative to the UN in Geneva strongly criticized a resolution passed 29 – 2 by the UN Human Rights Council calling for just such an investigation. Only Australia and the United States voted against it...Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told the House of Commons on Tuesday that Ottawa believes that the UN resolution was “mostly pushed by Pakistan and other Muslim countries” and was “biased against Israel”…It appeared to be an awkward “walk back” by a Prime Minister under pressure. “(12)

To me, at least, there is even less mystery in Trump’s imposition of tariffs on the EU countries backing continuation of the JCPOA with Iran, an agreement which the U.S. withdrew from in violation of international law as Iran had not violated the agreement. Imagine going to the U.S. Supreme Court and appealing a home eviction because the agreement you signed with the bank was a “bad one”? If the bank had fulfilled its contractual obligations the case would be ignored. Israel and Saudi Arabia—both close and avowed enemies of Iran—reportedly have large undeclared nuclear stockpiles. Israel is believed to have acquired missing and stolen fissionable materials from the U.S. and other countries. Saudis reportedly funded the Pakistani nuclear program and were given nukes in return. Yet Iran, which has not attacked another country in over 200 years and is a signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has every right to have a nuclear program and undergoes rigorous inspections, is persecuted at the behest of these countries!

Netanyahu seemingly got no traction with the UK, France and Germany on his road trip. This is all theater, in my opinion. These governments will certainly maintain their cynical public stance to honor the Iran treaty. However, as Netanyahu pointed out on June 6th, his trip was successful because many European companies are already pulling out of Iran. I wonder what banking interests control these companies? None of the companies appear willing to face the wrath of the U.S. “golem” (a Frankenstein monster of Jewish mythology that serves Jewry.)

Why do I consider Netanyahu’s performance theater? Because he knew before he left the Israeli state that the European official position would not change.

What was Netanyahu after and what did he get? The Europeans continue to insist Iran abide by its JCPOA commitments, hamstringing Iran, while the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and sanctions privately re-imposed by European companies weaken the Iranian government. Can anyone really believe May, Macron and Merkel have the intestinal fortitude to buck Israel and the U.S.?

An added benefit of Trump’s sanctions—which have actually benefitted the targets in some cases—is that Iran will be driven deeper into the new Rosneft oil cartel, the BRICS alternative to OPEC (which the U.S. is a member of.)(13) An accident? And, at some point when the U.S. is on the ropes—do you think Russia would deny Israel a place at the table? Doubt it, judging by the speed with which Russia backed out of its promise to supply Syria with S-300s to satisfy Netanyahu. (Russia even tried to put a base on the Lebanese border, a reported Victory Day demand by Netanyahu, but withdrew forces after a call from the Syrian President.) Without the support of the powerful Chabad Lubbavitcher world syndicate, Putin would not be in power. And neither would Trump.

A bit of Israeli-Lubbavitcher history here: Ronald Reagan in collusion with Lubbavitcher Rabbi Schnerson helped resettle over a million Russians–some only friends of Jews and some with some Jewish ancestry–in Israel on the ridiculous pretext that Jews were somehow persecuted in the USSR.(14) There was a standing death penalty for active antisemitism in Russia at the time, although I don’t know if it was being enforced. Oy, such persecution! Jews in the USSR created and largely ran the so-called Russian Revolution(15), designed and ran(16) the infamous Gulag system that killed millions of Russians, and even had their own separate Yiddish-speaking Oblast in the USSR: Birobidzhan.(17) In any case, today’s atavistic Israeli state would likely not have survived without this infusion of Soviet manpower and technical knowhow from the soon-to-be-defunct USSR. Another accident?

President Trump supporters and other Americans not on board with his Israel-and-mercantilist trade policies should give him much-needed feedback that contradicts what he’s hearing from Bolton, Menuchin, Kushner and their ilk. Because, by 2020, the process may be irreversible.



(2) On April 15th, 2018, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. had announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) imposed a denial of export privileges against Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment Corporation, of Shenzhen, China (“ZTE Corporation”) and ZTE Kangxun Telecommunications Ltd. of Hi-New Shenzhen, China (“ZTE Kangxun”) (collectively, “ZTE”). This prevented the Chinese firm from obtaining goods, equipment and software from the U.S. Previously, in March 2017, ZTE had agreed to a combined civil and criminal penalty and forfeiture of $1.19-billion after illegally shipping telecommunications equipment to Iran and North Korea. In addition to these monetary penalties, ZTE also agreed to a seven-year suspended denial of export privileges—which had been activated.


