Cindy McCain’s Half Sister: I’m Voting for Barack Obama

My friend, Blog Queen, at Sagacious Rambling has an interesting post up this morning explaining that US Magazine has an article with some very interesting news about Cindy McCain’s half sister voting for Obama: Cindy McCain‘s half sister is planning on voting for Barack Obama, she tells “I’m not voting for McCain,” Kathleen Hensley […]

Poll: McCain surges past Obama | Must Be Nader’s Fault

I suppose Nader caused this, right? Let me inform you rednecks of something. Obama’s numbers are falling because people have figured out he is full of shit. My bet is that if he were to truly take up the Progressive causes he brainwashed everyone into believing he was going to go after, it would be […]


h/t Hysterical Raisins (nonnie9999 is awesome): Hey, kids! Have you seen the new Captain Underpants campaign poster? Go on over to Democratic Underground and take a look. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Didja see it? Captain Underpants all ethereal and majestic looking (not to mention about 30 years younger! ). Well, I unearthed the poster before […]

McCain’s Pinocchio Test

Ok– I could save that much too– My plan? STOP THE WAR and the savings would be HUGE! Anyway, on to McCain’s campaign BS. Also– exactly why is Lieberman supporting him, I forgot. Geeeece. “I can eliminate $100 billion of wasteful and earmark spending immediately–35 billion in big spending bills in the last two years, […]

Will The Real Mrs McCain Please Stand Up

Steve does it again at C&L. I have felt exactly the same way… as vicious as the right wing slime machine is attacking those who aren’t faithful in their marriage (think Bill Clinton), isn’t the hypocrisy quite sickening when you consider what The Maverick did to wife number 1? I didn’t want to use the […]

Nader Writes Obama and McCain a Letter

Senators Obama and McCain: We were reading the other day about the tobacco legislation you both support that is making it’s way through Congress. The bill would give the federal government the authority to regulate tobacco. And it would ban flavored cigarettes – like strawberry and chocolate. Flavoring makes tobacco smoke more attractive – especially […]

John McCain: The Ultimate Liar

The Ultimate Liar is the one who can say what he says and without regard to film or direct quotes, can firm-faced deny words that are recorded for history to review. Not many people can do this. It takes a certain narcissistic personality trait to do so. What baffles me even more is the insane […]

McCain: PTSD or Pumphead?

Invasion of the Pumpheads! by Dave Lindorff     Page 1 of 1 page(s)   Is America at the mercy of an invasion of the pumpheads? The bizarre behavior of Bill Clinton during this campaign season, which has seen this once smooth-talking and politically uber-sophisticated campaigner repeatedly stick a foot in his mouth and undermine his wife’s […]

McCain’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Presidential Reason For Concern?

An email chat lrose had with an associate in the psychology field in which he authorized her cut & paste: re: McCain and his PTSD The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, Fourth Edition. Most of my personal opinions and working opinions are reflected from this resource. I know one of the committee […]