(4) See “Behold the Zone” my 2004 article reproduced in full in “Monomania: Method to the Madness”

(5) “Monomania: Method to the Madness,” by Tom Mysiewicz, B’Man’s Revolt, April 13, 2018 and “Novichoks and China Tariffs: Mideast-Related Spooky Action (MRSA)?” by Tom Mysiewicz, B’Man’s Revolt,

April 7,2018


(7) After the French and Indian War, the clever colonists found a way to boost the economy by issuing colonial scrip to be used in addition to British currency. Soon a report was made to London bankers that, due to this scrip, “scarce a poor person can be found in the colonies.” King George and Parliament were immediately pressured to end the practice and impose more taxes on the colonies, such as the hated Stamp Act. The return to depression coupled with burdensome taxes and the enforced mercantilism led directly to the revolt of the American colonies.


(9) “Trump’s Tax Cut Plan Will Fuel Stock Buybacks,” by John Divine, U.S. News and World Report, May 8th, 2018

(10) Marie Antionette did not say “Let them eat cake” out of malice, it’s reported. She honestly believed starving peasants could simply go out and eat cake if they did not have bread! I have heard Trump chide a small investor for only making 30% on his stocks (in the Menuchin-rigged stock market) and that the investor should have made much more. Trump probably does not realize that between 50- and 100-million Americans, such as myself, do not have enough money to even open a brokerage account. And the majority of Americans only participate in these markets through IRAs they may never get to enjoy if the market crashes over the 2019-2021 period.



(13) Good backgrounder on Rosneft and OPEC at



(16) Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the seldom-read second and third volumes of The Gulag Archipelago, relates that the Gulag system was created by the Jew Frenkel and run with the help of co-religionists including Berman, Rappaport, Aaron Solts, and Yagoda. This could be in YOUR future! See also:


The Non-Conservative Hypocrisy of Conservatives Regarding The Drug War

Are you a “Conservative” or are you just a lemming that follows the Republican mantra?

Why is it that Conservatives want to “conserve” except when it comes to the drug war (any war, for that matter)?

From Laurence M Vance at LewRockwell,The Conservative Drug War Creed“:

  1. I believe in the Constitution, but I also believe in the unconstitutional federal war on drugs.
  2. I believe in a smaller federal government, but still support a federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
  3. I believe in federalism, but not when it comes to the federal war on drugs.
  4. I believe in free markets, but not when it comes to a free market in drugs.
  5. I believe in individual liberty, but want to see you locked in a cage if you possess too much of a plant the government doesn’t approve of.
  6. I believe in the personal freedom of individuals to get stoned out of their mind on alcohol, but not on drugs.
  7. I believe in States’ Rights, but not in the right of states to make their own drug laws without having them superceded by federal laws.
  8. I believe property rights, but not the right to grow marijuana on your own property.
  9. I believe in free enterprise, but not if it involves drugs.
  10. I believe in personal responsibility, but still support mandatory drug treatment programs.
  11. I believe in the right of people to smoke tobacco on their own property, but not marijuana.
  12. I believe in financial privacy, but not if someone makes money from selling drugs.
  13. I believe in personal privacy, but not if someone wants to use drugs in private.
  14. I believe a man’s home is his castle, but still support no-knock drug raids in the middle of the night if someone is suspected of having drugs in his house.
  15. I believe in entrepenuship, but not if it involves drugs.
  16. I believe in low taxes, but want states with legal marijuana to heavily tax it so as to discourage its use.
  17. I believe in restricting the number of federal bureaucrats, but not at the DEA.
  18. I believe in fiscal conservatism, but have no problem with the costs of the war on drugs far exceeding any of its supposed benefits.
  19. I believe in free trade, but not trade in drugs.
  20. I believe in nuclear families, but don’t mind if one or both parents goes to prison for using drugs.
  21. I believe in tradition, but ignore the American tradition of having no drugs laws until the twentieth century.
  22. I believe that alcohol should be legal, but not drugs, even though alcohol causes much more harm and kills far more people.
  23. I believe tobacco should be legal, but not drugs, even though tobacco causes much more harm and kills far more people.
  24. I believe in state sovereignty, but still think the federal government should enforce its marijuana laws in states that have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use.
  25. I believe private property, but if someone is growing marijuana, then it should be destroyed by the DEA’s Domestic Cannabis Eradication and Suppression Program (DCE/SP).
  26. I believe in a smaller federal budget, but not for the DEA.
  27. I believe in democracy, but still support having an unelected drug czar.
  28. I believe in manufacturing, but not in the manufacture of drugs.
  29. I believe in imports, but not the importation of drugs.
  30. I believe in fewer federal regulations, but still want the federal government to heavily regulate drugs.
  31. I believe in small businesses, but not if someone wants to operate a small marijuana dispensary.
  32. I believe in limited government, but still think the federal government should have an Office of National Drug Control Policy.
  33. I believe in less legislation, but still fully support the Controlled Substances Act.
  34. I believe that Americans are basically law-abiding, but want to turn them into criminals if they smoke a joint.
  35. I believe in less government licensing, but still want marijuana growers and dispensaries to be licensed.
  36. I believe in the rights of businesses, but not in the right of businesses to permit drug use on their premises.
  37. I believe there are too many federal agencies, but still wouldn’t want to see the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration abolished.
  38. I believe in a less intrusive government, but still want the government to be concerned with the consumption habits of Americans.
  39. I believe the government should not outlaw binge drinking and chain smoking, but should criminalize the possession of any amount of marijuana or cocaine.
  40. I believe the government should not engage in social engineering, but still support a National Drug Control Strategy.
  41. I believe the government should not criminalize immoral behavior like getting drunk or fornicating, but want to make an exception for drug use.
  42. I believe the government should not ban addictive substances like tobacco and caffeine, but should ban addictive substances like drugs.
  43. I believe in the Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizures, but not if someone is suspected of having drugs on his person or property.
  44. I believe in capitalism, but not when it comes to drugs.
  45. I believe in freedom, but not the freedom to try a medical treatment not approved by the government.
  46. I believe in the work of faith-based organizations, but not in lieu of arresting people for drug possession.
  47. I believe in limiting the scope of government, but not when it comes to the recreational habits of Americans
  48. I believe in the private sector, but still think it is the job of the government to stop drug abuse.
  49. I believe the government should eliminate programs that aren’t working, but not the war on drugs.
  50. I believe in a free society, but not a society where drugs are legal.


The hypocrisy is so glaring it blinds. It has ruined lives as much or more than the actual drugs themselves.

Almost There

Remember when I wrote that I am setting up my life to operate from a position of “Fuck You”?

I wasn’t kidding. I’m just about there.

At this point I have gotten to where I am financially secure enough that even if these assholes fired me today, it wouldn’t make a shit. Every stat of my job is stellar, with raving reviews and very high numbers, so all I need to do is maintain.

Setting up alternate financial streams. Removing the worry. Focusing on family.

If you wondered what I’m up to as a blog, I’ve been taking a rest and focusing on this issue. When I am ready, I will probably purchase the domain name and add more functionality and perhaps authors to this blog.

I would be interested in hearing from folks who would like to participate.

Otherwise, I will still hold every Drumpfter accountable for this fiasco you ignorantly helped usher in. One of the biggest charades was “At least Clinton didn’t win”. Clinton was NEVER meant to win, dumbass. Trump was and they manipulated YOU to get her done. Dumbass.

The myth: HRC/FBI/DOJ/Deep State thought Clinton would win easily

How many of you Drumpfters are high fiving the attacks on the poor Palestinians? I know, I know, Clinton would have ALREADY started WWIII, right? This little skirmish is just little Israel protecting itself from terrorists, right?

Maybe you don’t understand that little Israel is a place full of jewish psychopaths?

Jewishness as a tribal sociopathy

Psychopaths are narcissists with a huge appetite for power and no moral conscience. Incapable of emotional empathy, they feel no remorse for the suffering they inflict on others. The diagnostic criteria for psychopathy, as listed by Robert Hare, include pathological lying, cunning, and manipulative behavior.[7] The psychopath has no feeling for anyone, but has developed a great ability to simulate, sometimes with a tendency to histrionics. He can be charming and charismatic. Although he himself is immunized from guilt, he learns the art of inducing and exploiting others’ guilt.

Lying is so deeply embedded in his nature that the question of his sincerity is almost irrelevant. The truth has no value in his eyes, or is confused with the version of events that serves him; he can beat a lie detector. The psychopath is unable to put himself in the shoes of anyone else, and thus to view himself critically. He is never wrong, and his failures are always the fault of others. Confident in any circumstance of being right, innocent, and superior, he considers the resentment of his victims as pointless “hatred.”

Of course, a Drumpfter is too stupid to understand who controls their idiot idol (one has to be a blithering moron to believe that this asshole is a genius). But just like all other POTUS’s, he is controlled by jews (and in this case, to the consternation of some of my readers) the Chabad Lubavitchers that also control Putin/Russia. Some would have you believe that these are just religious fanatic freaks, but that would be to totally ignore how firm a grip they truly have (I would say falling for their ruse that they are unimportant).

Trump administration full of Jews

Although Jews constitute less than one per cent of the U.S. population, they dominate the Trump administration. They are overrepresented—far more than any other identifiable group. Dozens of Zionist Jews have been placed in top positions, some of which include(d)[note: some of these positions have changed]:

  • Jared Kushner (Trump’s own son-in-law)
  • David Friedman (Ambassador to Israel)
  • Steve Wynn (Jewish casino mogul appointed chairman to GOP finance leadership team)
  • Elliot Broidy (deputy finance chairman to GOP finance leadership team)
  • Michael Cohen (Trump’s personal lawyer and appointed as deputy finance chairman to GOP finance leadership team)
  • Jason Greenblatt (Middle East Zionist advocate)
  • Steve Mnuchin (Goldman Sachs bankster-Soros Group investor-turned U.S. Secretary of Treasury)
  • Gary Cohn (Director of the National Economic Council)
  • David Shulkin (Director of Veterans Affairs)

Other Lower appointments of Jews

  • Carl Icahn (casino magnate and syndicate operative)
  • Stephen Miller (staffer)
  • Boris Epshteyn (special assistant to the President)
  • Avrahm Berkowitz (special assistant to the President and Kushner)
  • Lewis Eisenberg (finance chairman for the Republican National Committee)
  • Michael Glassner (national political director)
  • Reed Cordish (assistant to the President for intragovernmental and technology initiatives)

And there are even more Jews present in the Trump administration at mid- and lower levels. Of course, a United States presidency run by Netanyahu and Likud would have to be disproportionately staffed by fellow tribesman. Jews also dominate the back channel between the Trump administration and Russia.

And via DC Dave, know a Yankee when you encounter one:

For the distinct cluster of characteristics just described, Dr. Wilson aforementioned uses the term Yankee.

The professor, whose métier is American intellectual history, was described by Eugene Genovese as “an exemplary historian who displays formidable talent.” Another stellar scholar, Thomas Landess, lauded Wilson as “a mind as precise and expansive as an encyclopedia.”

Duly, Dr. Wilson makes the following abundantly clear: By “Yankee,” he does not mean “everybody from north of the Potomac and Ohio.”

“The firemen who died in the World Trade Center on September 11 were Americans. The politicians and TV personalities who stood around telling us what we are to think about it are Yankees.”

“Yankee” as a designation belongs to “a peculiar ethnic group descended from New Englanders, who can be easily recognized by their arrogance, hypocrisy, greed, lack of congeniality, and a penchant for ordering other people around.”

“A perversity of character,” said Thomas Jefferson succinctly of the Yankee character.

It may be a short while before I post again, but when I do, it will be at (with or without the wordpress domain). Other changes will occur as well. Until then I hope Tom can post something.



Tom Mysiewicz

As I write this, President Trump is announcing an illegal (under international law) joint U.S.-UK and French attack on Syria apparently on the basis of target information provided to him by Israeli intelligence. After the failed Skripal chemical-attack hoax in the UK, the claimed reason for the 50-minute 100+ cruise-missile attack are questionable allegations of a chlorine attack in Douma by the Syrian government.

Chlorine is NOT a banned chemical weapon under the Chemical Weapons Convention and OPCW rules. The chemical has many civilian uses, such as disinfecting water. In places where infrastructure has been destroyed, it is essential in preventing outbreaks of Cholera. “Humanitarian” destruction of infrastructure and chlorine stocks at water plants in Yemen by our Saudi ally, for instance, has resulted in just such an outbreak.

President Trump asserts the attacks on Syria will continue until “animal” Assad stops using chemical weapons. But what if he never used such weapons? That, I believe, is the point. There was no real desire for an independent investigation—Nikki Haley vetoed a U.N. resolution calling for OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)to actually visit Douma and confirm that any chemical attack actually took place. And the attack itself may have been launched to forestall a general investigation due to start in just two days by the OPCW. Especially as the Russia Ministry of Defense (MOD) had just revealed it had hard cintel that British intelligence had instructed the terrorists to shell Damascus—which they did indiscriminately in violation of international law, causing numerous casualties–and then stage a false-flag chemical attack when the Syrian Government responded.i

Picture a cop saying to a man—I’m going to beat you until you stop hitting your wife. “But I don’t beat my wife,” the man replies. “Prove it” says the cop, and keeps beating the man. It’s difficult to prove a negative—this is why “innocent until proven guilty” is enshrined in U.S. law! This is the key to the strategy now being used on Syria—one in the basic founding document of the Neocons.

In 1996, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” was presented to Benjamin Netanyahu by Richard Perle and a group including Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, and the Wurmsers. Aside from calling for the removal of Saddam Hussein (at the time, the “animal” de jour) from Iraq and the end of the Mid East peace process (land for peace) it also introduced a newly-discovered right of Israel: the right of hot pursuit. While the report advertised this treatment for Palestinians, Israel has now extended it to other parts of the Mid East, such as Syria. In simple terms, this doctrine means that Israel (or its proxies) can attack–without regard for any national border–people or facilities it considers an actual or potential threat, i.e., no actual overt aggression by the target is necessary to justify such an attack. And Israel (and its proxy states) don’t need a great deal of proof, as the Syrian response demonstrates.

I analyzed this doctrine in a piece entitled “Existential Enemies” in February 2004ii. In everyday terms, “hot pursuit” as it is used in the “Clean Break” doctrine means that if your neighbor has a double-barreled shotgun and loads his own ammo he might someday kill you. So by this Israeli logic, because of a remote potential danger you would be justified in burning your neighbor’s house to the ground and even killing him—as long as your neighbor is not Jewish!

The target of the latest attacks are Syrian research facilities. It brings to mind the alleged “mobile chemical weapons labs” in Iraq that the U.S. Government claimed were deadly threats prior to the 2003 invasion of that country. (An invasion I had correctly predicted would take place, at the behest of Israel, during the Jewish festival of Purim.)iii The deadly mobile labs turned out to be mobile food-safety testing labs. And there were no chemical weapons in Iraq. The invasion was a massive war crime and it destabilized the Middle East, causing a flood of refugees and bankrupting the U.S. as it became mired in an endless war.

For the above reason, Israel has not been bashful about using chemical and nuclear weapons hysteria as a weapon against neighboring states who feel threatened by it. Iraq was destroyed on the basis of such false allegations. Then came the CBW “axis of evil”–North Korea, Iran and Syria. This was used as a pretext to destroy Syria. And Russia’s helping to get Syria to destroy its chemical weapons did little to assuage the Neocon-Zionists from continuing with their plan to partition that devastated country. (The Israelis also had a long-standing beef with the Syrians for helping restore order in Lebanon after the Israeli defeat by Hezbollah during the last invasion of that country—more of its “hot pursuit.”)

Keep in mind that the incidents I’m now going to describe took place with (A) no overt actions by and (B) no threats or attacks by the victims or even their national employers. (North Korea is in a slightly different position. The U.S. is still technically at war with it as only an armistice or cessation of hostilities was signed.)

In the 1990s, a Russian general, Anatoly Kuntsevich, was reportedly in the lead on the development of chemical weapons and had been suspected by the Israelis of providing this knowledge to Syria (and possibly Iran) through a front company. By back channels, the Israelis demanded (i.e., made demarches) that the Russians rein him in. Yeltzin did not respond as Kuntsevich was a close advisor. On April 29th, 2002 Kuntsevich mysteriously died on a flight from Aleppo to Moscow. Syrian intelligence was convinced the Mossad had gotten to him—possibly with a chemical agent. His tombstone reportedly shows a death date prior to the flight he died on.iv

Another suspected Israeli attack on Syria and Iran took place in July 2007 at the al Safir complex in Aleppo, Syria, where Kuntsevich had provided assistance. The complex exploded killing and injuring over 600 people including a number of Iranian researchers. Syrian sources reportedly told Jane’s Defense Weekly that during a “test to weaponize a 500 km ‘Scud C’ with a mustard gas warhead, an explosion occurred in a laboratory adjacent to a chemical agent storage facility” at the most heavily guarded military camp in Syria.v However, an Israeli intelligence official told Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, that the Syrians had privately determined the explosion was an act of sabotage and that it was “a wonderful accident.”vi

A mysterious blast in North Korea in 2004 near the Chinese border was another of many incidents in which key personnel have met violent ends cooperating with Syria (and Iran?) in developing weapons of mass destruction.

In early 2004, the U.S. NSA detected a curious, unusually high cluster of sustained electronic communications traffic between a remote location in the northeast Syrian Desert and Pyongyang. The NSA shared the information with Israel’s military signals intelligence and cypher department, Unit 8200, which designated the information as warranting priority monitoring. A few months later, on April 22, 2004, an explosion destroyed a train and decimated the small northwestern North Korean town of Ryongchon, in the heart of North Korea’s missile, chemical warfare, and nuclear weapons industrial production infrastructure, as the freight train headed to the coastal shipping port of Nampo with its highly secret cargo. The explosion (possibly caused by a tactical nuke) registered 3.8 on the Richter scale and the IRC reported 40% of the town had been flattened, more than 160 people killed and 1,300 injured, destroying thousands of buildings and leaving a crater 72-meters deep at the Ryongchon railway station.

Never acknowledged was that more than a dozen Syrian ballistic missile weapons scientists and technicians employed by the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC), the agency in charge of Syria’s covert weapons of mass destruction development program, were killed in that mysterious blast..vii

Why would Iran (or Syria for that matter) want to even develop such weapons? Is it due to aggression as the Israelis would have us believe? Chemical weapons are instruments of denial of terrain, not conquest. (Buy a gas mask and try wearing it for 24-hours if you don’t believe me.) In other words, you don’t use chemical weapons on land you plan to immediately occupy—as the Syrians are now occupying Douma. But you do use chemical weapons, if you have them, to slow down an invading enemy.

Iran faced threats from the U.S., Israel and their proxy Arab states. At one point, the U.S. armed Iraq’s Saddam Hussein with chemical and other weapons and encouraged him to attack Iran. The resulting war caused a total of 1-million casualties and resulted in a stalemate. Israel, meanwhile, has assassinated dozens of Iranian Nuclear and other scientists and engaged in a program of sabotage across that country. This has included spreading the malware program Stuxnet that has infected utility and technical systems in Iran and now elsewhere.viii Syria had similar experiences. So did Iraq for that matter—it was invaded once it was confirmed it had really disposed of its chemical weapons stock. (Muammar Gaddafi of Libya went the atomic route, gave up the program in return for normalization and the assurances of the U.K., and was destroyed along with his country—opening the floodgates of Africa into Europe.)

What we are witnessing right now in the Mid East, I believe, is the bearing of fruit after decades of a monomaniacal effort to create a de facto Israeli super state—Eretz Israel–one unassailable and in complete control of the Mid East and, ultimately, the world. And, whether you’re a believer or not, I believe we will see this state manifest itself very much like the “Great City” described in the prophetic Book of Revelation of St. John the Divine. It’s worth remembering the identity of this future “Great City that rules over the kings of the Earth” and “over many peoples, nations and tongues”—the city recently recognized by President Trump as the capital of the Israeli state. This city is called other names by John: Mystery Babylon, Sodom, mother of harlots and abominations upon the Earth, scarlet woman, and whore of Babylon. John further explains it “made all the nations drunk” and that it would be “the city where our Lord also was killed,” i.e., Jerusalem.ix (Remember, when John wrote this in 96 A.D.x, Jerusalem was a deserted ruin.)

World Zionism now has its ducks lined up. It fully controls the leaders of the U.S., U.K., France and much of the EU, aided and abetted by armies of Freemasons who believe they’re about to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. And Arabs, terrorized by fears of a resurgent Persian Empire, therefore willing to collaborate with Israel and the U.S. and sell out their Palestinian brethren. And, for the time being, Mr. Putin and Russia covertly can be counted on to pull for Israel when the chips are down—as can the Chinese.

When the smoke clears we’ll see a very different situation—and not just in the Mid East—but in Asia as well. (Heck, MAGA Trump is already backtracking and today is toying with accepting the TPP and globalization after all!xi) Soon Trump droids will be welcoming all the Hillary Clinton policies and the war that Trump “saved” us from—because, after all, Q-anon said it’s so and it’s Trump draining the swamp and playing 4D chess! The philosophers among us will recognize this as the Hegelian dialectic: thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

I can’t guarantee that a few nasty exchanges won’t take place among the various parties—obviously the lower echelons aren’t privy to the fact that we’re witnessing a giant-scale “nice cop, bad cop” piece of play acting (the U.S. is the bad cop in this act BTW.) This is going to be a rerun of the Cuban Missile Crisis on steroids, I think. But it won’t end with the last great war—not just yet.

I have heard whispers that the watchword of the new program is “transcend.” Israel will transcend the current world situation by completely changing the parameters. A part of the Asian Infrastructure Development Bank, Israel will also be the final stop of the new Silk Road.

We won’t have the major world financial collapse until Israel feels totally secure, I think. And, after that collapse, Israel could well be the center of world commerce and economic revival. And all the technology “borrowed” from the West over these years—and finely tuned in high-tech Israel courtesy of U.S. taxpayers and with help from half a million Russian tech types living in Israel—will come back to us in the hands of the great benefactors of mankind. For a price, of course. (Hog traps work much the same way—put plenty of corn leading into the trap and the pigs will walk right into it. This is not an act of altruism on the part of the trapper.)

As for what’s in store for the Mid East, it all goes back to the Yinon Plan (“A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s”) which was published in February 1982 as an article in the Jewish quarterly Kivunim (“Directions”.) Yinon said Israel should aim to bring about the fragmentation of the Arab world into a mosaic of ethnic and religious groups and encourage every kind of inter-Arab confrontation. The immediate goal, he reasoned, should be destruction of the military capabilities of nearby Arab states…like Syria. This is what has been done and what is being done right now. Partition of Iraq and Syria and attrition of their military capabilities—at U.S. taxpayer expense.

Beyond this, in 2004 I sketched a picture of the future of the Mid East should Yinon’s proposals succeed. “Behold the Zone” appeared on The Vanguard in February 2004 and, since it is no longer in print, is reproduced in its entirety after this essay. Keep in mind this was written 14 years ago and some of the players have changed. But the plan has not.



29 February 2004


by Tom Mysiewicz

One of the last great American fiction novels, Gravity’s Rainbow1 by Thomas Pynchon, recounts the madcap adventures of naive American Tyronne Slothrop as he traverses “The Zone”. This Zone (mirrored in the anarchic text of the book) exists in the post-war wreckage of Europe and is devoid of any real religion, culture or government, except that of the unipresent natural order of the Poisson or parabolic curve.

To borrow a phrase from neocon Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Krauthammer, America and its Israeli ally are well on the way to creating a real-life “Zone” in the “Islamic crescent stretching from Afghanistan to North Africa”. Whether this Zone will be stable and beneficial for all inhabitants or simply a prelude to render helpless the regional states for “Eretz” or greater Israel remains to be seen.

One can see the first showing of the Zone as it emerges in the Occupied Territories. Here, all Palestinian infrastructure, vital services and economic structures have either been severely damaged or destroyed, while a “security wall”–that provides little security–slices willy nilly through the territory. What little government there is cowers, and is bottled up, in a small area. Most recently, Israeli troops have even implemented a form of bank robbery, in which they present a bank with an arbitrary demand note based on some alleged intelligence, and proceed to clean out its vaults at gunpoint.

The more-humane Americans have created their own versions of the Zone in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here, the countries are broken up into occupation areas, with “democratic” activity strictly controlled, vital services often nonexistent and economic life at a near standstill, except for the infusion of money from the occupation. In some areas, war lords are virtually the only stable government. The Neocons propose to soon extend this Zone to other areas, such as Syria and Lebanon.

To go along with this so-called “suasion of the bayonet”, as so aptly put by Krauthammer, is a reported proposal by the Bush Administration–for a GMEI or “Greater Middle East initiative”–that has been leaked before its planned debut at the June summit of industrialized nations.

Among other things, GMEI calls for:
*Economic pressure to be brought to bear to encourage regional states to adopt prescribed forms of democracy;
*More ties to be established with nongovernmental groups in target countries to “bring about change”;
*Expansion of education in the region, particularly the teaching of feminism and “women’s’ rights; and,
*Establishment of trade and industrial ZONES.

I’ll get back to the Zones shortly.
As reported Feb. 26th in several Egyptian papers, President Hosni Mubarak commented that the GMEI plan “almost ignores the fact that regional states exist…as if they have no sovereignty over their land, no ownership.” (2)

“Whoever imagines that it is possible to impose solutions or reform from abroad on any society or region] is delusional,” Mubarak aptly adds. (Although, to be fair, the Neocons say they will try anyway.)

Which brings us back to the Zone.

The creation of the conditions of vacuum necessary for a good Zone can, of course, be created by military means. This has been done well by Ariel Sharon and even more-extreme compatriots. However, most sane Israelis must realize that there are limits to what military action can accomplish. Enter the moderates, such as Shimon Peres.

Peres’ chief proposal for stabilizing the region, not surprisingly, is the establishment of Zones along the lines of the Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZ) program set up with Jordan between 1996 and 1998. Under QIZ, a Zone takes a set percentage of an Israeli product, applies cheap Middle Eastern labor to it, and gets duty-free access to the U.S. market. If sufficient Israeli product is used, the product can be stamped “Made in Israel”. (Presumably, Bush’s proposal would also open EU markets to such duty-free imports.)

There is a serious problem with this Zone approach as I see it. Primarily, it places overemphasis on exports and the utilization of cheap Arab and Middle Eastern labor as a natural resource. Americans, in recent years, have been losing jobs at an alarming rate due to free-trade agreements such as NAFTA. At the same time, a rapidly-aging population will put increasing demands on the system–a reality that has prompted Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan to call for major cuts in Social Security benefits. Both the American and European populations may eventually balk at subsidizing the output of free-trade zones–even if they happen to be in the Middle East–as living standards dramatically drop.

Thus, it seems, the creation of Zones may serve well in the short run, and may be advantageous for middle men wishing to make large profits, but it leaves the region even more vulnerable to trade disruptions. Further, in order to maintain the viability of such Zones, it’s not really possible for the wage rates of workers to get too high. We in the U.S. have seen this happen in Mexico, where it was promised by Bill Clinton in his 1990’s “NAFTA, WE HAFTA” campaign that Mexican wages would rise “…and Mexicans would no longer need to come to the U.S. to get jobs”. Just the opposite has happened. But the profits to some from NAFTA have been enormous, just as long as one doesn’t look too closely at the massive deficits caused, in part, by loss of tariffs.

Any economic solution to the regional problems in the Middle East should not, I feel, rely on the traditional Western debt-based monetary system and deficit spending, along with currency manipulations. Instead, traditional Islamic teachings on money should be incorporated and the long-term emphasis should be placed on building wealth within the region and broadly within the respective populations, creating stable demand and stable domestic economies.


1 Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow (New York: Penguin Books, 1995)
(2) Gamal Essam El-Din, “Asserting Home-Grown Reform,” Al-Ahram Weekly, 4-10 March 2004


ii Existential Enemies,” by Tom Mysiewicz, Media Monitors Network, February 23rd, 2004

iii Purim 2003: This Year in Iraq?” by Tom Mysiewicz, Media Monitors Network, March 8th, 2003

iv An account can be found in a typical Israeli book “Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations,” by Ronen Bergman, Ph.D. Bergman cites a book “The Volunteer” by a claimed Canadian Hasbara-Mossad agent, Michael Ross, in which Ross asserts he was repeatedly dispatched to Moscow by the Israelis to deliver warnings about the late general.

vi Also see: “The Secret War with Iran: The 30-Year Clandestine Struggle Against the World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Power,” by Ronen Bergman, Ph.D., Free Press (2011).

viii It has been speculated that Fukushima may have been caused by Stuxnet. None of the reactor cooling pumps was submerged and there was plenty of fuel. All the pumps started as programmed after the earthquake. But all except one then shut down for no apparent reason.

ix Revelation 11:8

x Some speculate the book may have been written around 70 A.D. and been about the fall of Jerusalem. So why would John predict it would be a great power if he was chronicling its destruction?